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“Man Without a Plan” in Latin America

After a 6 hour flight and a long day getting through security at the airport…

You have arrived to freedom, mi amigo!

Stepping outside of the airport in some touristy town of Latin America with a nice beach nearby…

You have hot Latina chicks wearing lingerie with colors of the American flag on it….

As they walk up to you with smiles, arms open and big bouncy tits…

And greet you with “bienvenidos a Colombia, papi!”

You fuck them right there in the airport in front of everyone as people cheer you on “yeah! Fuck those hoes!”

You then take them to the nearby beach in your private vehicle that only costs 1 dollar a day…

To have the nicest meals possible…

Cooked by Gordan Ramsey himself!

Enjoying every day on the beach from here on out…

With big titty Latinas, plenty of booze, sunshine and good food…

No need to check your work email!

You quit your job, don’t you remember?!

But there is the problem….

Roll the clock 6 months.

And you can be heard from your hotel room yelling “shit, shit shit….!!”

You haven’t been to the beach in 7 weeks now…

As you are hyper focused on making money to keep the dream alive!

To finally settle on some shit freelancing work that pays 500 bucks a month.

Now you can settle back into “living the dream”

But on 500 bucks a month.

Working 10 hour days.

Not exactly as glamorous as you think, is it?

The Point

I’ve written about this subject several times before elsewhere on this website.

But figured I should dedicate another one to cover specific types of gringos I have seen personally who are on this path.

What is the path they are on?

Well, they tend to be young usually…

Well, not always…

But usually young.

And they insist on wanting to live in Latin America…

For whatever reason!

Maybe the more frequent sex they have down here…

Or this idea of “escaping the West” whenever a political party wins office that they don’t agree with as I wrote about here

Or they perceive it to be more financially affordable.

However, while you can definitely live a higher quality life down here…

And you can absolutely make killer money online or locally with a good business idea…

Not every gringo does.

Many fail.

But many also don’t really have the foresight to realize the train wreck they are on…

You see, I was once on this path.

Making that 500 bucks a month working 10 hour days.

Ultimately, I got past that and it did work out for me financially and I’m set for right now.

And for the foreseeable future.

But what if you aren’t?

What if you never get there and/or are too blinded by “the dream” to keep living here that you don’t realize that your decisions now are fucking up your life and life goals in the future?

That’s the real issue and the angle that I want to address this subject today in this article.

I’ve made enough fun of those working those 10 hour days for 500 bucks for the sake of it…

But there’s a deeper concern that these said gringos need to look at sternly.

Which is that their life goals will not be achievable if they don’t realize they are on a collision course against a wall based on their current life projection living down here

Let’s get into some examples to show you what I mean.

Youtube Content Creator in Mexico

The first example I can think of is this guy I know of named Matt.

Has the same name as me!

Who is from the US but left for Mexico because of issues with “the left” and also in search of better women.

Now not addressing the validity of his reasons to leave…

I do remember him saying he would like to have a wife one day!

With children.

And this wife, if I remember right, wouldn’t be working as she needs to take care of the kids.

Ok, so he needs then a job that can support at least himself, the wife and around 1 to 3 children let’s say.

So 3 to 5 people.

And what does he do for a living?

He makes Youtube videos.

I don’t know his exact income but I remember it was around 500 bucks more or less per month.

Now is that 500 bucks realistically going to support a family of 4?

Fuck no.

I mean, ok…

Sure, there’s probably some Mexican family out there with 2 children and where they live on 500 bucks a month.

But I guarantee you that they are nowhere near comfortable.

I’ve lived on a little as 300 bucks a month in Mexico at one point when I was broke in Mexico City and it sucked.

If I was living outside of Mexico City in a place like Pachuca, I imagine I could skim my budget down to 200 bucks a month if I was really fucking desperate.

Maybe slightly less – maybe 180.

But you get the idea – it wouldn’t be comfortable and it’s not the money needed for a family of 4.

Especially when you leave “la la land” and become an actual parent and you want the best for your kids.

Which means not living in a shithole neighborhood in a shitty apartment where you are too poor to send your kids to a better school because your income is only 500 bucks a month.

Among other things you would want to provide for your family.

But Matt in this case is just one of what I imagine to be many others.

Granted, most gringos down here are not looking to start a family necessarily I think…

But there are others like him.

And while some do make good enough money online to pursue raising a family down here…

Many don’t really take it that seriously when it comes to this income and literally do get by on just 500 bucks a month or whatever small amount it is.

Without thinking how to get better technical skills that can be done remotely for better pay or taking more seriously how to expand their income beyond that small amount of cash.

Because when you are young, I guess it is easy to cruise by in life without thinking about the future as seriously…

But time flies and you realize that small amount of money isn’t enough to achieve that dream of raising a family down here.

Hopefully you don’t end up in that boat and then accidently knock up a chick…

Because then life is going to hit you in the face pretty hard when you are a father with 500 a month coming in…

Then you either learn how to earn more money online FAST or go the fuck home and earn USD to send to the mother of your kids….

Who might also be getting fucked by gringos she meets on some Latin Cupid site in exchange for money while you are away but let’s not talk about that…

Anyway, here’s a funny example of what I mean of an actual young gringo named Paul on some TV show called 90 Day Fiancé who knocked up a Brazilian chick without a plan and is in need of cash.

Good Money but Good Job?

Next up we have a friend of mine….

Let’s call him Frank.

Not his real name but let’s roll with it.

Anyway, Frank is a young guy like me who lives in Mexico City and has been here for a few years now..

And Frank, when I first met him, felt like leaving Mexico City because he had enough time here to enjoy it and misses his family.

Fair enough.

Then, on a trip to some beach area, he met this cute Mexican girl that he fell in love with.

Now he doesn’t have any plans on going back to the US.

Recently, he has been talking about “man, I can see myself knocking her up in a year and getting married, Matt.”

And keep in mind that he just met this chick not toooooo long ago…..

El amor es fuerte wey!!! No mames!!

Either way, it does genuinely feel like this dude is seriously considering wifing her up and having kids with her…

Especially as he is almost 30 now and feels like “he should get into that stage of his life because he’s going to be 30 soon.”

Now keep in mind he is different from Matt the Youtuber…

In that the guy makes good money.

Well, I don’t know his exact income but I know he makes good money.

He has good clothes, has some expensive electric scooter, can afford a nicer 1,000 dollar a month apartment in Condesa, etc…

So his budget is a bit higher than 500 bucks a month it seems…

Good for him!

But there’s an issue…

The guy has no real technical skills that I am aware of…

No college degree (which you don’t need to have to succeed in this world but it doesn’t hurt assuming you don’t have a shit ton of college debt like many do)…

And all his income comes from -- from what he told me -- web cam modeling.

Getting naked on websites like Chaturbate and jerking off for money.

Now the dude apparently makes north of 2,000 a month doing this but probably more

I don’t know the exact amount but at least 2,000 apparently.

Which is definitely good enough money to raise a family in Mexico even if she isn’t working!

Well, it’s better than 500 anyway…

I mean, they can do it for sure.

Especially if they live in Pachuca for example outside of Condesa of Mexico City.

And even more so if she works also.

But the problem here isn’t the amount of money…

It’s where the money comes from…

He never told me (though I never asked) if this girl knows that his income comes from jerking off for gay dudes on the internet.

That itself could jeopardize the relationship if she isn’t cool with it.

It also could jeopardize the relationship if she doesn’t know and finds out later…

And perhaps feels “cheated on” since he does intimate things for others online.

Plus, even if she does know about it and is cool with it…

You also have the fact that he might not make that money forever…

His body gets older and less people will want to see Dad Bod Frank or Grandpa Frank jerk off…

Though there are people into grandpas to be fair, I’m sure…

Not that I would know…..!!!

But it is questionable if that income would sustain itself long term over 18 years to raise kids and also the years beyond that when you are still married to her.

 But, to be fair, he does think longer term than Matt does apparently…

As we got talking and he said he plans to save lots of money to buy some land and get into farming to be self-sufficient.

You know, grow his own food and all.

But that still doesn’t necessarily handle the “how you going to afford other things in life” aspect.

Like give your kids everything they need outside of food, satisfy the wife if she ever complains about wanting a new purse or whatever, maybe she wants a car, saving for retirement, etc….

Also, does he plan on taking her back to the US where he’d have to sponsor her and take care of her as she wouldn’t have the right to work right away necessarily?

That can be expensive…

And land would probably be more expensive in the US than in Mexico (though there are cheap parts of the US)…

Also, with no real technical skills and no employment history as “jerking off for money” isn’t going on the resume….

If he were to pursue a “regular job,” how difficult would it be to get back into the “regular workforce” and get a job that doesn’t pay starvation wages without technical skills or a degree?

Again, just thinking long term here…

And is another example, arguably, of another young gringo that is enjoying life now in LATAM but has bigger goals in the future but the current life choices in LATAM make it where those goals will be hard to achieve.

Maybe it does work out for him and he manages to find another way to be self-employed or make good money somehow to support the future family….

Wish him the best of luck.

Looking for the Colombian Husband

There’s another person I can think of looking for love or was anyway…

This American chick who years ago was looking for a husband to have in Colombia!

I wrote more about her here in this article.

Basically, she is a young chick who wants to live her days in Colombia and find a nice man to settle down with.

Ideally even take care of her!

Has she found her man yet?

I checked her profile just now.

Doesn’t look like it.

But it’s not just the men who come down here for love and sex!

Personally, I think she was more into getting fucked by Latino men as she often went from guy to guy when I was in Colombia.

Basically if your last name was “Ramirez,” you could fuck her all day long for sure.

But the issue stands here as it does with the previous gringos.

Typical issues, right?

How would she support herself living in Colombia?

Could she really find a Colombian guy willing to support her and not just “pump and dump her?”

Or cheat on her as there is plenty of infidelity in Colombia as I wrote here

Also, plenty of Colombians don’t make good money….

So is she willing to sacrifice a life of being comfortable to live a life of shittier living conditions if her man only makes 300 bucks a month selling chocolate on the busses in Bogota?

 Especially as she wouldn’t have the right to work in Colombia and would have a harder time getting a job being a foreigner with more limited Spanish ability.

Not saying she couldn’t find work but it would be more difficult than finding one in the US obviously.

And if she were to bring him to the US…

Whoever he might be…

You again have issues of sponsorship, taking care of him financially until he has the right to work, etc….

Perhaps her situation isn’t as bad as the others I feel but still some real questions to ask here…

But let’s move on and end this article onto two more examples….

Being an Illegal Immigrant in Bolivia

Many years ago, I was working for this NGO in Cochabamba, Bolivia as you can read about here

Anyway, while I was working there, I met this Canadian dude who was living in Bolivia and had been there for some long amount of time.

Over a decade for sure.

Well, he didn’t have residency in Bolivia.

His visa expired a long time ago.

He’s illegally living in Bolivia.

Or at least he was back then – not sure now.

But he was probably in his mid 30s if I had to guess…

And while it is easier for gringos to stay illegally in a lot of countries down here without getting deported….

It still is problematic obviously.

What are his life long goals?

Well, he wants to live in Bolivia forever!

Still, I’m not sure how being illegally living in Bolivia will work out for that goal….

What if he gets caught and deported?

Why didn’t he ever get residency?

From what I remember, he didn’t have enough money and meet other requirements to get it basically.

So he said fuck the system and lived there working odd jobs to make by paycheck to paycheck.

But if he gets deported then he will be forced out of the country for a long time…

They could ban him from the country even!

As they banned this one American from Mexico as you can see here below…

So it’s again another example of gringos not really thinking long term as to how their current actions are not shaping them well for what they want long term.

Putting Myself Under the Microscope

It’s all fun and games to analyze the lives of other people and wonder if what they are doing is sustainable long term with their own goals in life.

What about myself?

Well, back when I was living pretty frugally making my own 500 bucks a month working 10 hour days….

That wasn’t sustainable long term – with plans to have children or not in the future.

Thankfully, I’m making a bit more than that nowadays and am fairly comfortable.

My life, from a financial perspective, is pretty good and I feel much more at ease than where I was about 2 years ago more or less.

Also, in the current moment, I don’t have any plans on having children or getting married.

Not right now and not in the future.

So with just myself to take care of…

I feel good.

Decent savings per month and enough to take care of myself long term…

Working on expanding my different income streams online like I have been so as not to be dependent on any one income source online…

Overall, things are good.

Now if I were to want to have kids and a wife…

Things would be a bit different then obviously.

Not already would I have to be more thoughtful of how much money I am saving and so forth…

And even though the thought of a chick having my kid isn’t too scary from a financial perspective…

Though I guess it should be since apparently it costs like 250,000 to raise a kid as people say…

Though would it be cheaper in Mexico like how they say everything is cheap here?

Well, who knows…

But that word in the sentence is what would be most concerning to me….


Though people do raise good families down here….

Plenty of them do!

I would honestly prefer not to raise a family in Mexico.

Just because of the insecurity issue.

I can take care of myself.

But, I guess similar to how my parents felt when I decided to move to Latin America…

I’d also be a little bit uncomfortable raising kids in various parts of Latin America.

Not all of Latin America…

But definitely quite a few parts.

And while Mexico has plenty of safe spots…

I’d honestly prefer only raising a family in Latin America if it was in Chile, Argentina or Uruguay.

For a variety of reasons – some of which I touched on here I believe in this article.

So if I was to change my opinion on wife and kids…

Then I’d move farther south and relocate to one of those countries to start a family.

Otherwise, without those in question, I feel comfortable with my life here so far and for the long term as I see it for right now.

It’s not perfect though but nothing is.

Wrapping it Up

Ultimately, this issue can probably be demonstrated in a variety of ways.

I tried to come up with examples that had nothing to do with love and sex since 3 out of 4 examples in this article are about just that.

But any of the other examples I could think of had to do with just that!

I did remember one European guy who was young and was thinking on how to live in Latin America by becoming a mechanic in Mexico.

I told him it probably wouldn’t make him very good money as salaries can often be shit down here…

But he went on…

“But I want to work with my hands!!!”

Alright, alright…

Best of luck to him but I don’t think it would work out given the low amount of money I expect he would make in Mexico and also his difficulty getting the legal right to be employed doing such a thing in Mexico…

Not to mention finding someone to employ him I suppose when his Spanish is limited and will likely always be relatively more limited compared to local Mexican mechanics.

But outside of that guy…

I can’t think of anymore examples of gringos not thinking long term that don’t have anything to do with love and sex.

It really does seem to be an obstacle for a lot of gringos looking to live down here long term.

Not all of them obviously as many do make it and manage to support a family well down here.

But those same gringos most likely had their shit together in some way or at least grew up to a degree and got their shit together.

Anyway, hopefully whatever you are doing in life works out well for your long term goals.

If you have any relevant experiences, comments or questions…

Drop them below.

And follow my Twitter here.


Best regards,


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