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Joe Biden Won! America is Destroyed! Escape to LATAM Now!

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The year is January 20, 2022.

Joe Biden has had one year in office as President of the US.

Since then….

The 2nd amendment has been stripped out of the constitution.

There is a tax rate of 99% for any money made over $12,400 USD.

All white people will be pushed into a volcano.

Police departments will be replaced by ANTIFA.

Only women allowed to run anything.

Anyone to the right of Bernie Sanders is sent to the gulags!

Required watching of CNN for at least 8 hours a day.

And so on and so on….

Is America doomed?

And is the only answer to escape to Latin America?

Where we all know doesn’t have a history of any socialism whatsoever…

Where we know gun rights are so much more protected…

While being a white foreigner will definitely not make you stand out among the people here…

Could it be then…

That Latin America is the answer for all the upcoming “political refugees of Joe Biden?”

Well, let’s discuss a little bit more without the sarcasm….

The Political Refugees of the North

This is one oppressed looking motherfucker

Although the intro to this article was meant to be exaggerated to a degree on what will happen under a Biden presidency.

It does reflect, to a degree, the type of mindset of a certain type of foreigner who travels to live in Latin America.

Which is that a certain candidate – of either the left or right wing party – has won the presidency or became prime minister somewhere.

And as a result, some foreigners will see it as the “end of their country” and go live in some place like Mexico.

You get people often jokingly saying things like…

“If George Bush wins, I’m going to Mexico!”

“If Obama wins, I’m going to Mexico!”

“If Trump wins, I’m going to Mexico!”

And now that Biden has won, a lot of people will bitch about it and….

Just some – a small fraction – will actually go to Mexico.

Or somewhere in Latin America – Costa Rica, Colombia, etc.

At times, these folks might even refer to themselves as “political refugees.”

Not to be confused with refugees escaping countries where they are at risk of being sent to jail, tortured and/or killed by a bad government.

No, no!

These political refugees of the north have it much worse, you see…

They have to deal with Trump tweeting “covfefe” or Biden smelling another random person’s hair….

And maybe some disagreements on policy legislation that gets pushed through Congress….

So, quite clearly, the political refugees have it much worse than the person escaping Venezuela due to concern about being imprisoned or killed for political reasons…

Or the protester against a bad government who is worried about being sent away….

Obviously, the political refugees of the north are actual refugees!

But what specifically are some of their issues?

Well, though you have folks like this from both sides of the political aisle…

This time – Biden will be the next president of the US so the grievances in this article will happen to come from somebody who doesn’t like Biden.

But, to be fair and like I said before, you have folks like this on both sides of the political aisle..

But let’s look at an interesting case!

The Perspective of a Political Refugee

Another oppressed political refugee of the US

Now, to be fair, I don’t know if this person identifies as a political refugee.

But their concerns about the fate of the US under a Biden presidency do seem quite strong.

With a belief that the US will fall into communist control and all.

Anyway, these are screenshots below of a group I am in of foreigners who visit or live in Latin America.

I took out any identifying information for privacy sakes of the people chatting here obviously.

So what are the concerns regarding a Biden presidency?

So let’s look at it here.


Based on these screenshots.

And they are just a few that I could find going back…

The guy writing much of this is the same person – let’s call him Ricardo.

His main concerns seem to be….

  • Police will not have adequate or no funds under democrat control.
  • Statues being taken down and street name changes might get worse.
  • Antifa is worse than the narcos (literally) and will bring communist overthrow to the US.
  • Violent riots in the US.
  • Marxist riots happen in the US.

Ok, so first and foremost…

Obviously the political concerns of this one person might not represent the political concerns of every political refugee of the right going to Mexico.

Though I imagine there’s a bit of crossover in opinion.

And obviously would not represent well necessarily the concerns of the “political refugees” of the left.

But let’s ask ourselves…

Is this guy right?

Would a place like Mexico be better to live than in the US?

Does a place like Mexico or other spots of Latin America have some of the issues he finds in the US?

Or any other major societal issues to take into consideration?

Let’s discuss that and get to a bigger point at the end of this article.

Any Similar Issues in Latin America?

Well, let’s address I suppose the issues brought up above and bring up some other ones…

“Police Don’t have Adequate Funds.”

I think this screenshot here of a response by another person to that concern in the same chat details it well enough the issues with that statement.

The truth is this in my own experience…

I’m from a small town in Iowa.

I remember a few years ago, I had to call the cops to come by to the place I was at.

And in literally like two minutes at most – not exaggerating – they had maybe 5 cops at the place all over ready to go and fix the issue.

Good fucking luck getting that response time and the response like that in Mexico City.

Good fucking luck.

Second, you can’t always trust the cops down here either way.

Like this situation here that you can read about where the police supposedly helped 43 students disappear in Mexico.

Or how you can read my time here about being forced to pay a bribe in Mexico.

And not to make this overly Mexico centric to be fair – you got corrupt cops everywhere else in Latin America (and the US also).

But, in my experience, the police in the US are a shit ton more professional, efficient and a lot less corrupt.

Much more reliable.

So if you are thinking of escaping to the US because of “the possible defunding of the police” and your choice is a place like Mexico or Colombia where the police are shit and might even work against you…

You’re an idiot.

Second, the issue of “statues being taken down and street name changes.”

Well, this might be an issue where maybe the US is worse.

But statues do get targeted by protests here.

I posted some videos below here of Mexican protesters fucking shit up at different public spaces and statues included.

Though, honestly, I don’t really give a fuck about statues.

So, let’s say in the US and Mexico, they both take down a statue of Christopher Columbus?

I don’t give a fuck.

I ain’t related to the motherfucker.

He has no significance to me and was a bit of a cunt killing a shit ton of people.

Fuck him.

And let’s say you do care…

Why the fuck would you move to another country because your local park doesn’t have a statue dedicated to some confederate cunt or Christopher Columbus?

Give me a break.

Third, “antifa is worse than the narcos.”

Jesus Christ.

Yes, antifa has been part of riots and fucking people up.

Though antifa does exist in Mexico too apparently....

And the Narco violence has killed a shit ton of people – not always folks who were involved with it either.

A shooting happens and innocents get caught in the middle.

A chick that I literally just hooked up with today – in Mexico City but she is from Tamaulipas – was telling me how she hears gunshots almost every day of the week where her parents live.

And even if you don’t plan on moving to Mexico…

There’s a bit of crime in other areas of Latin America also like Colombia for example or Guatemala…

Granted, there are other parts of Latin America – plenty of places – with no cartel violence or major organized crime fucking shit up.

And no antifa.

So if you plan on moving to a place like Punta Arenas, Chile…

Yeah, you can probably avoid both Antifa and the cartels, I’d imagine.

So the point here might work in your favor if you plan on moving to a part of Latin America that has crime rates not too high, no cartels fucking shit up and no antifa.

Anyway, to say Antifa is worse than the cartels is just bullshit – it’s not lol.

For those curious, here’s an article here on crime rates going up in Mexico in 2020.

Pretty high numbers!

Not all by cartels but plenty for sure, I’d bet.

And here’s some videos of cartels fucking shit up…

Well, it sure looks like the cartels are not a problem!

Sure looks like the police down here have enough resources to handle them!

As the cartels can just make fun of them yelling "maricones! maricones!" and the police can respond by frowning and disapproving of the behavior.

Fourth, “violent riots in the US.”

True, there are violent riots in the US.

And I’d say, in my experience, violent riots are not too much of an issue in my experience here.

There are protests that tend to be safe.

But not always!

There have been some violent protests in Mexico City that I have seen…

Such as the videos of the feminists or political protests posted above some time ago that fucked shit up.

And so violent riots and protests do happen down here also but they do seem less common here than the shit you hear about in the US.

Again, though, I’m not sure I’d move to another country that isn’t my own because of them – just go to some conservative town in Wyoming or some shit.

Or Iowa!

Anyway, this is a point that I get to a degree but I’d like to caution that violent protests happen down here also obviously and I wouldn’t move to another country because of them.

Fifth, “Marxist riots happen in the US.”


Does Marxism or far left politics exist in Latin America?

Well, you have Cuba and Venezuela…

Bolivia had Evo Morales and his socialist policies for a while and now his party MAS is back in power (but with a different leader)…

Mexico has AMLO – which if Biden is “socialist” then I think AMLO would be considered as such by the same folks…

Also, in Mexico, you have important far left movements like the Zapatistas – which started an armed uprising in 1994….

And still exists to this day with its armed group still around…

You also have other armed groups – much more dangerous – with far left ideologies…

Such as the Shining Path in Peru…

To the FARC in Colombia…

You had civil conflict in countries like Nicaragua or El Salvador that involved groups to the far left.

With Daniel Ortega still in power in Nicaragua…

And I could go on and on….

I’m sure there are other leftist presidents of Latin America currently in power who would be labeled as “socialist” if Joe Biden is one by their definition…

You have an abundance of far leftist groups in Latin America – some armed and others not.

Who could just as easily fuck shit up and some of them might if they ever go the FARC route.

And, living in Mexico City, I can count a handful of actual Marxist protests I have seen.

Just a month or month and a half ago, I saw some protest by self-described Marxists in the Historic Center.

Before that, I remember seeing an actual Marxist protest literally outside my apartment building near Metro Juanacatlán while I was working in front of a window with my laptop…

Among other literal Marxist or Communist protests…

And, honestly, I’d say most people in Latin America, in my experience, seem to be more open to literal socialists in elected office than Americans.

Just what I have seen or noticed.

Now speaking of other miscellaneous issues that might be relevant to the political refugees of the right…

In all of Latin America, gun rights also, by the way, are not as well respected as they are in the US…

If that concerns you.

As I wrote in this article here, tax rates in Latin America are significantly worse than in the US unless you live in a country where worldwide income isn’t taxed.

Truthfully, I’d say America is probably a much better place to start a business than Latin America.

Though I haven’t ever run one myself so take that with a grain of salt but I’d be willing to bet on it based on the shit I have heard from folks trying to start businesses down here.

Read this article I wrote here to get some more relevant insight to that.

As mentioned before, crime can be an issue down here for sure but also you generally speaking have a much worse police and judicial system to help you out.

Among other issues…

But the point of me saying all of that is to, for the aspiring fake political refugees out there, is to get you to open your mind to other real world issues you might face with living down here.

Regardless of your political orientation….

Real world issues that might be worse than whatever political issue you have with the current guy in office – be it someone from the left or right.

Anyway, let’s get to some bigger points at hand here and then end this article.

Final Points

Lake Titicaca -- a place where you can enjoy big Bolivian "titis" and forget Biden or Trump. Mojitos not included. 

First, as you can guess already, Latin America isn’t perfect.

There’s going to be a lot of shit you will have to deal with down here that you might not realize yet.

And that shit might possibly be worse than the political grievances you have with the guy in office.

Second, many of the issues you have with political trends might exist or even be worse down here than in the US!

Though it largely depends on what the issue is and what specific part of Latin America you are going to.

As I hinted at before – this article has a stronger bent towards life in Mexico but your experience down here will vary significantly by where you live exactly.

Third, you might be the type to live in Mexico because of the fear you have of a socialist Joe Biden….

And you might even have a little Marxist protest occasionally be held near your apartment from time to time!

But, despite all of that, you might not even notice that.

And so it doesn’t bother you.

This is something I suspect happens to the “political refugees” of the right and left in Latin America…

Where, for one, you may not even speak Spanish or Portuguese very well.

You might but might not.

And if you do not, I imagine it’s much easier to ignore the politics of your chosen Latin country and how those politics might be similar to the politics of home and how, logically speaking, it should piss you off here also.

But it doesn’t in part because you might not even understand what they are saying!

But on top of that, politics at home might be more personal for you and you might not even give a rat’s ass about the politics down here because you might not consider it to be your country.

Furthermore, it’s easier to ignore the politics of Latin America when you don’t even pay attention to it as well…

Because your days might consist of trying to stick your dick in a bunch of 5’s and 6’s all the while your main concern of the day afterwards is which bar to go to for some drinks with friends.

And that’s another point – the bubble that some gringos find themselves in – not necessarily Ricardo from the screenshots – helps make it where these “political refugees” don’t even notice the politics of their chosen Latin country.

To which, mixed in with the related points above, make it where said “political refugee” doesn’t even notice how the local politics might even be worse or similar to the politics that they chose to escape from back home.

Because it’s much easier to live in that bubble when cost of living is 500 to 1,000 bucks a month and your main concerns are how to get Alejandra to suck your dick and which bar to watch sports at tonight.

Mixed in with a possible lack of local language skills and a lack of a fuck about the local politics anyway because you don’t consider it to be your country.

Which can make it all around more ironic when those were some of the main reasons for why said political refugee left…

But yet may or may not be living in a new country where those issues could be similar or worse than back home..

Mixed in with the bullshit of having to try and live in a new country and also any other miscellaneous issues that come with living down here as mentioned above.

Anyway, to make it clear here – given the political nature of this article – I want to clarify that this article isn’t meant to be against Trump supporters or those who just dislike Biden.

Nor is it an article against Biden supporters or those who dislike Trump.

Because, as I said before, you have Democrats who are just as stupid and naïve in their thinking about this.

Such as this self-described "digital nomad" that tried claiming to be some political refugee from Trump that the New York Times wrote about here...

"With his visa already expired, Mr. McCumber went to the immigration bureau and asked for political asylum.

‘Trump’s a dictator, my city is burning, and people are dying,’” he said, citing the president, protests against police violence and the virus.

“They made a joke that I was the first person since the Vietnam War from America to ask for that.” The government workers laughed, he said, and then approved an extension through the end of October. (Mr. McCumber has since returned to the United States.)"

Would love to see how such a cunt would handle living in a country with a real dictatorship.


This article is nothing more than a critique of the self-described “political refugees” of countries like the US.

Those who don’t have a god damn fucking clue what it is like to be a real refugee.

And -- regardless of if the word “refugee” is used or not – that many of them are naïve about the extent to which their political grievances from back home exist down here…

And also blind to the deeper societal issues that might be worse than the political grievances they have anyway.

All around making it possible that their decision to relocate south of the border to be stupid and naïve.

Anyway, that’s the overall message of this article.

Got any comments or questions yourself?

Drop them below.

And follow my Twitter here.


Best regards,


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