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Accepting The Other Culture in Gringo-Latina Relationships

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Years ago, I remember meeting briefly a Mexican gal whose name I forgot.

I remember we hooked up a few times but it's been such a long time since we talked.

And there was a day where we went to get some tacos.

Typical ol' Tacos al Pastor in Mexico City.

And I quite liked her in part because she was sucking my dick but also because she never expected me to buy her tacos.

In those days,I had less money too so it was nice to have a gal who would buy her own food.

And, on whatever day it was, she made some weird deal about some stupid shit.

In the moment, I thought she was just trolling.

But I soon found out that her trolling isn't trolling but is just straight up heavy Mexican autism.

With tacos at home, she was trying desperately to put some salsa and lime on my shit.

Like a lot of Mexicans do.

Salsa and lime.

I didn't want any of that shit.

And, to be fair, I can be a bit blunt in how I say things when it comes to speaking in Spanish.

I told her something along the lines of "no, I don't want to ruin my food."

She took that personally.

But it's the fucking truth!

I don't want you to ruin my food with shit too spicy.

If you put that salsa shit on my tacos, I won't be able to eat it. And I bought my tacos already so fuck off!

To me, putting something too spicy on your food is the same as putting literal dog shit on your food.

It becomes impossible to eat.

You don't even fucking try.

Granted, over the years of living in Mexico, I have grown a liking to "slight spiciness."

Just a little bit.

But I hold the same view -- too much spicy is the same as throwing literal dog shit onto my food. You ruined it and I literally can't eat it. 

So fuck off.

Granted, I didn't tell her to "fuck off" but I did say that I "don't want to ruin my food."

And, suffice to say, she took that offensively.

Almost as if I told her that her culture and people are retarded.

Anyway, we finished our meal but I could tell she was upset.

We never saw each other again soon after.

Life went on.

And, quite frankly, some Mexicans are legit like that.

As I wrote here, you should take into consideration how "nationalistic" is the average person of the country you are moving to.

The more nationalistic the average person is typically means the less open minded they are to foreigners and foreign ways of living.

Like eating food that isn't covered in spicy shit.

More nationalistic people simply are more insecure, take shit up the ass more and see any rejection of aspects of their culture as straight up saying that their entire culture is retarded.

When it isn't!

It's just straight up I'm not Mexican and I don't like this VERY specific aspect of your culture.

That aspect, in this context,  being that I prefer to ENJOY my fucking food without DYING!

Since that one random Mexican chick, I have met other Mexican gals who are open to the gringo not eating spicy shit.

In fact, to be fair to the Mexican people, I'd say most are open minded despite how nationalistic some can be.

Most do understand that you aren't Mexican and don't do shit too spicy.

I later dated a Mexican gal named Brenda who also would occasionally try to poison my food with spicy but accepted -- without issue -- that this white gringo don't do too spicy.

And we had no issues whatsoever about it.

Told her equally that I "want to enjoy" my food and "not ruin it" with the spicy and she didn't take those comments up the ass too much.

She was more open minded.

But that isn't to say that we didn't have the occasional cultural difference that posed to be a thorn in the side.

And it does go both ways!

The gringo side on my end has cultural issues too!

It's not just Mexicans who can be closed minded to accepting certain cultural differences.

On my end, I remember taking issue with her being late to whenever we would meet up.

Granted, it was never a big issue because she did "catch on" that she shouldn't be too late for the gringo (we do time differently) and I was able to tolerate those "5 minute late" dates.

And, though I can't remember right now, perhaps we had other differences based in culture that we had to accept of each other.

When it comes to dating other Latinas, I remember a gal named Marcela from Colombia.

With her, I remember her mom being a decent cook.

But whenever Marcela wanted me to eat Colombian food that wasn't made by her mom, I never enjoyed it that much.

Always a waste of a meal.

When dating her, I just had to accept that dating a Colombian meant dating someone who will occasionally try to put bland as fuck food down your throat.

It comes with the program like how Mexicans try to force spicy ass shit down your throat.

Get with the program, grandpa!

And, with Marcela, there were things she had to accept also.

Like many other Latinas I either dated formally or just had casual moments with.

But, to be fair, sometimes the "differences" are not cultural but personal.

For example, when I was hooking up with a Mexican gal named Jovi less than a year ago, she always laughed out loud at the fact that I never changed the home screen on my laptop.

I still haven't.

It's the same home screen that came with the Radioshack I bought it from near Metro Tacubaya with the original price on it also.

Just never gave a fuck to change it.

That's another thing though -- sometimes people (be it gringos or Latinos) will notice the behavior of the other side and believe that EVERYONE or MOST people of the other side is like that.

Jovi was never like that but I have seen some people just attach all people of the same background to the behavior of whoever they are fucking.

I'm OK with generalizations but sometimes even the generalizations are not accurate if you aren't familiar enough with more people of the same background and only met one you happened to have date.

That's just how it is.

Try going outside more and meeting more folks of that background before making generalized conclusions.

And try understanding regional differences of that country too.

Anyway, it is what it is.

A Youtube Example

Finally, we have an interesting example from Youtube here.

A gringo dating a Mexican.

Popular Youtube channel.

Just on my opinion only (and you can watch the video for yourself), it's clear that the Mexican gal is ethnocentric.

Maybe she is playing it up for the camera.

Could be.

But it's my opinion that she has a firm "these are the MEXICAN ways of doing things and my gringo boyfriend not doing them OUR way is a TRAVESTY and GREAT OFFENSE to the MEXICAN people!"

You can watch the video for yourself but she rubs me that way personally.

Above all, regardless of if you agree with my analysis on that video, the point is the same.

If you choose to date someone from another culture, you two have to be accepting of the cultural differences each brings.

Don't try to change them.

You either accept them or fuck off.

You don't have to like them 100%.

But you got to just accept how they are.

If you can't, they will keep coming back up every so fucking often.

Then you just a retard for not seeing it early enough and being honest with yourself.

So keep that in mind when dating someone of a foreign culture.

And keep in mind it goes both ways.

Have self respect.

Don't try to be what you are not.

If they can't accept you also, find someone else.

And don't accept someone whose cultural behaviors are a deal breaker also.

If you can't, best find someone else.

Anyway, that's all I got to say.

If you got something to add, drop a comment below.

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Thanks for reading.

Best regards,


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