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Best Countries in Latin America to Date Sexy Latina Women

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I know I know….

This isn’t the usual type of article I write for this website.

Well, I figured it will at least give me an extra 10 views a month on this website!

My opinion isn’t that very controversial anyway.

It isn’t like Bolivian women in the city of Potosi were often ranked as having the sexiest women of Latin America in 2018…

And then it changed to the Guatemalan girls of Xela in 2019.

The truth is that the places that tend to have the sexiest women have usually been well talked about for many years now.

With an occasional place here and there showing up on the radar of men looking for fun abroad.

Before we begin, I just want to say a few things….

First, while dating abroad is fun, I’m hoping that writing this will attract people who want to read about other aspects of life down here.

So feel free to check out all the other articles I have on my blog here that will help you get a better understanding of what life is like here beyond dating.

Which is important if you want to go down here anyway for dating – life won’t be just fucking one chick to another.

Second, this article has no affiliate links to dating programs. I’m not here to bullshit you or sell you a false dream.

Third, if you want more articles on dating down here, click here for a list of other articles I’ve written.

Fourth, all of the opinions here are mostly influenced by my own personal experiences and also the opinions of a few close friends (shoutout to Bryan) who have traveled around down here.

Fifth, I’ll try to include recommendable cities for you to visit in any of the countries below….

Which countries are better for dating certain types of girls (white, black and brown Latinas for example)…

And which countries to avoid.

So let’s get to it.

So in no particular order, let’s break it all down.

Country 1: Brazil

To be fair, I have very limited experience in Brazil as of this writing.

You can read more about my experiences here.

When I did go to Brazil, I stopped by the city of São Paulo.

While there, I did find that the women there were much more attractive looking than most women I have seen in Latin America.

It definitely caught my attention and I can see myself going back to enjoy the nightlife and dating scene there.

Having said that, the main reason why I’m recommending Brazil is because literally everyone I know about always talk about how it is the best they have seen.

I know of two guys for example who used to talk a good deal about Colombia for dating women…

Then they took a trip to Brazil and completely disregarded Colombia ever since as not being worth their time.

When talking with a friend of mine named Bryan….

He actually knows Brazil more personally than I do and is a fellow traveler that knows Latin America as a whole a bit as well over the years.

Much of the opinions in this article regarding Brazil are based from his experiences in Latin America.

Anyway, he absolutely loved the country.

He told me that he would be living there right now if the visa restrictions were looser like those in Mexico.

But what cities should you visit in Brazil for dating?

Well, it depends.

The city I have heard being the best has always been Rio de Janeiro.

With São Paulo being a good choice apparently also.

Based on my limited time in São Paulo, I could definitely get behind that statement.

Having said that, I’m fairly limited in experience with Brazil.

Most of the folks I know mostly talk of those two cities.

But Brazil is a very big place obviously.

What type of woman do you like?

Based on my limited knowledge, I’ve often heard that basically the demographics of Brazil break down like this….

In the interior, you have more indigenous women.

In the northern coast, you got more black chicks.

And the southern coast has more white ones apparently.

With São Paulo having one of the biggest populations in the world of Japanese descended people.

For those who like Asian-Latinas.

Anyway, that’s as much as my knowledge goes for Brazil.

So let’s go into more comfortable territory for me.

Country 2: Colombia

Colombia is a country that I have a little more experience in.

As of this writing, I’ve been there for about 7 months with a majority of my experience being on the Caribbean Coast.

In my time there, I also travelled to other areas like Bogota, the Coffee Triangle, etc.

And met other folks (locals and other foreigners) with their own opinions that I listened to when I was there.

So where should you go?

Well, if you know anything about Colombia, you would know everyone talks a good deal about Medellin girls.

Here’s a video of them below here.

To be fair, I’ve never been to Medellin as of this writing.

I’ve only heard mixed reviews on it.

Some dudes claiming that “they are all golddiggers” and “they are overhyped.”

To everyone talking about how they are “the hottest women in Colombia.”

I’ll lean towards the last statement.

When I was in Barranquilla, I had a Colombian friend named Andres who was always straight about everything he said.

He always talked a good deal about how paisa chicks (those from Medellin) were the best.

From my impression, paisa chicks always seemed a bit on the whiter side.

When I was in Bogota, it was very much the same there with so many of the women being a bit whiter.

Similar to when I was in the Coffee Triangle (around the cities of Pereira and Manizales).

In those cities, I found the chicks to be whiter on average compared to chicks from the Caribbean Coast.

The ones from Pereira and Manizales were quite hot from what I saw.

But if you want more diversity in women….

Granted, you have that in places like Medellin also to be fair…

But the coasts in general tend to have more diversity from what I noticed.

From what I have been told, Cali has a more significant black population.

And I met and dated a few chicks from Cali in my time in Colombia. They were quite hot.

When it comes to those in the Caribbean Coast?

Well, in that area, you have the cities of Barranquilla, Cartagena and Santa Marta.

They tend to be more brown in general with some white chicks here and there.

Personally, I’d set up base in Barranquilla.

Plenty of folks tend to think Barranquilla as a shitty city to be in though.

It’s not as developed.

However, there are benefits to it.

It’s not anywhere near as touristy.

So, for me, it was cheaper to live in I found and also not as annoying as you had less hustlers I found trying to rip me off.

It also makes for a good base with Santa Marta and Cartagena relatively close.

With Santa Marta being good for beaches and Cartagena being good for better nightlife and nice enough historical sites.

Bonus tip not related to dating: if you live in this area, make sure to check out the Guajira Peninsula up north. It has the northernmost point in South America.

Also, with Barranquilla, you got the Barranquilla Carnival that makes a great time for partying and hooking up.

Here’s an article anyway that has photos of my time in the Caribbean Coast and here’s an article breaking down the Barranquilla Carnival.

Country 3: Dominican Republic

Not everyone will agree with this.

There’s an issue that the DR has…

Which that it has a shit ton of people trying to fuck you over.

That has been my experience and also the experience of everyone I have talked with about their time in the DR.

Having said that….

The DR, in my experience, can be a great place to fuck decent looking chicks.

When I was there, I believe I fucked about 5 chicks in 2 weeks in Santo Domingo.

By those numbers, I guess it wouldn’t be unrealistic to assume that 10 chicks in a month would be possible.

Which, for me, I normally pull in about 3 to 5 chicks in a month.

To get 5 in 2 weeks was pretty quick.

And I had a lot of fucking fun.

Not just with the chicks that I was with who was great to fuck around with….

But also the nightlife in Santo Domingo…

And while you do have plenty of folks trying to fuck you over there compared to other countries…

There were some cool dudes there also I met that seemed easy to be friends with.

All around, the DR was a pretty sick experience.

I definitely have plans to go back to party, get wasted and have a shit ton of fun whenever I can.

So which cities?

 Well, the capital known as Santo Domingo obviously.

What else?

Santiago would probably be on your list obviously.

I’ve never been to Santiago but it’s another big city.

There’s other areas in the DR also….

Plenty of which can be great for not just fucking around but enjoying yourself alone.

All of the beaches and natural scenery they have.

Which is another bonus point…

Bonus Tip: While hooking up is fun, don’t forget to enjoy other aspects of life in whatever country you visit. Beaches, natural scenery, cool people to be friends with, concerts, etc.

Anyway, there’s only one other thing to mention…

Be careful with golddiggers.

The DR actually does have a shit ton of golddiggers.

As you can read about in my experience here for example where a chick I was fucking threatened to have her police brother kick my ass if I didn’t send her money.

That’s just one experience anyway.

Funny enough, she made that threat as I was leaving the country at the airport already.

Enjoy this cool song here anyway about “chapiadoras.”

Country 4: Mexico

To be fair, Mexico doesn’t rank very well compared to countries like Brazil or Colombia.

Colombia was all around much better for finding hotter chicks to fuck around with.

And, from everything I heard, Brazil is apparently the best.

Anyway, Mexico isn’t terrible.

While you do have plenty of obesity in this country similar to what you’ll see in the US….

There’s some benefits that come with this country.

First, women tend to speak English better compared to other nationalities down in this region from what I’ve seen for those who are too lazy to learn Spanish.

Second, Mexico is easier for you to spend a long time in compared to countries like Brazil or Colombia.

Where visa regulations in those last two countries can make it more complicated in which you might have to take a 6 month break from one of them…

With Mexico, you can basically just leave the country once your visa is over…

Then come back in a few days later for another 6 month visa.

Effectively allowing you to spend the whole year in the country.

Third, Mexico City is arguably one of the better “package deals” for dating and living in Latin America.

Not only because of the more favorable visa rules from above….

But also because cities like Mexico City specifically are pretty top notch for nightlife and overall living.

It’s a city in which you get an amazing price with the cost of living for how comfortable life can be in Mexico City.

It’s much more developed but not very expensive at all.

A solid deal.

Plus, the city as a whole has over 20 million people in which that simply gives you a lot more women to mess around with.

While the women themselves are not as good looking when compared to a place like Colombia…

You do have plenty of options anyway in a city that you can enjoy living in more for a good price and favorable visa rules…

While also being much closer to home if you are North American.

But let’s get to the next one….

Country 5: Argentina

Personally, I don’t think Argentina is that good of a deal but I figured to include it so that we have 5 options instead of 4.

First, plenty of people do talk favorably of Argentina.

Second, if you are more into white Latinas, then Argentina will be perfect for you.

Though, being honest, I think Colombia has more than enough white Latinas for you to enjoy and it doesn’t involve traveling even more south to get there…

Third, the capital Buenos Aires has some of the better nightlife that I have ever seen in Latin America as you can read about my experiences here

Fourth, as of this writing in 2020, it apparently is quite cheap to live in Argentina as the peso has apparently crashed and gotten banged in the pussy by the US Dollar.

So the exchange rate between the USD and the Argentine Peso is quite favorable.

Much more favorable than when I was there years ago anyway.

Similar to Mexico City then, you can have quite a nice lifestyle in a much more developed place for a solid price.

Fifth, being a capital city, Buenos Aires does have its fair share of Latinas from other countries like Brazilians, Colombians, etc.

When I was in Buenos Aires, I enjoyed actually dating other Latinas than the local Argentine women.

In large part because Argentine people in general (not just the women) tend to be relatively cold and snobbier.

In which you have to put in more work to do well with a chick when compared to a Colombian, Brazilian, etc.

And yet they are not as attractive as the Colombian, Brazilian, etc.

For that reason, I don’t see Argentina very favorably because it is basically more work for less reward.

Having said that, Argentina does have a solid reputation among some for its women…

And, like I said, Buenos Aires as a whole offers a decent quality of a living for a solid price with plenty of Latinas of all nationalities to work with being the capital city.

Want to leave the capital city?

From what I’ve heard only, the cities of Cordoba and Mendoza are decent alternatives.

But let’s move on now to “Special Mentions.”

Special Mentions

I wanted to keep the list short and simple at just 5 options.

But let’s bring up some special mentions.

First, I’ve heard a good deal about how Cuban women are very attractive.

I have no idea.

I have experience talking with Cuban women on Cupid dating sites…

And while many were scammers…

All of them did look attractive when I did video calls.

But that’s not a lot of women anyway.

Regardless, that’s the reputation I’ve heard about Cuban chicks.

Just throwing it out there.

The only other thing to be said about them is that I have heard often enough that men who go there more often find logistical issues fucking the local chicks.

And that quite often men resort to using prostitutes instead of normal chicks because of those logistical issues.

Issues like having difficulty finding a place that allows guests to apparently chicks being fearful of being seen with a foreigner in places like Havana.

Not sure how true that is but it’s what I’ve heard.

Second, everyone talks shit about how Bolivian chicks are ugly but occasionally someone will try to be nuanced about it and go “well, chicks from the Bolivian city of Santa Cruz are hot!”

I’ve only been in Santa Cruz very briefly a few times and met a few chicks from there.

One of the best chicks I ever had sex with was originally born there as you can read here.

In Buenos Aires, Argentina, I met a few upper class chicks from there at a nightclub.

All of them were white.

Better looking?

Well, being honest, I don’t think it’s worth going there.

Especially if you only want to just fuck and that’s it.

Colombia can more than satisfy you.

So can Brazil.

But, in my limited experience, women from Santa Cruz were nicer than elsewhere in Bolivia.

Third, you have Venezuela.

Don’t go to Venezuela obviously.

It can be dangerous as I wrote here.

Regardless, the women there can be pretty hot.

But given how many Venezuelan chicks are scattered across Latin America due to their country falling apart…

You can just as easily meet them elsewhere.

If you want to meet cute Venezuelan chicks, try the following locations with Colombia being the most important: Colombia, Peru, Buenos Aires, Miami, Spain and Mexico City.

Fourth, what about Puerto Rican chicks?

I have some experience with them but very limited.

I find them to be a bit bitchy and stuck up.

Maybe because they have the blue passport and think highly of themselves compared to other Latinas?

Just a theory…

Anyway, they aren’t bad looking.

Though the very first Puerto Rican chick I ever saw in my life was way back in high school.

She was some chick who had a huge as fuck chin like a man.

You would literally think she was a trans chick or some shit.

Very manly chin like she would knock a fucker out by hitting him in the face with it.

Suffice to say, that wasn’t the best initial experience to what Puerto Rican chicks look like…

But, once you meet more Puerto Rican chicks that don’t look like they probably have a dick between their legs…

Well, the more normal looking ones do look cute or hot at times.

Just with bitchier attitudes.

Honestly, Dominicans are better. Less attitude.

Just ignore their golddigger requests and fuck them before they demand money or else “their brother will kick your ass” like here.

Fifth, you got Panama City in Panama.

The women there can be alright.

Not always amazing but you got some cute and some hot chicks there for sure.

And the city, while humid and much more expensive, can be an alright place to be for real.

It’s much more developed.

Nightlife isn’t bad.

Good water views from the city.

Plenty of scammers though.

I would’ve included Panama in this list but I wanted to keep it to 5 countries.

Outside of Panama City in the rest of the country?

Not really worth your attention for trying to get laid.

Sixth, let’s break it down by race…

If you want whiter Latinas, go to Argentina, Uruguay, Southern Brazil, Bogota, northern Mexico, plenty of white Venezuelan chicks, etc.

If you want black Latinas, then check out Northern Brazil, some of the coasts of Colombia like Cali area, the DR, etc.

Want Asians? Go to any major capital city that has a China Town. Or go to China. Would work better. But Asian-Latinas? São Paulo in Brazil.

How about Latinas with more indigenous background? Then check out Guatemala, certain states in Mexico like Chiapas or Oaxaca, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, the interior of Brazil, some Guarani village in Paraguay, etc.

But assuming you aren’t looking for Latinas with certain backgrounds because of whatever “type” you may or may not have….

Seventh, if you just want to hookup a lot and don’t want a relationship….

I would just write off the following countries for dating: Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Uruguay and Paraguay.

Simply put, as I wrote here, I don’t think chicks from these areas are necessarily any better looking than American chicks and I’ve always found enough chicks at home who were down to fuck in college.

In my personal opinion, I think chicks from countries like Colombia or Brazil are better looking overall for sure and can be more fun.

With also certain cities like Mexico City being quite nice for hooking up and nightlife given many of the reasons I explained in the Mexico City….

And, to be fair, if you are looking for a relationship….

You will probably more easily find chicks with nicer personalities in places like Nicaragua in case you want something more than just hooking up like a relationship.

But if you only want to hookup, I would just advise you stick to the 5 countries on top of the article because they offer whatever demographic of Latina you want and are overall what I would consider to be the best for fucking around.

Either way, you know yourself better than I do and what you are looking for….

Let’s wrap this up.

Final Thoughts

Keep in mind, this is all just shooting the shit with you all.

Just based on my own personal experiences and also the experiences of a few friends of mine who I talked with about certain places I am not familiar with like Brazil.

If you have any relevant comments to the topic, drop them below in the comment section.

Would be cool to hear whatever you have to say…

Maybe you agree or disagree.

All opinions welcome as long as you chill.

And, as I said before, I mostly wrote this article to not only again poke the elephant in the room for why foreigners consider moving to Latin America…

But also because I assume it will reach more eyes given the nature of the topic…

And how it would be cool to reach out to more folks who are interested in visiting or living in Latin America.

So, if you are curious....

Check out my blog here or check out the middle of my homepage here in which I have buttons that provide you articles regarding different aspects of life down here in different countries.

Personally, I find topics like that more interesting since dating down here realty isn’t that complicated.

Either way, as I said, drop any comments or questions you got below in the comment section.

And follow my Twitter here.

Thanks for reading.

Best regards,


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