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Dating & Nightlife in Buenos Aires

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Some odd years ago, I was spending time in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

You can read more about my time here.

Anyway, I was a little bit younger at the time and had more energy for the nightlife that this city has.

Because relative to most cities that I have been to….

Buenos Aires really takes for the cake for kicking your ass at night.

Mostly because it never ends!

I’m pretty sure I heard once that Buenos Aires is the “city that never sleeps” or some typical phrase people throw at big cities.

Well, usually that phrase is bullshit in my opinion.

People have probably said the same about Mexico City where I am at now…

Despite nightlife here usually ending sometime between 2 AM and 4 AM.

Buenos Aires is another animal when it comes to nightlife.

In this case, the city literally never sleeps when people are out drinking.

Drinking All Night

The first time I ever experienced the nightlife to the extent that I am talking about in Buenos Aires was when I left one night to go to some club with some guys I knew.

One guy who was Colombian and whose named was Sebastian.

Another one who was a Brazilian guy named Thalisson.

Anyway, I was going to meet up with Sebastian from what I remember and he had me come over to some place where Thalisson lived.

I never met Thalisson beforehand and they lived in some residential neighborhood of the city.

Once I got there, I knocked on the door and they let me in.

Once inside, we went to the elevator that took us up a few floors and we had a few Colombian chicks with us.

It seemed like a party of mostly Colombians in hindsight.

Once we got to the room, we had a few drinks before heading out to some spots in the city.

The first spot was some Colombian themed bar early in the night.

Unfortunately, I had no idea how to dance to any of the music.

Neither did Thalisson as he wasn’t Colombian either.

And the Latin music they play in Brazil is a bit different from what you hear in Colombia anyhow.

It wasn’t until they started playing some reggaeton music with this song specifically that I at least knew something.

The lyrics anyway.

And got some random chick to dance with me, exchange numbers and that was it.

Thankfully, they decided to go from salsa to reggaeton because I can’t dance salsa to save my life.

But we weren’t there long anyhow.

The Biggest Club in Latin America

Ultimately, we decided to move along to another club.

Some of the Colombian folks decided they were going to go to another Colombian venue in the city.

While Thalisson and I decided to check out this huge ass club in the city.

It was honestly the biggest club I had seen anywhere really.

Well, from being from a small town in the US, I guess that isn’t saying much.

But I’d like to say it’s the biggest club in Latin America because it’s the biggest one I ever saw.

Once we got to the spot, there were two other Argentine guys waiting for us who happened to know Thalisson.

I noticed though that they were asking for ID to get into this place.

Which, unfortunately, I forgot my ID because I’ve gotten used to people never asking for it down here.

It almost never happens.

Maybe once a year or something.

And the place we just left didn’t ask for it anyhow.

So now we were in a tough spot because my place was too far away from where we were to go back.

But one of Thalisson’s friends helped out.

I’m not sure how they did it right underneath the bouncer’s nose…

Literally it must’ve happened right in front of him from what I remember.

But basically one person in front of me gave the bouncer the ID.

He looked at it briefly and gave it back to him.

Then the friend, once he had his ID back, gave it to me instantly.

Granted, it was pretty dark outside…

But I remember thinking “how the fuck did we pull that off?”

Since the friend literally gave me his ID right in front of the bouncer.

But also the ID was obviously the same so he should’ve noticed the same picture and everything on this next ID he got from me.

Whatever really.

He didn’t really bother to look too closely I suppose.

Just took it really, glanced in a second and gave it to me.

We got in finally anyhow.

Champagne until 8 AM

Like I said, this was probably the most impressive club I’ve seen anywhere in Latin America.

It was huge.

Anyway, we got to the top floor and basically just spent the night there having champagne.

Which was cool because I never had champagne before this point.

And basically just hung out there until maybe 8 AM more or less.

The place was pretty impressive for sure.

But like how I said that this is the city that “never sleeps.”

I was starting to get annoyed.

At the time, I wasn’t used to staying up until 7 or 8 AM.

So maybe around 5 or 6 AM, I was thinking to myself “right, so when do we all head home?”

And was just starting to get really tired and irritated that the party wasn’t over yet.

Especially as we weren’t really doing much in this place except just hanging out listening to the music.

Finally, someone in the group decided that it was time to go home and that was it.

Around 8 AM.

Similar Incidents until 8 AM

I had gone out a few other times in Buenos Aires until 8 AM.

Thankfully, not everyone I hung out with in this city had the drive to be up until 8 AM.

As some chicks I met like Tami here or Cindy here were never the types to stay up that late.

But I remember other times in which this happened.

One other incident was when I went out with some Chilean chick whose name I forgot.

We went to some house party she invited me over to and then went to a bar afterwards until around the early morning.

Through her, I met some Argentine dude at that same house party.

Who, at a later incident, invited me over to some other huge ass club that was just as big and fancy as the first one mentioned.

For some reason, this Argentine dude really liked me.

That happens down here once in a blue moon where you find a local Latino who really digs hanging out with foreigners from the US, Canada, Australia or Europe.

In that article that I cited, there have been other Latinos I have met down here who have even invited me to their birthday parties and offered me free drinks and cover!

And this Argentine dude was literally no different.

I forgot what his name was but it was some English sounding name.

He was clearly one of those very upper class Latinos or whatever.

Funny enough, while we were at this big club that he paid my cover for to enter….

If I remember right, he was even telling me how he had some relative of his who invented the beer brand Heineken.

I’m fairly confident that was bullshit but who knows.

Maybe he was telling the truth.

Maybe he was trying to impress me.

I have no idea.

At the same time, there were some friends of his that were in our little group at this club.

Some cute Bolivian chicks who were from Santa Cruz de la Sierra.

You hear foreigners say that by the way – that women from Santa Cruz are hot compared to most Bolivian women.

I have no idea.

I’ve been to Santa Cruz briefly but thought the city was a shit hole.

Anyway, the chicks there were actually fairly hot compared to most Bolivian chicks I saw.

So maybe there is something there.

Where there is smoke there is fire?

And speaking of other types of Latinas you can find in Buenos Aires….

The Dating Scene

You hear the claim by some people that Argentine women are really hot.

I personally never saw much of that in Buenos Aires.

They are OK.

But not really memorable.

Personally, if I was running around looking for a place with hot women, I wouldn’t go to Buenos Aires.

I mean – you have Colombia and you have Brazil.

In my experience in Buenos Aires anyhow, I enjoyed a lot more running around with other types of Latinas that were not Argentine.

Brazilians, Colombians or Chileans from what I remember.

My impression was this…

Argentine women tend to be colder and less receptive to guys in general.

But Argentine people in general are like that from my experience – not just the women.

In that it is harder to make friends with the locals in general.

For some reason, Argentines just tend to be more closed off to meeting new people.

As a result, you have to put in more effort I found to do well with an Argentine chick compared to other types of Latinas.

It’s not impossible. Not even difficult. You just have to put in more work to break through that closed offness that Argentines tend to carry with them.

Meanwhile, Argentine women were not any more attractive than other types of Latinas and were definitely less attractive than Brazilians or Colombians for example.

So basically more work for less reward when compared to other Latinas.

In short, if you are in Buenos Aires, I wouldn’t say ignore Argentine chicks.

Take your shot at who you like.

But I’d recommend putting more energy towards other types of Latinas.

You’ll generally have a better experience.

Especially if you prefer non-white chicks like I tend to do anyway.

At any rate, that’s all I got to say on dating and nightlife in Buenos Aires from my limited experience there of about 4 months more or less.

The nightlife is insane and pretty top notch but very exhausting.

The women can be fine but other Latinas are nicer to work with.

Anyway, if you got any relevant comments or questions, drop them below.

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