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How Important is Religion When Dating Latinas in Latin America?

Published May 1, 2022 in Dating Information - 0 Comments

Will Latinas find it bad if you aren't Catholic or religious at all?

We all know of the idea that every Latina is super religious.

So wouldn't there be an issue if you are not religious or Catholic yourself and you end up dating a Latina?

After all, as you can see here, having a shared religion is quite important when it comes to the compatibility of couples married together.

While I have never been married to a Latina down here, I can give you some insight into dating Latinas who happen to be Catholic (or Christian?) but not being religious myself.

Given I've written about this topic before in other articles, I'll keep it simple and straight here without going on forever.

So what's the deal?

How Most Latinas Are

As I wrote here, every Latin American country is different in terms of how religious the people are.

And, as I wrote here, you have ever increasingly more and more people becoming less religious and/or converting away from the Catholic faith to other religious faiths.

Regardless, times are changing and you should be mindful of how things vary by country.

What you will generally notice as a broad generalization is areas that are more developed economically have less people who are religious or take religion seriously even if they believe in a higher power or after life.

So a place like Guatemala will have more religious people than Argentina.

And, within Guatemala, you'll find more religion in a small town versus Guatemala City.

Or, in Argentina, how you might notice more religious importance among local people in a place like Posadas versus Buenos Aires.

So on and so on.

Having said that, I'm a young man in my 20s who tends to date women in their 20s in large and urban cities that are more liberal.

Cities like Mexico City.

With both the generational difference and the importance of the city in how most people in cities tend to be less religious, it won't matter as much regarding how religious the girl is versus if you were dating in a small town or whatever.

But it also doesn't matter for another reason.

Submissive Tendencies

Is submissive the right word?

Or tolerant?

Doesn't matter.

In practice, it's the same.

What I will say is this: women, even if they are religious or of another political flavor, tend to not give you much shit if you believe in different things if they like you enough.

Granted, some women are very obsessed with their political and religious beliefs and it'd be very hard to override that.

But most people -- women included -- are "flexible" in their beliefs I find.

Be it political or religious.

So, assuming she respects and loves you enough, I find it's not as much of an issue as you'd think.

It could be but I find a lot of women just respect what I believe and leave it at that.

On a personal level between us, there is never an issue in my experience when dating Latinas (even if they come from more rural, small town backgrounds that take religion more seriously).

That isn't to say that you dicking her down is going to make her believe on Day 1 what you believe but women -- like a lot of people -- are "flexible" as I said.

Women especially in relationships with men they really like.

So it's not an issue in my experience.

Call it "submissive" or "tolerant" or whatever else.

Doesn't matter.

The idea is the same: between us personally, issues are not common.

....But with her family?

Could be!

Family Issues

While young 20 year old Latinas living in big cities tend to be more "flexible" and "tolerant" of your beliefs, don't expect the same treatment from her family necessarily.

This is where you need to pay attention in my experience.

Now, as I said, every part of Latin America is different.

If her family were urbanites from Buenos Aires of Argentina or Montevideo of Uruguay, I'd have stronger faith (no pun intended) that her family won't be Jesus Freaks on you if you also happen to not be a Jesus Freak.

It also depends on their income level. Families of more comfortable income level tend to be, in my experience, less religious.

Less Jesus Freaks to work with.

Of course, the irony of that is, as you can see here, plenty of gringos love their Latina women from shithole neighborhoods as they might find them easier.

Though, as you can see here, some don't know how to read a room and seem to think asking the parents to take the daughter to a hotel for the night is a good idea.

90 Day Fiance Paul Asking Her Parents to go to Hotel in Brazil

Anyway, let me give you my experience briefly.

In one family that I knew from Colombia with an ex of mine named Marcela, her family was very nice.

But Marcela learned that I am not religious and INSISTED that I NEVER tell her family that and that we'd have to have any future wedding at a church. Church it would have to be in her eyes.

With a Mexican girlfriend named Brenda, she insisted that I tell her family that I am Christian or something.

And that I can't tell them otherwise.

Anyway, her brother knew that I wasn't because he read her Facebook messages after she needed help getting her Facebook account back after it being hacked (he was a computer nerd).

He was going to "expose me" to the family (among other secrets he knew like how we had sex and the dude LOST HIS SHIT when he learned that from our Facebook messages and other issues beyond that also).

Anyway, he decided to "expose me."

The parents went into a bedroom to "talk to Jesus" and, to my surprise, Jesus supposedly told them that "it's OK."

So they told her that they wouldn't intervene or oppose our relationship.

....That didn't stop the brother's ire though.

But at least I had our boy Jesus on my side!

Personally, I think the parents decided against judging against me because I was literally the first boyfriend she presented to her family (and she was in her early 20s though she did have an unannounced boyfriend before me) and they didn't want to "break the girl's heart." 

Either way, I was definitely dealing with religious stress from this family also (Marcela's family never knew I was not religious but I'm not sure if they'd be dicks about it because they did seem to like me a lot).

....And for the other girls?

Well, while I dated girls back home in the US, I'm only going to talk about Latin American ones due to the topic of this article.

Back home though, there was NEVER this strong of a religious focus within any family I knew.

Or none brought up to my attention anyhow.

When it comes to other Latinas, they never brought up religion because either 1) a few didn't talk to their families anyway even if we were not dating like this chick I saw quite often here or 2) the vast majority were just hookups and so nobody gave a fuck what I believed or not.

Final Thoughts

In the end, religion has ONLY been important with family members and not actual Latinas I am trying to fuck in 99.99% of the time.

The ONE time where religion was important to a Latina down here that I was trying to fuck was this specific Peruvian chick here.

Where that Peruvian chick would not fuck until marriage for religious reasons.

So I dropped her quickly.

But, outside of her, I can't think of any specific Latina who hammered me with religion because SHE cared about it.

That isn't to say that I know how strongly each Latina I meet takes her religious faith.

To be fair, I NEVER ask them because I don't give a fuck what they believe.

Like I said, the vast majority of Latinas I have been with (well over 90%, probably 99%) were just for sex.

So I don't truly give a fuck if they believe in Jesus, Allah, the Aztecs or Inca gods or NOTHING.

I don't care!

Do they have a wet hole to stick my dick in?

Yes or no?

Do they have 3?

Preferably 4 or 5 or 10?


Oh .... and they believe in the Aztec gods?

Who gives a fuck?

And, truth be told, outside of that one Peruvian chick I mentioned, they NEVER gave a fuck about what I believed either.

Even with Marcela or Brenda, they didn't give a fuck either as it matters between us.

Neither one of the two ever really went to church.

They had faith but never went to church.

Which, as I said, the "younger millennial Latina of the big city" is obviously not going to be as religious as you'd think.

Just like the US or Europe, the faith is dropping by generation where it's not as taken seriously as it was with previous generations.

And so that's -- from my experience -- why I tend to see the issue coming up when you start to  meet her parents.

She might not give a fuck about religion (despite having a faith) but her parents very well might.

Just in my experience alone, when you talk about the importance of religion when dating Latinas, the family of them is ALWAYS what has been the contentious issues.

NEVER the Latina herself.

So just keep all that in mind.

And, if you got anything to say, drop a comment below.

We all have different experiences and perhaps yours are different from mine!

Would love to hear them or any comments you have.

Appreciate the comments.

And follow my Twitter here.

Thanks for reading.

Best regards,


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