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Latin American Women Find it Odd at You Cooking & Cleaning

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There are certain funny differences between American women and Latin American women.

Though, as I’ll always say, there are obvious differences even among women in either area by class, race, region, etc.

A white woman from small town Iowa is not the same as a woman from upper class Manhattan, NYC.

Similarly, even in Mexico City and not across an entire country, you have differences between women living a lower class life in Santo Domingo in the south versus white Latina woman living a nicer life in Polanco.

Not to mention the differences across the entire country of Mexico or even across all of Latin America.

Still, I always beat that horse to death whenever I can but I’ll leave it at that so as to not confuse you too much (even if I always feel the need to emphasize it again and again).

Anyway, you get the point.

And so when speaking of differences between Latin American women and American women, let’s jump to a generality that is true in many cases but not always: Latin American women find it odd when you clean and cook.

Let me give you three examples that contrast against each other.

Mariana la Boliviana

Many years ago (way back in 1972 it almost feels like), I was informally seeing a Bolivian chick named Mariana that you can read about here.

We never had a real relationship but we did many things together and I quite liked her for many reasons.

With her, she would often cook me food as well from time to time when I began living in the second homestay where I lived at (pretty sure the first homestay would never let me bring in any guests as a side point).

There were moments where I would say to her “how about I cook something?”

But I quickly learned that she didn’t like that.

She would always double down and insist that she cook the food.

I buy, she cook.

On top of that, she happened to be a barista at a bar and would always prepare me drinks.

I was always a fan of mojitos but she had some gin based drink that  I quite liked.

Unfortunately, I don’t remember what it was and I’m sure she wouldn’t remember either as I would ask her right now what it was.

I wish I knew because it tasted good and every gin drink I ever had since then tasted like shit.

How she worked that magic on gin to make it tasty I have no fucking idea.


Anyway, between us, there was never a moment where I would cook or make anything.

As I said, she cooked and I paid (be it for ingredients for meals or drinks).

Marcela la Colombiana

Months after Mariana, I met a chick named Marcela.

We actually did date in a real relationship for a while.

Though I don’t remember the exact article where I said this but I do remember telling how Marcela was notably “more traditional” than your typical woman.

For example, I like politics.

There were moments where I tried discussing politics with Marcela.

I stopped trying when she told me (I’m paraphrasing) how “we women don’t discuss politics” when she seemed bored at me wanting to casually discuss politics in Colombia with her.

After all, she is Colombian. What does she think about her country?

Well, she’s a woman and women don’t think about these things, Matthew.

That was the last time I brought up politics with her because I got the message.

Similar to Mariana, she was a “you buy the food, I cook” type of girl.

And, to be fair to Mariana and Marcela, I don’t remember ever cooking anything for either of them but, truth be told, they both made the right call on that one.

I absolutely suck at cooking.

My chicken often needs more flavor and my beef often is half burnt (but yet my taste buds from hell find it tasty somehow anyway).

Tasty to them?

I doubt they would enjoy my cooking.

Anyway, that was that.

Brenda la Mexicana

Next, I had a Mexican girlfriend named Brenda.

She was from a small town in Hidalgo.

While being from a small town, it should be said that, in my experience, Mexican women at large are usually a little more liberal regarding gender norms than what you see in other Latin countries like Bolivia, Colombia, etc.

For her, I did cook some food for us because I truly don’t mind cooking and, despite my shit cooking skills when it comes to beef, I can make a decent pasta (I think it’s OK anyway, don’t judge me bro).

And, to my credit, Brenda did enjoy my pasta.

Having said that, she did take up a more active role in cleaning.

Whenever we finished having sex, she was never shy from cleaning the bed.

Just a natural response in her for some reason.

“Oh, I got fucked in this bed? And now the sheets are unorganized? TIME TO ORGANIZE THE SHEETS!”

In which, after laying in my bed for 5 minutes after I was done fucking her because she would need the time usually to enjoy the bliss of having been fucked by my 20 INCH COCK, she would get up naturally in all seriousness and tidy up the bed sheets at times.

Similarly, I remember one time where she helped scrub the mold I had in a suitcase before moving to a new apartment.

Strong effort in cleaning skills on her part.

Or how she would be VERY insistent on buying me new socks at Walmart once in a blue moon whenever we went grocery shopping (with her money actually) because she never liked how I often only had one or two pairs of socks.

Women, let me tell you….how demanding.

And, above all, she was, when the opportunity arose, always on top of it to doing my laundry once in a blue moon whenever she was at my apartment and noticed that I had a bunch of dirty laundry piled up that I hadn’t gotten around to washing yet.

While liberal on the cooking, the more conservative she was on the cleaning.

The Point

Keep in mind that all of the women above are around my age right now.

They aren’t boomers or x gen types.

Though, from what I have heard, I suppose women from older generations in any country (including those in Latin America) are more conservative on gender relations and all.

Still, you get the point.

Women in Latin America are generally more conservative on gender relations.

That is changing as more and more are abandoning that mindset and those in areas like Buenos Aires of Argentina are perhaps less conservative than those in Barranquilla of Colombia or small town Hidalgo of Mexico.

Regardless, I would argue that probably even those in Buenos Aires are more conservative than those in the US on average.

I’m just guessing anyhow as I haven’t been there in years.

But you get the idea.

Women down here – but it depends on generation and area – are more likely to take on the role of cooking and cleaning and find it odd for you to do so (though many don’t find it odd as it again depends by the person and their background).

That’s all I got to say anyhow.

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Thanks for reading.

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