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The Gringo Dream of Beaches, Booty & Booze in Latin America

Imagine one day…..

You wake up at 6 or 7 AM….

Very tired...

And you proceed to work…

Commute is an hour….

And you are working harder and harder…

And then you read online “how to escape the 9-5 grind and be a millionaire in a year from online income.”

Naturally, you are interested in such a subject…

And you try and try…

Paying for online courses to teach you how to make money online…

So you can quit that job working for that boss that is fucking your wife behind your back…

Of course, you are interested in the 3 Bs!

No, no…

Not exactly the 3 Bs mentioned in Bad Santa here below…

But similar enough.

Beaches, booty and booze.

To escape this nightmare of your life slaving away for a shitty ass job for some employer who don’t give a fuck about you while....

And here you see this damn 27 year old telling you online that “you can ALSO make money online from niche websites, e-commerce stores or whatever else!”

“Be Your Own Boss!”

All the while enjoying the nice life on the beach drinking away your booze and having a good time while you make money passively online….

The Dream

Wouldn’t it be nice…

Instead of dealing with all the shit of your job and all…

To live abroad on a beach in Latin America…

To have big booty Latinas to treat you well…

All the while enjoying some more booze…

Well, for most men, that is simply a dream.

Now, there are reasons for why that is a dream.

Be it that some are too lazy to get it done.

And others are not innovative enough to know how to make money online.

Even with help…

Because, keep in mind, you are still self-employed and have to figure out how to support yourself in another country without necessarily working a job for someone else.

And you might also might be too fearful or skeptical that it could work out.

Which, to be fair, makes sense to anyone older than 50.

Since making money online, at least in my experience, seems to be more of a “la la land” to anyone that old versus the younger generation.

But that’s a generalization obviously.

But one that is a bit true from what I have seen as younger folks are more comfortable making money online.

But, either way, is the dream valid?

Could you achieve such a goal?

Generally speaking….yes.

But let’s go into my own experience with it before I give some advice based on what I have learned so far.

My Own Experience

I remember in my earlier days of living in Latin America….

Back when I was mostly moving around South America.

And I was convinced that life abroad would be so much more amazing.

Given I could enjoy all the amazing scenery of this region…

While also enjoying low to zero taxes and very low cost of living….


Were they right?


Going back to the 3 B’s….

Beaches, booty and booze….

Well, you can definitely get higher quality booty down here regardless of if you want to pay for it or not.

Beaches? Plenty of them in most countries!

Aside from, say, Bolivia….

And booze?

Well, cmon, this ain’t North Korea.

Of course there is booze!

 Now what about lower cost of living?

Which, mixed with the benefits of that, as I wrote about here….

Is that true also?

On my experience – absolutely.

With the lower taxes assuming you are a non-resident or a resident of a Latin country with no worldwide income tax.

But keep in mind that it didn’t come easy.

As you can read about here

I spent about a year partying and having plenty of sex with local chicks…

Until I ran out of money basically.

And in my next year, it was basically hell.

Making money online isn’t necessarily easy but it depends.

And if you can make decent money online…

And assuming you are not too crazy with your spending…

Then, absolutely, you can save a lot of money and live a chill life down here.

With beaches, Latina booty and booze included!

But let’s briefly discuss what I would suggest you do to make that happen.


The Basics for Obtaining the Gringo Dream

Here I am only going to focus on the gringos looking to make their money online…

Because I don’t have any experience opening up local businesses down here as some try to do…

So I will keep it to the area I am knowledgeable of.

And, nice enough, is the same area that a lot of people talk about when it comes to living the good life abroad.

Which usually consists of talking about how nice life would be at a beach with a big tittied latina and some booze….

In my experience, if I could do it over again…

I would do the following…

First, I would build up some more savings than I had.

Maybe about 2 years of savings before moving abroad.

Which, assuming I spend about $800 USD a month, is about $19,200 USD.

Plus airfare and moving costs (deposit for a new place and all) and we are talking something slightly north of $20,000 USD.

But before we do move abroad….

I would develop something that could build me “passive income” online.

Some type of brand.

Maybe you are teaching men how to get laid online or how to make money online…

Or whatever it is.

Just something where you put it out there online and makes you money.

Then I would focus on having some skill that is marketable and can be sold to people online and done remotely.

And not only have that marketable skill but also make sure you are earning the money from it needed to sustain your lifestyle abroad.

Because, from what I have seen, there are basically 3 ways of making serious money online (though, to be fair, I am relatively new to how this works but I have had enough success to live abroad from this).

  • Be very lucky and have enough people pick up on you (very rare but can happen).
  • Have a marketable skill that can be done remotely and where ideally not everyone desperate for money is offering to do.
  • Have a brand that you can sell products or services through to make money.

Of course, there are many other ways to make money online…

But from my novice experience doing it so far, that is what I have noticed so far.

The problem is that you have too many gringos thinking that they will kick ass and take names down here by writing $5 dollar articles on Fiverrr.

Though, to be fair, the only ones dumb enough to think that will work are people young enough to make those mistakes.

And finally, you will need discipline obviously.

As talked about here, I didn’t have the discipline initially to work online.

It got very easy to basically just party 24/7 and chase pussy all day…

Until I basically ran out of money and started moving pretty damn quickly to working online to make money.

With plenty of days working 12 hours in front of the laptop to figure out how to get shit done where I am making money.

During those days, there wasn’t a whole of lot beaches and Latina booty to enjoy.

At least not compared to life beforehand.

Though, nowadays, I have it figured out and am enjoying life a little bit more nicely down here.

But certainly not a millionaire by any means.

But, to finish this article up, let’s look at some people I know personally that make money online well enough to live comfortably enough in Latin America.

The Email Marketer in the Dominican Republic

One guy I know a little bit is someone who basically makes his money through email marketing and also some side work for other companies.

Work done remotely of course.

And he usually lives in the DR for 6 to 9 months of the year and either travels to places like Colombia, Brazil or Mexico City.

In his case, he has both things – a marketable skill to companies (and probably connections) and also a brand to a degree with a website he owns that he makes money through things like email marketing or affiliate marketing.

Moving on…

The Canadian Cam Girl

Years ago, I met a Canadian girl from Canada who was living in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

If I remember right, she had about 6 or 7 years or so living in South America in general…

She was some Canadian girl that was from some area called Nova Scotia or whatever it was called.

Some area on the eastern coast I think of Canada.

And basically moved abroad after some years of being a successful cam girl.

Where she would make decent money online by stripping in front of a camera.

She was a fun girl to say the least…

Fun at parties and also in the bedroom….

On some nights, I learned why she was a successful cam girl…

But in her case, I suppose, you could say she was making money from her brand of doing amateur porn work.

Website Money Making

Then you have folks like myself and others I know who make money from websites they own.

Of course, it is not necessarily always the money from these websites that support us.

Like, in my case, I do a little bit of freelance work on the side…

But mostly in a specific type of freelance work that has relatively less competition.

And still pays well enough.

As there are others I know who are in the same boat who make money from websites but have other hustles, I suppose.

Even though the websites pay well enough…

You look to diversify where your money comes from.

Or perhaps you are continuing to do on the side some type of work you are familiar with and can make extra money on the side with.

But those are just some examples of what some people do to live this life of living abroad and all the benefits it brings…

Which, who knows…

Maybe, in the process of being successful doing work online…

You also join the ranks of those who work remotely online in whatever fashion while being able to live wherever you want.

The numbers are growing by the day…

So get on it now and develop some skills or a brand that can make you money long term.

And if you have any examples yourself, leave a comment below or reach out by Twitter.


Best regards,


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