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Do Gringos Have More Dating Success in Latin America?

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If you have been paying attention to maybe the last 13 to 15 years more or less…

Shit, it might have been going on longer than that…

Well, from what I know, 13 to 15 years and possibly more now…

There have been countless amounts of men trying to teach other dudes about how they can “get lots of hot women” abroad in pick your country…




Costa Rica…



Ok, not Bolivia.

But plenty of other countries for the single man to go to in order to get laid with HOT women RIGHT NOW!

Some of their marketing tactics reminds me of those ads you would see on the internet that would say “UGLY SINGLES IN YOUR AREA WANT TO FUCK NOW!”

But are these claims true?

Can you just hop on a plane…

Land in some poorer country that you don’t speak the language of…

Nor do you know anyone or the culture…

And the second you step outside the airport…

Millions of hot single women will be BEGGING for your 1ST WORLD COCK!

Well, not quite…

But, after some time living down here and having met plenty of women myself as well….

And comparing them to American women that I have dated or had sex with…

While also seeing other men here having dating success with women in Latin America….

I would say, generally speaking, that it is true that you will maybe have more dating success here than up in the US.

But I’m not entirely confident that is true.

Because, in my experience, the guys who have arguably done better down here than up in the US are dudes who speak just enough Spanish, are not too old, not fat and not socially awkward or stupid.

And even if you have some of those things, like being able to speak Spanish, that doesn’t mean that you will bang hotter chicks here than in the US.

For example, I know of one other American who is from New Mexico, if I remember right.

A relatively young guy who, I think, speaks Spanish to at least a conversational level.

But he’s not very much in shape physically and also he doesn’t have the best social skills, I think.

Yet, he really likes Mexico.

Ok, cool.

He thinks that Mexican women are a MILLION times better than American women for a variety of reasons.

One of those reasons being is that Mexican women are not fat like those American women.

Uhhh….Ok, despite Mexico passing the US as the most obese country in the world in 2013 as you can see here.

And despite the fact that the chick he ended up dating in Mexico was also a bit fat looking.

The evidence is right there in the girl he is banging and he still believes that lie that Mexican women ain’t fat.

Which brings up the question – why would someone deny hard evidence right in front of them?

We will get to that at a later point..

But the chick he ended up getting was no better really physically speaking than the US.

So instead of getting a fat white chick, he got a fat brown one.

Ok….Cool, I guess.

Though, to be fair, someone else mentioned that “well, Mexican chicks have better personalities.”

I would agree with that for the most part.

But this all serves to remind us first and foremost that moving to another country is not necessarily going to get you hotter chicks.

If you have too many issues with yourself – such as not speaking Spanish (or Portuguese for Brazil), being overweight, being too old or not having the highest social intelligence…

Then moving to another country isn’t going to be some automatic fix for getting the hottest chicks of Latin America.

It ain’t no one night solution to your lack of sex life.

But, as a general rule (not counting individual factors), it can possibly help you.

But, before we do that, let’s focus on three groups of people that need to be mentioned before we get into why, generally speaking, moving abroad can improve your dating life.

Group 1: The Online Content Bullshit Brigade

As hinted at before…

Some of these dudes, like that guy from New Mexico, will not believe even hard evidence against their beliefs.

Beliefs like “Mexican women are not as fat as American women.”

Or that “infidelity isn’t much of an issue down here.”

Among other beliefs these folks have…

But you have to ask – why do some of them believe all of this?

My belief is that it is a mixture of things.

The stereotypical profile of a guy like this is the following…

He most likely was heavily disillusioned in life with women early on…

Either because he couldn’t get a whole lot of good looking women to fuck him and/or he got divorce raped.

And, in many cases, said dude might be disillusioned with the working world also – perhaps working shit jobs that don’t pay much.

So mix in high stress from work and money with high stress of lack of dating success.

And then that guy starts believing this hype about women abroad being the key to his success.

So he ends up spending significant time abroad (through visits or living abroad) to countries that he probably doesn’t even give a shit about.

With no real interest in aside from women.

The language of these men makes it easy to spot them.

“The west is terrible man”

“America fucking SUCKS”

“American women are THE DEVIL”

Stuff like that – mixed in with exaggeration on the last one obviously.


Amidst their dating and financial struggles in life…

They end up looking for that easy solution – in this case, women abroad in foreign countries.

Where online content creators through their blogs and Youtube channels…

Perhaps mixed in with bootcamp courses and online courses and e-books…

Sell them a false dream that foreign women in x country will fuck them.

Which, they might.

But the first group that is the ultimate bullshitter when it comes to this is the online content creators.

But I got nothing against them – they got to make their money somehow.

In the same way bullshit online content creators sell the dream of making easy money through their courses where they pretend to be professionals in certain industries.

As you can see here.

Either way, they are making their money that way and I got nothing against it.

But this group needs to be mentioned as this group is the usual one selling this dream of living and dating abroad.

And while these online content creators are getting their dick sucked from a prepago on a beach in Costa Rica as they sell the dream…

And while they are writing about “how to get laid” in 50 different countries…

Though, for some of them, it’s not always clear if they have actually been to all 50 of those countries or how long they were in each one for….

About 1% of their audience will travel abroad…

And they might (though not guaranteed) get laid…

But it may not be with the hottest chicks that they claim they are fucking…

Which brings us to…

Group 2: The “I Just Banged a 10, Bro” Brigade

These are the guys who will tell you constantly about how they literally just banged a 10.

And they tell everyone.

Even complete strangers, I would bet.

Where they walk into a public bathroom and be the type to stand next to another dude taking a piss at a urinal.

And as they take a piss also, they will put their hand on that dude’s shoulder (who is a complete stranger) and whisper in their ear….

“I just banged a 10, bro.”

They are the type to, after getting mugged for the 50th fuckin time in the Dominican Republic…

Right before the criminal shanks them in the kidney…

They will yell out to the criminal…

“Esperar, bro, esperar. I just had sexo with a diez, bro!”

And while you might be one of their friends..

They come hang out with you…

It’s a nice day and all and maybe you two are going to get a beer.

And you ask the guy a question that has nothing to do with sex.

“So hey, did you hear about that protest in Mexico City yesterday?”

And their immediate response is “man, bro, I was fucking a 10 in the middle of the protest. The protesters were circling around me and encouraging me on yelling fuck her harder, fuck her harder broooo”

“right, right, cool…”

Fact is, you can’t have a conversation with this type of dude without it somehow returning to “I just banged a 10, bro!”

I know one guy right now who is exactly like this.

Now, keep in mind, he’s cool and all.

But every conversation is about the latest chick he fucked.

His name is Bryan and he’s a young American guy in Mexico City.

Anyway, I remember seeing him outside once in Condesa area some time ago…

And keep in mind this wasn’t the only case of this…

Where you see the dude with a chick…

But she ugly as fuck.

Or, in his better days, she might be average looking or perhaps even slightly cute.

But the dudes who constantly talk about how they are banging the 9’s and 10’s constantly..

My opinion is this…

First, they are very insecure of themselves.

If you are not impressed by their conquests, they sometimes come across as offended almost.

It’s like they are trying to impress others in my experience.

My personal belief is that most of these types either were virgins into a later age at say 22 or something and/or they got divorced rape from a chick they married early in life close to after high school was over.

And so now they are basically trying to play catch up.

Which is cool and all – nothing against these types …

And it really doesn’t matter to anyone else if you are fucking fat chicks or skinny chicks.

As most people are living their own lives and nobody gives a shit (pay attention: this comment is for you guys who are in this group)…

But it can get ridiculous that a lot of them seem to have difficulty talking about anything else in life.

Second, the more they talk about their conquests, the more that one of the following is true:

  • A good deal of the chicks they are getting are not actually 10s or anywhere close to that.
  • They are banging prostitutes.

Let’s focus on the third group now…

Group 3: The Prostitute Brigade

These are guys who, as the name suggests, have sex with prostitutes.

Now I don’t care if you bang prostitutes or not – that’s your decision and it’s cool.

Not my business.

But let’s be honest here – it’s not anywhere as impressive to 99% of people out there that are you fucking prostitutes.

Not in the same way that it would be, as impressive to some, that you were able to have sex with normal good looking chicks who wanted to fuck you because of you.

Especially when they are doing this in Latin America where a prostitute might cost like 5 bucks.

As you can see in this video here where apparently these prostitutes in Mexico City want like 100 pesos for any fun.

But apparently costs can be higher than 5 bucks down here – maybe 30 bucks or something.

At the end of the day, there’s nothing wrong if two adults agree to such an arrangement – money for sex.

But it doesn’t make them the “alpha stud” that some of them try claiming to be.

Some of them, as hinted at before, also fall into the second group where they constantly are seeking approval from other men regarding their conquests.

Despite the fact that they paid for it.

And this needs to be brought up because when talking about the type of dating success men can have down here…

Some of the guys end up bullshitting others by not mentioning the fact that they pay for it.

Among all of the other info online that shows how some of these folks tend to be full of shit.

But that covers the bullshit brigaders that need to be mentioned…

Now we can get into the actual reality of how things are down here…

Assuming you are not paying for a prostitute…

And assuming you speak conversational Spanish, are not socially stupid, not above age 60 and more or less physically in shape…

What type of normal girls can you reasonably expect to get down here?

Let’s break that down by different factors to consider….

And if you have any of your own factors that you think are important, leave it in the comments below.

Factor 1: The +1.5 Bonus Points

As a rule of thumb, I’d like to say that most men will probably experience an extra 1.5 points to their desirability if they move to Latin America.

So if you were a 2 back home, you are now a 3.5.

A 4 becomes a 5.5?

 And, for the most part, I’m not entirely sure if an extra 1.5 points is over optimistic or if it is a bit low…

I’d actually say it depends really on the exact location of where you are.

Like, in an extreme case, maybe you would have better dating success in Colombia than, say, Saudi Arabia.

Just a guess….

Like maybe an extra 2 points for some dudes

And some of you might even argue that a 2 is a 5 down here – 3 more points!

Solid, bro.

But it doesn’t really matter.

You get the basic idea here.

That someone who is a 2 is not going to become an 8 by simply landing in Santo Domingo, DR.

But they will get an extra point or two.

That’s what I have seen anyway.

You know, women will assume nicer things about you for being an American…

Some of those things we will get to below…

Factor 2: Green Card?

This is the stereotypical factor that anyone who has not been in Latin America will assume.

That they all want a green card and that is why she is dating you!

Truth is, I think that’s bullshit.

Most women down here would rather live in their respective countries.

As this is the culture they know, everyone speaks their language…

This is where their friends and family live…

Etc, etc…

Though some probably do want a green card, I haven’t met nor seen any.

Of all the girlfriends I have had down here, none wanted to move to the US.

At least when we talked about our future….

So most foreign women are not dying to go live in the US.

But some women do like a foreign man…

Factor 3: Gringo Hunters

As I wrote about in this article here

I once went on a date with a chick that let’s call Karla…

She was going on about how “que tan blanco eres” and how she really likes foreign guys, etc…

In essence, she was a gringo hunter in my opinion.

These chicks, for whatever reason, just want to fuck foreign dudes.

And it’s almost never for a green card in my personal experience.

Sometimes it’s for money as we will go into later…

Other times they just have a fetish for white dudes...

And it happens to be that you are one of the few white dudes in her specific city.

So, in that way, you can satisfy what she wants that most of the local men cannot provide.

A white dick.

Or whatever it may be that she wants…

But that’s what I have noticed.

So some of these guys who go to Latin America looking to get laid…

Some of them will end up banging a few of these chicks and then go home about how easy the women are.

Even though most chicks are not really gringo hunters down here but they happened to find a few at their weekly “language exchange over beer” event at some local bar…

Factor 4: Personalities

As discussed in an example far up above near the top of this article…

About how it was mentioned that while “Mexican chicks are not always very skinny, they have nicer personalities.”

In my experience, that is generally true but not always.

I come from the Midwest. Born and raised in Iowa and spent time in other states in the Midwest.

Women there don’t really have these “evil bitchy” attitudes that these men who move abroad talk about.

Suffice to say, the US is a very big country and there are differences between different places.

In the same way that how most of the Midwest has normal chicks from what I have seen…

You also have places like Chicago, in the Midwest, where I generally speaking find people in general to be less friendly there.

Then we are talking about other places in the US like Miami and if they have nice personalities there…

Well, I don’t know.

I don’t have that much experience on either coast.

But I will agree for the most part that women in other countries like Mexico or Colombia can generally speaking bring with them friendlier and more approachable personalities.

So that is a factor that helps some men have more dating success down here.

Factor 5: Body Types

As mentioned before, Mexico has as many (if not more) obese women than the US.

And according to this article here, obesity is on the rise in Latin America where apparently 6 out of 10 adults in Latin America are obese as you can read about here.

So I don’t want to make it sound like all Latina women in Latin America are not obese.

However, there are certain areas of Latin America – like Colombia – that mostly have women who look much nicer.

Both in terms of being overall less obese and dressing nicer.

However, don’t get confused again into thinking that all of the women in places like Colombia are skinny and good looking.

According to this article here, obesity rate in the US is 39.8% but the obesity rate in Colombia is 20%.

While that rate is double in the US, it doesn’t mean every chick in Colombia is looking like a supermodel.

And as well plenty of chicks in Colombia who are not obese do not necessarily have supermodel bodies or amazing faces.

Plenty of average looking chicks too like in literally any other country.

And, if I had to guess, obesity will probably continue to go up in both the US and Colombia (and other Latin American countries) as time goes on….

But it does mean more attractive women and more options to date as of now in places like Colombia….

I’d say the DR also and Brazil as well.

So when talking about why men tend to do better down here…

That will be a factor obviously as it simply gives foreign men more women that they consider attractive enough to date.

And it usually translates to the average physical quality of the women you are dating or sleeping with being higher than back home.

Factor 6: Geography Differences

It should be no surprise that I mentioned Colombia as an example in the last factor.

Why is that?

Because that is where a lot of the men who are looking for sex and love abroad go to.

Or the Dominican Republic, Brazil, Costa Rica, maybe Mexico also to a degree, etc…

Fact is, some countries get less attention for different reasons.

For example, Bolivia is often talked about as having ugly women by men looking for sex or love abroad.

Other countries like Guatemala or Ecuador get ignored in that sense also.

Some countries, like Paraguay, are too isolated – unlike Mexico which is right next door.

Then you have certain countries like Argentina or Uruguay that get talked about badly because the “women are too westernized” as these men put it.

So on and so on…

So just keep that in mind for when we talk about gringos having “dating success” in Latin America.

It mostly depends on what country we are talking about.

Factor 7: The Barrio Divers

Next, you have some men who do well because they are diving right into the barrio!

To be fair, I’ve gone into “the barrio” a few times myself…

When on a date with a chick at a bar and she wants you to go back to her place…

And her place is in “the barrio.”

How could you say no?

But, generally speaking, these chicks who live in these areas tend to be a lot easier to fuck in my opinion.

The reasons for that are mixed and maybe I don’t understand all the reasons…

Some of these men who go there are, first and foremost, looking for prostitutes and the barrio chick is one of them.

Second, most of these chicks are not prostitutes but they are playing a game of hopefully using you for money later.

Where you two fuck a few times here and there…

And then they might ask you for money to help feed their kid as they might be a single mom or whatever after maybe having sex a handful of times.

You can say no to that and that will probably mean no sex with her afterwards.

On to find someone new, I suppose!

Or maybe she isn’t looking for you to give her money eventually in a direct manner but sees you to be a provider and help take care of her kid being the single mother that she very well might be.

Plus, in my experience, these chicks are more likely have a thing for white dudes a bit more than Latinas who don’t come from these areas.

For whatever reason.

And there might be other reasons.

Whatever it may be.

But the fact is that the “barrio diving” some dudes do does contribute, in certain moments, to having sex and more dating success down here.

Sometimes it happens.

Factor 8: Simply Being Different

You are different.

You come from a new country.

Maybe you learned her language and you speak English also (speaking two languages is impressive).

You are a world traveler and have been to different countries.

You have a unique accent.

Fact is, being different can sometimes help in getting a chick’s initial interest in you and hopefully  getting laid later.

In the same way that a dude from England would probably get a little more interest in the US for simply being British and having a funny accent.

Factor 9: The Older Chick Looking for a Husband

As we all know…

Some chicks reach a point in their life where they want a husband.

A guy to marry and have kids with.

Because you are a gringo, it will be assumed by some chicks that you have more money in the bank.

That you are more professional and have a good job.

You probably do have more money than a lot of the local guys.

Not all of them but plenty, I’m sure.

And you probably live in a decent enough neighborhood – maybe a more expensive one in her city.

So the signs are there – you seem like you could be more stable and be a good person to settle down with.

And so ultimately, to some of the chicks who are at that stage in their life, you are more attractive.

Then say being an average American working at a shitty or average job and living in an average neighborhood in some place like Cleveland, Ohio.

Now you are an interesting foreign guy with a bank account probably bigger than plenty of the locals with probably more capability of making more money when in a place like Colombia.

So, all around, to that specific type of chick mentioned in this factor, you can be a more attractive option in my opinion.

Especially if you speak Spanish and show a longer term interest in her country.

And have more luck with them – meaning more dating success down here overall.

Factor 10: The Time Factor

You are a tourist to some part of Latin America…

Let’s say Santo Domingo.

You do not have to work since you are on vacation…

You have all the time in the world…

Or you are some dude who is living abroad and is living off of his savings without working for maybe a year…

Or perhaps you are working but you don’t have to work nearly as much as you would in the US – maybe 20 to 30 hours a week or maybe even less.

Plus no commute time either as you are working from home with your laptop perhaps.

I have been all three of those and am currently in the last group – working from home for 20 to 30 hours a week in most months.

Suffice to say, you have plenty of time on your hands.

And with that time, you can simply treat dating like the numbers game it is – work on getting as many numbers as possible and just going on as many dates as possible with all of those chicks.

Take your shot at each one and some percentage of them will have sex with you.

Maybe 50% or whatever it happens to be for you.

But, in practice, that could translate to a decent amount of chicks you have had sex with per month.

Maybe 4 to 8 chicks a month or whatever it might be.

And in large part because you live in a large enough city with enough women to go through and you have the time to collect as many numbers as possible and go on as many dates as possible due to the fact you are not working very much as you would in the US.

Given that the cost of living in the US is much higher and you are now enjoying the benefit of earning USD while spending in pesos.

Meaning you don’t have to necessarily work 60 hours a week or whatever.

With no commute factored into your daily schedule either.

Plus also experiencing the benefit of some of the other factors mentioned on this list that are helping you out.

Suffice to say, you are having more sex than most dudes on the planet.

Though most of those chicks are not supermodels.

So let’s not get carried away with the idea.

But, in my experience, that is by far one of the more helpful advantages of dating abroad..

Which is that, because of how cheap it is to live down here….

If you manage to figure out how to make a decent amount of money online without having to work too hard or too many hours…

Then you can end up having more dating success down here than up in the US because you have that time advantage on your side.

Thinking again of other dudes I know who live down here..

Be it Bryan or a few other dudes…

None of the other guys I know that I am thinking of work very much.

I’m talking 10 to 30 hours a week.

It is rare, at least among the people I know personally, to be working more than 30 hours a week.

But it’s not actually that rare – there are plenty who do – especially if you are new to living down here and are struggling with making money.

Or if you are on the other end of that kicking ass and taking names when it comes to online money making.

And you simply want to focus more time on making even more money than chasing pussy.

Which is a pretty good idea in the long term in my opinion as that is going to be more important for your future than fucking Latina #341 or whatever you want to claim your total amount of sex partners is.

But that goes back to the bullshit brigades of dudes bullshitting about the amount of women they have had sex with – one guy I know claimed over 1,000!



The Final Verdict


Keep in mind that this list may not have covered all the factors that come into play as to why some men do better down here when it comes to dating.

If you have any ideas of your own, let me know in the comment section below.

Anyway, the final verdict is this..

If you are like that guy from New Mexico with terrible social skills, you will probably not have sex with more attractive women down here than up there.

It could happen maybe in a place like the Dominican Republic but you ain’t going to be fucking supermodels.

Or if you are a dude who is over 60 years old…

Then you will probably go down the “prostitute” route or maybe get a mail order bride or something.

Basically pay for it.

Which, again, is cool. That’s your decision.

You happen to be fat and ugly and maybe your height is 5’6?

Again, you might end up paying $5 to $30 bucks.

Or you could deal with the women you will get given your circumstances.

Meaning though you are probably like a 2 in the US, now you can be a 3.5 maybe.

So the women will be a little bit better but not by much unless you improve yourself.

Which takes years of hard work in terms of learning Spanish, working out, eating right, etc.

And if you have done those things and you are average or above average…

Well, again, living in Latin America will most likely result in you dating better looking chicks and having casual sex more frequently than back home.

Anyway, that’s my take on the “can you have sex with hotter women in Latin America” topic.

Anyway, follow my Twitter here if you liked this article and leave a comment below.


Best regards,


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