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The Irony of the Degenerate Gringo Seeking Trad Latina Wife

Published April 9, 2022 in Dating Information - 0 Comments

There is a 29 year old man named Richard.

His life in America might have resembled getting married to his high school sweet heart before getting divorce raped two years ago where he loses his job soon after and ends up working for UBER.

Or perhaps he never got married and was a stereotypical millennial/zoomer who maybe never or rarely got pussy back home.

He ends up crying out "the west is dead, man" and "western women are feminist cunts."

Watching one video after enough about degeneracy in the west where he concludes that most women have been fucked by 100 men in the past and perhaps even had their faces shat on in Dubai.

But, amongst all the videos he watches, some of the content shows him the light at the end of the tunnel.

He is told how much better those women in Colombia or the DR will be.

And, truth be told, he probably will get more pussy in either country than back home.

That's definitely true.

Most men do find more luck down here for various reasons.

So he ends up leaving behind the "degenerate" western women to pursue a life in whatever Latin American country.

Does he finally find his trad Latina wife?

Well, perhaps one could argue based on his behavior, that he isn't very serious about finding the Trad Latina wife.

Now his days resemble more buying cocaine from a dealer who specializes in tourists and fucking prostitutes he can find in Medellin.

Having them come over for 30 to 40 hours.

UBER Pussy if you will.

And, after some time in Colombia, he might even travel to other Latin American countries to engage in a little bit of degeneracy.

But, after some years doing this, he starts to crave something different.

Maybe a relationship? Marriage? Have children?

His upcoming life might resemble though different scenarios.

For one, it's not uncommon for a man in this situation to be even more jaded with women.

As I wrote here, you mess around with enough women and you see some real degeneracy where the chick you fucked turned out to have a husband or boyfriend.  

Maybe said man then never gets married because he can't overcome the distrust he has in most women now because of that.

Perhaps he goes "full Roosh" as you can see here and becomes very religious.

In other scenarios, he might truly find a woman to settle down with.

In all likelihood, he's probably willing to overlook the fact that she's not a complete virgin given that his years of fucking whores doesn't make him a saint either.

But he still wants her to be trad!

And, putting aside perhaps some of the irony of him wanting to escape degeneracy but engaging in it, we have then our next irony to enjoy. 

In which said man wants his trad wife but, if we're being honest, he might not be truly prepared for what that means or even what it would require of him.

You see, any man out there likes the idea, at least in theory, of a woman who will cook for you, clean for you, stay at home to take care of the kids and so forth.

But, at least from what I have seen, a lot of men (not all) who obsess about the above often don't actually bring to the table all that is needed to have that or are not prepared for "being trad" themselves. 

It goes both ways.

You want your trad wife to massage your feet after a long day at work but then you still expect her to tolerate you going out to do drugs with the boys when she's done?

Fuck a whore or too behind her back?

Good luck buddy.

And that's just the beginning.

Not only do you have to truly leave behind your degenerate past but you also will likely be expected to do things for her that you just were not raised to do.

...Perhaps because you never had a dad to teach you these things?

A by-product really of the "western" system that you hate so much and call degenerate but yet you have the liberal values that come with it.

When you get your Trad Latina wife, you might not be expecting her to insist that you escort her to the bathroom in public anytime she has to like I wrote about here.

If she is really extreme in gender roles, you might not be expecting her to follow along with you to any gathering and basically not giving you any personal space.

Not to mention the other things that she expects out of a man like opening the door for her, handling her chair, etc.

And, to a greater irony, some of the guys who wish for their Trad Latina wife don't even really had an ounce of "traditional" masculinity.

Perhaps they had a "furniture dad" who had no real authority in the house and with a mom they hate and so they were not likely taught to do things like how to fix a car, shoot a gun or whatever else.

And they still talk about "the west is dead" and "traditional gender roles."

Above all of that though is the money too.

Unfortunately for some Trad Bros, having a Trad Latina also means you aren't a bum going from hand to mouth.

While remembering to escort her to the bathroom or opening her door aren't tasks too great, learning how to provide is a much bigger deal if you plan on raising your Trad Family in Latin America.

I say this because a lot of the guys, as you can see here, will insist on not taking the wife back home because of various reasons you can see guys be concerned about online: hypergamy, she'll divorce rape you, etc.

So if you plan on not taking her back home, that means you'll need to support her in her country.

But, in case you didn't know this, 99% of local jobs in her country are not available to you.

You are never going to qualify for being a firefighter, police man or whatever down here (nor would you want to because they don't pay anything). 

You do got some jobs available to us like being an English teacher, journalist (assuming you work for a foreign news company), an important person for a foreign business, starting your own business to export products from Latin America to the US, etc.

Thankfully for you though, remote jobs are more common these days than before and so you'll have it a little bit easier to support your Trad family than guys of the past where remote work wasn't as common.

On this point anyhow, you might also comment on "how cheap it is" down here and so it "shouldn't be too hard" to support your Trad family with the wife staying at home.

While it is true that you could raise your family in the shithole neighborhood that you went to for your cocaine and prostitutes in your "degenerate days", it probably isn't the best idea to raise said family in said neighborhood.

Sure, you could live "like the locals" and have a family budget of 750 USD a month but that involves "huevos fritos con arroz blanco" for every meal, living in a crap neighborhood, using public hospitals and public schools and whatever else.

When kids are involved, you are still right that many things are cheaper than back home (though private schools I've heard can sometimes be expensive as fuck).

But don't use that belief to delude yourself into thinking that it'll be easy to raise the Trad Family with no working wife down here when you are still prohibited from most local jobs (even if remote work is more common these days).

Finally, one other irony about all of this that I have noticed is that Latina women of Latin America are becoming less "trad" over each generation just like women back home.

There might be some "mañana time" at play where those changes are happening more slowly than back home but they are happening.

More women with that dreaded pink or blue hair that you hated about women back home, more who have been fucked by more men than you would like to know about, more with feminist views, most entering the work force, etc. 

Though, to be fair, you have your more conservative areas down here just like back home where it'll be easier to find a more conservative woman.

The problem with that though is that, in some cases, you might find yourself living in a city that you find absolutely boring to live in.

Can you stomach living in a small, middle-of-nowhere city with friendly people but nothing to do like Pachuca de Soto of Mexico or Oruro, Bolivia?

You might say that you can tolerate it if you had a Trad family but are you sure?

You've never stepped foot in those places. I've lived in them. They are boring AS FUCK.

Not to mention that you'll have to live in them to find your Trad Wife before even having one to entertain you.

Now, to be fair, you might say that "you'll bring your Trad Wife" to the country capital to live in.

But if you won't take her to the US because of "degeneracy and she'll trade you for a better man because of hypergamy and cheating," then why the country capital?

You don't think there isn't a shit ton of degeneracy and cheating going on in capital cities like Mexico City or Bogota?

Here's some examples that I wrote about here, here, here and here regarding degeneracy in your lovable Latin American capital cities and even in more boring Latin American cities.

Among any other example I have written about.

On top of that, as we now are focused on just how "trad" these women are abroad, let me ask you these questions:

How trad is a woman really if she is really to leave her country, culture and family to be with you in your country if you two choose to instead relocate back home to "the west?"

And, regardless of if you stay in her country or go back home, here's another question for some of you:

For the dudes who hate interracial marriages back home and cite that as an example of how women back home aren't trad, how trad is your foreign wife then if she is willing to date you when you also happen to be of a difficult skin color (and not to mention different culture and nationality)?

Not hating on interracial marriages myself but I see a bit of irony there also.

Above all, one of the greater ironies here also is how men will complain about "female hypergamy" in regards to how women will date up but yet these men are objectively doing the same thing but choosing to date abroad because that is where they believe that they will have better dating options or more sex. 

In the end, I don't blame you for wanting a "Trad Wife" with a "Trad Family."

Go for it!

I get the benefits. It sounds appealing.

Though, to be fair, part of your newfound desire for "Trad Wife" when you were so focused on PUA stuff might also be influenced by what you see on social media from "Red Pill" types you follow (like Roosh) and if you are thinking for yourself is another question to ponder.

But there are obviously benefits to having a stay at home mom and I get why a more conservative woman is more appealing for various reasons.

My only point here is that there's a lot of the following:

1. Hypocritical behavior that doesn't match with your intended goal. 

2. People talking about this region with no understanding of how degenerate it can be at times (and not thinking clearly as to how Trad women abroad really are or are not). 

3. Men who have no idea what "trad means" (especially in a Latin American sense) and what will be expected of them (and if they would be capable of living up to the gender norms imposed on them also).

4. Some guys who truly aren't fit for the family life but convince themselves that they are when they really are more suitable for the degeneracy that they hate.

5. Guys who could find a way to support their Trad Family financially but don't get the challenges they'll face versus raising one financially back home.

6. Guys having contemplated maybe trying such a life in a "middle-of-nowhere" city that they don't know they would hate actually.

7. Irony of guys bitching about interracial marriages back home, how women back home have lots of casual sex and "female hypergamy" when much of their lives abroad (including the casual sex and future "Trad Wife" hunting) involves all of the above for the men "escaping the West."

Anyway, I'm not saying it's impossible to achieve what you want here nor am I saying it is a bad thing.

It isn't.

Just telling you to be realistic and to acknowledge the reality of how your dream might be and what you'll have to step up to if you pursue this path. 

If you need any videos of random dudes pursuing their Trad Wives abroad in areas in Latin America and elsewhere but finding some of the challenges above, enjoy some of the videos below here or check out some of my other articles here that sometimes touches the subject. 

90 Day Fiance Videos

And, if you are ready to go find your Trad Latina wife, I found a future video of her calling you on the phone here.

Meme of latina-based monkey listening to angry latina wife over phone


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