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Cost of a Date With a Latina in Latin America

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What does it cost me to typically go on a date with a Latina in Latin America?

Keep in mind obviously that Latin America is a huge region and the costs will vary by wherever you are at.

However, in my experience, the cost doesn't vary THAT much because I tend to keep things very cheap.

When you keep things cheap, it isn't hard to have the cost be roughly similar.

And, over the years here of going on dates in various Latin American countries, I never had any significant gap in the cost of a date between different countries for that reason.

There might be a few differences by country that we will discuss briefly.

Let's get to it anyhow regarding the cost that I see at the table.

The Cost of My Dates in Latin America

So what do my dates look like?

Let's first go into my dates specifically before we discuss broader numbers on other things that you might choose to spend money on also.

For myself, my dates typically look like the following:

1. Use Tinder Plus to match with lots of women and get numbers.

2. Among the matches, focus on the prettiest chicks that show me the most interest.

3. Get however many I can to show up near my apartment (ideally at a nearby mall or the metro station).

4. From there, we go to one of two places: the park or straight back to my place. Once in a blue moon, we might go to a bar but that's not likely (and even more rare is a trip to a cafe but that could happen once every 2 years or so).

5. If to the park, we will eventually go to my place anyway. It always ends at my place.

6. At my place, I will offer her a drink.

Right here is where we have our first cost.

What she wants will vary obviously and make the price different.

Some women just want a glass of water or tea.

In either scenario, it's hard to calculate a cost because it's so minuscule that it doesn't matter.

But, for the sake of this article, let me do some mental work here regarding literal pennies.

If she has a glass of 500 mL of water, that is 1/40 of my 20 liters of water I have around.

The 20 liters of water costs about a dollar (maybe 2.5 dollars if I bought it at a store).

Given I am shit at math, I'm actually wondering: "what is a 40th of a dollar or 2.5 dollars?"

According to Google, it is apparently 0.025 or 0.0625.

.....So not even a penny?

Now, to be fair, maybe she prefers the black tea!

The black tea consists of 500 mL of water but with the use of the tea bags.

I use about 6 bags for every 4 Liters.

Honestly, it doesn't fucking matter does it?

Let's just add it up to a penny and be done with it.

Anyway, we then have the liquor and beer.

This is easier.

If she had a beer, it probably costed me like a dollar or less (20 pesos or less).

If it was a drink I made at home, then let's think about it:

For one, I don't have any ice at home so she's using about 400 to 450 mL of juice. 

Given juice can be like 30 pesos more or less, she basically just used 75 cents or 15 pesos worth.

With liquor added in, let's say I gave her the cheapest vodka or tequila I had.

I usually aim to give a chick the liquor out of bottles that only cost 5 bucks because I don't want them touching my more expensive, elegant 10 or 15 dollar bottles that I have to splurge on.

....If they steal any of the expensive liquor, I might not have enough for rent tomorrow! Oh shit!

So let's keep it to the 5 dollar bottles.

Each bottle has a liter and she had either 50 mL or 100.

In the first scenario, I'm guessing that's 25 cents and the second is 50 cents worth?

So, if she had liquor, that means the cost is between a dollar and a 1.25 USD.

Now, keep in mind, most women don't even finish the water, the tea, the beer or the drink.

They usually just have a sip or two and then we get to fucking quick enough.

So, in theory, they might've had a 10th of the costs mentioned above.

In some cases, they don't drink anything at all and we just fuck right away.

So our costs can be anywhere as low to 0 or 0.025 to as high as an ALMIGHTY 1.25!

Of course, you might ask: "but what about the condoms, Matt? Don't those cost anything?"

I don't use condoms much (especially if it's just a blowjob).

If I'm fucking her pussy, OK OK maybe the condom is pulled out.

But I typically hate using condoms and can be a little bit liberal with not using them.

They truly are not part of the cost usually but they can be sometimes!

Let's just say anyway it's 20 pesos a condom or a dollar each.

Meaning that, in theory, our cost could be 2.25 instead.

Big numbers.

Anyway, let's move on!

Costs of Bars, Cafes & Food in Latin America

Let's first cover food.

In my experience, you can expect the cost for a meal for two that involves pasta (like chicken pasta) that you bought at the grocery store and had her cook to set you back maybe 50 pesos or 2.5 USD.

If it's a chicken and rice meal perhaps, say 4 bucks roughly.

Replace the chicken for beef and you might want to add an extra dollar or two on top of that.

If you want a cheap meal while not cooking at home, try street food or a mom and pop restaurant (ideally not in a touristy area but can be too).

To be fair, I think I'm a bit spoiled with street food options here in Mexico City.

In my experience, rest of Latin America is kinda shit on this issue (for the most part).

Regardless, I'd say any meal for her specifically (not counting yourself) from the street should set you back 1.25 USD at least (assuming you bought 5 small tacos de pastor in an area not at all touristy like where I live now) to maybe 60 pesos at most or like 3 bucks (perhaps she got enchiladas or something).

For a mom and pop restaurant, the cost is usually the same in my experience.

They aren't really that much more expensive at all compared to street food.

You're talking 2.5 to 4 USD for her most likely.

On top of that, you do have more "chain" restaurants that can offer a meal from say 2.5 USD to 10 USD at most.

Anything beyond that?

The sky is the limit.

You even got restaurants out there that charge you hundreds of dollars in Latin America.

Obviously, based on what you've read so far, I'm not taking chicks to those places.

So this is where I have to move on from the cost of food because I don't even buy chicks food before sex (and especially if we aren't formally dating) but also because I don't have the budget for 200 dollar meals on the regular.

Now, when it comes to bars, I'd typically take chicks to a cheap bar where the cost is like a dollar a beer.

Maybe a dollar and a half at most.

However, some bars might try to charge you more obviously.

Try taking her to a fancy club in Polanco of Mexico City and you aren't seeing 1 dollar beer options.

Still, it should be obvious which bars are charging higher prices or not and you should've done your research as to where to go ahead of time.

Generally though, I wouldn't worry about beer costs more than 3 dollars usually (perhaps it could be as much as 5 in places like Miraflores of Lima) but you get the general idea here.

For cafes, expect the cost of her coffee to maybe be 3 to 4 bucks (perhaps as cheaply as 1 dollar if you chose your cafe right and it's just a small little business that isn't Starbucks or anything).

And that's it!

Let's cover a few more points that come to mind.

Transportation Costs

Taxi costs are obviously going to vary by city and not every city even has Uber.

In Mexico though, I never have to pay for taxis or ubers on dates because usually the dates come to my neighborhood and they go back however they did (public transportation, walking, etc).

If they did take a taxi or Uber in Mexico City to see me, they always cover it themselves. I never had a woman demand I pay for her taxi or Uber in Mexico City or anywhere in Mexico.

Even had women take the bus to see me from another nearby city at their own expense.

If you were to cover that bus trip though for them from another city, I'd say maybe 10 bucks to 20 bucks at most depending on where they are coming from (that is roundtrip numbers from what I remember when I used to take the bus a few years ago to other cities like Pachuca).

For Taxis and Ubers, I couldn't imagine you'd be spending more than 30 bucks for a one way trip to you or back to her place.

I've had trips taking an Uber from one end of Mexico City to the other and it costing me 15 bucks.

In other Latin American cities, I've had taxis cost as low as 2 bucks for a long trip and others costing 2 to 4 in places like Bolivia, Colombia, etc.

Some countries, from what I remember, are more expensive with the taxis like in Brazil or Argentina but that was years ago.

So if you are taking a taxi or Uber for yourself or her (or both back to your place ideally), keep that in mind.

Also, keep in mind that, as we discuss country differences, Colombia needs to be mentioned here.

As I wrote here and from what other gringos notice, it's not unusual for a Colombian woman to demand you pay for her taxi to come see you.

They don't want to take public transportation!

But, as I wrote in that last article cited above, some Colombian women demand you pay for her taxi back home because she wants to hustle you for a few dollars.

The idea being that you pay for her taxi, she gets in the car and waves goodbye and then tells the driver to stop somewhere down the road out of sight from you. She gets out of the vehicle and only pays him a portion of the trip that it would have costed and then pockets the rest (what would be a simple dollar or two) and takes the bus home instead.

I've never noticed or heard of other nationalities doing that. Seems to be a thing only SOME Colombian women do.

When I dated in Colombia, I found Colombian women to be VERY insistent on me getting her a taxi ride home.

Long story short, an old girlfriend of mine named Marcela always insisted on that before we were in a relationship.

In our first two dates, I refused to pay for her taxi.

She even told me, in the months afterwards when we were in a relationship, that she was SO UPSET by me not paying her taxi on the second date that she literally chucked a one dollar flower I bought for her from a street hustler out of the taxi she paid for and was crying.

I don't know what the fuck it is with SOME Colombian women.

Because it wasn't just Marcela. It was other Colombian women I met and also heard about from other gringo men going on dates with them.

No -- not all Colombian women are like this but it's not uncommon from what I've heard from other gringos also.

Perhaps, and it's just an idea of mine, but maybe these chicks take it very superficially?

"oh he didn't pay for my taxi? WHY?!?! Is my body not SEXY enough for a free taxi ride?!?! FUCK!!!"

Genuinely, I don't fucking know what the mindset is behind it all outside of 1) not wanting to take public transportation and 2) how a few Colombian women just want to scam you out of a dollar or two.

So keep that in mind in terms of costs of dates in Latin America.

Cost of Motels in Latin America

The last time that I think I ever went to a motel was in the Dominican Republic about 5 years ago.

Anytime I have ever needed a motel was because I happened to not have a place to take a chick from Tinder or Latin Cupid to.

Perhaps I'm living in a homestay, maybe a hotel that doesn't allow guests, etc.

Obviously, you have to factor in the cost of the taxis to the motel and back usually (unless you can walk to it I guess).

And we covered taxi costs already.

The cost of the motel though will vary too obviously from place to place.

While I haven't gone to one in maybe 5 years or so, I can only say that I remember clearly paying between 5 to 10 bucks per room usually.

Not sure if my motels were always the fanciest out there but they were fine.

So take it for what that is.

Obviously, if you are taking someone to a motel at the end of a date with no other place to go, do your research ahead of time as to how much it could cost.

But you got the general idea of what you might spend.

Cost of Dating Apps

While this isn't the cost of anything on a date itself, obviously this is a cost to consider if you are going to date down here so I'll keep it brief.

You basically got Tinder or those Latina Cupid websites.

Be it Mexican Cupid, Dominican Cupid, Colombian Cupid, etc.

For Tinder, the last time I paid for it was, if I remember right, like a 30 dollar membership for the entire year?

I have no idea how it was so cheap but I think it's because maybe Tinder sees my location and thinks I'm a Mexican so they charge me less?

I don't know.

But I used to pay like 5 to 10 bucks a month.

Some dudes might pay more.

You'll find out when you open the app.

Of course, you don't have to pay for Tinder but I find it worth it as Tinder Plus gets me WAY more matches and it's like having an endless amount of women at that point.

Then you got the Cupid websites.

They aren't as effective and usually Tinder is better (though I found Dominican Cupid to work well for the DR. Much better than Tinder in my experience).

I don't remember the exact costs but it varies by what plan you get.

Like 20 to 30 bucks a month roughly as of this writing.

I wrote more about the prices of Mexican Cupid anyway in this article here and this article I wrote here about a scam you see on those Cupid websites for you to avoid if you use them to date Latinas down here.

Let's move on back to talking about cost on the dates!

Do Latinas Cover Their Own Half on Dates?

Next, do Latinas of Latin America cover their own half on dates?

Any 50/50?

It's not rare but it's less common than in the US.

What you will find is that women of more comfortable means (like she comes from good family money and/or has a good career herself) are more likely to cover their own.

Though, with some women of good family money, you notice some of them are hostile to it actually and are the exact opposite where they are literal sugar babies wanting a dude to "spoil" them.

Also, if you want to find more women who are down to cover 50/50, it'll be of no surprise to you that obviously the more urban, economically developed and liberal cities will have more women like that for you.

Expect less of that in a more conservative and less urban city or even country.

Which, even in a city like Mexico City, most women will still not usually cover 50/50. It's still arguably less common than in similar cities of size and population in the US.

But, if you are looking for a woman who does 50/50, those will be your best places.

The only other thing I can say is that -- regardless of her income level -- a chick is more likely to go 50/50 for me or do other gestures for me if she really likes me a lot obviously.

That's all I got to say anyhow. 

Final Verdict: So What's the Cost of a Date with a Latina in Latin America?

There are other costs that could be considered relevant like the cost of getting a haircut to look good, the cost of a gym, the cost of apartments or rooms for rent in nicer areas of various cities, etc.

I'm not going there because that is truly where you will see even wider gaps in how much to spend when you are talking about Latin America as a region.

There are already obvious gaps when it comes to things we discussed: beer costs, cost of a vodka bottle, cost of chicken or beef at the grocery store, cost of restaurants, cost of taxis or Ubers, etc.

I can only say this:

My gym costs 20 bucks a month.

I have always spent somewhere between 125 to 400 a month in rent for either a room in a shared apartment or my own apartment (not just in Mexico City but in other Latin American cities).

Clothes? I always buy them in the US outside of pants and socks.

Haircut? My last haircut was about 2 USD and my most expensive ones have been 15 USD.

So I'll leave it at that.

Those aren't costs anyway that you have on a date but things to consider when you are dating, where to take women home, etc.

Anyway, that's all I got to say.

Leave any comments below.

And follow my Twitter here.

Thanks for reading.

Best regards,


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