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The Projected Fantasies of Latin America

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You wake up on another hot day in Chicago, USA.

Sweating and hungover in your shitty ass apartment in the big city.

A big city but nobody who cares for you.

Your family is living in some town some x miles away…

You swipe on Tinder but no luck…

All the while you got to get ready to commute to work 40 minutes away…

To some job that is a dead end only paying you just above your living costs but nothing more…

College is knocking on your door….

“Hey motherfucker, remember the debt you took for your PhD in 15th Century Underwater Mongolian Gender Ass Rape Studies? Now we going to ass rape YOU!”

“Yes, daddy” is your response as you cough up the monthly 225 USD in student loan payments…

Before you piss off to work for the TSA at O’Hare or whatever the job is that has no relevance to your education.

But before you run off now…

You turn on your computer…

And after 15 minutes of tipping 50 bucks to “WildCumGirlxxx” on Chaturbate and checking out her Onlyfans…

You come across the latest blog posting or Youtube video of some 25 year old kid telling you how it could be…

Who you somehow believe every word he says….

As he shoves affiliate programs down your throat while insisting on “the grass is greener on the other side.”

That if you just quit your 9-5 RIGHT NOW

And move abroad….

To ShitHole Town, Ecuador…

You TOO can live the good life!

Chilling on a beach….

With big ass Latinas with their pepperoni nipples walking over to you with Mojito in hand…

Ready to satisfy you sexually while you enjoy your drink on the beach…

Meanwhile money is just ROLLING into your bank account through some awesome way of making money online….

Sounds great, right?

Maybe you do take the jump….

Move abroad and see how it goes.

Now maybe the beach you end up relaxing on has pigs on it or not….

Like this beach here…

Maybe the drink you are given is overcharged by an extra 20 bucks because you are a foreigner…

Or maybe it isn’t.

And perhaps your girl is some overweight chick who is ugly by most standards that nobody would want to fuck…

Or maybe she isn’t!

But it’s quite possible that, after jumping into the lifestyle you perceived to be legit, you find out some degree of it is bullshit.

Through your desperation to “escape” so to speak the life you had before…

Working for a low wage job that don’t pay nothing…..

With bad dating prospects….

And maybe other issues…

You thought that simply moving abroad would change all of it!

That you would be living that life that the 25 year old kid has been spamming your email about everyday has been telling you about in order to get you to buy his latest info or affiliate product…

Your personal “projected fantasy.”

The “Projected Fantasies” of the Gringos

When living in Latin America, there are some common things you notice among some gringos who decide to move down here.

While I tend to shit on Latinos in many of my articles on this website…

To be fair, gringos deserve a lot of shit too!

In this instance, we are talking about gringos who have preconceived notions about life abroad…

To which they think that the issues they have at home don’t exist down here…

And/or they believe that living down here will resolve the major issues they have.

Such as having a shitty job and/or no chicks wanting to fuck you.

Or, as I didn’t highlight above, perhaps they are trying to leave the country due to a dislike for a new political party running their government.

In any case, it basically breaks down to a form of “escapism.”

Believing that you can just escape your problems by relocating to another country when those same problems still exist…..

Stacked onto the problems you now have for moving to another country that isn’t your own.

Anyway, let’s look into briefly some of the “projected fantasies” that gringos sometimes have with living abroad.

Sex, money, politics…..


First, you have the topic of sex and dating in general.

Gringos who come down here thinking they can score a hot chick who is 20 years old while the gringo in question is some stereotypical 60 year old fat fuck.

C’mon, let’s be real.

First, if said gringo isn’t naïve about why a chick like that would fuck him…

For money mostly – then it’s cool.

She agrees to it and so does he – they have a deal and have fun.

But you do have some gringos – the more retarded ones – who think the 20 year old is in love with him after meeting her through some bride agency or some shit.

But outside of those two types of gringos…

You also have a bunch of dudes who are naïve as hell about how the women are down here.

Some who think that all Latinas are traditional and faithful – when, in reality – that is not really the case as you can read here, here or here.

I’ve written a bit already on that subject of fidelity in Latin America.

So if you are the type who is moving down here for the Trad Wife and all – shit, you might find someone like that but just don’t be naïve.

Then you have those who are down here for casual hooking up – and I as wrote here – gringos can and likely will have better hookup encounters down here than in the US.

But don’t get carried away with it – most of you all will not be fucking super models or anything close to that.

But your casual dating prospects down here are a bit better but it will vary by what part of Latin America you are in.

Some spots are much better than others.

To bring an example to this that I can remember from when I was living in Barranquilla, Colombia…

There was this guy I remember that was American like myself…

Let’s call him Eric.

Who would often boast about all of the chicks he was getting.

“Man, I love Colombia bro!! The women here are HOT AS FUCK!!”

And would claim to get ALL THE PUSSY.

Like shit soldier, save some for the rest of us…

What a chad!

Anyway, one day out of the blue I go to a bar in Barranquilla called Bourbon Street if I remember right.

I was set to go on a first date with what would be a Colombian chick that would become a girlfriend of mine named Marcela.

Anyway, as I got there, Marcela showed up late in typical Latina fashion…

But while I wait a small bit for her to show up at a table….

I see Eric is at the same bar as I walk inside and see a small table close to the entrance…

Which had Eric and some random chick with him there.

“Hey Eric!”

“Hola!” I said to the chick he had with him.

She smiled and seemed nice – said hola back….

Eric had a look on his face though….

A look like “ah shit, he sees who I’m on a date with…”

He seemed a bit reserved in the minute or two we had talking before I went off to get a table.


Maybe it had to do with the fact that the chick he had didn’t look as hot as he was always bragging about.

She was OK but not really all that nice looking.

No offense to her but she was probably what you would call a 3 maybe.

Perhaps a 4.

Just a little uglier looking than your average chick…

A bit fatter than what a man would hope for…

And, to be fair, it ain’t my business who he fucks…

I ain’t fucking supermodels down here either – a whole lot of 5s, 6s, 7s and an occasional 8.

And even an occasional 3 myself – I’m a man with love for all women!

And believe me – those 3s do suck dick better since they tend to be more desperate for a boyfriend.

Anyway, most men aren’t fucking supermodels though down here unless they pay for it – at least from what I have seen as literally every guy I have met who is fucking chicks like that was paying for it.

Not all Latinas are hot looking to begin with and sometimes a bro just needs a hole to stick his dick in!

He’s a bit lonely – perhaps he tried his shot at some hotter chick and it didn’t work out…

So he takes the ugly one out for a last minute date to try his luck.


But this is all said anyway to bring up reality to the dating life of foreign men down here.

You will have better dating success down here most likely but be realistic.

Anyway, to summarize, you simply have a handful of gringos out there who are too naïve about the quality of women they will get and also their intentions (despite the dating scene being better overall for sure).

Money & Career

The second fantasy that a lot of gringos have has more to do with money and career while living in Latin America.

The “4 hour work week” idea more or less.

Where by relocating to Latin America…

You also can have a great life only working 4 hours a week on a beach with big booty Latinas servicing you!

With no boss, no colleagues, no commute, etc…

And just tons of money rolling in!

Now keep in mind it is a bit ironic that I criticize this idea since it is actually one of the bigger motivations for why I live here as you can read here.

But, as you can read here also, it didn’t happen overnight.

It involved a bit of hard work but also being strategic as well in terms of where I dedicate my hard work towards.

The truth is that a lot of gringos --- if they could afford it – would rather have that nice life of not having to work hard with hot women back in the US.

If we are being honest – how many of them would instead rather have that same life in Miami perhaps?

Or maybe at the beach in Spain?

The truth is that many of them can’t afford a lifestyle that goes beyond 12,000 USD in a year.

It’s just the fucking truth – many are poor as fuck hustling many hours a week – definitely not just 4 – in order to scrape by at around 500 to 1,000 USD a month.

Perhaps they are hustling on Twitter trying to get idiots to buy their cheap ass e-book…

Or maybe they are writing 5 dollar Fiverr articles.

Whatever it might be!

I know one guy down here – named Alex – who seems to be doing well but told me that he met a few other folks in that same condition at some nearby hostel in Mexico City.

Working a shit ton of hours in front of the laptop for 500 bucks a month.

Making money that is noticeably under minimum wage and with no benefits.

I’ve met some folks like that myself personally.

In Guatemala, I remember meeting this European dude – I think German – who basically married some local Guatemalan chick…

The Guatemalan chick happened to be a Spanish teacher that I took classes with…

Which is how I met this guy.

And he was working like maybe 50 hours a week more or less for…

500 bucks!

Roughly speaking.

So, let’s do the math for that…

That is 125 dollars a week….

With 50 hour work week…

So 2.5 USD an hour if my math is correct.

And the minimum wage in Germany is apparently 9.19 Euros an hour or 11.10 USD an hour.

Now keep in mind – in the city we are talking about….

Xela, Guatemala…

You could live an alright life there for 500 bucks a month.

But this dude was maybe in his late 30s or early 40s making that…

Fuck off!

I wouldn’t want that type of salary at that age – how are you even going to retire?

They didn’t have kids either so it’s not like they can rely on some random offspring to look after them in later years…

And I can think of other folks like this also….

Back when I visited La Paz, Bolivia once years ago for a quick trip…

I met this Canadian dude in the hostel I was in.

Who basically was just living in Bolivia for some longer length of time…

Well, Bolivia, Peru and Ecuador actually.

He seemed to like the Andean region of Latin America.

And he was a young guy too – maybe mid 20s or so.

Working sometimes 10 hours a day in front of his laptop.

What did he do?

From what I remember – mostly freelance writing.

And it’s not like he made much money.

But I remember how convinced he was that this was his golden ticket to happiness in life.

“I get to travel the world! I have no boss! I’m my own boss! Live life, broooooo”

Something along those lines was what he said.

And you have to think here…

Is he really traveling?

I mean, if he is working 10 hour days at times, I can’t imagine he is checking out all the touristy spots too often…

He didn’t make much money either – maybe a thousand bucks at most?

So it’s not like he had a big budget to enjoy life down here either.

No boss?

Literally the people using his services are his boss(es) – if they don’t like his work, they don’t use him again and/or demand he spend more time correcting the work he submits.

Perhaps leave him a bad rating and he gets less clients in the future…

So it doesn’t sound like he is his own boss – sure, he can work at whatever hours he wants as long as he submits the work by the deadlines…

But still – he does have someone he reports to.

With significantly less money than back home and working insane hours to the point that he doesn’t even really get to enjoy life down here as well as he should.

Either way, this point is similar to the point about sex…

In that you can have a pretty nice life down here financially.

As I said, it’s one of the main reasons why I live down here.

But you have to be smart about it in terms of how are you going to make money.

Otherwise, if you are like the dude above, you are just delusional about your current situation.

“A fantasy” that hasn’t been made reality and might not be made reality.

Or maybe it does – many pull it off but many others don’t.

As I said – be smart about how you are going to make money to support yourself down here.

It’s not likely to involve 4 hour work weeks and will likely involve a lot of headache with many errors made.

But it can be done.

More thoughts on that subject here.


Finally, this is the other major fantasy that I see gringos having about Latin America.

I won’t go into too much detail here as I wrote a big ass article on the subject that you can read here.

But basically you have gringos who are disillusioned with the politics of their home country.

It’s easy to identify them by their language…

“The West dead bro”

“America has become communist with Joe Biden”

“Donald Trump is the Hitler and I am a refugee of his oppression”

Etc, etc, etc…

They sometimes call themselves “political refugees.”

And believe that not only do many of their political grievances back home not exist down here…

But that life is perhaps even perfect down here maybe!

More often than not it seems they don’t either pay attention to the local news in the country they move to…

Hence their ignorance about the fact that their issues with back home exist down here also or the fact that there are bigger societal issues here that make the issues back home look easy…

Or they are just in denial about it…

And in either case – it perhaps is easy to ignore that reality when their bigger issues of the day are trying to get Yessica from Tinder to show up on a date or which gringo expat bar to watch sports at tonight.

I remember an individual who fit the bill quite well when it comes to people like this…

Back when I was living in Buenos Aires, Argentina…

I went to a little house gathering for drinks among some folks I was going to meet that you can read about here.

And there was this other American guy that I met and got to know for just a tiny bit afterwards as well.

Who basically left the US because of…

In his words…

“Socialism under Obama and feminism.”

So – there is no feminism or socialists in Argentina, huh?

Maybe this video below here can show us feminists in Argentina…

And socialism?

Well, if Obama is a socialist by his standards…

I can’t wait to hear his thoughts on Cristina Kirchner and Kirchnerismo.

Anyway, it is what it is.

Another fantasy for another gringo justifying his time down here in Latin America.

And what it all comes down to, in my opinion…


At the end of the day, I personally believe a lot of these folks are simply trying to escape stuff back home.

Perhaps they got disillusioned by a shitty dead end job and got convinced that life abroad would be easier financially.

Which it can be for sure as is my case!

But it doesn’t start out that way and maybe never becomes that way for some.

Or escapism from bad dating prospects – either after getting divorce raped or not having much sex up there.

And the political group? What are they escaping?

I have no idea to be honest.

At least with the financial and dating groups – there is an alright chance they can achieve what they want down here – less money troubles and better dating prospects.

But the political folks don’t make sense since many of the issues they are escaping from back home exist down here also or are worse down here even.

Regardless, it can also be the case many of these folks have deeper issues they are escaping as well that don’t have too much to do with these three topics.

And that’s most of my thoughts on this subject.

Got any questions or comments yourself? Drop them below.

And follow my Twitter here.


Best regards,


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