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Gringos Playing Captain Save a Hoe in Latin America

Published October 1, 2022 in Dating Information - 0 Comments

Not too long ago, I got on a boat (trajinera) to see Xochimilco again.

I've been on there at least 3 times as far as I can remember and have enjoyed it more and more than the first time that you can read about here.

At any rate, for this trip, I was on a boat with a few other folks and one of them was an older American man that I have named Edward in other articles.

I forgot what his real name was (of if he even told me) so let's just roll with Edward.

While on the boat enjoying Xochimilco, we all got talking about life in Mexico.

Always with the usual questions of "what are you doing here? "how long are you here?" and so on.

We got onto other topics though like discussions about all the new wave of gringos showing up.

But, beyond that, we somehow got discussing dating down here.

In particular, there was another dude on the boat who was young like I was and seemingly dating a gal down here.

She wasn't on the boat with us that day but she was some Mexican he met on Tinder a few months ago and they are "taking things seriously."

To which Edward had a laugh about that given "he doesn't use Tinder" and they "didn't have Tinder when he was growing up."

He then asks me if "I'm dating anyone down here."

I say the usual of "some people here and there."

Or whatever the hell I said -- but something more formal than "hooking up" as I'm not interested in a relationship right now.

He nods along and says something along the lines of "you have to be careful. These Latinas will take you for a ride if you let them."

I nod along.

Didn't really know what to say or what he was referring to specifically.

Nor did I ask.

But Edward was one of those types who, in all honesty, you probably don't need to ask.

He'll wait a second to see if you'll ask.

But, if you don't, that's OK!

He'll give you the story and the opinions anyway.

Free of charge!

And, to be fair, he had a bit of beer by this point (micheladas) so that probably encouraged the subsequent story.

But we all know older people never miss a chance to tell us their stories either.

With the kids not returning their phone calls, who else are they going to turn to for telling those cool stories abroad?

So Edward, completely unprovoked, begins the story however he did.

Basically about how, when he first began visiting Mexico long ago, he met a nice woman.

"Or so she seemed"

Followed by a chuckle and another sip of the michelada.

Then he continues.

If I remember right (and it's been a few weeks), her name was Carolina.

Some gal that he met actually in Baja California.

He then asks me "you've heard of Baja California or no?"

Keep in mind he knows by this point that I've been in Mexico for years.

I nod my head.

"Right so I met this nice woman. She was so sweet at first. She'd cook for me. Always tell me she loves me"

So on and so on.

More and more details about how great and "feminine" she is "unlike women back home."

"Women here, they know how to treat a man" he goes on.

And, at some point, the details come out however they did.

I remember asking a few questions but not sure how exactly they came out but the details sure did.

The devil is in the details.

Carolina was a younger woman than him. By an easy 40 years.

He looked like he could be retired.

I have no idea how old he was but she was supposedly in her 20s.

So an easy 40 years.

Could be 50 even.

And she was "in a rough living situation."

Broke ass gal with a kid at home. No man in her life.

As stereotypical as it gets. The story has been written a thousand times.

And nothing more came of the story behind "he helped her a lot" and liked her because "she didn't even want to come to America. Not a green card bitch!" as he put it.

So you know you can trust her. She doesn't even want the green card!

But she always had a story.

Always needed money.

Rent paid sometimes.

Maybe helped out in other ways.

Nice gifts.

He even tried moving her out of her shit hole neighborhood that he said, in his words, was a "shit hole" but she wouldn't leave the area.

So he kept helping her out anyway in the area she was in.

And, long story short, he found out, however he did, that she had other men.

How did he know?

I didn't ask. I was just a listener and not that active in the conversation.

Everyone else on the boat wasn't really asking questions either.

It was story time and we were just listeners.

But that was his warning anyway.

Being a much older man, he probably felt he was giving me some "wisdom" about how to "deal with these women here."

In all honesty, he sounded like a dumb ass.

But a dumb ass among many.

Gringo Captain Save a Hoe in Latin America

To be honest, you really do have no shortage of men like this.

To be fair, I don't meet them often seemingly.

Or at least I don't get many confessing their dumb ass moments of trying to save a woman down here from poverty, bring her into a nice neighborhood or back home, spend thousands and whatever else.

For those who want some real shit though, I always recommend checking out 90 Day Fiance on this blog.

Has no shortage of examples.

In particular, as you can read here, there was one American dude from 90 Day Fiance who was doing the same in Colombia supposedly.

Spending lots of money on some barrio chick who was a cam model, paying her rent and buying her stuff for her apartment and even tried taking her back to America.

But it never worked out. 

Similarly, as you can see here, there's a dude who has been spending decent money on his Colombian cam model girlfriend and wondering if she is a prostitute. 

Here's a few quotes from that comment here:

"I am dating a Colombiana via email. I met her on a webcam site, and we came to chat there for two hours."

"As she doesn’t know English I offered her to pay for English classes, which is about $100  per month. She didn’t ask for the money. I said I could pay.  

She works as a dental assistant in Pereira, and she goes to college to study psychology. She needs her job to pay for school. It was not enough, so she started webcamming to get quick money. Many girls do that, she says, and it seems to be true according to the bios on the webcam site.  

She asked me to send her a computer so that she doesn’t have to go to an internet cafe. It was way too much money. I haven’t sent one and will not."

That's just another example that I remember from the internet.

There's likely many more out there.

In my personal life, I have seen though the occasional example once in a blue moon of men behaving like this or at least admitting to do so down here with local women.

It's not always an older man though but, in many cases, it appears to be the case.

Which makes sense as older men tend to have more money than some young dude in his 20s and she is likely more attracted to men in their 20s than those in the 50s and 60s.

At any rate, what is there to say about this?

Final Thoughts

First and foremost, I don't really give a shit if a dude wants to spend lots of money on a chick for attention, sex and the feeling (illusion?) that she loves him.

Your money. Not mine.

On top of that, I don't see it as a bad thing if both parties consent to it.

Of course, one could argue that some of the men are taken advantage of because they are desperate, lonely, haven't had someone fuck them in a long time and whatever else.

I think that's true for some of these guys and that some of the women in question do manipulate the man's emotions and makes him feel he has something that isn't.

He's still a grown ass man though that is naive as fuck.

Second, I do think that some of these men prefer to have a relationship like this where she is dependent on him for money as a way to manipulate her.

Along the lines of "I gave you shit, now do what I say and love me."

And to preferably, in some cases probably, have her dependent on you financially so she can't leave and you basically have a fuck toy that you can you can show to your friends in America as your loving wife.

Among other forms of manipulation that I do think some of these men (especially older ones in grandpa age) get into.

Third,I don't think it's always about manipulation though if the dude is spending decent dollar on her.

For a guy in this situation, I imagine his only way of showing and being proud of his masculinity is based on the fact he can provide.

That's how some men feel like men.

Men have their own ways of feeling like men in different circumstances.

Like getting lots of chicks to fuck him, getting hotter chicks to fuck him, having decent muscles, being able to provide, having lots of money, etc.

For the dork ass dude who is 60 and hasn't had a chick touch his dick in a long time and who maybe was never good with women, then providing makes sense as a way to attract women.

Especially younger women who are in their 20s and who wouldn't find said dude fuckeable anyway.

So it's not always manipulation and sometimes it's just the dude playing on what he can through ways some women find attractive (like being able to provide).

Fourth, as I wrote here, part of this is though "off sourcing" the role to foreign women.

These dudes who play these games will give you shit about why they ain't throwing tons of money at "Western women" but the truth of the matter is that they can get better bang for their buck abroad and they know it.

If they were multi millionaires, they could top dollar women in America to give them the same treatment without having to go to some country that, if we're being honest, they probably consider a shit hole and have no deeper interest in.

Not saying that they can't necessarily get a woman in America to like them for their money (though maybe not).

Just that their money limits them to a 5/10 sugar baby in America with "a generous amount of fat" while they can get a much hotter chick abroad for a lot less money.

Though, as you can see here, they don't always seem to get hot chicks abroad either!

Which goes to the next point.

Fifth, I never understood why these dudes pay for cam models, spend thousands on someone's rent, etc.

All that money, if they were down here, could get them MUCH hotter women to fuck them by the hour.

Not encouraging technically but I'm just saying!

Why go for the barrio ass bitch who is an easy 5/10 with kids when you could get an easy 8 or 9/10 who will fuck you how you want and without problems.

If you're to the point that you want to pay for sex (which I don't give a fuck if you do or not), then why go for lower quality women who are uglier and won't fuck you as well?

The only explanation I can imagine is maybe the dude does want the fantasy of thinking someone loves him.

Or maybe he does want to manipulate a chick into being dependent on him.

Perhaps bring her to America where she is dependent on him too.

Show her around to your friends and who, if we're being honest, is still probably better looking than the average woman he'd get back home if he's some dork looking dude who is ugly and on the older side.

I don't know -- something like that.

Theories of mine to ponder why they go for these barrio chicks to save when they could get much better sex elsewhere if they're willing to pay (which they demonstrate always).

It is what it is.

I'm sure much more could be said on the subject as I don't have an eye on it always to understand every detail.

I don't hang with dudes who play "Captain Save a Hoe" down here.

Regardless of what you think about it too, it is above all a topic to life down here.

But not just Latin America to be fair.

You have men in basically every country who feel this inherit "save a hoe" mentality of wanting to get a woman down on her luck and give her a solid life.

Reminds me of this couple in the movie Casino here.

It just happens to be the case that, for us "Western" men, it's easier to play "Captain Save a Hoe" in Latin America given we come from countries that pay us in dollars, that we come from countries that SOME women do want a green card for and that the women some of these men meet are living in the fucking barrio on some pitiful amount of money each month.

In that sense, your average Joe from America who isn't rich actually CAN be Mr. Captain Save a Hoe even if he isn't a millionaire.

Fuck, as you can see here, the dude can be a broke ass motherfucker who has to ask his mom for money and still appeal to women down here from crap neighborhoods in no name cities of Latin America.

Paul 90 Day Fiance

And that's because, as I wrote here, simply being an American (a white one at that) gives women the impression that you obviously have lots of money when you don't.

Though, in that case, you aren't going to be playing "Captain Save a Hoe" through money if you actually are broke but you can at least get her to America if you are broke.

At any rate, that's all I got to say.

No hate actually against the men who do this.

If it helps you get pussy, then cool.

Though, like I said, I think some of them get played too easily and are kinda retarded.

Anyway, if you got anything to add, drop a comment below.

And follow my Twitter here.

Thanks for reading.

Best regards,


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