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Over a year ago, I remember getting into a brief conversation on a chat with some other dude who was living in Mexico.

Some guy from the US that was living in northern Mexico when we were talking.

We agreed on some stuff but we disagreed a bit on other topics like anything to do with dating or politics basically.

From what I could tell, much of the motivation for his time in Mexico boiled down to “escaping leftist politics” and “find a trad wife.”

Though, being honest, I don’t think the dude cared much for actually finding a trad wife.

His behavior with women made it seem to me like he was playing on girls looking for a relationship to fuck them.

Maybe get in a relationship with one occasionally but quickly move on anyhow to the next gal.

For example, while he was seeing some chick from Chiapas or whatever Mexican state she was from, he was talking about having his eyes set on Eastern Europe to find women.

All the while complaining about the “amount of single mothers” in Mexico.

Which I found funny to hear because I rarely meet a single mother in Mexico.

But they do exist for sure!

Anyway, his motivations for living in Mexico did seem a little bit weird to me in some sense.

Primarily because I thought to myself “well, couldn’t he get what he wants back in the US without having to go through the shit that comes with living in another country?”

Let me explain.

No Good Regions in America?

The US is a big ass country.

It’s not little ol’ Guatemala.

Well, to be fair to Guatemala, you even have noticeable differences between the regions that country has also.

But just imagine then the vast differences between different parts of the US.

Which is the point to be made here.

The US is a big fucking country with so many areas to live in.

So, based on what he wanted, he values an area that is politically conservative with conservative women.

Though, as I said, I always had doubts that he truly cared for conservative women but was just playing on the desperate ones wanting a relationship to have sex.

Regardless, let’s throw away my belief about that and take those two values for what they are.

If that’s what he really wanted, why couldn’t he just find that in the US?

When it comes to politics, you got plenty of areas in the US that one could move to that are more conservative.

Don’t like face masks? Move to Florida where they signed a law against enforcing it in schools as you can see here.

Don’t like the vaccine? If you live abroad without official residency anywhere, I can see most of the world and airlines making it difficult to keep traveling in the future if you don’t have a vaccine card.

Of course, time will tell. Some countries like Mexico might stay away from enforcing that but politics change.

Don’t like ANTIFA, feminism and Joe Biden?

Move to some small town in a red district of rural Wyoming.

I’m confident that if you live a chill life in a small town of a red area that ANTIFA isn’t going to kick your ass.

The area might be more religious too with less women who believe in feminism.

And your local mayor will be Joe Deez Nutz instead of Joe Biden.

You don’t have to move to another country to escape all of the above.

Even as the US becomes more liberal with each generation, you’ll still likely always have conservative hotspots that you can enjoy a simple life in.

I can show you even what that life looks like.

Small Town Iowa

Let’s go back to where I come from.

A small town in Iowa.

Iowa is a state that flips back and forth from being red to blue every so often in each presidential election.

Like any state, the more urban cities like Iowa City tend to be more liberal relatively speaking compared to the rest of the state.

If you are scared of ANTIFA and people with leftist ideas, then Iowa City might not be for you!

After all, when I was there last time, I saw a “Bernie Sanders” poster.

Gee Willikers Batman!

Still, you don’t have to live in Iowa City.

You can go to my small town where I was born that is not extremely liberal by any measure.

Or you can go to smaller towns than that where things are very conservative.

So conservative that you even contemplating a life in Mexico will make the locals scratch their heads and think you’re an anti-patriot faggot.

They’ll be wondering why would you ever live in what they’d call a shithole and think you must be some limp dick loser who hates his country.

And does he sleep with brown women down there?

Some might think also that you must hate your own kind if some find out you had sex with non-white gals.

Granted, that’s stereotyping.

Not everyone will think that way.

Definitely not in the town I grew up in.

But you do got some towns in Iowa that are that conservative.

So there’s no shortage of conservative areas for you to move to.

And it doesn’t involve relocating to another country with all the hassle that comes with it.

Still, let’s wrap this up.

The Most Important Above All: Are You Happy?

I actually already wrote on the political angle of this all in this article here about how it’s not necessarily the best decision to leave for political reasons.

And this article I wrote here on social justice warriors, cancel culture and feminism that do exist in countries like Mexico.

When it comes to dating, I did write here that your typical dude will have more success here on average than back home but it’s not a crazy amount of difference usually in my opinion.

But I can get why a dude would come down here for pussy.

Though it might not make sense to do so long term for over a decade if you disregard your other long term plans, I get why some do it.

Still, the broader point above all is for anyone like the guy in the beginning of this article.

Not just him but anyone like him because there’s plenty of other dudes out there who consider relocating to another country for the reasons above.

And I don’t disagree personally with their decision to move abroad.

It very well can benefit their lives and, if it does, then great!

You could argue, for example, that I could’ve found my own happiness by also not moving out of the country but instead moving to another state and just sticking there.

Entirely true!

I didn’t need to move to another country but, given the opportunities I found in life, I began traveling and enjoyed it so much that I stayed abroad as I grew a life elsewhere outside of the country.

If you equally find yourself growing a new life abroad from your own reasons to relocate, then good for you!

That’s awesome!

I only recommend that, before one does relocate outside of the country, they take in the consideration other parts of the US or their respective country to move to before moving down here.

Given how big a country like the US or Canada is for example, you got plenty of places to “escape to” over there.

But, if after taking in that consideration, they still want to move down here, then awesome.

Literally the only point of this article is to just simply recommend that you consider other parts of your country to find happiness first in before looking for it in other countries.

Nothing wrong with looking for it in other countries. Just keep your options open.

And, if you do decide that happiness can be found elsewhere, then I truly hope you find it!

It does for many. So it’s not entirely a crazy idea.

But good luck either way.

And that’s all I got to say.

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Thanks for reading.

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