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Is a Big Age Difference in Dating in Latin America Common?

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Some odd months ago, I remember I got talking with another American on some online chat about dating in Mexico.

Though I don’t know the guy personally because I never met him and have had little conversation with him prior….

We did have a brief exchange that left me with a new topic to consider for writing about when it comes to life in Latin America.

That is the topic of “age gaps” when dating Latinas in Latin America.

How common is it to see a large age gap in dating down here?

Is it more commonly accepted?

Well, in our conversation, we disagreed.

We both have lived in Mexico supposedly but in different parts.

On his end, he is a guy supposedly just a little bit older than me who doesn’t feel the need to settle down until he is at least 40 to 50 years old.

In his perspective, men “age like fine wine” and can get a hot, young chick in her 20s down here while he is 50.

Reminds me of this funny video here critiquing that idea.

Still, I cautioned against the idea a little bit for various reasons.

For one, I don’t believe it’s as commonly accepted in Latin America as he thinks it is.

Though how commonly it is accepted depends widely on where you are but Latin America as a whole is becoming more critical of that in my opinion.

On top of that, you have the obvious issues this guy would face….

Like choosing to start a family with kids at such an older age and the consequences of that.

To also quite possibly having an unrealistic view of how much “aging like fine wine” will happen in his case.

On top of that, you should be realistic as to how much your theoretical “hot 20 year old” will actually love you for you and not your money when you are 50.

And that’s assuming he has enough money to bring a girl like that into his life who won’t cheat on him, loves him for him and will have a family and all that with him.

Truthfully, while there are older men around the world who do settle down or at least date women much younger than them…

There is, as I hinted at, a part of me that does consider some of these guys to be a bit naïve as to how they think it’ll play out exactly.

Still, it’s a question nonetheless – are large age gaps more commonly accepted in Latin America than back home in the US when it comes to dating?

The short answer, in my opinion, is that they are but it depends widely on what part of Latin America you live in.

But let’s get to everything that comes to mind factor by factor.

No Age Gaps in America?

First, let’s not pretend that you can’t have a large age gap in dating in the US.

The US isn’t this super religious and conservative country relative to most of Latin America when it comes to dating.

We have plenty of relaxed ideas when it comes to dating in my opinion as well.

Therefore, guys back home, if they had the capability, could get a larger age gap in dating.

Say the 50 year old dude with the hot 20 year old who fucks him.

We usually call that sugar dating.

Which exists in various parts of the world, including the US.

Now, as we see here, sugar dating is quite expensive in the US.

Thousands of dollars per month for a girl!

On top of that, you do have actual older dudes who marry the chicks that want them for their money obviously.

Like this example here of some dude who had like 30 or more years on his chick before he died.

Though I’m not privy to what their marriage was like, I’d take a wild guess at considering that maybe money had a factor there.

And that’s one thing I have considered when it comes to the type of guy wondering “are large age gaps acceptable” in dating in Latin America…

Which is that, given how it can be done in the US also, how many of these guys who are looking for this abroad simply don’t have the money to afford a hot American sugar baby?

Because I’m sure, if you got the money, you could keep one by your side in the US who is actually really hot.

The idea here being, and it’s just an idea because I have no experience with sugar dating anywhere, is that maybe it’s just too expensive for them in the US?

Not judging but that was the first thing that came to my mind because if all you are looking for is a hot piece of ass to fuck and tell you that she “loves you.”

Again, I’m pretty sure you could pay for a really hot chick in the US to do that without having to go to another country.

It almost seems to me like some of these guys, from an outside perspective, are basically exporting the job of being “the hot piece of ass” to foreign women due to “lower labor cost.”

Similar to large American businesses moving factories to China or Mexico because of cheaper wages.

Sure, you got other costs associated with dating abroad but it’s just an idea that came to mind.

Could be wrong though but something that I considered briefly.

Acceptable in Latin America?

Of course, we are not just talking about direct sugar dating.

The dude looking for a younger woman abroad might also be looking at marriage agencies instead of Seeking Arrangements.

Granted, if you are looking at a marriage agency, I imagine the selling point to a younger woman is going to be easier than to most “normal” chicks down here.

For obvious reasons that those in a marriage agency are obviously already interested in dating a foreign (and likely older) man.

Personally, I don’t see much difference between the marriage agency and the sugar dating.

Maybe if you find a genuine chick who isn’t all about the money, then sure.

But I imagine you probably bring other things to the table.

If you are a stereotypical fat, ugly or older dude, then obviously money is going to more on her mind here if she happens to be a chick who wouldn’t normally be with you.

Reminds me of that show 90 Day Fiancé like here.

Still, outside of the marriage agencies and sugar dating, you do have actual chicks who are into dating older guys.

Though, like I said, it depends heavily on where you are in Latin America.

It’s a region that literally consists of two continents.

Now, to be fair, I can’t say that I am an “expert” on which regions find large age gaps to be more acceptable than others.

I can only say what I have observed as general trends.

And the general trends I have seen might not be based in reality but what I have seen is this…

First, most women are not aiming for significant age gaps of more than 10 years more or less.

Second, in larger cities, you’ll probably see more examples of what could be sugar dating.

Third, you do have seemingly illegal interactions around some parts between men and women.

Meaning where a much older dude is with an underage girl.

There was an example I saw of that in the Dominican Republic in which a chick I got to know named Germania told me how she got pregnant years ago when she was a child at some very young age to a man much older than her.

As you can read about here.

On that note, it has come to my attention that, from my impression, it does seem like some parts of Latin America turn a “blind eye” to that type of fucked up behavior.

Though most of Latin America, I would argue to be fair, isn’t like that.

But I have seen or heard of some fucked up shit that just “seems” to be more tolerated?

Which is obviously different than the example we have been discussing of the 50 year old with the 25 year old sugar baby.

But, either way, when speaking of age differences, that should be brought up since it seems to be an issue.

Fourth, I believe areas that are less developed or urban are going to have more examples of “large age gaps” be it legal or illegal.

It’s been my impression that more developed urban areas like Mexico City or Buenos Aires will have more individuals that look down on the 50 year old with the 25 year old.

In contrast to maybe some more rural area of Mexico like a small town in Hidalgo perhaps.

Fifth, based on my suspicions only after some time here, I feel like there’s an economic component to it also.

I could be wrong though about how the dynamics play out because I’m just guessing here based on what I’ve made sense of…

But, generally speaking, I do feel that chicks from poorer backgrounds are more likely to consider an older guy than chicks who are at least from a comfortable background.

Still, those are just some largely basic observations or beliefs, let’s get into the meat of it all.


So Large Age Gap?

Well, I can’t say I’ve had any “large age gaps” when it comes to dating since I don’t fit the bill of a overweight 50 year old looking for a hot 25 year old.

I do like hot 25 year olds though!

But the age gap isn’t “large” since I’m 26.

The largest “gap” I ever had was 10 years when I was 23 and fucked a chick who was 32 or 33.

In fact, I’ve been with at least 2 women who had 10 years on me.

One was a dentist named Alejandra in Mexico as you can read about here who happened to have a boyfriend.

Another was a chick named Morena who, if I remember right, I think she was in her early 30s also.

So, in a way, I guess I’ve had “large age gaps” in the opposite direction.

I wasn’t really dating though or seen out in public with either one of those though.

They were both just hookups.

But outside of myself…

Yeah, I’ve seen older guys with younger women down here.

Nothing illegal thankfully.

Though, like I said about Germania, I do feel like that type of shit is at least more common maybe?

Part of it perhaps because the judicial system is more fucked at prosecuting men who do that.

Though, as I implied, even the effectiveness of the judicial system varies heavily by country obviously.

Still, outside of illegal shit, I have seen the rare older guy who is seemingly in his 50s with the younger chick who is seemingly in her 20s or maybe 30s.

So an obvious dating gap of 20 years at least.

But, being honest, I just don’t see that often.

It’s rare actually.

From what I have observed generally, it really seems like most of the “older man with younger woman” thing is either sugar dating shit, prostitution or marriage agency stuff.

When I was dating my last Mexican girlfriend, I do remember asking her though about if she knows of any chicks with significantly older men.

And she comes from a more rural part of Mexico in a small town of Hidalgo state.

From what she told me, she only knew one chick personally that was married to a man 20 years older than her.

And that’s it.

Among all the other Latino friends I have made down here…

I don’t remember ever being told about, introduced to or seeing anyone in any social circle where a young chick would show up to maybe a party with a much older guy.

Or that any significantly older guys were ever mentioned as being with them.

Final Verdict

So what’s the verdict, jack?

Can I, as a 90 year old American man who has to shoot Viagra into my limp dick through a needle, able to get a REALLY HOT 25 year old to FUCK me and LOVE me?!

To spend the remainder of my 8 months with before my dementia ruins the remainder of my brain?

Well, you can buy it!

Sugar dating, marriage agencies and all that jazz.

My verdict is this in all seriousness…

First, a 40 or 50 year old man could, if he wanted to, get a Latina who is 20 years younger to be with him.

But, using common sense, you’re still going to need money to bring to the table most likely.

Though I'm not privy to the details of their relationships, I'd be willing to bet is part of the equation to a degree.

A little more expectations on her end versus if she was dating a man her age.

Still, though it varies by what part of Latin America you are in, I do feel that the 40 year old with the 25 year old couple is a little more common down here than in the US.

Still, regardless of how much money is involved or not...

And you can go for the normal chicks on some Latina Cupid dating site…

Or go for sugar dating or marriage agencies.

At the end of the day, it goes back to what I was saying before…

Which is that, from my observation, it’s basically exporting the job of being a hot piece of ass to a foreign chick because American women are too expensive for you.

That’s how it comes across to me.

Still, it is what it is.

In the real world with more “normal relationships,” I just don’t see large dating gaps down here on average. 

At least not as much as some guys talk about.

Granted, I spent most of my days now in a more liberal place like Mexico City but I have been around to most Latin countries.

And, as I said, a lesser developed place might be more favorable to you if you are that 50 year old dude looking for a 25 year old to settle down with.

Sill, this is all just my opinion and my observations.

Got any comments?

Drop them below.

And thanks for reading.

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Best regards,


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