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Social Justice Warriors & Cancel Culture in Latin America

Published February 10, 2021 in Personal Stories & Opinions - 1 Comment

While part of a Telegram chat for foreigners who either live or visit Latin America…

There used to be another guy in the chat with the name Matt.

Same name as me!

Who had a strong preference for living in Latin America for a variety of reasons.

One of those reasons, as I went into deeper detail here, was to escape what he perceived to be people of “far left” political orientation.

Specifically, he didn’t seem to be a fan of ANTIFA, Joe Biden or “social justice warriors” who want to engage in activities like removing statues of folks like Christopher Columbus.

Anyway, I was listening to another episode of Expat Files as you can see here.

A podcast basically that goes into detail regarding life in Latin America and it covers a wide variety of topics.

And one of the episodes I was listening to was in regards to “social justice warriors” and if that exists down here.

As a result, I was reminded of my few conversations with the other Matt and his political motivations to move to Latin America.

So I figured I might as well cover this topic too since it does seem to motivate some individuals to moving down here.

Which is to escape what they perceive to be “social justice warriors” and the “cancel culture.”

But are they really escaping it?

Or are they moving to a foreign country in which those perceived issues exist down here also?

Let’s break it down by what evidence we can find online and also my own personal experiences with this topic.

Defining SJWs and Cancel Culture

Let’s first define what the perceived problems are.

Social Justice Warriors.

Cancel Culture.

What do these terms mean?

Well, social justice warrior was always a term that I spent a while not truly knowing what the exact definition is for it.

It always seemed like it was basically a term for any person who is politically to the left, who engages in some form of activism and with whom you have to walk on egg shells as it seems they look for reasons to get offended.

But taking my perception as to what I always considered the term to mean in practice…

Let’s go to the ultimate academic source on terms people want to understand: Urban Dictionary.

According to Urban Dictionary here, there are different definitions of “social justice warrior” that we can use. I’ll copy and paste a few of them below here.

“To simplify things, a Social Justice Warrior, or SJW, are often thought to ruin everyone's fun and free speech. They force censorship, blame crap on gamers, and other things of this nature. The SJW anthem explains this. P.S: They're known for getting triggered.”

Then we have this definition below…

“Adjective (derogatory)

1: A racist, sexist, bigoted, kakistocratic, puritanical, sanctimonous, fascistic, cultural marxist, socialist, post-modernist, cultist, supremacist vigillante.

2: Useful idiot, guiliable, sophmoric, impulsive, reactionary (with little to no knowledge of world history, politics, economics or life experience) who wages war in the online and public arena in the name of "equality".

3. Un/witting cause of great "Joeseph Macarthy"-esque damage to public/private figures by hate mob, ostracisation and shame, deluded in the belief that they are helping the world in their projection of personal insecurites onto others.”

Then we have cancel culture.

I’ve always come to understand cancel culture as basically a group of people trying to dox someone and ruin their life in some capacity (having them lose their employment or family) because the person in question said or did something that is not deemed acceptable by the group of people whose grievances are usually political in nature.

But let’s refer back to Urban Dictionary for how other people define it also.

“A desire to cancel out a person or community from social media platforms. It is characterised by the response of an evil individual when they are shown to be wrong. They will call on their followers to report the social media accounts of the person or group that did the criticising rather than discussing the criticism or showing by evidence where the criticism is incorrect. Narcissists make up the majority of the people who engage in cancel culture, and others who do this would include immature individuals.”

Then we have this definition here….

“A controversial social trend characterized by use of electronic communication usually in the form social media; mob mentality; the acting of individuals not appointed by any government as accuser, judge, jury, and executioner regarding a perceived (often not actually illegal or thoroughly investigated) moral infraction; and deliberate use of shaming to damage to the victim's financial, psychological, and social well- being as punishment rather than usual forms of justice.”

I feel that essentially sums it up well.

Let's bring a comedic example of cancel culture as well from the Boondocks below. 

So now that we have some definitions of both of these things to work with…


Do they exist in Latin America?

Let’s break it down by covering some examples of both before diving into my own personal opinions on this subject.

Spanish Terms for Social Justice Warriors

So do social justice warriors exist in Latin America?

Well, Latinos sure seem to think so since they have terms for them!

For example, there is an actual phrase for them in Spanish like there is in English.

The translation for “social justice warrior” in Spanish is “guerreros de la justicia social.”

Another term being “justiciero social.”

There’s even a Wikipedia article for these two terms in Spanish as you can see here!

Though, in my experience living in Mexico, I haven’t heard anyone use those terms.

And if we were to look at that Wikipedia article in greater detail, we’d see most of the examples they bring up of a “guerrero de la justicia social” are in regards to those outside of Latin America.

However, from my perspective, Mexicans seem more down to use the word “chairo” in reference to a social justice warrior as you can read more about here.

At any rate, that’s the only slang I know of that is similar to what I perceive to be a social justice warrior.

If anyone knows any other slang words (especially those used in other countries that are not Mexico), please let me know in the comment section below so I can include it here.

Anyway, so we have terms for these folks in Spanish…

But are there any real world examples of them down here?

Well, let’s look at some examples…

Penis Seats & Butts on Screen in CDMX

According to this article here, there was once a collaboration in Mexico City in 2017 between UN Women and the Mexico City government to raise awareness about sexual harassment against women on the metro.

How were they going to do that?

Well, they decided to change the appearance of a seat on the metro where it would look like the lower part of a male body, including with a visible penis as well.

Here is a video of the seat and some of the reactions by the folks seeing it down here.

After that project, the same article above goes on to explain how both organizations decided to put money together for a second project.

In which they would have something called “experimento pantallas” where installed cameras would take shots of butts of random men and put it on some screen.

So I guess we should fight sexual harassment with more sexual harassment?

It’s even funnier to wonder how much tax pay money – if any – was spent on these campaigns.

Furthermore, I’ve always been curious if these types of campaigns actually bring the type of awareness to the issue that these organizations are looking for?

Or does it piss off more people against the organizations in question and/or make them look like a joke?

I’m not sure since I couldn’t find any polling on this subject obviously.

Probably no academic was given international funding to look into such a thing…

Unlike the penis seat idea.


Feminists Protesting in Mexico

Just the other day about two months ago more or less, there was apparently some relatively big protest literally passing by where I live.

Basically a bunch of feminists got together and caused a little bit of a mess near Metro Insurgentes of Mexico City.

And I remember businesses boarding up their buildings and all.

I was actually asleep when it happened so I was only told about it afterwards.

But, from what I heard, it was overall peaceful basically.

Though it’s not always…

During 2020, there was a much bigger protest all across Mexico by feminists groups pissed off about issues like violence against women.

So they ended up fucking shit up basically.

And not just in the liberal hotspot of Mexico City!

At the time, I was living in Pachuca, Hidalgo and we had some protest there too.

The protest there was relatively peaceful to the Mexico City one despite all of the vandalism by spray painting all around the city.

However, Mexico City got it so bad that they ended up putting barricades about the Angel of Independence Statue and those barricades are still up last I checked.

Here’s some videos below showing all of the violence from these protests in Mexico and Chile.

Taking Down Statues?

When foreigners complain about SJWs in the US as one of their reasons for wanting to go south of the border…

They sometimes seem to bring up the issue of statues.

With all the efforts to take down statues of certain confederate soldiers and whoever else these days.

Well, same thing can happen in Latin America also.

First, this article here goes on about how the statue of Diego de Mazariego, the founder of the Mexican city of San Cristobal de las Casas, was brought down in 1992 by an indigenous protest.

Second, a bunch of indigenous folks in the Colombian city of Popayán brought down the statue of Spanish conquistador Sebastián de Belalcázar on September 16, 2020 according to this article here.

Third, you have this video here of feminist protesters fucking up that Angel of Independence statue in Mexico City as I mentioned before.

Fourth, statues of the Spanish conquistador Pedro de Valdivia were damaged quite badly in the Chilean cities of Concepción and Temuco according to this article here.

Damn, what is it with Latinos not liking Spanish conquistadors?!

But there’s plenty of hate for other historical figures also!

Fifth, it is reported in this article here that a statue dedicated to the Argentine ex-President Julio Argentino Roca was removed in the city of Rio Gallegos due to efforts to widen the lanes of the avenues where it was located. However, there was always a demand to remove the statue earlier due to the role Roca had in “Conquest of the Desert” that killed lots of indigenous people in the Patagonian desert.

Sixth, there has also been a similar debate here in Paraguay to eliminate statues of former dictator Storessner. In 1991, a statue of him was taken down in the city of Lambaré as you can read here.

Seventh, in the Uruguayan city of Salto, they seem to have less of a problem with statues of Spanish conquistadors and dictators and more of an issue with soccer player Luis Suarez as you can read here.

Eighth, protesters attacked the statue of ex-Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez in Bolivia as you can read here. Though that might make people on the right more happy than those on the left in this particular case.

Ninth, to make right-ring activists happy, here’s another statue of Hugo Chavez brought down in Venezuela this case.

You see? It’s not just left wing people who hate statues either.

The left and the right have so much in common!

Tenth, protesters tried bringing down the statue of “Isabel La Catolica” in the city of Quito as you can read here.

Anyway, those are just 10 written examples I could find with even few for right-wing protesters!

Also, please note how most of the examples above are not taken place in the capital cities of these countries and how statues being brought down is a thing that seems to happen in most Latin countries.

So you can’t say it only happens in the most liberal parts of Latin America from Buenos Aires to Montevideo.

Here are some videos below anyway of people fucking statues up in Latin America just so we have something more visual.

Anyway, let’s move on!


Even though the definitions of a SJW above did not specifically say necessarily that you have to be a communist…

This article, as I said in the beginning, is really for folks who are trying to escape “SJWs” and “cancel culture.”

Similar to statues being brought down, they tend to put “communists” into the same group as “SJWs.”

So let’s just briefly ask ourselves…

Are there people with very far left leaning beliefs that these same foreigners would label as “communists?”

Well, aside from the fact that I have seen communist marches in Mexico City at least twice off top of my head.

One literally outside my apartment window a few years ago.

And despite the fact that countries like Cuba, Venezuela, Bolivia and Nicaragua are run by presidents to the left.

And despite how you have actual Socialist parties that have run federal elections down here with successful politicians rising to power like Michelle Bachelet, Evo Morales, Hugo Chavez and Maduro, Fidel Castro, Luis Arce, Daniel Ortega, Rafael Correa, Lenin Moreno, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, Néstor Kirchner and many others…

Also, we can just ignore the fact that you have had actual terrorist or militant groups with far leftist leanings running around this region, including the Shining Path, EZLN, FARC, ELN and many more…

We also have nice footage of communist and socialist events in Latin America that you can watch here below.

Violent Protests in General

Outside of the violent feminist protests in Mexico as mentioned way above…

Do we have any other examples of violent protests in Latin America?

I did some research to find footage of violent protests with political leanings behind them.

And included videos below here for you all to enjoy watching in Mexico and the rest of Latin America.

Anyway, if you want me to include a section for anything else related to this topic, let me know in the comment section and I might look into it.

But let’s now address cancel culture before giving my opinion on this subject.

Spanish Term for Cancel Culture

Does cancel culture exist in Latin America?

Well, at the very least, we have a Spanish term for it known as cultura de la cancelación.

Here is the Wikipedia article that exists for this term.

But what examples do we have of it happening in Latin America?


In Buenos Aires, Argentina, there is some art group called Fundacion ArteBA that recently started to be run by a guy named Juan Carlos Lynch.

Anyway, the dude started to get a lot of heat when activists started to run through photos on his Instagram account that members of an activist group called Nosotras Proponemos found offensive.

Anyway, the photos apparently were accused or promoting “sexism, misogyny, racism and fat phobia.”

Well, if you want to find good examples of some of the stuff he posted that apparently pissed so many people off…

Just click on this article here (it’s in Spanish) but keep scrolling about a third of the way down in the article and you will see an image that has like 6 of his Instagram posts put together to be seen.

Sex Tourism in Colombia

Probably one of the better examples of people trying to “cancel” others down here is in regards to sex tourism.

Though the anger that the locals have regarding this only seem to apply in very specific cities of Latin America that happen to have a lot more sex tourists than others.

For example, as you can read here, there was this guy who came to Colombia to basically organize “boot camps” on how to help other men with getting laid with Colombian women.

He was also accused of harassing women from my understanding.

Ultimately, the locals found out and there was activist pressure against him.

It eventually resulted also in the Colombian government looking to see if he has the legal right to run the boot camps.

To which he ultimately had to stop running them and leave Colombia basically.

Too bad...

Maybe he could've taught us how to get the girls.

Well, I guess there's other helpful videos on this subject...

Next up, you have an Australian guy that you can read about here who tends to post images on his Instagram that are sometimes more sexually provocative in my opinion.

But the image that really pissed off a lot of people was one he made of “typical women you see in Medellin” that you can see in this article here.

It wasn’t even really sexual in my opinion.

Anyway, the dude never got cancelled but I did find some folks on Twitter calling for and wanting him to be cancelled.

Assumingly from social media like Twitter or Instagram.

You can find his Instagram here.

Down with the Governor!

Next up, we have a governor in Puerto Rico known as Ricardo Rosselló Nevares.

What happened here is that this dude apparently had a Telegram conversation with other administrative officials when he apparently made that apparently promote “machista violence”

Anyway, part of the issue with what this dude said was apparently he isn’t in favor of education with a “gender perspective” and apparently wants to promote laws that don’t favor the human rights of women.

Whatever that means specifically in what those laws would do and what a education with a “gender perspective” means is not clear to me.

The chat dialogue that they have leaked also is apparently 889 pages long and also contains “offensive, sexist, misogynistic and homophobic” comments in regards to other public and private figures.

But anyway local activists from a group called “Coalición Puertorriqueña contra la Violencia Doméstica y la Agresión Sexual” formed a protest against him in San Juan demanding his resignation.

You can read the article here.

The Case of J Balvin

For those who don’t know, J Balvin is a Colombian artist who produces reggaeton music from my understanding.

Anyway, the dude found himself in some trouble a short time ago when it was reported here that he voiced support for Chris Brown (who has gotten into trouble for assaulting Rihanna in 2009 and accused of rape in Paris more recently).

As a result, people on Twitter were posting shit about J Balvin being cancelled.

Now, to be fair, I went on Twitter to see how many of the people calling for this dude to be cancelled were from the US versus being from Latin America.

Because I imagine most Latinos in Latin America wouldn’t give too many fucks about his support for Chris Brown.

From what I could see, a noticeable amount of the people posting for him to be cancelled seem to be from the US but I also found plenty of accounts that seem to be from Latin America.

If I had to guess, those Latin American accounts are probably of individuals who have either spent time in the US, have family in the US or just have a stronger interest in American culture perhaps.

Because most folks I know in Latin America probably don’t know who Chris Brown is – at least among the people I know personally.

But I suppose it is an example of Latinos in Latin America joining in on wanting a person cancelled down here.

The Right Man for the Job?

Since most of this article is quite heavily focused on the Spanish speaking parts of Latin America…

Here’s an example from Brazil.

Now keep in mind that I don’t speak Portuguese so it was hard finding local cases of people trying to cancel someone in Brazil.

But thankfully the international media has me covered on this one.

According to this BBC article, some dude in 2013 named Marco Feliciano was appointed to the Human Rights and Minority Commission.

As implied by the name, this commission overlooks sensitive human rights issues and offers suggestions on possible legislation to be proposed in Brazil.

Anyway, it came out that the dude apparently has racist and homophobic beliefs.

A two for one deal!

Not just a racist or not just a homophobe.

Apparently he made this comment on Twitter:

“Africans descend from an ancestry cursed by Noah". He also argued that "the curse that Noah cast on his grandson, Canaan, spills over on the African continent, hence the famine, pestilence, disease, ethnic wars!".

And he goes on…

“"rot of homosexual feelings leads to hatred, crime, rejection".

So he definitely has opinions!

And those opinions pissed off so many people that they tried to cancel him in protests demanding his resignation.

Anyway, more details can be found in this article here.

And it looks like I was able to find a video of what I think are people protesting this guy.

Protests at the Chilean Ministry of Defense

According to this article here, there were protests by human rights groups at the Ministry of Defense in Chile in 2018.

They wanted the commander in Chief, Ricardo Martinez, to resign because of a tribute he did to a guy named Miguel Krassnoff

For those who don’t know, Miguel Krassnoff was a Chilean military official involved in the coup against former Chilean President Salvador Allende in 1973.

Did they ever cancel Ricardo? 

According to his Wikipedia article here, it seems like he is still around.

So they tried to cancel him but it didn’t look to be successful.

Anyway, I looked up videos on this subject and it seems to be a reoccurring issue in Chile or at least that is my impression.

Racism in Guatemala?

In Guatemala, there is this chick who is a Nobel Peace Prize winner known as Rigoberta Menchú who was demanding, along with her supporters I assume, the resignation of the Chancellor of Guatemala, Harold Caballeros.

What did Harold do?

“He a racist ass mutherfucker!”

OK, OK, those were not her exact words.

But basically she called him a racist for statements that he made that she argues were minimizing the deaths of 8 indigenous people who were killed when the military was trying to evict people protesting in a place in Guatemala known as Totonicapán.

At any rate, Harold pushed back against the people criticizing his statements by calling them assholes and donkeys on Twitter.

For more information, check this article out here.


In Chihuahua, Mexico, there was political pressure by LGBT collectives against a government official known as Catalina Bustillos.

Apparently there was some video that came out of her talking shit about LGBT people basically with this video that shows a bit of what she said. 

Anyway, as you can read in this article here, apparently she got punished for her comments with a criminal complaint even filed against her.

And this article here goes on about how some official organization called “La Sala Regional Guadalajara del Tribunal Electoral del Poder Judicial de la Federación” had determined that her statements were political violence based on gender.

The Homophobia Continues

In 2019, there was a candidate running for the presidential election in Bolivia known as Chi Hyun Chung.

Who apparently made the comment that people in the LGBT community should receive “psychiatric treatment.”

From my understanding from reading what he said, it seems like he was implying that people in the LGBT community are the way they are due to sexual violence in the past.

At any rate, the dude got a lot of heat for it, especially from the “El Colectivo LGBT” in Bolivia who sent a letter denouncing the guy to the “National Committee to Combat Racism and All Discrimination.”

More information in this article here.

Did he become president?


Trump Cancelled in Panama?

A few years ago, it was reported in the media here that there was a business conflict between Trump and a hotel that that his branding on it in Panama City.

Essentially, the management in Panama went through the legal process to get Trump’s involvement and branding off the hotel.

Though the New York Times reported here that “Todo indica que el origen del conflicto es un asunto de negocios, no política”

Essentially saying in English that the conflict is not political but instead just a simple business issue…

Evidence from the conflict seems to suggest otherwise.

First, it’s quite clear that the Trump name is heavily politicized these days and so that will obviously hurt their business to a degree in terms of discouraging a certain number of customers from choosing their hotel in Panama City, Panama.

Then there is this quote from this article here:

“Fintiklis, who manages the Miami-based private equity fund Ithaca Capital, has alleged financial misconduct by Trump Hotels dating back years and has said Donald Trump's statements on immigration have destroyed his brand in Latin America.”

For those who don’t know, Fintiklis is also the “private equity investor who boutgh a majority of the units in the Panama property and then sought to drop the Trump Organization's management company and brand” as you can read here.

And when the Trump brand was removed and the Trump Organization’s management company was fired…

You can see in this Twitter video here Fintiklis was caught playing a Greek song on the piano in the hotel lobby.

According to this article here, that Greek song is apparently an anti-fascist anthem.

Not political?

Meanwhile, it sure seems like the guests and nearby tourists were not always fond of the Trump brand either.

This article by the BBC here shows a picture of tourists looking to have their picture taken with the Trump branding removed.

With this article here also claiming that guests to the hotel were sick of seeing Trump’s name on the menu, including cocktails with names such as Tropical Trump, Trump Breeze, Trump Mojito and Trump Rose.

To be fair though, this seems more like an example of largely non-Latinos trying to cancel Trump than actual Latinos from Latin America.

But being it is located in Panama City, Panama, I imagine the Trump branding has also hurt the profits of the hotel given it is located in Latin America and how plenty of Latinos are not a fan of Trump in general.

Ultimately, while this isn’t an example of being cancelled on social media, it is more of an example of someone being cancelled in terms of business in Latin America.

Final Verdict

So do “social justice warriors” exist in Latin America?

And cancel culture as well?

First and foremost, they both do obviously exist down here as shown in the many examples above.

There’s no question about it.

They even exist in areas that are less urban and more conservative.

And happen to be to be all over the place in any part of Latin America – not just Buenos Aires to Montevideo.

Having said that, in my personal experience…

Is that you will, as you can expect, probably find more “social justice warriors” and “cancel culture” in parts of Latin America that are wealthier.

Or more urbanized is probably a better way to put it.

That’s basically what it comes down to in my experience.

Wealthier vs. non-wealthier and urban vs. rural.

That's probably a simplistic way to frame it but I've seen those type of trends in Latin America and the US.

For example, let’s take Mexico City alone where I have been now for a tiny bit.

In this city, you are going to have a much better chance at finding a “social justice warrior” in Roma Norte, Condesa, Polanco or El Centro.

But if you go to Cuatro Caminos area or Santo Domingo de Pedregal…

You are probably going to be OK.

There are reasons for this.

It isn’t so much that the people there are more conservative…

Though that could arguably be the case as perhaps you might be able to argue that those nicer and wealthier areas will have more privileged folks who have the extra time to get angry about everything.

But I see the bigger reason for why those areas have more noticeable “social justice warriors” and protests in general is because they are obvious places to hold a protest to begin with.

If you are holding a protest, you want as many people to be aware about it so that you can bring more attention to your cause.

Nobody is going to do a feminist protest near Cuatro Caminos on the street that I lived on because literally nobody fucking else lived there. I had no neighbors on that street!

So who is going to pay attention?

I could’ve protested everyday on that street and nobody would have noticed or cared.

Overall though…

I’d argue that maybe you can claim that there are less “social justice warriors” in Latin America as a percentage of the population versus what you see or hear about in countries like the US.

I wouldn’t push back against that idea and would agree with that overall.

However, I think it is more complicated than that. Being from a small town in Iowa, these SJWs and cancel culture never were a thought to consider.

Not saying this stuff doesn’t exist there as it does a tiny bit but not really a thing to think about.

Maybe that is different from NYC for example.

And I’d say for sure a place like Mexico City, Bogota or Buenos Aires has more of this than my home town.

Similarly, you’d find more SJWs and cancel culture in Mexico City versus a small town in Hidalgo.

Either way, there are definitely enough SJWs down here for sure with some places having more of them than others.

Though you can find them in any country down here to be fair.

Furthermore, I’d also contend that just about every country down here (if not all of them) are moving more to the left in general over time.

You see it on a variety of issues.

So if your issue with the US is “how far to the left it is…”

Despite the fact that literal self-described socialist candidates have won federal elections down here (among everything else shown in the “Communist” section above)…

Well, I feel not only will you possibly be disappointed by how to the left some communities can be down here…

But you will probably be even more disappointed in the future as most countries keep moving to the left on most issues.

But I say “probably.”

Because, as I wrote in this article here, it seems like it is easy for foreigners to ignore SJWs, cancel culture and identity politics in Latin America versus how it is in the US.

The reasons for that are various from my perspective…

First, it is easier to ignore them if you don’t speak their language.

Second, many gringos (though not all) don’t even pay attention to the news so they might not even know what is going on.

Third, even if they do know, would they care? While some gringos do take an active interest in the daily events of their new location, many others don’t give a shit. Whatever the reason might be, some just don’t give a shit.

Fourth, it is harder to cancel you when you live in a country like Mexico and your income comes from sources abroad that the locals have no fucking idea how to cancel. If it is social security, they can’t stop that income! And even if you are working online, they would still have difficulty not only in getting in canceled but even knowing where the hell the income comes in the first place. In contrast, it is easier to lose your job in the US if you are not self-employed and where your income comes from is more transparent.

The only way I have seen "foreigners" cancelled is like that boot camp guy in Colombia mentioned before. Usually there is an effort to get the person to leave and stay out of the country if it comes to that.

Fifth, I wonder how many guys use the line “I’m here escaping Joe Biden and the SJWs” as a cover for their real reason to want to fuck Latinas, do drugs or whatever really. That’s just a theory but I do wonder how many actually give that much of a shit about “the SJWs.”

Either way, let’s summarize my thoughts here.

  • SJWs and Cancel Culture do exist down here in every Latin country but the degree to which it exists seems to depend on how wealthy or nice an area is.
  • Latin America as a whole has less SJWs and examples of cancel culture than the US generally speaking. However, you can easily find places in the US where this isn’t much of an issue. In that sense, some urban places of Latin America could arguably be worse.
  • Most areas seem to be getting more to the left anyway over time if that is your concern or not.
  • Plenty of literal self-described communists and socialists out in the open down here. Some even becoming presidents.
  • It is easier to not give a shit about SJWs and cancel culture in Latin America for various reasons listed above and also easier to protect yourself from people coming to cancel your ass.

Finally, I don't care personally if people want to protest for whatever cause they believe in. 

This article only serves to inform the folks above in the US or wherever that the politics they wish to escape from back home likely exists down here in a similar but less severe form.

Similar to the first article I wrote on the subject here.

Anyway, that’s all I got to say on the matter.

You know my thoughts on this topic. 

Got any relevant experiences, questions or comments?

Drop them below in the comment section.

Enjoy these last few funny videos to end this topic on.

And follow my Twitter here.

Thanks for reading.

Best regards,


1 comment

Kevin - April 28, 2021 Reply

Yes it’s alive and well in Latin America with cancel culture and social justice warriors but that’s being created by foreign countries hoping to see the downfall of Latin American governments to the US. They only see police as the bad guy while never looking in the mirror. I’ve studied Latin America at it’s worse the last seven years. From researching what happens because there are not enough police to real corrupted police. Where is the real problem I’ve seen? Neighborhoods have their own justice system from capturing who they believe is the bad guy then holding a court on a street corner with conviction sentencing and death within minutes at times. What is unbelievable is all the lynching done by your local neighbor and even worse burning people to death. In 2015 a 15 year old girl was caught by a crowd who said she was with two men who had killed a taxi driver. First the crowd beat her then poured petrol on her and after she died along with the flames they lynched her. Police investigated and was afraid to come out with their findings because there would be either more deaths or very possible the girl was innocent. 25% of the people killed with social justice are usually innocent. For instance one in Brazil a teenager was pointed at as being guilty of stealing an iPhone. A crowd of 25 or more teenagers beat him , stabbed him with screw drivers then had a broken bottle shoved into his stomach. He was innocent and all the kids videoed it!

That’s just a small portion and it’s not just kids it’s middle age and elderly. In one case an elderly woman went to a body that had been burned with a spoon. She wanted to rip out his eyes so his would couldn’t find the gate and would wonder for ever. The police had to fight with her to keep her from doing it! Brazil study in 2015 found 1.5 million people had watched or participated in a lynching in last 60 years. Yes social justice and Cancel culture is alive and well in Latin America. But now it’s on steroids! I have so many other stories but I feel this article I will post will give you a picture that will haunt you! Two young men had been a victim of a fake story on WhatsApp about child abductors. They were innocent and police had just arrested them for a petty crime. The crowd broke them out of the jail they were in then beat them nearly to death then set them on fire. One of their mothers saw the story live on facebook and she saw it was her son. She wrote on facebook he was innocent and not to kill him. Her words were never heard! The picture just shows the flames from their bodies but everyone in the crowd was videoing it live on cell phones. The picture is horrifying and shows yo the truth about the real issues of their social justice warriors!

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