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Some odd months ago or maybe a year ago or whenever…

I was part of this Telegram chat of foreigners living in Latin America…

And this American dude posted a poll in the chat asking everyone who they thought was hotter.

With a photo included of some normal brunette white chick…

And another photo of this Colombian plastic doll type figure.

Not a literal plastic doll but like a chick who was literally all plastic.

Fake everything.

Anyway, the brunette white chick won the poll.

The dude who posted that poll flipped the fuck out.

“I can’t FUCKING believe you guys think she looks better …. LOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOL…i MuSt Be iN tHe WrOnG cHaT……!!!”

Well, soon enough the dude lost it and left the chat some weeks later after other disagreements with other members of the chat.

Now, if I remember right, this guy supposedly got burned by some American chick back up north when he was living up there.

Then basically pissed off to Colombia to live a life there after making some online income.

Where now he basically fucks mostly prostitutes from what I know just chilling down there making decent money for the cost of living and all.

Anyway, he’s not the only guy who has this knee jerk reaction to American or “Western” women that I have known of.

For example, this American dude named Matt (same name as me!) who is from New Mexico…

Who always took his time shitting on American women from time to time..

Talking about how much better Mexican women are.

Despite the chicks he was fucking not being any better than what he could’ve gotten in the US.

Trade a fat white chick for a fat brown one.

And there you go!

Now, at any rate, this topic is part of the conversation for why foreigners should live abroad.

That they will get better pussy.

And given the intense hate for American women that some of these guys have….

Many are quite driven to move abroad for that purpose!

To countries that they might consider to be “shit holes” if we are being honest…

Living in places that I’m not even sure they like to live in necessarily.

Anyway, here are my thoughts first and foremost on the men I have often come across with this mindset.

Then my own opinion on American women also.

The Guys Looking for Women Abroad

Guys who do this can be broken into different categories.

First, the folks who like prostitutes.

Logically, there is nothing wrong with what they are doing.

Truthfully, you can fuck much hotter women abroad than in the US if money is an issue.

Granted, if you have tens of millions of dollars, then it really doesn’t fucking matter.

You can fuck extremely hot girls in the US by paying for it up there if money isn’t an issue.

But assuming you don’t have a limitless budget…

Then yeah!

You absolutely can get by fucking prostitutes much hotter than what you could get in Las Vegas or wherever up there for a price that is a fraction of what you’d pay up there.

Second, you have the guys who have been fucked over heavy by some chick up there.

Or maybe they saw their dad get divorce raped and subsequently have some anger at women as all women are an extension of their mom basically.

Granted, I get the hesitancy to get married up north because the legal and financial risk is extreme.

But regardless of if you want to get married or not…

This group is all one in the same – there is some internal anger or distrust of women in general due to bad past experiences with women.

Maybe they didn’t get laid until much later and are basically playing catch up and won’t feel too insecure about their past lack of dating success until they’ve fucked 50 women or whatever the number.

Or maybe they got divorced rape themselves or saw too many people like that…

Now while these guys might go for prostitutes…

I’m keeping them separate from the previous group as many of them actually prefer either fucking 50 women or whatever…

Or getting a relationship.

Now, as I wrote here, a guy can have better dating success down here for various reasons.

But let’s not exaggerate how much success they’ll have…

Especially if they don’t speak the language down here and have limited experience being here.

Either way, as I wrote here, it is true that they can have some better success.

But most likely they won’t be fucking supermodels if we are being honest.

Some of them might even be butt fucking ugly!

But not my business.

Then you have the guys who are in this crowd but they want a wife.

And think foreign women abroad are better wife material.

Well, as I wrote here, there’s plenty of infidelity down here also!

And if you are concerned about divorce….

Well, read this article.

While divorce rates are lower, they are increasing by the year and will probably be a lot worse a few decades down the road into your marriage.

And similar to those who married a chick in the 1960s when the divorce rate was lower then….

How do you know that divorce rates in your random Latin country don’t skyrocket and then you get fucked over when she wants to divorce you?

Either way, after dealing with Latinas for a long time, I don’t really seem that as traditional as guys say.

Regardless, let’s get into my own thoughts on American women.

American Women

First and foremost, all of my experience with American women is in the Midwest in Iowa and Ohio specifically.

I really don’t have any experience with women from anywhere else.

But I have met chicks obviously from other states but I’ve never dated in those states.

So let’s go to it.

Better Looks?

There’s a few Latin countries that I would say have better looking women overall than American women.

Particularly Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela and the Dominican Republic.

Apparently Cuba also does but I’ve never been there.

Outside of those countries…

I’d prefer American women for looks.

First, we have Mexico where the women are about just as fat as American chicks.

But Americans tend to be more racially diverse so that’s a win for American.

Second, we have Argentina and Uruguay.

Both countries which I find to be too white for my tastes in how the women look as I prefer more diversity in the women I can fuck.

So those two are out also.

Third, you have chicks from Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador and Guatemala – I don’t find the average chick there to be very hot and there isn’t as much diversity. Much more indigenous than anything else.

Fourth, you have chicks from Paraguay, Chile, Panama, Costa Rica and Nicaragua.

I put all of these countries together because what I have to say is basically the same.

In that the chicks from any of those places didn’t really stick out to me that much.

Not calling them ugly.

Just that they didn’t stick out in terms of looks.

Fifth, you have Honduras and El Salvador – I really don’t have experience in those places or with women from those places so I can’t comment.

Sixth, like I said, if you factor in prostitutes, then the chicks you fuck will likely be much hotter than whatever you fucked back home.

Just because you can get really hot chicks to fuck you for like 50 bucks or whatever.

Better at Sex?

In my experience, I never really noticed too many differences between Latinas down here and American chicks up there.

So I can’t really say either group is “better at sex.”

The only thing I can say is that I generally have found American chicks to be more open to being open about wanting sex before you ever meet them.

While most Latinas I find to be as easy as American chicks in practice but more shy about talking about the subject before you two fuck.

They aren’t as “open” about fucking or being easy.

Even though they are in practice.

Because of that, I find American chicks tend to be more ready to talk what each other likes before fucking.

So, because of that, I suppose that’s a point for American chicks.

But really there isn’t much of a difference between the two. Plenty of fun chicks to fuck in both parts of the world.


Next, you have personalities.

This one I will keep simple.

While you have chicks in Latin America that can have bitchier personalities…

Especially if you are in the bigger cities like Mexico City…

And while it is a little bit easier to find chicks who have more conservative attitudes about “wanting to be treated like a woman” on a date like opening the door for her or whatever…

Which I find annoying as those chicks, in my opinion, tend to be wanted to be treated like a princess without fucking quickly even though that’s all I’m looking for…

For the most part, I get when people mean when they say that American chicks generally have worse attitudes.

But I don’t agree with it entirely.

I guess if you are comparing chicks from Los Angeles or Miami to chicks from Hidalgo, Mexico to Cochabamba, Bolivia…


Worse attitudes.

But, as I wrote elsewhere, I never encountered any real “bitchy” attitudes from chicks from Iowa or Ohio.

Sure, you got rude people in general anywhere in the world.

But it was never the norm up there. People seemed chill when I lived in that part of the world.

So I chalk this up to either dudes bitching about women not fucking them when they are younger or getting divorced raped/cheated on by chicks up there and thinking all chicks suck…

To maybe some of the dudes saying this are just living in parts of the US like Los Angeles where maybe the chicks would be bitchier.

I can say that, being from the Midwest, that chicks from Chicago area can be bitchy.

But really anyone I’ve met from Chicago is a bit of a cunt.

OK, not everyone I’m sure but that is something I’ve noticed.

But if we were to compare normal chicks from my small town in Iowa or Ohio to the fresa cunts of Polanco, Mexico City?

I’d take small town Iowan or Ohioan chicks any day when it comes to personality.

So, in short, while I get where this sentiment is coming from, I agree with it depending on the context…

In my context regarding where I came from and my time down here, I’d disagree with it.

But we all have our own experiences and I wouldn’t necessarily disagree with a guy about it depending on where he is coming from.

More Mature

To keep it simple, I find American chicks to generally be more mature than chicks down here.

That isn’t to say you can’t find chicks who have their shit together.

Some odd months ago, I went on a date with a Mexican chick named Karla who was like 28 with a PhD already in Biology living by herself.

But I’ve generally found more chicks down here than up there who don’t have their shit together.

Meaning they still live at home with their parents and don’t got shit to their life at later ages.

Like with an ex-girlfriend of mine named Marcela…

Who, last I checked, has a sister named Karla also funny enough who still lives at home with their parents in Colombia…

Despite being almost or over 30 years old by this point…

No job.

No education.

Typical barrio girl.

Sits on her ass, scratches her crotch in the blazing Colombian heat texting random dudes on Whatsapp to see who will be the one to…

Supply her dick.

And texting others…

To find another that can provide her free food.

Whereas American chicks I have found usually have their shit together a little bit quicker.

Granted, this isn’t true of all Latina chicks.

You can easily enough find those who have their shit together.

So this isn’t really that much of an issue.

But, depending on how lesser developed an area is down here, the more common I have found it to find chicks who don’t have their shit together.

Like when comparing Colombian Karla from Quilla to Mexico City Karla.

Though, to be fair, I think this aspect of Latinas down here will be universal in the decades to come as Latin America continues to develop economically…

And you have even more women going into the workforce than how it is now (and already plenty do!).

So, again, this isn’t much of an issue to talk about but I figured I’d throw it in.

Politically Autistic

This is one point against American chicks and I will keep it simple.

They are more politically autistic overall.

In that it is more common to find chicks up there who can’t shut the fuck up about politics.

And will bring up politics whenever.

That’s kinda annoying.


This is another issue with American chicks

In that, in my experience, they are much more likely to have a shit ton of debt.

Compared to Latinas anyway.

Debt in whatever really – credit card debt, car debt, college debt, etc.

Overall, American chicks tend to be a bigger financial liability.

Like this guy here talking about his wife having a shit ton of debt.

That’s a lot of money he going to have to pay to keep her around to keep fucking that pussy!


Now, to be fair, even chicks with some debt are not a "financial liability" if her income is appropriate for covering it herself.

And, on that topic, I'd say that it'd be easier to "build something" together financially in a marriage with an American women than a Latina in Latin America.

In large part because you have much higher paying jobs in the US and a lot more opportunity to make real income.

While, in Latin America, plenty of women down here make like 300 to 800 bucks a month.

Hell, throughout all of my time in Mexico, I have never seen a job advertisement outside for more than 300 bucks or 6,000 MXN per month.

I'm sure those jobs exist -- an ex of mine was studying to be a doctor and a friend of mine is a computer programmer.

The doctor ex will make between 1,000 to 2,000 a month and the computer programmer makes like 2,000 a month.

And while that does allow for savings per month given the low cost of living...

Obviously, despite the relative higher cost of living in the US, a person in either occupation will have much more money to spend.

So for building something together or at least being able to handle her own debt, I'd say American women are better.

Of course, financially speaking, I'd again say that an American women has stronger legal ability to fuck you over in a divorce than a Latina would if it were to come down to that.


One point against Latinas is that I have found it to be more common for their families to look at you like an ATM machine.

In that since you are a gringo…

It could be the case that they come after you for money one day.

Or maybe she brings that up!

I had an ex-girlfriend of mine named Marcela from Colombia many years ago…

Who told me that if we ever got married that she’d expect me to send a few hundred dollars of our (read: my) money to her parents every month regardless of if they need it or not.

Suffice to say, we aren’t dating anymore.

Now just imagine if you marry a Latina and her drunk uncle comes after your ass!

“Gringoooo…gringo…..te veo…..y tengo dolares en mis ojos weeeey no jodaaaaaa dame dineroooo cabron!!!”

To be fair though, the issue of being seen as an ATM machine is likely more common among chicks from poorer households.

I feel it would be less of an issue generally if you dated some middle class chick from Mexico City or whatever.


Finally, I find American chicks to be more relatable.

They speak my native language English.

We come from the same culture and the same country.

I remember talking with a Canadian guy about this one time in that Telegram group mentioned way above…

And how he said that he “trusted Canadian chicks to be more faithful than chicks down here.”

Now, I don’t remember if he was specifying a certain Latin country or not when he was comparing those “down here” to Canada but regardless…

I get the sentiment.

Those who come from your home country with the same language and culture do seem more relatable or trustworthy overall.

After all, you two come from the same roots!

Final Verdict

So are American women better?

Or Latinas?

 In terms of fucking really hot chicks, you can do much better down here if you go the prostitute route.

And even if you fuck Tinder chicks, you can fuck hotter ones down here assuming…

  • You speak Spanish (or Portuguese).
  • Are not socially retarded.
  • Not fat.
  • Not short.
  • Have some experience down here.
  • Not working 12 hour days in front of your laptop worried how to make 500 bucks a month online.

And assuming you live in a ideal location like Mexico City, Medellin, etc.

But, like I said, many guys who don’t go for prostitutes don’t necessarily fuck really hot chicks down here.

Maybe they are lacking one of the things above?

But I don’t know.

Either way, I like American women a bit myself and sometimes miss fucking around with them as well.

I wouldn’t mind having a hot little Midwestern gal in an American flag colored bikini and a MAGA hat waiting for me by some corn field holding a rifle in her hand with a monster truck behind her cooking me some steak on a barbecue…

So I can’t say I have a preference!

I get arguments for both sides…

Americans vs. Latinas.

I like both!

As long as there is pussy involved, it’s cool.

So that’s all I got to say on the matter.

If you have any relevant comments, experiences, or questions…

Drop them below.

And follow my Twitter here.

Thanks for reading.

Best regards,


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