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Are Latinas of Latin America Better at Sex than Gringas?

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In my senior year of college in Ohio, there was an app called Yik Yak that I used sometimes to find chicks to fuck.

For those who don’t know, Yik Yak was an app that you could post anonymous messages to and people in your area could see and respond to them anonymously.

When it comes to fucking, most of the people posting there were dudes saying shit like “m 23, looking for f.”

And, to their disappointment, no “fs” were responding.

It was, like with anything else online, a “sausage fest” when it comes to finding pussy.

Still, one could find pussy with enough time.

When a chick would post on there looking for sex, it’d be one of those cases where you better get her attention and respond before others do because she was going to get a bunch of horny ass motherrfuckers writing her quick.

While I never took it too seriously for fucking, I did oddly find it good enough to get the occasional chick from time to time.

Better than Tinder?

Not at all.

But something to maybe dick around with casually if you got the time for it as a student in college would.

So, on one afternoon in particular, some chick posts on there looking for dick.

To my surprise, she happened to live in the same dorm building and on the same floor as me.

Literally just down the hall.

We got talking.

Her name was “Mariah.”

In the moment, I was thinking that it must’ve been the half-black, half-native American looking Mariah chick that went to my biology class that I needed to graduate.

She was a cute, petite woman with long black hair that I definitely would’ve been all about fucking.

And, given this “Mariah” was living on the same dorm floor as me in the same building, I assumed she must’ve been in my class.

So it must be the same Mariah I am hoping for, right?

We agree to meet up.

After knocking on her door, a woman answers who looks nothing like the Mariah I am hoping for.

In the back of my mind, I’m thinking “OK, cool, must be her roommate, right? Where’s the Mariah I came to see? I want that native American SLUT sucking my dick NOW.”

Unfortunately for me, there was no “Native American slut” to be sucking my dick that night.

The chick who answered the door was the one I was to fuck.

While she wasn’t ugly looking (just average), I was obviously disappointed in that my dreams of fucking better Mariah were shattered.

But the sex actually wasn’t bad.

While average looking, she was very open about what she liked to do and the sex was pretty good.

Similarly, I met another woman on Yik Yak only a few weeks after.

These were my Golden Weeks of Yik Yak, if you will.

And, in this case, I had no illusions about fucking “the Native American” Mariah.

I knew what I was getting into, gentlemen.

And her name was?

Honestly, it was some weird ass name I never heard before so I don’t remember how it was exactly.

She was also a black chick – just like the Mariah I fucked was – and I remember her name as something starting with a K, then having a ‘ after the K and like 4 or 5 letters after.

In my list of chicks I’ve fucked, I simply named her Kera but I have no idea if that is her real name.

If you are an expert on “black Millennial women names,” help me out in remembering what her name could’ve been in the comment section below but let’s leave it at Kera for now.

Anyway, Kera liked it rough.

While I did end up fucking her afterwards, she wanted me to start by being rough with her physically.

For one, she wanted me to bite her nipples hard.

And I don’t mean “playful bite.”

I mean the type of bite you would take if you were a police dog sent to bite the fuck out of and hold onto a criminal running away.

The type of bite you’d take as a person if you took a bite out of RAW BEEF and began chewing on it.

You had to bite her nipples like your intention was to rip them off.

At first, I was biting too lightly and she immediately told me “you got to bite harder than that.”

So I did.

And bit harder and harder.

She had no limits.

Soon after, she was on her bed and I had my entire fist inside her pussy while using my other hand to multi-task.

The multi-tasking involved occasionally choking her a tiny bit and then going back and forth from hitting (not slapping, hitting as hard as my bites had to be) her tits and upper thigh area.

Truth be told, it didn’t turn me on but I enjoyed it because it seemed like a game almost.

“How rough can you be with this bitch?”

But she just kept wanting it more and more.

After what must’ve been 20 to 30 minutes (I have no idea actually, just guessing the time in hindsight), she was done with that and we got to fucking.

Then that was it.

That was the first time I ever “fisted” a chick and actually, to this day, I like fisting chicks.

It doesn’t turn me on but it’s more fun than anything.

It’s also kinda fun to have a chick who has never done that before, seems hesitant to do so but has a “flicker” of curiosity about it and will allow you to fist her or try to anyhow.

For the women out there reading this who cry in horror at the idea, let me tell you that women very hesitant to do so didn’t find it as painful as you would think.

It sounds like you are giving birth to my fist and, uhhh, in a way you kinda area but it’s also very cool and very hot.

*Re-reads what I just wrote.*

*Has some more vodka.*


“No wonder nobody will publish my writings into a book.” I realize.

Anyway, those were some very fun experiences with some American women.

But, as you are probably hoping to read about, how do they compare to Latinas in Latin America?

Well, I’ve written about my time fucking random Latinas that you can read about here, here and here.

And probably other articles out there that describe other moments!

So I won’t go into the specifics because I got plenty for you to read if you find it interesting to read about other dude’s fucking random chicks.

If that’s your thing, I guess.

But are Latinas of Latin America better than gringas when it comes to fucking?

Are Latinas of Latin America Better at Sex than Gringas?

Truth be told, it's kind of a dumb question in my opinion but I've seen this question asked a dozen times online from men regarding dating in Latin America so I figured I'd answer it the best way I could. 

First, it depends on what you mean by “Latin Americans.” Women in every country are different in the same way that there probably are differences between women of NYC to Iowa for example.

Those from Colombia or the DR are more fun than those from Bolivia usually (though you got fun chicks in every country).

Second, when it comes to diversity, I’d say that the US is better in this regard than most Latin American countries (outside of MAYBE Brazil?) because we have more foreign women from more countries than most Latin American countries.

While you might not see them as gringas, I don’t care because it’s still talking about women you can find in the US. That’s what matters ultimately when it comes to who you can fuck in the US versus say Argentina or Mexico.

And, outside of nationality, you got race.

In Argentina, you got lots of white chicks (some non white ones too).

In Mexico, you got lots of brown and some white (not many black or Asian ones but some anyhow).

Many Latin Americans are like Mexico in that regard.

Colombia has more brown, black and white minus Asians.

Brazil is probably the closest in terms of racial demographics if I had to shoot from the hip here.

So, in that regard when considering nationality and racial diversity, I’d say the US is better on this factor.

Who wouldn’t want more options for what to fuck after all?

Third, obesity. American women are more obese on average than most women in Latin America outside of Mexico (though obesity is rising in most of Latin America anyhow but still behind the US).

Fourth, attitude.

Most dudes agree that women in Latin America generally give you less attitude than women back home.

Fifth, I find women in both areas (US & Latin America) to be just as easy generally for hookups but American women, as I wrote elsewhere, tend to be “more open” right away to just fucking.

You do got chicks like that down here obviously.

In fact, the first Mexican chick I ever fucked was named Stephanie who was down to fuck right away.

But I tend to think that, while women of both regions are just as down to fucking, Latin American women tend to be “a little bit less open” to advertising that they are down for that right away versus women from home.

Though that probably depends on what part of the US also, right? Women from small town Ohio versus NYC.

Sixth, women from the US tend to be a little more self-conscious about their bodies and weight than women down here. That can sometimes lead to less self-confidence during sex.

Seventh, women in the US tend to be more open to just “laying it out there” and more confident in saying what they like and how they like to be fucked than women in Latin America.

Women in Latin America will tell you what turns them on also eventually but I find they are less likely to tell you that on the first night fucking unless you ask them.

While American women are more likely to just tell you from the second sex is about to start (or probably before actually if both parties agree to meet up just to fuck).

I prefer the latter to the former usually (not always) because it almost always leads to better sex and I’m usually pretty open to trying new shit even if it doesn’t turn me on because sometimes it can be fun.

Like my first time fisting a chick.

Was pretty cool.

Eighth, I find Latinas from Latin America to be less demanding on using condoms on average.

Though, to be fair, I find that varies heavily by how religious she is (less likely to), how developed the area she is from (chicks from Buenos Aires more likely to demand it than a chick from Cochabamba) and how dumb she comes across as (dumb chicks demand it less). 

Definitely a bonus when it comes to Latinas.

Ninth, there's a website called FetLife that is for BDSM type sex. I've found it easier to get chicks from there to fuck (and I like BDSM) in middle of Ohio than in any Latin American country I've been to. Definitely a bonus to gringas (not to mention that, like with the Yik Yak example, it's oddly not too difficult to find chicks to fuck on other random apps and what not).

Tenth, while it has nothing to do with sex itself, I find Latinas are more likely to cook for you in general. Having a nice chick cook for you after sex is pretty cool.

Anyway, to get to the question: Are Latinas of Latin America better at sex than gringas?

Eh, like I said, it's a dumb question because, while there are differences between women from both regions, you can find fun chicks to fuck in both areas so it really doesn't matter and also there are differences between women of every Latin American country. 

Still, if I had to talk in broad generalities...

Well, it'd be nothing more than a summary of the points already made.

Some of the benefits Latinas bring to the table: More confident about their bodies, less fat on average, less likely to demand condoms, better attitudes (especially with sex where they are usually more giving on average), more likely to cook for you after sex, etc.

Some of the benefits that gringas bring to the table: More diversity in terms of race and nationality, better at communicating what they like, more likely to "just get to the point" about wanting to fuck, easier to find on FetLife and random apps, etc.

And one last thing I forgot to mention -- language.

Obviously, if you don't speak Spanish, I imagine fucking someone who speaks your native language would be nice.

Though I also know some dudes get turned on by the idea of some Latina moaning out "oh papi" or whatever shit. I can see why. It doesn't turn me on as much because I'm used to hearing Spanish now and it's not "as exotic" anymore.

Still, those might be some last minute things to consider too perhaps for somebody out there.  

So I’ll just say there are pros and cons to both and leave it at that. Neither one is really "better" because you can find fun chicks in both areas like I said so it doesn't really matter too much in my opinion.

I think it also depends on how much you fetishize Latinas too. If you found this article by googling the question posed in the title, I imagine you probably do fetishize Latinas.

If you do, then probably Latinas by default are "better at sex" for you personally.

But that's all I got to say.

If you got anything to say, drop a comment below.

And follow my Twitter here.

Thanks for reading.

Best regards,


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