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Can You Go Back to Dating Gringas After Dating Latinas?

Published October 1, 2022 in Dating Information - 0 Comments

Over a year ago, I learned of another American who likes to travel and live in Latin America.

For him, it seemed the main appeal was to fuck Latinas.

He was a man who definitely had something about him that screamed bitter about women back home.

Even to the point that, as part of our group chat, he'd post photos of two different types of women (one a gringa and another a Colombiana) and ask us "which would we pick?"

The gringa won.

And the dude was having a near autistic rant about it.

Suffice to say, one could easily see why such a character probably is never going to date, marry or have children with a gringa.

Or any woman from "the west" as some of these men would put it.

In less extreme cases, I remember this topic somehow coming up with a friend of mine named Blayde a few weeks ago.

He asked something along the lines of "could I ever go back and date women back home?"

As of right now, the dude is dating more upper class women in Mexico City.

And really trying to impress them.

Always taking them to nice dinner dates and so on.

And seemingly quite happy with his dating life here.

On his end, he could not imagine going back to West Virginia to date the women there.

No gringas for him!

And his reasoning was along the lines of "you get more from women here than back home."

The dating life is better.

More sex, more women who will cook for you, who "know how to be women" as he put it, etc.

What about myself?

Could I Date a Gringa Again?

Sure. Why not?

If I met a cute gal that I vibed well with, I could totally see it happening.

And, to some degree, sometimes the idea appeals to me.

Some white woman with brown hair and big tits from rural Iowa who has an American flag bikini and who would pose in a sexy fashion with a gun in hand while standing next to our truck as I cooked us some steak next to a corn field?

Fuck yeah.

On top of that, I share the same culture as gringas. We understand each other better on a deeper level.

I suppose you could say the same about both of us sharing the same native language (English) but, after learning and speaking Spanish for 14 years, that's not really a concern of mine anymore (even though my Spanish isn't perfect).

I guess the cultural similarity isn't as important either as I'm more familiar with the culture down here after 7 years in the region but I'll always be a foreigner to it but not a foreigner to the US.

But, having said that, I think there would be serious issues that challenge the idea of me ever dating a gringa again.

First, as Blayde put it, he's right in saying that women down here in Latin America tend to offer more than gringas.

As I wrote here and here, they do cook for you more and do sometimes bring you random gifts "just because."

They do have a certain pleasantness to them that is more than what a typical gringa brings to the table.

And, if we're being honest, men do typically get better looking women here than back home on average (though, as I wrote here, we shouldn't exaggerate how much nicer they are as some men are full of shit about it).

Though much of the above isn't much of something to be too concerned about.

You could always find a nice gal in the US too.

So let's get to some deeper issues.

Second, I wonder to myself how much of an issue it would be for me to be the guy who spent a decade or more abroad and she hasn't.

This is assuming that said gringa was someone I met in the US and she hasn't been to Latin America or even lived abroad at all.

In best case scenario, maybe she did a two day trip to Cancun or some shit.

I could see that as being an issue.

I imagine it would be harder to relate to her on some things as my life experiences have likely changed me in some ways and so that could impact the chemistry we'd have to whatever degree.

Also, some people back home can sometimes be insecure about you having traveled a lot and they haven't and maybe the chick in question feels insecure about that?

Same way people can feel insecure about their education level, income, etc.

On that point too, you do notice more commonly among gringas than latinas this need to "compete" with men.

I'm not saying all gringas are like that or that there are no Latinas like that.

But you do have more women up there who seem focused on all things career, income, education and travel.

And, if you show up being Mr. Travel Guy that spent a decade abroad, I guess it'd be hard for her to compete with that.

For the stereotypical American woman who feels the need to compete on these things and prove she can be just as successful as a man could be, would this be an issue?

I have no idea.

Maybe with some.

I'm just shooting from the hip here guessing as to what issues might come with when relating to women back home who haven't been abroad.

Third, I have no plans to live back in the US and have every intention to keep living down here.

So, in that scenario, unless we met down here, nothing likely beyond sex would ever happen.

And, if I did meet her down here where she lives here also, how do I know that she doesn't try forcing me back home?

Like if we have kids and she wants to raise them back home.

Or simply gets tired of living down here and has a "it's me or life down here" talk.

Though it could be the case she wants to keep living abroad but wants to "mix it up" and try a life in China, Japan, France or anywhere outside of Latin America.

I just don't think I'd have any interest in living abroad outside of Latin America (unless it was like Portugal or Spain maybe but even that's a stretch).

It's like what I wrote here about the travel challenges that come with a couple that travel and date together abroad.

Above all, there'd be some real travel challenges to dating a gringa versus dating a Latina of whatever country down here that I know, in all likelihood, is almost guaranteed to not try forcing me to any other country.

Unless I was unfortunate enough to get one of those green card hunters that so many folks back home think all Latinas are like but actually not so common in my experience.

Finally, though I'd hope I could get residency down here through some other way other than marriage, I'm just saying that a gringa wouldn't ever give me the "Latin American Green Card" as I wrote about here.

Still, assuming there was a gringa out there that had the following characteristics, then I could see myself dating one:

1. We vibed very well.

2. She didn't have an insane amount of student loan debt (of which she could pay herself as no Latinas down here have that and I'm not paying for her English degree).

3. She's not politically autistic like so many people back home are.

4. I just knew that she's not going to try to force me to leave Latin America.

Under those characteristics, I could get down with dating a gringa again.

I have nothing against them personally and enjoyed a few in high school and college but, above all, I see some real logistical challenges we might face if I tried dating one.

Could You Date a Gringa?

Like I said, it's actually not that rare of a topic among some gringo men down here in Latin America.

Plenty would be cool dating a gringa again (or maybe even brought one with him down here and broke up).

And others completely swear them off and say "NEVER AGAIN!"

To which I can't blame those who say "NEVER AGAIN!" either.

If a woman of that nationality truly makes you that angry or bitter, then you should probably should avoid them.

And, like I said, I do agree with the general consensus that men do better with local women down here than up there on average (even if sometimes I feel it can be a little bit exaggerated at times but that's another topic I already wrote about).

But, if you are doing better down here, then why change?

Makes sense.

So could YOU go back to dating a gringa?

Be so or not, write any thoughts below in the comment section.

And follow my Twitter here.

Thanks for reading.

Best regards,


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