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Mejorar la Raza en América Latina

On the night of my birthday, a Mexican gal named Jovi came to spend the night with me.

Fool around and go out for drinks.

While we were fucking both before going out for drinks and in the morning, she would moan out “dame hijos blancos.”

Now, being honest with you, it was always my idea for her to say that.

We’ve gotten to know each other’s sexual fetishes well and she knows that I really go crazy at the idea of getting a brown chick pregnant.

“Colonize her womb with the White Man seed”

“Conquer her bloodline”

“Give her white children”

So on and so on.

As for her, she’s more turned on by the idea of experimenting.

Having a threesome.

Having sex with another chick.

Though, as I’ve gotten to know her, it does seem like she is mostly or entirely attracted to foreign men as I wrote here.

But not of any particular race.

As long as you ain’t Mexican, then she likes you.

Still, as we laid in bed after sex that night before going out for drinks, we had some casual conversation in bed about whatever.

One of the topics was if I really wanted to “mejorar su raza.”

Meaning “better her race.”

She never took offense at my fetish but did mention to me how she is comfortable with her skin color.

Though she also said that she finds it kinda exciting to have “white kids.”

But, as I said here, she doesn’t just like white dudes but really any foreign dude in general.

As I said, any dude of any skin color that wasn’t born on Mexican soil is good enough for her.

And what did I say in response to her question?

Something like “it does turn me on to give you white kids.”

It’s not that I see white people as being better than non-white people.

For me, it’s just a sexual fetish.

Something in the back of my brain that really enjoys the idea of “spreading my seed” to people who don’t look like me.

And, as I wrote here, I might have gotten her pregnant that night!

Though, after doing some research, I actually doubt that it’s mine.

More research is needed but we’ll find out anyhow with more testing.

Still, the story above illustrates one important topic when it comes to Latin America.

Those simple words she uttered.

“Mejorar la raza.”

In English, that translates to “better the race.”

It usually translates to a supposed preference by Latinos to either procreate with a white person for a lighter skin child or a bias some Latinos have in treating white people better than non-white people.

Now, as I said, I don’t think Jovi is overly into the idea of “having white kids.”

Though I do think there’s a part of her that is slightly excited by the idea but, as I said, she’s really just into anybody that wasn’t born in Mexico.

Why is that?

From my impression, it’s because she’s had bad experiences with Mexican dudes as I wrote here.

Anyway, the idea of “mejorar la raza” can also be seen in other examples in Latin America.

Be it the Latino preference for white people or any rhetoric by locals in Latin America on how it’s better to “improve the race” by having whiter looking kids.

Let’s get into some more examples of the former anyway.

“You All Are Going to Have Some White Children”

Let’s go back to the topic of baby making!

Back when I lived in a Colombian city called Barranquilla, I was dating a Colombian chick named Marcela.

Marcela was completely white.

She did not need me to “mejorar la raza” because she was as white as me.

However, she was basically the only white person in the family.

Her mom, from what I remember, was lighter skinned though.

But everyone else in the family was basically either very light brown or just straight up brown.

With her sister being kinda black looking actually (medium brown skinned with hair that you’d see on a black woman).

It was always my belief that Marcela came from a different man that wasn’t the husband because how she looked so different from the rest of the family.

I never asked though if that was the case but it honestly seemed kinda obvious.

Anyway, I remember her mom giving me some comments that reflect a bit of “mejorar la raza.”

For one, I remember her telling Marcela about how “we were going to have white looking children.”

Which would be true – we were both white.

And she would say stuff like “que bien. Van a tener hijos muy lindos así.”

Or “you all are going to have some beautiful children that way.”

Even funnier than that?

She once said casually about how “Karla” needs to find a similar man.

Karla being her non-white sister that looked kinda black.

Thankfully, Karla wasn’t in the room since that might’ve been awkward.

“Yes Karla, go out there and fuck a white man already! We want grandchildren!”

Which, as a side point, I can at least get why the mom would make some comments about Karla.

The chick didn’t have a job nor study and she stayed in the house 24/7 doing jack shit while inching closer to her 30s.

Yeah Karla – get off your ass and do something already!

If you ain’t going to work, get us some grandkids at least!

Though, based on the comments by mom (among others that could be said), I think the mom would’ve preferred Karla to have whiter looking kids.

But enough of finding a white man!

What about a white woman?

The Latino Man Desire for White Pussy

Similarly in Colombia, I knew a Colombian guy named Andres.

We were casual friends that went out drinking all the time at around midnight at small corner stores.

And the dude had a STRONG preference for white women in general.

Sometimes he would try to pressure me into going to whore houses because “THEY GOT PAISAS MAN! PAISAS!”

Paisa being a word for women from Medellin basically.

Who, while not always, tend to be whiter looking from what I remember.

And on his Facebook?

You’d see pictures of him hanging out on dates with random white chicks that were almost always foreigners.

There was some German chick I remember that he had good relations with.

Why did he like white girls anyhow?

Honestly, I think it was just a fetish for him in the same way that it’s a fetish for me to get brown skins pregnant.

A man wants to “conquer” the bloodline of women that don’t look like him.

Though I do think there was some bias he had for white chicks too because of perceived status behind them.

In the same way that some “gringo hunter” Latinas might prefer a white foreigner because of the assumption that he has more money or whatever else.

For Andres, I remember him commenting casually once when talking about this in which he said something like “too many low class chicks” in this country.

Which is funny to think about since he liked to frequent whore houses when he had the dough.

Not exactly sure if he’s going to find Miss Religious TradWife in one of those.

But, to keep it short, part of me thinks that he preferred white chicks – and especially white foreign ones – because it made him look better.

Like a dude who wants a hot chick by his side to show others that he gets HOT PUSSY.

A status symbol.

And, in his eyes, it became clear to me that he saw white foreign chicks as such.

Would he take that perception to having kids also?

Having whiter looking kids as some form of status symbol?

I never asked him about “what skin color does he want his kids to be” but I can only imagine the mental process would go from “white women are a status symbol” to “white kids are a status symbol too.”

But you be the judge.

Anyway, let’s cover one example in contrast on how some Latinos are not necessarily having a preference for white people but have a bias against them.

“Better than a Gringo”

Speaking of my past relationships, I had one with a Mexican chick named Brenda.

She wasn’t white and neither was anyone in her family.

Anyway, to keep it short, her brother hated me for various reasons.

Someone hacked her Facebook account.

He, being a computer expert, helped her get it back.

While helping her, he found our Facebook messages.

Read all the private details.

Hated me sense.

Why did he hate me?

A few reasons.

For one, I was an atheist.

Second, he learned that I “worked” in the porn industry by promoting affiliate links.

Third, he realized that she had sex with me when she thought that she was a virgin. So while thinking she was a virgin, he LOST HIS SHIT when he read our sex messages between us.

Where we sent each other nudes and she’d say shit like “cum inside me papi. I want your white seed.”

Even though she wasn’t a virgin when we began dating, he thought that she was and that I was a “bad foreigner” stealing her virginity and using her.

Since then, he’d harass her by calling her “whore” and even had a meltdown crying at some family gathering that she told me about.

Completely lost his shit.

Anyway, for a brief period, she told him that we weren’t together when we really were just so he’d not have another meltdown crying and yelling “WHORE” at family gatherings.

And I remember her telling me that they had a family dinner together after the family had already met me but thought we weren’t together.

He said to her something like how “she should stick to her own kind.”

And that was it.

If I had to guess, her brother, while hating me for various reasons, probably was also not a fan of the “mejorar la raza.”

Based on everything she told me about him (among other things not mentioned here), it seemed like he was more of a “viva la raza” type of guy.

“No White Man, no! You can’t fuck our women! NOOOOOOOOOOO!

Deje a nuestras mujeres en paz. ¡No me dejarás ningúna pussy!”

Anyhow, let’s get away from my personal examples of “mejorar la raza” and go into some more noteworthy ones that made the news.

The Venezuelans Are Improving the Peruvian Race!

For those who don’t know, Peru took in a lot of Venezuelan immigrants over the last some odd years.

Similar to Colombia.

And Venezuelans tend to be either whiter or blacker looking than Peruvians on average.

Among Peruvians, you got a lot more indigenous ancestry.

And you got some Peruvians of whiter looking appearance.

Among some who are more Asian and a few black looking ones also.

But Venezuelans tend to be whiter looking on average than Peruvians for sure.

Anyway, this video here made the news online some time ago of a Venezuelan chick saying how the Venezuelans are “improving the race” in Peru.

And, to my surprise, this idea seems to be all the rage among Venezuelans in Peru and maybe even among some Peruvians?

Here's some other videos I found.

"Venezuelans insult Peruvians and say that they have an indigenous face."

"Venezuelans have come to improve the race -- Venezuelans in Peru."

"Venezuelan says that he came to improve the Peruvian race."

"Peruvians want to improve their race."

Well shit!

If you have endless Peruvian women spreading their legs to "improve the race," can anyone give them my number?

Not that I truly believe in this idea but I don't mind an endless stream of Peruvian pussy!

Who wouldn't?!?

Tell them to arrive at my place with some food prepared also.

I like tacos!

Wait, that's Mexican?


Not a big fan of ceviche because I don't like fish...

I'll take an empanada with my Peruvian Pussy, please!

And thank you!

Jokes aside, that’s a recent example anyway.

Let’s go into an historical example next.

Improving the Race on a Societal Scale

There were historical efforts by both the Brazilian and Argentine governments to “improve the race” in their respective countries.

The idea stemmed from “social Darwinism” in which the idea being that the country will improve socially and economically if you have more white people.

Therefore, both countries encouraged more immigration from European countries.

From what I remember in school, a lot of the immigrants tended to be poorer ones who were looking for better employment opportunities.

Not all of them perhaps.

Anyway, you can read more about that here as an example.

And, in the case of Argentina, you even had efforts to reduce the amount of black people in society.

It used to be the case that Argentina had A LOT more black people around Buenos Aires.

Nowadays, you won’t see that many black Argentines AT ALL.

For example, when I spent time in Buenos Aires, I actually found it strange to see a black person walking by as you can see here.

I’m not trying to make it seem like it’s seeing a white dude in a small Chinese village close to Mongolia but you truly don’t see THAT MANY black people there.

Unless it’s a black foreigner like an American or something.

So what the fuck happened?

Why were there so many more black folks in the past than now?

The answer basically breaks down to three factors from what I remember.

First, as you can read here, you had yellow fever spreading through Argentina that affected poorer communities with less access to healthcare at one point. The poorer communities tended to be blacker looking on average.

Second, you had the black population being diluted from mixing with whites among other factors that impacted their population numbers as you can read here

At any rate, as you can see in the sources above, Argentina used to have a stronger black population but much of that was wiped out of society with some black Argentines remaining to be fair.

But not like how it was before.

Which, if I had to guess, might even influence how Argentines look at and understand Argentine today.

Argentine President: we came from boats, Brazil from jungle

Next, let’s return to Peru and Mexico.

Sterilizing the Indigenous

Another way that some societies down here have tried to “mejorar la raza” is by sterilizing the indigenous communities in their respective societies.

As you can see here, that was the case in Peru once!

And, as you can see here, the same has happened in Mexico also!

At any rate, let’s wrap this up.

Final Thoughts

While I have my own sexual fetishes to “spread my bloodline with women of another race” like Andres probably does, I don’t believe white people are better than non-white people.

There’s an obvious difference between fetishes and carnal sexual impulses and political beliefs.

What else is there to say?

Well, I do believe some of the examples above also illustrate not only a bias for white people in Latin America but also colorism in general.

Colorism in which someone gives preference or bias for someone of a whiter skin color even if that person isn’t entirely white.

Like a light skin blacked person being biased against a darker skinned person.

You could see the same in the Dominican Republic in terms of how Haitians are treated.

Haitians being blacker on average than your typical Dominican even though most (though some) Dominicans are not white.

I’m sure there’s plenty of other examples on the topic of “mejorar la raza” in Latin America.

Personal and historical examples out there.

And, as I said, not every Latino thinks this way.

Some are even the opposite and HATE the idea of men of another race fucking “their women.”

Meanwhile, you have those who are “proud of their race” or “viva la raza.”

And, being honest, I think most Latina women don’t consciously hunt down white men to “majorar la raza.”

You do have some gringo hunters though as I wrote here.

But, despite not consciously hunting down white men, I also think that white men have an easier time down here dating wise than the locals assuming said white dude wasn’t a complete loser back home.

And one of the things that gives white guys an edge, among other things, is the preconceived notion that we have more money and could provide better.

Or that we are “better educated” and “well-travelled.”

Along with maybe some idea about how “there are European standards of beauty” that are more prevalent or something.

Anyway, that’s all I got to say on the topic.

The topic of “mejorar la raza” does exist in Latin America.

If you have any comments or examples to bring up, drop them below in the comment section.

And follow my Twitter here.

Thanks for reading.

Best regards,


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Dazza - October 30, 2021 Reply

There is an excellent Peruvian documentary that should still be on You Tube about this subject called


Without going too much into it, when they talk about people ‘mejorar la raza’ they mean Robert Redford and Heidi Klum types, not some fat redneck from Arkansas (or from Grimsby in my country or wherever…) with daft shorts and a back-to-front baseball cap. Not every white person in the world can ‘mejorar la raza’ from what I know about it and besides, won’t the likes of Jovi have some Spanish ancestry even if it is a sole great-great-great grandparent?

    Matt - October 30, 2021 Reply

    “won’t the likes of Jovi have some Spanish ancestry even if it is a sole great-great-great grandparent?”

    You could argue that about anyone actually.

    Almost all of us have some mixed heritage.

    Though, to an American like myself, Spain is white anyhow. I’m actually not sure if Latinos in Latin America truly see a difference between Spanish and say British heritage but no American really cares about that difference.

    But in Latin America, I’d imagine even most white Latinos have some mixed race in them somewhere. Some indigenous, black or maybe middle eastern ancestor somewhere.

    “Without going too much into it, when they talk about people ‘mejorar la raza’ they mean Robert Redford and Heidi Klum types, not some fat redneck from Arkansas (or from Grimsby in my country or wherever…) with daft shorts and a back-to-front baseball cap.”

    You’d say that but it doesn’t seem true, does it? We all know of the abundance of examples online, on TV shows and in real life of completely normal dudes or even literal losers coming down to Latin America and getting women easier than back home. It almost makes you wonder if the random chick from Manaus, Brazil even knows of those stereotypes you speak of. Of course, if you laid it out in those terms, any chick would pick the more sophisticated male (of any race) than the backwards type. But, as I said and as you can see with all the examples out there, there’s seemingly not too much of a challenge even for the backwards type to get pussy and/or start a family down here with a chick whose children will look whiter than her previous generations.

    Of course, it’s not perfect for the backwards type. Plenty of cases of them being taken advantage of or whatever issue of the day depending on the couple.

    In some of those cases, it’s similar though to the fetishization of Latinos in the US. But most gals who fetishize them are thinking of some telenovela Latino and not the dude in the kitchen or in the construction site. Similarly, the dudes who fetishize Latinas are thinking of some “exotic” gal and not the chick warming up tortillas in a normal hood of Xela, Guatemala.

    Stereotypes behind the fetishization of any race.

    Though that doesn’t stop some Latinas in Latin America from fucking with white guys if he doesn’t fit the bill. A funny example of that would be this dude who knocked up a Brazilian gal. And, funny enough, he has no money and has to ask mom for some help as you can see here.

    But it’s true anyhow that some stereotype of an Arkamsas dude with a big beer belly and missing teeth is probably going to do less well down here than Mr. Wealthy Stereotype from Manhattan. Though even Arkansas dude — assuming he isn’t a complete stereotype — would perhaps still have the assumption behind him that he has more money if he is a foreigner from the US (of any skin color actually). Well, maybe more than some of the local men making 200 to 400 a month in the age range of the 20s. For some women (and only some), that could get him through the door. When it comes to the “mejorar la raza,” it always came across to me like some Latinos were referencing having a kid of a different skin color. To be fair, there’s not a whole of “mejorando” if the dad is a literal Arkansas stereotype as you put it. Outside of maybe satisfying some rare grandparent’s hope for a whiter looking kid.

    And, being fair, that’s probably how it is in reality. While stereotypes about white folks in Latin America might help some out dating wise as I wrote here (even the Arkansas types), I imagine those who truly think along the lines of “mejorar la raza” are older folks instead of those in the newer generation on average.

    But it also probably depends on other factors too.

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