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A Tip for the Remote Worker Dating Latinas in Latin America

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Well over a year and a half ago, I was living by Centro Historico of Mexico City.

On that night, I had a random chick who, according to my notes, was named “Bethsabe.”

Sounds like an odd name but that must’ve been what she called herself on Tinder. I’m guessing her name is, with spaces, “Beth sabe?”

“Beth knows?”

I have no idea.

Anyway, let’s call her Beth because I never met a “bethsabe” before.

So, on that night anyway, she texted me that she is in the area to meet me by Bellas Artes.

Walking out and a few minutes later, I looked around Bellas Artes but couldn’t find her.

As I wrote before, sometimes women in Mexico have this odd tendency to wait for you in completely random areas that make you scratch your head and think “how the fuck did you think I’d find you there?”

But she was standing behind some mini statue thing away from sight from most people.

Well, I found her anyhow and we walked back to my place for some drinks.

Which, to be fair, is completely misleading.

Most of the time when I bring a chick back to my place “for drinks,” we almost always begin fucking sometime from her first sip to maybe having had a third of the drink.

It almost always feels like a waste of perfectly good vodka but it’s easier to tell women “let’s go back for drinks” instead of “let’s go back to fuck” even if they know that’s what will happen.

Women are weird, bro.

Anyway, I always have the remainder of the drink myself after they leave.

Can’t waste good vodka.

And, on that night, I remember her going to the bathroom first before coming back and having like literally just a sip of the drink before we start making out.

Over the next minute, we’re on my bed with her looking down as I whip out my dick.

She immediately gets to work.

As she’s sucking it anyhow, there was a point where she took a few seconds to catch a breath, began jerking me off and turned her head around the room for a second.

That’s when she noticed something odd that made her alert.

With my eyes closed, I’m just enjoying the moment.

But then I hear her ask me “me esta grabando?”

I open my eyes and ask her “que?”

She had noticed my laptop in the room which happened to have a camera attached to it.

In the moment, I caught on quickly as to what she was referring to because I had been in the moment before with a handful of chicks.

Without hesitation, I casually get up for a second to take the camera (a Logitech one to be precise) that was attached to my laptop and took it off.

Placed it in a way where it wasn’t pointed at us and put the laptop screen down.

Then immediately went back to my bed, told her “no” and she said “bien” and began sucking my dick some more and began sucking my dick some more until I finished.

Truth be told, it’s not much of a story, is it?

But it’s a repeated scenario that I’ve found myself in a handful of times.

Each time, the chick notices the camera (if she does) and begins to worry briefly that it is recording us.

They never are too accusatory but are, for obvious reasons, concerned about the presence of a camera.

It’s never difficult to ease their concerns. Just tell them no and casually get the camera out of sight.

Just the other day, I had a similar but different moment that reminded me of this topic.

Yesterday, I had a random chick named “Barbie” come visit me in my area. 

That’s her name on Tinder but her real name is “Barbara.”

I had met her once before closer to her area in the far north of the city and she came to visit me this time on my side of the city.

Before walking out of my apartment to find her though, I took some efforts to clean up my room.

To be honest, I’ve been a tiny bit lazy over the last few months with cleaning my room and I need to be more on top of it.

While cleaning it before her arrival, I noticed the “infamous camera” that has caused brief concern a dozen Mexican women in my life.

And literally at least a dozen and it is the same black Logitech camera I’ve had for years now.

While no woman has ever decided to flee the room or decide not to fuck because of the presence of this camera, it has, as I have said, caused some brief concern where they wonder “is it active?”

So, in that moment, having gone through this now a dozen times and more, I took the camera away.

It’s a small detail to the dating life of someone who works remotely but, given I was just reminded of this recently, I figured I might as well write the tip down for other folks who work remotely and travel the world.

The Point

Now obviously I am not recording anyone.

And, on top of that, I understand their concerns.

After all, there ARE some creepy ass dudes out there who would probably record shit to jerk off to later, use as revenge porn or whatever the fuck else.

I can’t say that the women who show any brief concerned are paranoid. When fucking a stranger on the first date who you don’t know and you see a random camera somewhere, obviously that can cause brief concern.

But, like I said, any woman who has ever shown brief concern has always thrown the concern away when you just tell them that it’s not on and/or get up for a second to turn the camera around away from you two.

Which is the first tip – if you forgot to take the camera away, just get up casually for a second to turn it around so it’s not pointed at you two.

It might seem annoying to do so if you are getting a blowjob and want her to keep sucking. Sure, it interrupts the moment for a second. But her concern isn’t going away if you tell her “just keep sucking, bitch.”

It might if you just say “no” and most do take your word for it.

But I don’t mind getting up for a brief second to flip it around.

Second, I think what’s more relevant here though is how, if I had to guess, maybe other expats can relate?

Or anyone who works remotely.

Which is where the issue stems from.

Historically, most people never worked remotely and most people never had the internet before where you might need a nicer camera to do work.

For my line of work, sometimes I need to turn the camera on for meetings and all that.

I prefer to have a nicer camera and I work from home.

So, when I’m done with work, I just turn the camera off if it was on but leave it where it was: on top of my laptop.

No real reason to take it off and place it somewhere else.

Unless you are taking women back to your place.

In that case, I recommend to always place the camera away in a drawer or something out of view so no brief concerns are raised by any random chick.

Nothing more to say really.

Perhaps this is a just a small detail to the dating world that those in the past wouldn’t have to think about but it’s a small detail I’ve noticed in my dating life given I work remotely.

And, for many others who work remotely and casually hookup, I imagine it’s something you have to work with also if your work requires a good camera.

The only solutions at hand are either place the camera away after work is done in some drawer or get a two room apartment all to yourself where the room that you work in is separate from the bedroom or living room or kitchen.

Yes, sometimes fucking in the kitchen can be fun. She brings the sandwich and the blowjob. A two for one deal!

Anyway, as I said, it’s a very small detail to the dating life of a man who works remotely and needs a nicer camera attached to his laptop.

If you happen to be like that also (working remotely and all while dating casually), then just keep this detail in mind so you don’t accidentally cause any brief concern for any random hookup.

Thanks for reading.

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