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Dating Success in Latin America for the Single Guy

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Among all of my articles on this website, I try not to talk about dating too much.

Mostly because there isn’t really that much to say.

There’s a bunch of myths out there that tend to paint all Latinas as either as…

  • Some exotic sex machines with the best bodies in the world who can make you cum RIGHT NOW!!!
  • Or that they are traditional Oaxacan indigenous ladies in traditional clothing on the way to their Catholic church and that they are traditional virgins and all that

Truth is, most Latinas don’t fall into either camp.

Most are just average chicks like anyone else – except they have foreign sounding last names and speak something that isn’t English and have some different cultural preferences.

And I get it.

If you had never been abroad before or have limited time abroad..

And if you have limited to no experience dating abroad…

I can get how might find dating abroad to be mysterious and complicated.

And, to a degree, I can kinda understand how some of you get tricked by online influencers selling you a false dream in hopes you buy their info product or their affiliate product.

Truth is this – this article you are reading right now isn’t necessary to be read.

All of the information in this article is just pointing out the obvious for what you would need to know if you want dating success in Latin America.

Now if you want to be retarded, ignore the advice here and go follow some dipshit 25 year old kid telling you that Latinas are so easy or so traditional and they will fit whatever you want in a woman – a slut or a house wife.

When they are just trying to make money from you.

But either way, I felt like this article does need to be written – not only because there is an entire industry of selling desperate guys online various false myths about “foreign women.”

But also because one of the more popular articles on my website is a satirical piece making fun of men who go abroad looking to get a Latina wife to bring home to the US.

Which you can read here.

So that’s what this article is – giving the obvious advice for how to have dating success in Latin America.

It’s not rocket science – but let’s get to it.

Step 1: Self-Analysis

Ok, so this is where you need to look in a mirror.

I know nobody likes to do that but let’s be honest..

If you are a fat fuck who is a social retard and no Spanish and you don’t know anyone in Latin America…

You are not getting hot pussy in Latin America.

Maybe the physical quality of the chicks is slightly better back at home if you go for those gringo hunters..

Because, as I said in this article, most men will experience a slight bump in their desirability for reasons but it’s not going to overcome your faults.

So take a look in a mirror.

And that’s two reasons why you want to do that.

First, do you have anything about that is you can’t fix?

For example, if you are old – 50, 60 years old or older.

If that is the case, you probably are not going to get a 20 year old hot chick without paying for it.

In the same way if you were 3 foot tall, you would have to pay for it.

So if you have anything you can’t control – age, height that is ridiculously small like 5 foot, etc…

You will have major issues – relocating down here won’t fix it.

Second, what can you fix that is a problem?

Fat? Become not fat.

Bad social skills? Improve that.

No Spanish? Learn Spanish.

No money to travel down here? Go get yo money!

Of course, easier to say than do…

And that takes us to the next point…

Step 2: Improve Yourself

No social skills or confidence?

Here’s a Twitter account that apparently gives social skills advice.

I’m not sure if the advice is good but it’s a bot account and it has plenty of followers…

Maybe it’s good.

I never had to learn how to “gain confidence or social skills” so I don’t have much personal advice here.

I guess if you are intimidated by women…

Ask yourself why?

Stop being scared of approaching chicks and trying to get numbers, I guess.

Get some experience – the more experience you have talking to people and taking your shot at different women..

The more confidence you will get, I would guess.

But I’m not an expert on that.

What about Spanish or Portuguese?

Well, read this article on what helped me a lot in improving my Spanish.

Basically get a foundation on the grammar and vocabulary needed – maybe with a class or online tutoring.

Then practice, practice, practice.

Are you fat?

I’m not an expert on how to not get fat – never been fat.

But I have tried different diets and work outs to improve my body to get muscular.

I don’t intermittent fasting made me slimmer than ideal – maybe that would help you get less fat.

You know also – eat less calories than you burn.

And force yourself to work out – and when you do work out – look for work out routines that are more intense (but don’t harm yourself, let yourself rest when needed)…

But look out for work out routines that are intense that burn out more calories in a time efficient manner.

Not an expert on that working out though – I work out and learn what works for me but I’m not a guru on it or anything.

But I included some links below here to some sources that I think are good enough to get you started.

More Plates More Dates

Jeff Nipard



Also, do you have low testosterone? Many men do.

Just the way things are these days.

Look at this article here by a guy named Cortes – I thought it was pretty good.

Also, one last thing – stop jerking off to porn.

Whatever it is…

Maybe you have low T, maybe you are fat, no Spanish or social skills or confidence…

I don’t know what your issues are – you do.

But to have dating success anywhere – and this advice applies to anywhere in the world because Latin America isn’t that special….

Many of the things Latinas want in a man is similar to what chicks in the US would want – one major difference I’d say is Latinas tend to be a lot less entitled.

But the basics of what women want in a man are same anywhere – someone who isn’t fat, has confidence, they can have a conversation with, someone that turns them on, has his shit together financially, etc.

If you have any other issues that you think are holding you back, let me know in the comments and maybe I can help direct you to some resources online that can help you.

I’m not sure if I can – depends on your issue – but maybe I can or someone else who reads it can.

And on that last issue I mentioned – financial issues…

Remote Income

Some guys who go to Latin America want a quick trip to fuck a bunch of chicks and go home..

Other men want to bring a random Latina wife from Latin America to the US.

Both require some money – to travel to Latin America for a trip and/or deal with the financial costs of bringing a chick back – sponsorship and all from what I understand.

And when it comes to money, I don’t really have advice on how to improve your income – get a better marketable skill that is in demand, I would guess.

So you can have the money to travel down here.

That’s assuming you are struggling anyway.

But what if you want to live down here long term?

That would definitely help you have dating success down here…

Because you’d have more experience down here and learn Spanish or Portuguese…

And can build a social circle…

And also, if you have an online income that is a bit passive and doesn’t require too many hours of work…

You can, as I indicated here in this article, have more time for dating than you would in the US working a job at 40 to 50 hours a week.

Which gives you more time for dating and meeting chicks for whatever – a sex or a relationship.

So depending on if you want to live down here longer than just a month – I’d focus seriously on trying to make an online income.

I wrote a little more about online income here in this article…

Now having said all that and just do summarize so far everything I have advised – again, obvious advise here.

Summary So Far

First and foremost, look in a mirror and be realistic – if you are too old, then you have two options…

  • Pay for it if you want someone young and hot 
  • Get someone closer to your age down here – if you are 60, she doesn’t have to be 60. Maybe 40 could work perhaps but you get the idea – a young hot 20 year isn’t likely.

If you are too short to an extreme like 5 foot tall – then…

  • Pay for it.
  • Go to Bolivia where women are, from what I have read, shorter on average. You might have better luck in a place like Bolivia to find a short chick that is 5 foot tall or less. For more info on heights by country, check out this Wikipedia article here, I guess.

Then after looking in the mirror…

Focus on the things you can change – social skills, Spanish or Portuguese, weight, finances, remote income, etc…

You don’t have to be perfect.

Nobody is.

But if you went from a fat fuck to a normal weight guy, you will get better women anywhere obviously.

Same thing if you improved your confidence or Spanish or Portuguese..

Now, let’s take it a step further..

Let’s plan out your trip to Latin America.

Step 3: Geography

Where you going?

Not all Latinas are the same.

Meaning they are not all these brown chicks who either fit your stereotype of being some sexy exotic sex machine with big ass tits or a small ass indigenous Catholic chick from a village in Oaxaca who has never seen a dick before.

You know – talking about race for a second.

Some parts of Latin America – like Argentina or Uruguay or Southern Brazil or Bogota, Colombia or Chile – have plenty of white Latinas.

The DR, Cuba, Puerto Rico, the coasts of Colombia, northern coast of Brazil and other spots have plenty of black chicks.

Some places like Mexico City (to a degree) and São Paulo, Brazil have Asian chicks – in fact, São Paulo has the highest concentration of Japanese descended people in the world outside of Japan.

And then you have plenty of brown chicks all over Latin America.

With some places also having a much higher indigenous influence in its demographics – like Bolivia, Peru, Guatemala, Ecuador, etc.

So if I was you and thinking of what part of Latin America I want to go to for sex or a relationship..

I’d think what type of chick I’m most into – white, black, asian, brown, etc.

Though if you want Asian, unless it has to be Asian-Latina, then yeah, go to Asia.


Because that’s the group that is least represented down here in Latin America from what I’ve seen.

And of course, there are other factors that influence your idea of where to go…

Some places are too shitty to visit perhaps – Venezuela being the obvious example.

Also, if you are actually thinking of living or spending a significant time down here..

Then I’d also give high consideration – even higher than the pussy – as to what place I’d actually enjoy living in or what place is most interesting to me.

You know, let’s say Venezuela had the hottest chicks of all of LATAM – I don’t give a fuck, I’m not going to live there for years for pussy.

You should have, in this scenario, other reasons for why you want to be there as it would make it easier to live in such a place for a long time.

Otherwise, you risk of getting jaded and wanting to leave because you realize the pussy wasn’t as tight as online scammers trying to sell you something told you.

And of course, your budget – some places are more expensive to live in than others. Like Santiago, Chile or Rio in Brazil from what I’ve heard.

As well, some places have better nightlife for going out than others – Buenos Aires, Mexico City and other places come to mind for being good with nightlife.

And I’m sure there are other factors to consider in terms of where to go – these are just some of them that come to mind.

Step 4: Getting Ready for Your Trip

So now let’s say you have looked in a mirror…

You improved yourself – though you don’t have to be perfect – but you improved whatever faults you have.

You have a place in mind for where you want to go – did the research and got a specific city or two in mind that you want to visit.


So now you got to prepare some things in order..

First, if your trip is short term, I imagine you have to tell your boss you will be taking a vacation.

Not sure how that is going to go but good luck.

Maybe you quit the job – not recommended necessarily – but good luck to you either way.

Maybe you have a pet at home that you need someone to watch while you are gone for a week or two.

Call your bank to let them know you are going to be gone for however long.

Obviously get your Spanish or Portuguese to some conversational level ideally…

Doesn’t have to be perfect but let’s hope you can at least have a conversation obviously.

Though some places like Mexico City have more English speakers but I wouldn’t lean on that – learn the new language either way.

And now, before you go, you should be meeting up with chicks online.

Especially if your trip is short term.

So how you meet women online in Latin America…

From my experience, it’s usually some Cupid site or Tinder Plus.

With Tinder Plus, I paid like 30 bucks very recently for a year’s long subscription – considerably less than how it is normally but maybe that’s because of the economy being in a recession.

With Cupid -- Latin Cupid, Mexican Cupid, Dominican Cupid, Brazilian Cupid or Colombian Cupid are your options…

Prices vary but it can be like 20 bucks a month more or less but it varies a bit.

Which tool is better to meet chicks online?

Honestly, it depends.

When I was in the DR, I used Dominican Cupid and it was super easy getting chicks from there to have sex with.

As you can read about here.

I didn’t even need Tinder – would have been pointless to use it because I had more than enough women to work with.

And they were good looking too.

Then you have Pachuca, Mexico – a small city where I found Tinder to be garbage there.

But then in Mexico City, if you use Tinder Plus, in my experience, it’s fairly easy to get lots of matches, numbers and dates.

And I’ve heard Mexican Cupid isn’t very good – never tried it myself but that’s what I’ve been told by others.

Of course, you also have other dating tools like Bumble – but I’m not familiar with most of them and I don’t know if Bumble allows you to match with chicks while in the US.

With Tinder Plus, you can match with chicks from places like Mexico City while being in some small town in Indiana or wherever.

With the Cupid sites – same thing, you can talk to them while in the US.

Which is important if you are going to be down here for a small time – only got a week? You need to have dates lined up for the week before you get here then.

Otherwise, you are at risk of not really having any dates or maybe just one or two or so…

Which might not go anywhere anyway.

So meeting some chicks online, getting them interested in you and setting up dates before you arrive is important.

Especially if your trip is short – the shorter it is, the more important this is.

Step 5: Arrival & Logistics

Ok, so you arrived…

When you do, you need good logistics obviously.

So try to get a place that is obviously close to a lot – with some bars nearby, some parks and some cafes…

And close to lots of public transportation to make it easier for chicks to show up to where you are staying.

Also, no hotels.

You need a place that is guest friendly – and not all apartments and Airbnbs are.

So you need to check with them before you show up – look around for a place and ask the people renting if they allow guests.

If your trip is longer than a month, you could set yourself up in a hotel for a few days while you visit in person the options that you are most interested in.

Which is recommended obviously.

Otherwise, you will have to look up options online and communicate with the owners and decide which place is best.

Also, don’t send any money to any landlord ahead of time without seeing it in person if it’s not through Airbnb – there’s a scam down here where they pressure you into sending money NOW because their place is POPULAR.

Then you send it and they block you.

Speaking of communicating with landlords (and also potential dates) – download Whatsapp. It’s a messaging app you will need that is free to use.

Either way, you get the idea – you need a place that allows guests.

And when asking about guests..

Ask them if they charge you for having any guests – they might accept guests but also they charge you like 10 bucks a visit.

Ideally there is no charge.

And also check or ask if there is a doorman – if so, that could complicate things since sometimes doormen are dicks.

I’ve never had a bad doorman and actually rarely have one anyway in any place I have been to.

But I’ve heard from other travelers that sometimes they can be dicks.

Also, ideally your landlord doesn’t live in the place you are staying even if guests are allowed – it’s fine if they do but it’s ideal if they don’t.

Because that landlord might agree to guests but then have different feelings if you are bringing one chick after another and after another repeatedly on a quick basis.

Some can get judgmental and feel you are treating the place like a motel – which, to be fair, is kinda true.

I remember when I lived in Pachuca in my first month – I was with my last girlfriend and my first landlord was cool with guests because it’s just a girlfriend.

I had a German neighbor upstairs who was single and trying to bring in plenty of chicks – I think by the second one, the landlord told him no more guests.

I guess the landlord caught on early as to what the German guy was doing – and obviously he was going to – he had to bring the girls past the family that worked every day at a small store that served as the entrance to the building where the apartments were.

So even if they say guests are allowed – a bad doorman or a judgmental landlord might change that policy.

Anyway, let’s now assume that you have your dates set up…

You got good logistics…

What’s next?

Step 6: Dates

So I understand some guys try to complicate the matter on how to get numbers or how to set up dates, etc..

They call it “game” and whatever else.

Truthfully, I never gave a fuck about much of that stuff – it’s interesting when you are younger perhaps.

You know, maybe 18 years old and haven’t gotten laid too much…

Or maybe you are older, got divorce raped, have minimal experience with women but want to get back in there to meet new chicks.

But don’t know where to start and that’s how you get into it.

But I’m not here to talk about different “tactics” guys use or whatever.


Because I’m too lazy for that shit – I’m not out here trying to analyze the living shit out of every minuscule detail of my interactions with chicks on dates like some guys who take “game” too seriously do.

And wonder “did I accurately do what Mr. Dating Guru Salesman on the Bootcamp told me to do?!?!”

I just fucking do what I know works for me and gets me the results I want.

Which isn’t saying I’m out here fucking literal super models 3 times a day for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

But I’m happy with what I get and so the behavior I recommend you take is going to be based on doing what I know works for me.

But like I said, it’s not some game theory shit or whatever – I simply have too much shit to worry about to be trying to analyze every little fucking thing.

That takes the fun out of it and honestly seems pretty fucking gay to be worried 24/7 if you are doing everything right.

Because that reeks of lack of confidence in yourself and doing what you want to do and what works best for you on dates.

And I’m saying all of this because I imagine some guys who are thinking about “how to get meet chicks in Latin America” would probably be the ideal audience for all these dudes selling “game advice.”

Which, nothing against any “game advice” personally – I’m sure there’s some good men out there who are genuine in what they preach and give good ideas– but plenty are scammers and getting ass really isn’t that complicated.

So just focus on that once you start dating chicks down here – maybe you find something else works better for you than what I recommend.

But what I recommend is exactly what I just said – it is something is based on what works for me personally and also what works best for what I want to do or feel comfortable doing in these dates.

So what do I do?

As you can guess, it’s the least amount of effort approach.

Living in Mexico City, you have so many women who can come by to suck your dick or give you ass that it doesn’t matter really if some random chick doesn’t want to mess around.

One says no, the next one says yes.

So my approach is pretty simple.

First, collect as many numbers as possible. Usually through Tinder and sometimes meeting women in public.

Second, sort through the numbers – which chicks seem the most interested in me/down to fuck and which ones seem the most attractive.

Put the two together and you can get an idea of which chicks to prioritize.

Third, set up dates near where I live.

I rarely travel more than a 5 minute walk to meet a chick – if I do, it’s usually because we have already had sex or I am interested in her on a personal level beyond just fucking her.

Otherwise, I see no point in traveling more than a 5 minute walk.

If I just want some ass, well, the ass got to come to me – we ain’t fucking in a park – though I would like to.

We need a place and I got one and don’t know if she lives alone or not.

And traveling to her place could mean traveling to a shitty barrio area and I’d rather not do that.

So have her show up close to you – have her tell you that she arrived.

Once she did, walk out of your place and meet her at whatever nearby meeting point it is going to be.

I also don’t like traveling or leaving my home until they show up to me because Latinas show up late all the time.

So I don’t want to be standing in some random place waiting for her to show up – which I find disrespectful anyway.

I got shit to do – I will keep working on that from home until she texts me saying she arrived.

Once she has, you walk over…

And don’t worry about making her wait 5 or 10 minutes as you walk to where she is after she tells you.

Latinas are used to waiting – mañana time and all that.

Trust me, they rarely get upset – and if they do, tough shit on them.

But it literally never happens – sometimes I’ve been 30 minutes late because of logistical issues and it didn’t really matter.

So either way, you find her and it’s time to take her somewhere else.


Well, forget the restaurant – I’m trying to fuck her, not listen to her eat with her mouth open.

And even if you don’t just want to fuck – a relationship maybe – I get that.

But obviously you two have to fuck for there to be a relationship unless she is one of those rare “no fucking till marriage” types.

Which is rare – I think I’ve met one like that down here.

Despite being Catholic – that religious influence doesn’t seem to stop one night stands and fucking before marriage down here.

Either way, regardless of your intentions…

I keep the dates cheap regardless – I’m not spending much of anything on a random ass person I just met.

And for those who think you have to do that – you don’t.

If she doesn’t like you for you and needs you to spend something..

She might be a gold digger or a chick who is looking for a provider husband or maybe will be too materialistic in the future or whatever…

I just am not investing much in a random person who hasn’t even given me ass yet or doesn’t show interest in me – especially as so many women will anyway.

She says no, the next one says yes.

But most women are cool with a cheap date down here (or anywhere I have been to anyway) – just take her ass to a bar maybe or a park perhaps.

I usually prefer a park so I can have a normal conversation and get the sense if she is crazy or not.

They usually never are but you never know.

And it’s pretty simple really throughout the whole date – just escalate things at a normal rate.

To where you two are making out and then bring her back to your place when you feel it is appropriate and see what happens.

Other thing too – on top of my head – obviously be conscious of how comfortable she is or if you are moving too fast.

But also be confident in yourself in taking things further.

If you are not confident, things don’t go anywhere.

If you move too fast, she runs off.

But that’s basically it – you take her back to your place after escalating a bit.

Had a good conversation in the mix with some flirting, sexual tension and some humor to get her comfortable and laughing a little bit.

Back to your place – maybe have a drink with her back there and see what happens.

And if it doesn’t?

Who cares.

She says no, the next one says yes.

I usually find about half the chicks or more go for it and the other half or less don’t.

Which if you have, let’s say 8 dates in a month, that could mean 4 to 6 who are down for it perhaps.

And this is something I think the “game” folks talk about – being a numbers game.

That’s actually true – it is to a degree.

One says no, the next one says yes.

Though if you are looking for something more serious…

And you think you found a chick you really like.

To be honest, I do tend to move a tiny bit slower with those chicks – maybe instead of not having sex on the first date, we have it on the second or third at latest.

And that’s another thing – if sex doesn’t happen in a reasonable pace – maybe 3 dates (that’s what I go by) – then I just assume she isn’t into me.

And that’s always the case I think – most chicks will fuck within a reasonable time if they are into you and you are confident to take things there.

But with chicks I actually do like for something more, like I said, I go a tiny bit slower so as to lower the risk that I move too fast and she runs off.

And finally one more tip…

Step 7: Social Circle

If you really want to maximize your dating life down here..

And assuming you are living down here long term more than a week…

What you need is pretty obvious like a lot of things I have said but I will lay it out here…

  • Have your shit together (you don’t need money to get a chick to fuck you but money is important for your personal life in general so you don’t end up like a broke fucking loser at 40 with nothing to your name because life isn’t just about fucking)
  • Remote income or some business down here that is working (so you can live down here)
  • Spanish or Portuguese to a reasonable level
  • Confidence
  • Don’t be fat.
  • No porn.
  • Social circle.

The last one is not needed to get laid – you can fuck random Tinder chicks forever – but having a social circle – in terms of dating – is obviously going to introduce you to higher quality chicks.

Well, higher quality than what Tinder offers.

And that’s an obvious statement but if you are not from Latin America or don’t live down here..

I assume you probably don’t know a single person and don’t have a social circle down here.

So obviously keep that in mind as well – much more important for long term living than short term.

It’s not as important if you only have a week here.

What’s Up

I know there are guys who probably disagree – no, no Matt! You need to read all these books and listen to all these podcasts and do a bootcamp to get laid.

No, you don’t.

It’s not fucking rocket science.

And Latinas are not really that much different from women elsewhere – they have their differences for sure – but what a woman wants in a man isn’t drastically different in any place I have been to.

A guy who isn’t a loser who has confidence that she can talk to and who turns her on.

And like I said before – you also have to be realistic about what you will get down here.

From what I have seen, the only guys fucking super model Latina chicks are the ones paying for it.

Which, nothing wrong with that – but that’s what I have seen.

Not to say you can’t fuck good looking chicks without paying – but the ones who look like 9/10s are usually paying for it almost always.

So have reasonable expectations too – most Latinas are not these exotic sex machines.

And read this article here – it talks about that a little bit in what I wrote – that your desirability down here will vary by a lot of factors but it tends to be a little bit higher than what it is back home but not crazy so necessarily.

And that’s it really – nothing else to say.

The only thing that matter is what places have hotter chicks but I’m not going.

In my experience – Colombia, Brazil, the DR, etc.

Venezuelan chicks tend to look pretty good too and you can find them all over Latin America.

And some other spots too as well, I’m sure.

Anyway, this will probably be one of my last articles on dating in Latin America – just because there really isn’t that much to say.

It’s not rocket science and much of the advice here could be applied to dating in most of the world because it’s not complicated.

Got any comments or questions? Drop them below in the comment section.

And follow my Twitter here.


Best regards,


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