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Personal Experiences with the Water Shortage in Mexico City

Published October 8, 2021 in Mexico - 0 Comments

When I lived in my first apartment in Mexico City by Roma Norte area, I remember one particular morning.

It was around 9 AM when I woke up with the sounds of Mexico City outside waking me up as they always do.

Despite all the things I love about Mexico City, one of the annoying features is how loud the noise can be outside at times.

From the airplanes overhead to the sound of large trucks to the noise of a homeless person having a mental breakdown to the sound of the taco guy sharpening his knifes to the sound of the large trucks to the sound of vehicles rolling by with audio yelling out SE COMPRAAAA

Among everything else!

So I woke up and got out of bed soon enough to take a shower.

On that day, I remember having to meet up with some chick later in the afternoon anyhow.

Like a gentleman, you want to make sure you are clean and don’t smell like shit for your date, don’t you?

After all, what nice gal is going to fuck a dude that smells like he crawled out of a dumpster?

Maybe a gringo hunter would…

But I got out of bed only to find out that the shower wasn’t working!

No water!

What kind of third world shit is this?

Well, from what I was told by a neighbor, the water has run out.

We’ll have to wait until tomorrow!

And you know what?

My date didn’t fuck me that day.

I blame the lack of shower water!

And while as unfortunate as that might be, it wasn’t the only time that I found myself without water that I paid for already.

No Water by Juanacatlan

Next up, we have another unfortunate incident.

In which I was living by Metro Juanacatlan in Mexico City.

And actually I think I remember two incidents where I didn’t have any water.

One of them being when I woke up and simply found no water in the shower.

And remembered a text message I got from my landlord the day before explaining how the city is turning off our water supply for the day to deal with a water shortage.

Similarly, I remember one other incident where we ran out of water but it wasn’t for the whole day.

After doing a basic workout on the stairs (farmers walk) of that apartment, I was sweaty as hell.

Smelled like shit.

Went to take a shower…

And no water!

Fortunately, we had water later that same day.

After that incident, I didn’t have any water issues for some odd months.

No Water for a Sexy & Steamy Shower

Now, to be fair, I actually don’t remember if we were planning on having shower sex this day…

But I remember one afternoon where my last Mexican girlfriend, whose name is Brenda, came home from working at a hospital.

I happened to be staying the month at her apartment as I had left my crappy apartment by Cuatro Caminos area that almost set on fire as you can read here.

So while crashing at her place before moving away together to a nearby city called Pachuca in Mexico, I was woken up when she got home at around 1 PM.

No longer was I a good man waking up at healthy hours of 9 AM…

Now the afternoon is good enough for me also!

And I had probably gotten used to the noise in Mexico City by this point that it no longer woke me up.

Anyway, she arrived after a long day of working from 5 AM to 1 PM…

And my loving reception to her included the nice greeting of “woman, where’s my sandwich?”

“Oh papi….” She moaned.

Or something like that. I forgot how I greeted her exactly.

And, maybe an hour or two later, we decided to take a shower.

I’m pretty sure we weren’t going to do anything sexual so just a normal shower.

Though I do like playing with tits any opportunity I can….

Though, to my unsatisfaction, I soon learned that a tit grabbing shower was out of the question that day.

No water!

Though I don’t remember when we got our water back then.

Maybe in the same day but definitely in the day after for sure since I have never gone more than a day without water down here.

Until this month of October in 2021…

The Worst Water Shortage of My Time in Mexico City

About a month ago, I moved to a new apartment by Lindavista area of Mexico City.

Very close to the Basilica actually.

It’s in the northern part of the city.

Now, when I first started apartment hunting around here, the general area looked nice enough.

It looked nicer anyway than other neighborhoods that I’ve lived in down here.

And the street I live on specifically is pretty nice actually with some good tourism value nearby and is modern enough.

Plenty of commercial activity and all around feels like a decent spot to be by.

However, I have never lived in this part of Mexico City before – the northern part of it.

So I can’t say if my problem is more common in this specific part of the city than elsewhere.

Or if it’s just the specific apartment I am living in.

But the apartment I am living in has been having plenty of water problems over the last month.

On the first day I found myself with no water in the shower, I yelled out in agony at my apartment in Lindavista...

"I've been bamboozled! This area isn't at all linda! It's FEA!!!"

Haha jaja haha jaja bad joke bad joke haha jaja haha jaja...

Where literally all of the water in the building is shut off for a day or even two days at a time.

Over the last month, I’ve probably gone maybe 5 days without water at most?

About 4 to 5 days.

Or about a 6th of the month at most.

Somewhat annoying actually.

I’d move out by November 1st if it wasn’t for the fact that I need to wait for my bank to send me another debit card.

On top of that, the apartment also comes with a cute dog that makes me happy and would feel like an ass leaving it so soon since I’m pretty sure I’m his only friend.

Otherwise, I’d be already thinking of moving to another apartment in the same area around Lindavista because I want to stay in this area longer but the water issue is kinda annoying.

But I already have a card being sent my way and I have no idea when it’ll arrive.

Could be a month from what I’m told!

But I have no idea because I’ve never had anything arrive to me from the US before.

The last time someone tried sending me something was when an aunt died last year and I waited 2 months for some letter regarding her inheritance to arrive.

And it never did!

Still, outside of the water issue, this place isn’t too bad but the few days out of the month without water have been annoying.

And it really goes into a deeper issue all around as you can see here.

Water Crisis in Mexico City

As you can see in this video here, it’s not uncommon for Mexico City to have a water shortage in areas of the city.

Where you supposedly have millions going without water from time to time in the city.

For me, it’s never been an issue until I moved to this specific apartment where I’m at now.

Like I said, I’ve had the occasional one day out of the year without water but not 5 days in a month.

Funny enough, I’ve never had this water issue in the rest of Latin America.

No matter where I’ve been.

Mexico City is definitely worse on this issue but, from what I’ve heard, apparently there are other cities in Latin America that have faced similar issues.

Like the Brazilian city of São Paulo as you can see here.

Anyway, I’ll leave the more technical discussion for the cause of these water shortages to those in the videos and other sources like this one here.

"Much of the city's water supply comes from an underground aquifer that is being drained at an irreplaceable rate. As the aquifer is drained, Mexico City is sinking downwards rapidly at twenty inches per year. Despite heavy flooding and rainfall, the city is facing a water shortage."

All of the above has simply been my experience with it.

If you have anything to add, drop a comment below in the comment section.

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Thanks for reading.

Best regards,


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