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Irony of Gringos & Latinos Hating Their Local Dating Options

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A few years ago, I was laying on my bed with my girlfriend at the time looking at Facebook, watching Youtube videos and whatever else.

Anyway, I got a random text message from some chick named Karla.

Now, that wasn’t unusual since you do get the occasional random ass chick sending you a message every few months.

The ones I am talking about are those you gave your number to from Tinder but never actually met in person or talked with much at all.

Still, sometimes they come out of the woods looking for attention or whatever.

This time, it was a chick who seemed like she wanted a random foreigner to fuck her and somehow remembered my phone number.

For the most part, my girlfriend at the time was fairly non-jealous and understood by then that sometimes I get these random messages.

I was always transparent about it so she trusted me.

Anyway, neither her nor I knew what Karla looked like since I never met the chick and didn’t remember her.

So, while sitting in bed, we see this text pop up and ultimately ask Karla for a photo.

Expecting some normal photo of her face or some shit…

Instead, we get a photo of Karla standing in front of a mirror in bra and panties.

Suffice to say, my girlfriend at the time took that the wrong way and grabbed the phone to text Karla about how she is a slut and needs to get her own boyfriend before blocking her.

Roll the clock a bit.

And my girlfriend and I broke up for reasons unrelated to Karla.

But, going through my blocked contacts out of curiosity, I notice Karla’s phone number and got intrigued.

Met up with her eventually.

On the date, she was such a stereotypical “gringo hunter.”

Meaning a local Latina chick who, for whatever reason, really wants to fuck a gringo.

And, in all likelihood, only fucks and dates gringos and foreigners for the most part.

Where she was literally saying shit like “que tan guapo eres…que tan blanco eres…que guapo…”

Meanwhile, during the conversation, she was telling me about how “she doesn’t like local men in Mexico.”

She’d go on – “they’re too needy, clingy, not very tall, etc.”

“And they ALWAYS cheat” she told me.

The last one is typical.

When dealing with these women, you usually hear that criticism about how the “local men aren’t serious” and how “they fool around with everyone.”

If you want a few more details on Karla with the same story above, read this article here

Either way, Karla wasn’t unique.

I’ve met or heard of other women like her.

Eric’s Date at Bourbon Street

As I mentioned before in this article here

I was at a bar in Barranquilla, Colombia waiting for a chick that would ultimately become a girlfriend of mine named Marcela.

The bar was called Bourbon Street.

Anyway, once I got to this bar, I noticed a guy I met before named Eric at a table near the entrance to the bar.

Eric was the type of gringo who would talk all day endlessly about how he is always fucking the hottest women ALL THE TIME.

“Hey Eric, how’s your job going?”

“Oh man broooo, I just fucked my boss’s wife brooooo.”


Anyway, Eric happened to be there with a chick who he would actually see a little more often but not seriously date in a formal relationship.

When I saw her for the first time at Bourbon Street, I noticed right away how she wasn’t very close to how “hot” these chicks are that he always claims to fuck.

Still, she seemed like she had a nice personality, I guess.

Just not as hot as Eric always made it seem.

Anyhow, I remember seeing Eric with her afterwards as I said before.

One time, we were all at some house party with some other gringos and all.

During that time, I remember her saying somehow during some conversation about how she prefers foreign guys.

If I remember right, someone else asked her what she thinks about dating an American or something about her dating life anyway.

And she opened up that has only dated one local guy before years back.

But it didn’t work out!

Ultimately, she got pregnant but the dude left her with the kid and no child support.

Basically, he fucked off out of her life and left her with the kid.

Unfaithful and some shit.

So that was that.

Ever since, oddly enough, she has only dated guys from other countries.

I don’t know obviously which countries since it’s been years since she talked about it..

But, if I had to guess, it’s probably the usual suspects – the US, Canada, Germany, France, etc.

And while she and Karla both seemed like chicks who would always go on about how “the local men suck.”

To how “they are not mature” or how “they are too jealous or cheat all the time…”

You also have, to be fair, foreign guys like this as well.

Matt The Pussy Slaying Chad

Next, there’s another American I unfairly beat up on this site once every 3 months.

Another American who shares the same name as me that was part of some Telegram group for foreigners who live or visit Latin America.

Anyway, to keep a long story short, he’s basically some young dude who makes money from Youtube videos living in Mexico looking for women abroad.

At first, he’ll be seemingly interested in finding some woman to be in a relationship with.

Always spitting out “red pill truths” that he learned from content creators on Youtube looking to make their money from a young male audience.

Always talking trash about American women in regards to how “the west sucks” and “American women are terrible” with 100 reasons for why Mexico is better, including something about busses and not having to drive a car.

Anyway, it became apparent at one point the hypocrisy of the guy and it’s one at which you find some of these “red pill” guys tend to have.

Which isn’t to downplay whatever information they believe because sometimes they make good points about dating.

But one thing that always struck me as weird was this knee jerk reaction against women sleeping around but yet they sleep around themselves.

You want the Tradwife but you won’t be trad yourself and settle down while fucking any 3s and 4s that move endlessly.

At one point, the guy made an observation about Mexican women that seemed to reflect a jaded attitude about them.

Saying how “they are all single mothers down here!”

Which I found funny but strange as I haven’t dated or fucked any single mothers that I can think of in my 4 years in Mexico.

Either way, I chalked it up to the possibility that it might be simply the type of woman he more easily can attract.

Maybe similar to Eric from above?

But we’ll get to that point later.

Let’s wrap this up with one more example.

John: New to Bolivia

Finally, we have John.

An American guy I met in Bolivia years ago that you can read about here.

For the most part, John actually seemed quite normal.

Some recently graduated university student who studied engineering or something.

And was spending a summer in Bolivia to basically get travel experience before joining the working world.

Anyway, I was at a party of gringos mostly where I met this Mexican-Bolivian chick there.

Over some odd minutes, I decide to leave the mini conversation we had to go hang out with some folks at this party.

Roll the clock.

And John can be seen seemingly having a great conversation with her.

Roll the clock some more.

And I walk into the main building of this NGO that we both happened to work at…

Where I heard him on the international phone that the building had calling his parents.

“Mom, Dad….I think I’m in LOVE!”

Literally those words.

Even though he barely knew the chick and had just started seeing her!

Now, in hindsight after a month or more of getting to know John, I think this is what happened…

Basically, John came across as a type of guy who maybe didn’t get laid too often back home.

Ultimately, he comes to Bolivia…

And, based on the chemistry he had with a woman who was showing him attention, he fell in love quickly.

The power of the pussy.

Perhaps he came to the realization, like many men who visit Latin America, that dating success can be hard a little bit easier down here.

Though, in John’s case, I don’t think he ever hated American women.

But I do remember one of my last conversations with him where he was seemingly going through a noticeable change…

In that he had came to the conclusion that “women down here are so much better than those back home.”

And this is where we jump into my final thoughts.

Final Thoughts

Now, it’s all cool if two people fall in love or want to hookup.

No judgement from my end.

But there is something funny to observe when you see local women here from Latin America bitching about how “all the local men of Latin America suck!”

Then you have foreign men coming to rescue who also proclaim that the “women of their respective countries suck!”

A match made in heaven.

Like two peas in a pod.

People of opposite genders firmly believing that their dating options back home suck massive ass dick and they need to find love and sex elsewhere.

To see this play out even better, check out this article I wrote here about how there is a decent market online of Latina women seemingly interested in dating gringos.

Meanwhile, it is pretty clear to a lot of people already that there’s a big market of men from countries like the US who are interested in women from areas like Latin America, Eastern Europe and Southeast Asia.

Here’s a video showing what I mean that is a little documentary on men looking for brides abroad in Ukraine.

In the video, you’ll see exactly the same thing play out…

The local women bitching about how “the local men are alcoholics, not serious, no good jobs, always cheat, etc.”

While the foreign men bitching about how “the women back home are not feminine, they are spoiled, etc.”

What makes that documentary even funnier is how the local men in Ukraine say the exact same shit about Ukrainian women as what the American men are saying about American women.

You’d think the American men would ask the Ukrainian men about what their women are like before committing to them, no?

After all, we all like to get reviews to be more informed before committing to something.

Who knows Ukrainian women better than Ukrainian men?!

Still, the Ukrainian men lack what the American men have: money.

And that’s similar to what we see in Latin America.

Let’s break down why all of this happens from my point of view.

First, you have some folks who simply fetishize what is different. The brown Latina who wants a blonde hair guy and the blonde hair guy who wants a brown Latina.

What is different can be very attractive for some folks.

Second, like in the case of Eric and Matt, you can argue possibly (though it’d be speculative) that they are doing better with single mothers in large part because they are single mothers.

Being a single mother, they’re going to have less attractive local options obviously.

And, most importantly, they really need a motherfucker to help her raise her god damn kid.

The average local man that these chicks can realistically get is only going to make maybe 500 a month at most…

Meanwhile, in her eyes, the foreign guy can probably pull much more than that so he seems “more mature.”

Third, what about the green card? I honestly think this is a bit overblown. In my experience, I’ve never met a chick down here who wants a green card.

All of my ex-girlfriends told me that they wouldn’t want to live in the US.

Truth be told, it takes a crazy motherfucker (like myself??) to want to live in a foreign country forever.

It takes a lot of sacrifice.

Leaving behind family, friends, culture, speaking your language every day, financial difficulties, being an outsider, etc.

Still, I’m sure some of these chicks do want the green card but I feel most would prefer a “mature” man with enough money.

Fourth, it is easier for the foreign guy to handle the financial expectations of a foreign woman from a developing country than a woman from his country.

Especially if he wants a younger and hotter chick to fuck him.

The American sugar baby might expect 500 to 2,000 USD a month while the sugar baby down here might be cool with a lot less.

Or really any other type of woman.

The American girlfriend who expects more versus the local girlfriend down here who is less expensive to keep happy.

Along with that, if the guy still fails to satisfy normal chicks, he can always go for prostitutes and pay like 5 to 30 bucks to get what he wants.

Which, again, would be much more expensive in the US.

And that all points to another thing…

Fifth, it’s a lot about sex. You know, if a guy has bad dating experiences back home, he gets jaded with women back there.

Down here, it is true that guys can generally have better dating and sex results but I do caution guys to be realistic in this article here.

Still, because of those better results, it’s easier to see why guys are much more optimistic about women down here than back home.

Sixth, it is true that guys also say that women down here have better personalities. Being from the Midwest, I’m not entirely in agreement with that but I can see why a guy would say that if he comes from a big city maybe.

Still, I think the issue is a little bit overblown there but that’s just my experience and it’s all relative.

Either way, I get what guys mean when they say that.

Seventh, a damaged love life back home makes you look for love elsewhere believing it will be different.

Like how some Latinas really do get hurt big time being cheated on by their local men and look for love abroad.

The same goes for gringos who get divorced raped, cheated on or never get fucked back home and now they are looking for love abroad.

Ultimately, they hear stuff online….

Eighth, content and more content online.

People say shit.

Ideas become popularized.

Those ideas spread like wildfire by people trying to monetize those ideas online.

Like the gringos who promise you about how Mexican Cupid will get you lots of pussy so SIGN UP NOW TO THIS AFFILIATE LINK HERE.

Meanwhile, other folks will make Youtube ad revenue or whatever telling Latinas how GRINGOS ARE SO MUCH MORE FAITHFUL and THIS IS HOW YOU WIN THEM OVER.

Ultimately, people believe the hype to the fullest extent.

Many without any nuance to what they are talking about.

And the rest is history.

Either way…

As you can see, there are various reasons that might motivate both the Latinas and the gringos into disliking their own dating options and looking for love abroad.

If I had to summarize the main reasons for why I think this all happens…

Well, the process for both groups is the same and I’ll summarize and generalize it like this:

You are a person who has had bad dating experiences in your home country so you become jaded and an online content creator who wants to make money tells you about how people of X foreign country can give you better dating results than those back home. You give it a chancre.

All of that sprinkled with a little bit of fetishization of the other at times.

If you are the local Latina, that could mean finding a guy to help you take care of your kids and not cheat on you.

If you are a guy, that could simply mean getting access to easier, younger pussy or settling down with a woman who you are convinced is less likely to cheat on you and be more traditional.

 Either way, as I said, I find it all a bit humorous how you have groups of people in both areas of the world who idealize the other.

Sometimes with naïve expectations because…

As I wrote here, infidelity is common among both genders in both parts of the world.

Also, the guy in question might not have as much money as she thinks.

And if you marry a chick just because she gives you pussy easier than women back home, I’d say you’re an idiot.

And, above all else, it does seem like some of these folks are blind to what really makes them attractive to the other person.

Reminds me of this video here by a Youtube guy named Martin Goldberg that I enjoyed a bit.

I don't agree with everything said in the video but I find it a bit relevant to the topic covered in this article.

Anyway, that’s all I got to say on this topic.

Leave any comments below in the comment section.

And follow my Twitter here.

Thanks for reading.

Best regards,


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