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“Can You Spot the Mexican Woman?”

Last week, I met a random chick from Tinder who called herself “Barbie” on Tinder but her real name is Barbara.

A white Mexican chick born in Mexico City but happens to live in “Ciudad Satélite” which is right next to Mexico City.

It’s on the opposite end of the city though from where I live as I live in Pedregal de Santo Domingo.

While I normally don’t travel to see a chick on the first date, I made an exception this time because she was down to cover her own beer and seemed really interested in me.

And so as a way to get out of the house a little more often also, I traveled that day to the north of Mexico City where we met by some park called “Jardin Miguel Hidalgo” or just “Jardin Hidalgo” as more of the locals seemed to call it when I was asking for how to get there when I got to the north of the city.

For those who don’t know where it is, it’s basically a few streets away from Metro Camarones.

Here’s a video of the area so you know what it looks like.

So, once I got there, I was actually pleasantly surprised by how nice it seemed.

Truth be told, I could actually see this as “an acceptable spot” to live by for the single man looking to bring multiple dates home.

It had a few bars next to it that would be ideal for a quick beer and the park itself had a plentiful amount of benches to sit a date down at if you wanted to “hang out” before taking her home.

And I say “plentiful” because it really did have a lot more than people and not every park in Mexico City is that thoughtful to the single man who wants to make out with a chick but not have a grandpa sitting next to you.

On top of that, while I’m not sure if the park is always like this but they did have some nice salsa music group practicing their singing and dancing skills in the area.

All around, it definitely checked most of the boxes for what I want in an ideal park to take a chick to before going home with her.

Unfortunately though, as you already know, there would be no “taking her home” this night because home is literally across the city (an easy 50 minute to an hour ride in her car).

She was showing up in a car anyhow as she told me ahead of time.

Impressive. She must be a rich Mexican.

Well, her car wasn’t a Lamborghini but it was actually the first time in a very long time where I met a chick down here who had a car.

Unfortunately anyway, she showed up late (as usual in Mexican time).

Which is one of the reasons (among others) for why I don’t like traveling on the first date (or any date really): people down here (men and women) don’t respect your time and will more often show up late regardless of the occasion it seems.

At any rate, I didn’t mind too much that day because I have been trying to be more active in getting out of the house more often and also because of the nice music in the area.

In short though, she ended up arriving about 40 minutes late.

A tad bit more than your typical Mexican chick.

While I know most Americans wouldn’t tolerate that, you almost have to when dating down here.

As I wrote here, I once met a foreign chick who went on a date with a Bolivian man and he was 2 hours late!

When you deal with Latin Americans enough (man or woman), you learn how to deal with their lateness and plan around it so it doesn’t affect your daily plans.

Which is, as I said, one reason for why I prefer they travel to my area: I can keep doing what I am doing while they take their sweet time getting to me. Doesn’t affect my daily plans at all then.

And, on top of that, you actually have a place to take her to for fucking instead of being on the other end of the city.

Still, as I said, I didn’t mind traveling to her this time because I really am more open to any idea to “get me out of the house” more often.

And also she genuinely – from the second we matched on Tinder – seemed VERY into me based on our texts.

Almost felt like I was talking to some life long fan of my gringo dick or something.

So, during that moment where I was waiting for her (without my phone on hand for reasons), I began to wonder if “she is in the area but I haven’t seen her?”

Can You Spot the Mexican?

This is a little quirk about Mexican women that I have noticed compared to women of other nationalities.

Not sure if other gringos dating down here have noticed this or if it’s just me but it is something I have noticed over the years here.

For example, when I dated chicks in literally ANY other country: US, Bolivia, Colombia or Argentina, I never had problems finding them.

In the Latin countries mentioned above, they might have shown up late but it was easy to spot them when they arrived.

We’re meeting at a park, bar or mall? EASY TO FIND THEM.

But in Mexico?


In my experience dating here, I’ve grown accustomed to women picking random ass spots for me to find them.

Now, to be fair, you’d think this could be resolved by having my phone on me and asking “where you at?”

For reasons I wrote here, I almost never carry my phone with my outside (though, given I have a burner phone, I have contemplated more just buying minutes on it and using that to communicate to them if I travel to see them which is almost never as I said).

Still, because I don’t have a phone on me and because Mexican chicks love arriving and waiting in spots that are obscure, it’s almost like a “finding Nemo” game with these motherfuckers.

For example, as I wrote before, there was a Mexican chick named “Beth” who I met one time who was waiting by some random small statue by Bellas Artes of CDMX that had literally nobody else standing by it and with no lighting.

How the fuck did she think I’d find her?

Similarly, whenever I met other women by Bellas Artes, I actually saved a picture in my phone that I’d send to women telling them “we will meet at this exact spot.”

Half the time, they never fucking went to that spot.

They would maybe sit by a bench somewhere else out of sight from everyone else, stand by other random mini statues with no lighting or people hanging around, maybe wait across the street or whatever the fuck else.

I guarantee you that Mexican women are the most retarded when it comes to just showing up to the exact spot you tell them to meet you at.

Like I said, I’ve never had this problem not even ONCE (yet alone repeatedly) in other countries like Bolivia, Argentina, Colombia, US, etc.

Not even once.

Here in Mexico?

It’s 50/50 let’s say.

Well, to be fair, maybe it’s 10/90.

Whatever number to pull out of my ass.

To be fair to Mexican women, it’s not actually half.

Maybe one in ten are actually this incompetent with showing up at the spot you tell them to and/or pick a completely random area to wait in that nobody would expect to find them.

Finding Barbie

 And when it comes to “Barbie?”

As I said, I soon got tired of listening to the salsa music and got up to begin looking for her as it crossed my mind that she might be waiting in some random part of the park.

Which, to be fair, it’s not a big park so it doesn’t take long to do a quick walk around.

One problem I have though is that, especially for people who aren’t white, I tend to have a harder time distinguishing them from others if I have never met them in real life before and only have their photo in my memory.

But, as I’m walking around, I don’t see anyone who looks like her.

She is white though so that does limit the amount of people who could be her by quite a bit.

Along the search, I spot a random chick sitting down on a bench who kinda looks like her. 

Not wanting to be weird  or awkward about it, I don’t ask her if she is “barbie from Tinder.”

So I just stood many odd feet in front of her by the edge of the sidewalk while looking at some job advertisement and, from the corner of my eye, waiting for her to look up at me.

If she looks at me and “has a spark” on her face, that means it must be her always.

She looks up.

No spark.

She looks back down on her phone.

God damn it.

At this point, I do another walk around and ask a random cop for the time.

He tells me that it’s 7 PM or about 40 minutes since she was supposed to arrive.

At this point, I began walking away from the park and thinking about which direction I need to take to get back to Metro Camarones.

But then it crossed my mind – “wait a second, don’t they have benches across the street? Maybe she’s over there.”

Based on enough experience going out with Mexican chicks, I know for a fact that could be the case.

Like I said before, some of them are retarded enough to pick the most random ass spots to hang at while waiting for me.

So I cross the street and, quickly enough, I make eye contact and notice “that spark” in the face of a random white Latina chick sitting on a bench.

“Matt?” she throws out there.

“Si” I responded.

She gets up, gives the “hola!!!” and begins to apologize profusely for being late.

“Cuando llegaste?” I asked her.

And she tells me that she actually arrived 20 minutes ago.

OK, so not AS LATE at 40 minutes.

Anyway, I didn’t grill her about why she waited at this random bench across the street when we agreed to meet at the park.

We began walking, went to a nearby bar, made out near the end of the date and that was it before she left back to her house at around 10:30 PM.

In short, she was actually more enjoyable to talk with as a person.

I don’t always say that about most dates.

Granted, most dates start and end quick with me trying to take them back to my place quickly.

This one anyway actually seemed kinda smart and enjoyable to talk with.

And that was it.

We met up later for another date closer to my apartment later on and will probably meet up later the week of me publishing this story.

Final Thoughts

There’s two things here.

For one, it’s nothing more than just an update on my life.

As I said, I’ve been going out a little bit more these days.

It’s actually easy for me to go days without speaking to most people just because I’m comfortable being that way for a longer time than most people.

But I’ve started to wonder if that is healthy for me. It’s easy and comfortable for me to do but I’m come to the realization it’s a waste of life in some regards.

So nothing more than an update on my life anyhow.

Second, the other main point is to again emphasize this weird quirk that I have noticed – and perhaps only I have (maybe it’s just my experience only?) – that Mexican women seem to not be very smart when it comes to picking a spot to wait for you at.

Like I said, I have literally never had this issue in any other country I have dated women at. The rest of the world seems to get that waiting again in obscure areas that are away from where you two said you’d meet, with minimal lighting and few people isn’t very ideal for the other person to find you.

Some weird ass quirk I’ve noticed over the years when it comes to women from specifically Mexico (and, as I said, no other country that I’ve hooked up in).

Some weird ass shit really.

But, on top of that, I guess it’s also a lesson to maybe use my burner phone more often while going out to meet chicks.

At this point, I probably should just buy minutes already for my burner phone so I have a way to communicate to chicks asking them “where are you?” when outside of my apartment looking for them.

In some cases, I have legit had to walk back to my apartment (normally just a minute away) to grab my phone, text them “where you at?” and then walk back outside when they send a photo.

Right – that actually would resolve the problem.

*light bulbs go off*

But, like I said, it’s the only country where I’ve had this minor issue because, for some odd reason, women from the US, Bolivia, Colombia and Argentina seem to know not to wait in obscure areas but seems to be “more of a trend” where I am at now.

Though, to be fair, it’s not really as much of an issue as I am making it out to be. I always find them anyhow when those rare 1 out of 10 chicks want to play a “finding Nemo” game with me.

Still odd anyway.

But that’s all I got to say.

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Thanks for reading.

Best regards,


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