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“White Women HATE Dating in Latin America”

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I was walking the hard streets of Mexico City.

It was pouring heavy rain outside.

Homeless people collapsing onto the ground in exhaustion.

An earthquake occurring.

Narcos beheading innocent people across the street.

And, in the distance, a loud scream from numerous women could be heard.

Four women to be exact.

They were all hot, blonde women in their 20s with one hot black woman with them too.

And they were SCREAMING!

In English.


And I laugh.

"Silly bitches. HIT THE WALL, HAVE YOU?!?!"

And they cry.


I laugh some more.

Laugh like Tyler Durden.

Tyler Durden laughing fight club

And carry on I do.


The bitches that wouldn't fuck me in high school are now CRYING but I am LAUGHING.

The Red Pill Wins Again.

"White Bitches Don't Do Well in Latin America"

In all seriousness, there's a certain narrative you hear among some men when it comes to dating abroad.

And it's a narrative that I agree with in part but also disagree with.

While I will show you an example below, I will frame it myself as the following:

Men have more dating success in select parts of the world like Latin America, Eastern Europe and Asia while women have more dating success in the US, Canada, Western Europe, Australia, etc.

And when women come to places like Latin America or Asia, they do terrible and get a "taste of their own medicine" in terms of not doing well romantically like the men they rejected long ago.

I agree with the first paragraph but don't stand firmly behind the second one.

It is true that "first world" men do better in terms of dating and sex in the "third world."

I would emphasize that local men are not seeing the same reality as I wrote here or here for example.

We could go into that as to why but I've already covered it in other articles (though I always do try to be realistic as to how much success you'll have as sometimes men bullshit you to sell affiliate programs or boost their own egos).

Regardless, it is generally true.

Men and women do have their own regions in the world where they will see relatively more success in terms of dating.

That is a fact.

Anybody watching 90 Day Fiance for example will see complete losers -- beyond belief -- who are getting women much better than they would back home.

And any man who has lived in these areas -- be it a complete loser back home or not -- will tell you that he has more dating success abroad if he is being honest.

On the flip side, I do think that those regions mentioned (US, Australia, etc) are better for women.

But this is where I do start to differ and find odd vibes from some of the men who bring it up.

They might say for example that prostitution is legal here and therefore women have less control over men.

That's true.

But plenty of men -- most actually -- do eventually want something more than a prostitute and so your average gal still brings something to the table for that.

Not to mention that plenty of men in these parts won't even get a prostitute because they just prefer normal women.

Second, you have those who say "well, western women are fat and ugly and that's why they can't compete with women of the third world."

It is true that women from back home are fatter on average than women in these areas.

Though, in cases like Mexico, that's not really true.

Mexican women are just as fat on average as American women.

Not to mention that obesity is rising in the rest of Latin America also as you can see here.

"Desde 2016 se estima que 6 de cada 10 adultos son obesos y al menos 4 de cada 10 mujeres y más de 3 de cada 10 hombres mayores de 20 años tienen sobrepeso. Casi el 40% de los niños padecen obesidad y más del 20% están por encima de su peso ideal."

Maybe if we were comparing them to the skinny ass chicks you hear about in China.

Still, I do agree that men have better luck down here for various reasons (including the fact that they have less fat women and so better options on average to date or fuck).

But what I do disagree with is this weird idea that western women are suffering abroad.

That they will be "hit with reality" or some shit when dating in an area with hotter women.

I just don't see it.

When I lived in Colombia for example, I was part of a group of Americans living there in a city called Barranquilla.

The women I knew in our group seemed to be dating fine.

Granted, I didn't give enough fucks to ask them "is the dating life here better or worse than back home for you as a woman?"

They just seemed to be getting by fine.

There was one in particular who had a Latino dude fetish and seemed to be "Latino husband Colombian green card hunting" oddly enough.

Another who had a Colombian-American boyfriend.

Another who found a cool dude she began dating and brought along to our group when hanging out.

And, when I think of Latin American women down here who are average or cute looking that I have hooked up with, they had many other options.

Here in Mexico for example, I knew a Mexican chick that I wrote about here who was cute but definitely not a super model.

She had literally over 4000 dudes matched with her on Tinder.

So if she can get 4000 matches, I'm confident that your average "western" woman can get plenty of attention down here also.

And yes -- Mexico has less attractive women than Colombia but I'm pretty confident your average "western" woman can get attention in Colombia also.

After all, a hole is a hole and there's no shortage of dudes who would fuck the fat western chick.

Assuming she is fat anyway.

Plenty of normal looking gals from "the west" who show up here also.

But, above all, it really seems like nothing more than some "revenge fantasy" that some of these dudes have when they bring this up about how these "western" gals will have it rough here.

Again, if she is fat as fuck, then yeah she'd have more luck in the US because so many people are fat as fuck there too.

But obesity is rising here and I'm confident she can get plenty of dating app attention here too.

Unless again she brings her fatass to China where I hear everyone is skinny. I don't know China but maybe she'd have shit luck there.

Here in Latin America (including Colombia), that "western" chick can get plenty of attention, strange dick and real relationships here easy enough also.

It's literally nothing more than dudes who didn't get much ass back home, are bitter about it and think "oh yeah, once they come here, they'll be hit with REALITY!"

Nah, they won't.

You'll have more ass here for sure than you did back home and the dating market isn't as ideal here for women as back home given the average person isn't as fat but the "western" women will be fine.

You're just in a revenge fantasy thinking they'll be taught a lesson or some shit when they come down here.

But those I have seen down here seemed perfectly fine.

Again, perhaps in Asia, will fat chicks complain in a place where everyone is skinny.

I remember a year or so ago of reading some random blog post of some random fat chick from the US complaining about studying abroad in Thailand and I've seen a very few other posts of "western" women complaining about dating in China.

Can't find them right now but I remember them and so yeah dating abroad is objectively worse for women than dating in "the west."

Even though I think sometimes dudes exaggerate how bad it is for them because they want to jerk off to the idea of women back home who never fucked them now having it rough.

Anyway, I was reminded of this topic when I saw this here on Twitter.

Like I said, I don't disagree with the idea entirely but some of it really is just dorks jerking off to the idea that those women back home will be hit with "reality" when they ain't being hit with shit down here.

No white woman down here from the US has "the power of invisibility." 

It's like when dudes say that "women will hit the wall" and "men age like fine wine" when most women will "hit a wall" but so do most men.

Most men are in shit condition by the time they 35 also (fat, a few baby mamas, gambling addiction, too much drinking or drugs, manager of a local Subway store, still thinking about that time in freshman year of high school where they got called retarded by the down syndrome kid, etc).

But you know where I stand.

If you got anything to add, drop a comment below.

And follow my Twitter here.

Thanks for reading.

Best regards,


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