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Apartment Hunting in Pedregal de Santo Domingo & Lindavista

Published September 22, 2021 in Personal Stories & Opinions - 0 Comments

For the last month, I’ve contemplated moving into another apartment in Mexico City.


Well, being honest, the place I have right now actually isn’t bad at all.

It’s arguably one of the nicer places I’ve had in Mexico City.

Still, there’s always some burning desire in me to move to another apartment after every 4 to 6 months.

Truthfully, I simply have some urge to move.

I don’t like staying in one place too long mostly because I just want to keep moving.

A large part of the motivation is to check out new areas that I haven’t been to before.

Additionally, I just feel bored staying in one place too long anyhow.

Ironically though, the first neighborhood I'm going to check out was already a place I lived in before about a year ago.

But it’s a neighborhood that, despite its flaws, I quite like.

A place called Pedregal de Santo Domingo.

As of right now, I’m actually a 2 minute walk from where Pedregal de Santo Domingo begins.

I live literally right on the edge of where it is.

And, about a year ago, I spent 5 months in the area.

With articles I’ve written on the neighborhood like this story here of a guy I know getting robbed and having his hair dyed.

Among other content I’ve written about this neighborhood.

And while it’s not 100% certain that I’ll move there in a week or two, it’s turning out to be the most likely option.

In large part because I got too lazy to look for apartments in other neighborhoods and also because I just signed up to a gym in that same neighborhood.

Now, to be fair, it’s definitely not the nicest neighborhood of Mexico City.

Far from it.

According to this article here, it isn't known either as the safest neighborhood either.

The neighborhood all around looks uglier.

Drug use, at least from what I experienced, is a little more common in the street.

But, having said that, there are things I like about the area.

Why Return to Pedregal?

First, I think I’ve grown to the area in general over enough time down here.

Like how, in my first year living in Mexico City, I grew a liking for the area around Metro Station Insurgentes.

Having spent 5 months there and about 6 months now in the area right next to it, I simply have grown to like the area.

Second, I don’t mind so much the lack of aesthetic appearance in the buildings. I’ve always had experience going into rougher neighborhoods down here in various Latin countries and it doesn’t bother me anymore.

Third, it’s not that dangerous. As you’ll learn in this article, it highly depends on your past experiences in which everything is relative.

Something I wrote more about here.

And also how the danger to this area depends obviously on what part of the neighborhood you live in.

Fourth, there’s no pretentiousness in the locals who live here. No upper class faggoty fresa types. The people here genuinely seem nicer.

Fifth, being honest, this area of Mexico City has the type of woman I really like. Granted, all of Mexico City has nice women so it’s not a factor in deciding where to live. But, given the main university nearby, you simply have lots of nice gals.

Sixth, while there are homeless people, there’s not as many aggressive homeless folks like you see in touristy areas. I can walk outside for 20 minutes or more without one person trying to harass me for money.

Seventh, the street food is, in my opinion, a little bit nicer here.

Eighth, the broader area of Coyoacan and nearby Ajusco have plenty of green spaces I really like.

Ninth, things are all around cheaper (rent, haircuts, food, stolen items being sold on the street, etc).

Tenth, I feel like it’s a new start, no?

Exactly a year ago, I left Pedregal area but developed a habit drinking excessive amount of alcohol when I lived there.

Granted, I liked to drink beforehand to be fair but really my drinking got a lot worse when I moved back to Mexico City and located myself to Pedregal area.

So over that entire year from then to now, I had a rough time going crazy on the alcohol.

To me, it’s going back to where I started.

For some reason, my head thinks very symbolically in that way.

We have to go back to press rewind on the fucking up I did over the last year.

Like it never happened.

Then leave Pedregal a new man.

I already have had a fresh start now on significantly reducing my liquor intake.

And I have been going to a gym consistently now in this same area.

Like Rocky Balboa getting a new start at the gym in Rocky 3 in a not so aesthetically pleasing neighborhood.

I’m following his footsteps.

And when I come out stronger, I’m going to kick some random dude’s ass in the street and fuck his girl right in front of him.

A way to symbolize my new birth.

Though, being honest, that last reason is mostly bullshit because that's not a real reason to move back but I felt like adding a 10th reason just because.

Ten is a better number than 9.

Still, I began my apartment search in Pedregal de Santo Domingo.

Did it work out well?

Now having said all that…

Let’s be fair in saying you could still enjoy much of what I said above (including the nice women) by simply living a tiny bit north of Metro CU area where Pedregal is located.

But, as I said, I feel the urge to move again just because so I’m forcing myself to do so even though I could and do enjoy much of what I said above by staying where I am now.

For example, as I said, I live by Copilco and that is literally only 2 minutes away from Pedregal.

Or I could move a metro station one or two northward and still be in Coyoacan area with many of the benefits mentioned here.

Of course, if you actually move to the area around Metro Coyoacan itself, some of the benefits here are not as likely to be there.

Like things will be a little more expensive, you do have a few more pretentious fresas and aggressive homeless folks, etc.

That’s in large part because that specific area of the broader Coyoacan area is more touristy with more foreigners having heard about it.

Those type of foreigners, in my limited experience, tend to be going for an area that “feels more like a small town” and of which they can somehow feel like they are “in the real Mexico.”

That’s what I’ve heard anyway from a few of them who prefer “Coyoacan.”

And I highlight the word “Coyoacan” in that sentence because it appears to me that most of them have no idea what the rest of Coyoacan looks like.

Similar to a lot of foreigners in Mexico City, they have a very defined area that they stick to based on what they read on the internet regarding where they should live.


I honestly don’t get the logic – how the fuck do you live in Mexico City for an extended period of time and never go outside of the bubble?

Some of them are simply too chicken shit.

Probably mom told them to “NOT GOING ANYWHERE ELSE” and they replied “ok mom.”

I don’t fucking know.

Apartment Hunting Begins

Anyway, so as I said, I decided to go apartment hunting in Mexico City specifically around Pedregal de Santo Domingo.

I’ve decided to take more photos of Mexico City these days so I always have something to look back on.

Here's a few photos of this area as I exit CU Metro station.

Funny enough, I’ve never taken too many photos at all in my 4 years here until recently.

Plus, it’s a good way to show family back home what I’ve been up to.

So I showed up to Metro CU area yesterday as I said.

Once outside the metro, I first went to the gym and spent about 2 hours there from 1 PM to 3 PM.

Then I left the gym a bit sore and got to work.

Right outside the gym was this advertisement here for a place.

Even though I prefer an actual apartment, I basically just took photos of every advertisement I saw.

In part because, from what I’ve seen, it seems like a lot of rental spaces available in this area are for rooms and not apartments.

I always assumed that was because the area is popular for folks looking to study at Mexico’s biggest university (UNAM) that happens to be relatively close by.

Anyway, I basically just walked around for about 2 hours taking photos of any listing I saw.

After walking around for a few minutes, I notice a street that actually didn’t look too bad.

That’s one thing about this area – some streets look much nicer than others and really stick out.

This one didn’t stick out too much but looked slightly nicer to live on.

After walking down it, I noticed a popular street I never noticed before in this area when I lived here last time with some commercial activity and various posters for rent. 

Here’s a photo of this street.

So I ended up walking to one end of it…

The First Apartment

And, along the way, I noticed a listing that didn’t include a phone number but simply said to knock on the door for more info.

That’s one thing I noticed while collecting numbers – it wasn’t uncommon for the number to not be written down and I’d have to knock to check it out in person.

Which, being honest, was something I didn’t want to do but chose to anyway for a handful of these places.

I didn’t like the idea of knocking to check it out NOW because I wanted to go home sooner to rest after working out for 2 hours.

Also, I always assumed that I’d be less likely to get a “gringo price” for any rental if I texted the numbers with my Mexican phone instead of presenting my gringo self in person.

On top of all of that, it seems pretty stupid to me to not have the number already listed.

Like what’s the likelihood they’ll actually be there when anyone knocks? Lots of missed clients they could get otherwise.

On the flip side, I imagine that maybe they’re worried to put their number out there publicly in case any criminal writes their number down and extorts them for money.

Or whatever the reason really.

Anyway, I rung the doorbell to the place and waited a minute for someone to respond.

Afterwards, some guy responded through and speaker and said “Si?!”

And I said that I’m interested in his apartment.

Then he said, “text or call for more information!”

And hung up.

So I took a step back.

Looked at the sign.

It didn’t have a number.

It wasn’t even ripped (implying it would have a number if some drunk homeless person didn’t rip it in half).

It just didn’t have a number.

What the fuck?

It is moments like that which make you question the IQ of the average person in Mexico City.

Anyway, I stood there for a few minutes as I contemplated getting some food but not sure if I should eat just yet.

There was a typical mom and pop restaurant from across the street and so I began thinking if I should eat there.

Then, after a few minutes thinking it over, some kid opened the door behind me and said “un minute.”

So, despite being told to basically piss off, I guess maybe the dude will bring me in?

Or maybe the kid confused me for someone else they were waiting for?

But I decided to wait for like 5 minutes.

And nobody showed up.

So I got bored and kept on walking.

An Actual Decent Option

To which I turned around and went to the opposite end of this same street.

Along the way, I noticed some interesting street art like you can see in these two photos here.

Then, once recognizing a certain street I knew, I decided to walk down it as I knew it would take me to the main street in the neighborhood.

Along the way, I noticed A LOT more apartment rentals on this specific street called Jumil.

However, almost all of the listings didn’t have a number and required me to knock.

Thankfully, despite my previous concerns, none of them tried to gringo price me.

Only one did later on that we’ll get to soon.

The first place I saw anyway was actually pretty good.

It was only 3,000 pesos or 150 bucks (which is cheap as fuck and a little bit lower than what I was expecting to spend).

It was a simple room with my own bathroom and the room itself looked pretty decent for bringing dates back to.

Plus, the guy said that visitors are allowed and it even had its own entrance so few people would notice me bringing in various people.

I checked the internet strength too and it seemed pretty good for my work since I need it to earn money.

And it looked clean.

All around a bit promising.

I took the guy’s number and kept on marching forward.

The Cockroach Apartment with la Latina Bonita

Then the next place I found was not as nice.

Upon entering, the woman who lived there showed me two actual apartments.

Not rooms with my own bathroom.

Actual apartments.

And while they were decently priced…

They were not furnished and didn’t include utilities.

Being honest, I don’t really care for dealing with the utilities myself as I prefer the landlord to handle it.

And, on top of that, I literally don’t have any of my own furniture since I always rented places that were furnished.

So I don’t feel like buying on that stuff.

On top of all of that, each room I checked out had various dead cockroaches on the floor.

The lady had clearly brought in someone to kill the bugs with chemicals and hadn’t cleaned the floor yet.

But obviously that discouraged me a bit from living there.

The only upside to the place was that it was an actual apartment and the lady who showed me the rentals was actually pretty hot.

Some white gal in her 30s with nice curves all around.

Maybe I would’ve chosen her place had she gone butt ass naked at the door greeting me.

With her moaning out “oye papi, te gusta mi departamento?” right before sucking me off.

You know – similar to a girl asking “but you love me right?” before going down….

Such an effort would surely convince me to say “si si, te doy el deposito pronto.”


 So I carried on.

Right before I left her place though, she asked me if I know the area and then advised me on where I should look for an apartment.

Basically telling me that anywhere just a few streets north of where we were is dangerous with gang related problems.

And anywhere south of where we were is a lot safer with more commercial activity.

Which happened to be the direction towards the street I used to live on in this neighborhood.

Anyway, I left and carried on.

Yell if You Want To Live Here

Over the course of the next hour or so, I basically walked down like 8 streets taking photos of any apartment listings.

And knocking on the doors of others.

There was one peculiar thing though that I noticed while apartment hunting….

Which was how I would have to yell at the apartment owner to get their attention and answer the door.

For example, when I first moved to this neighborhood a year ago, I checked out a place that was on the main street with lots of commercial activity.

In both instances where I either checked it out or arrived with all my stuff to move in, yelling was needed.

Where you’d be at the front door (even if they were expecting you) and knocking wouldn’t get anyone to answer.

In that moment, some neighborhood kids noticed this obvious outsider trying to get their attention and would yell at the top of their lungs something like “OYE RAUL! OYE RAUL!!!”

Then Raul would open the door and I walk right in.

Similarly, when I was apartment hunting yesterday, I found myself getting helped out by the locals a few times on random streets.

Because, being honest, I’m not used to yelling at complete strangers I don’t know to answer the door.

Back in Iowa, if someone doesn’t answer after you knock, you walk away.

In this neighborhood, you basically just yell in hopes someone from the second floor opens their window to see what you want.


But, being honest, I’d feel weird yelling – especially as a gringo with my accent.


The Crappiest Apartment in Pedregal de Santo Domingo

Still, a classic example of the necessity to yell was this really shitty ass place I encountered.

In which I showed up to the door and was told by some young guy who was working on his bike by the door outside to ring the doorbell.

And nobody answered.

Being honest, half the time I feel like the doorbells don’t work here in Mexico City.

At least in my experience.

Anyway, the dude noticed that the doorbell didn’t bring anyone to the door so he stood back and the yelling commenced.

To which some fat young guy popped his head from over the balcony and replied “SI?!”

I told him what I wanted and then he opened the door.

Now, as I said, this was by far the shittiest place I ever encountered.

It wasn’t even a full apartment!

Even though the listing outside said “se renta departamento” and not “cuarto.”

Regardless, the room was literally located inside the garage where people were doing a bunch of repair shop work.

The room itself had a few cockroaches and was fairly small with a bunch of supplies inside for their repair shop work.

Out of curiosity, I checked out the bathroom.

It didn’t even have a shower.

I asked the guy where the shower was and he pointed at the bucket with water in it that was in the small bathroom (which didn’t even have a sink to fill the water).

It only had a toilet.

Hmmm…toilet water to fill the bucket with to have a nice shower!”

And so what this could luxury offer be priced at?

“1,000 pesos. No deposito.”


Only 50 bucks and he doesn’t even require a deposit!

In fact, out of curiosity, I asked him if he required an ID and he said no.

As my sister said to me when I was telling her this, this place was basically just one step above homelessness.

Suffice to say, I didn’t take him up on the offer.

In fact, it actually wasn’t uncommon to find other rentals in the area that basically looked like that room but with a shower included at least.

Gringo Priced?

And funny enough, I did encounter one place where it was basically the offer above with a shower.

A very crappy room with a shower priced at 4,500 pesos or roughly 225 bucks.

In my head, I felt she was very obviously trying to gringo price me because the price seemed noticeably higher than what others were offering for basically the same offer.

Not to mention she wanted 2 deposits instead of 1 when, in my experience, most people don’t ask for 2 deposits.

Especially not for a very basic place like hers.

She was the only one who I felt tried gringo pricing me though.

At the end of all of this apartment hunting, I’m pretty confident that the original place I had a year ago is probably a better deal than 99% of the rentals in this neighborhood.

It was only like 3800 pesos or 190 bucks for a relatively large room with my own bathroom.

And it didn’t look bad at all!

Definitely not as basic as most of the listings I saw in person yesterday.

“A Foreigner in THIS Neighborhood?!”

The only other place that was memorable was this one where I showed up and, as I said before, some local noticed me knocking and came over to begin yelling at the landlord.

In which a very old and arguably senile lady opened the door.

Someone who could’ve been 100 years old!

And while she was nice and showed me her place (which, like most of what I saw yesterday, were not very good)…

She also was typical in being surprised at seeing a foreigner like myself asking about her rental.

In my time living in this neighborhood, I’d say everyone is nice and not at all rude or xenophobic.

But quite a few do seem surprised when you open your mouth and they hear your accent.

Just all around amazed at seeing someone from the US in their neighborhood asking about a rental.

Though, on the flip side, I never get stared at while simply walking through the streets in this area.

The usual assumption is that I came to study due to how a lot of young people in the area are here for that reason.

When they learn that you actually just want to live there, they always are just genuinely surprised.

In this old lady’s eyes anyway when she opened the door, I could read her mind: “Is rent in the neighborhood about to go up?”

Of which I could only respond “Yes Abuela, the gringos have arrived.”

Moving Beyond Pedregal de Santo Domingo

So, being honest, I’m editing this article as we speak.

Originally, I had plans as you could tell to move back to Pedregal de Santo Domingo.

However, time became a pressing matter as I had to leave my last apartment quickly with time running out.

The only place that I saw that was nice enough to move into was that 3,000 MXN place that I mentioned before that was nice enough.

However, the landlord involved would barely respond to any of my text messages.

So I simply gave up on the guy and expanded my search elsewhere.

Because of that, I decided to go to Lindavista area instead.

Ironically, I was hesitant to do any real apartment search in the area because it’s so far away from Copilco area and I simply didn’t want to put in the energy into finding a place there.

That energy being having to travel several times a week from the southern part of the city to the northern part to check out apartments.

A metro ride each time that took about an hour and a half more or less roundtrip each time.

However, the lack of any good results in Pedregal de Santo Domingo forced my hand.

On the flip side, it’s not the worst thing to happen.

For one, I always wanted to check out the “northern area” of Mexico City where Lindavista is.

On top of that, my most exciting gal Jovi lives up there!

So it’s not the worst thing – with her only having to travel 10 minutes instead of an hour and a half to see me, I suppose her pussy will be more available than once a week.

Which is pretty dope because I love fucking her than most women.

So Lindavista it was!

Let’s get into my experience looking for a place up there.

The First Apartment in Lindavista

The first place I came across was some fairly sketchy looking spot worth about 3,000 MXN pesos also.

I showed up to metro station Lindavista waiting for the landlord to find me at around 8 or 9 PM.

Upon exiting the metro, I swear I heard that sounded like gunshots in the distance.

Not a very nice welcome.

As you can read here, Lindavista area of Mexico City has a bad reputation of being relatively dangerous supposedly.

Anyway, I eventually find the guy who is supposed to introduce me to the place.

He was a young age probably around my age more or less (26) and he took me to the apartment.

Along the 10 minute walk over, he was giving me a VERY hard sell on why his place is great.

And, to his credit, the dude knew how to market depending on the audience.

Seeing me as a young man, he was mentioning all the bars in the area and the nightlife in general.

Along with some of the universities nearby that have nice women!

“Hmmm…interesante amigo…Dices q hay concha rica y fiesta aquí? Me gusta, me gustaaa, carnal”

Anyway, we get to his place and it was a dump.

It looked very dirty inside.

Which, being honest, wasn’t that big of a turn off to me.

However, there were two issues with it that made me choose against it.

First, it had some sketchy character living there.

Some skinny ass dude who was very clearly on drugs.

Not drunk.

The motherfucker looked and acted like he was on some heavier shit than just pot.

When I saw him, I thought to myself “that’s the motherfucker who’ll break into my place to rob when I leave my room alone.”

Second, I got strong vibes that this place would have cockroaches.

Having spent enough time in cheap ass places with bug issues, I’m not looking to have cockroaches again.

I checked the bed for bedbugs and thankfully it didn’t have that.

However, while I didn’t see cockroaches in the kitchen, it very much looked like it would.

Also, keep in mind that this place was located in between two restaurants.

Which, in my experience, is a good sign cockroaches could be an issue as my previous place in Roma Norte had a HUGE cockroach issue ever since a restaurant opened up right next to it as you can read here.

Anyway, the dude caught on that bugs are an issue for me and said how “don’t worry! We have a fumigation service twice a month!”

Which made me not like the place even more!

Because he’s either lying to me to make me feel safer about the place OR they have a HUGE ASS bug issue that actually needs 2 fumigation services each month.

And I wasn’t sure which one it was?

On one hand, the place looked nasty enough that I could believe they use 2 fumigation services a month.

On the other hand, the rent was only 3,000 pesos and so I’m not sure how he’s making a profit by spending the money on 2 fumigation services a month on this apartment.

Regardless, I didn’t go for it.

“We Also Have Lots of Fumigation Services!”

Funny enough, another apartment I checked out also wanted to emphasize to me how many fumigation services they have!

Even though I don’t think I overemphasized my investigation into their bug issues and never brought up fumigation services.

But, about a day or two later, this next place I checked out had a woman really emphasize to me how they have a fumigation service once a month!

So not as nice as the last place, you know?

Still, her place didn’t look as dirty but I was doing my due diligence to check the bed for bed bugs.

Which, as I wrote here, I once had them for the first time ever after moving to a place by Centro Historico of CDMX about a year ago.

Suffice to say, when you get bed bugs once, you ain’t no fool again to checking future apartments for them.

At least right now I’m not.

Anyway, in my experience, some Mexicans react differently when you simply check for bed bugs in their place.

Some get insecure about it because they think you are implying that their Mexican beds are not as good as American ones.

And other ones – most of them – are understanding.

With some of those turning around to convincing you how they have “fumigation services often!”

Which, with enough time in Mexico, I know that’s complete bullshit.

Only 2 of my 8 apartments in Mexico over the years here has used fumigation services and that’s because of bed bugs in one and cockroaches in the other.

The rest, despite having some bug issues usually, never used them.

Especially as it does cost a pretty penny to some Mexicans to use that service obviously and not every Mexican is as willing to complain about it like foreigners are in my opinion!

Regardless, I didn’t opt for this place because, like the last place, it didn’t seem as nice in person versus the photos.

“We have a studio with a kitchen!”

Next up, I checked out a small place for also about 3,000 pesos.

This place didn’t have any bug issues nor did it seem dirty.

And the guy showing me the place wasn’t lying to me about his consistent use of fumigation services.

Which was nice – someone needs to tell Mexican landlords that an obvious lie makes it less likely for someone to rent at your place.

Because what else will you lie about?

Anyway, this place did commit the deadly sin of lying about a kitchen.

In which they claimed to have my own kitchen for me but it was only a hotplate with a small minifridge.

Like how I wrote here, it’s not uncommon for Mexican landlords to lie about having a kitchen when they only have a hotplate.

Or a gym when they only have a treadmill.

So on and so on.

Consequently, that lie made me more doubtful about living there.

On top of that, keep in mind that it was basically just a very small room with its “own kitchen” and bathroom in the same room as the bedroom.

Nothing more.

The final straw for me was how the toilet was in direct sight of the bed with no wall separating the two.

Having brought enough women to my place, I know some prefer “going to the bathroom” before sex begins and I’m sure they would appreciate more privacy.

So I opted out of the place.

“He Had Too Many Chicas”

Next, I went to a place that didn’t seem too bad.

It was in a private gated community in Lindavista area and so that did make it seem nice.

And the rooms themselves didn’t seem bad either.

It was workable but I soon had my doubts.

Particularly when the old woman introducing me to the rooms agreed that “visits are OK” but that “I can’t be having any parties.”

Which, to be fair, is fine since I’m not really the party type.

Nothing wrong with no parties!

I really only bring chicks back to my place, fuck and that’s it.

They can sometimes be loud – like Jovi was as you can read here.

But noise isn’t really an issue.

Still, in her explanation of “visits being OK,” she brought up examples.

One of them being some Mexican dude she had to kick out of the place because he was “bringing too many people back” and was “treating it like a motel.”

Which, in my mind, I wasn’t sure if that would be an issue or not for me.

After all, I have no idea how many people he brought back.

When I’m actually trying to  get laid consistently at a pace I like, it’s usually two chicks a week at my place with usually around one of them fucking me or 4 a month.

Is that too much?

I didn’t ask.

But her story telling did make me have second doubts about the place even though it seemed fine with everything else.

The only other doubt was from how “no visits can spend the time.”

 Which, being honest, some of them do need to spend the night if they travelled long distance to meet up!

Regardless, I kept the option open in my mind but as a second rate option to move into.

The only other thing interesting about the place was, after asking her, she told me what parts of Lindavista to avoid.

I remember reading online about how dangerous this area is but, after visiting the first apartment, it didn’t seem dangerous at all!

It looked like a relatively well developed neighborhood with plenty of stores, parks and shopping malls nearby!

It didn’t look bad at all!

Anyway, she did explain about how “a bit farther north by Indios Verdes” area is more dangerous and around that area is what I should avoid.

Is that area the dangerous part? I have no idea but I’ll take her word for it.

So Did I Find a Place?

Yes I did!

Funny enough, I saw some postings for decent looking apartments in Pedregal de Santo Domingo area TODAY after I already moved out.


But I did find a place.

The place I’m at now is about 4,500 MXN pesos or 225 bucks.

A bit nicer than any other option I saw.

Even comes with a nice dog who, as far as I have seen, likes napping outside my door.

As I took an UBER up here last night, the UBER driver was nice and talked with me about his time being an illegal immigrant in the US working construction.

And after I showed up, the landlord had his assistant help me move in.

The dude even made me a drink of brandy and coke.

Then, this morning, my landlord invited me to get some breakfast and even paid for the meal.

They sure are putting in the work to make me happy with the place.

A nicer welcome than any other place I’ve been to – enchiladas and brandy? Works for me!

And a cute dog that greets me nicely.

The only minor thing I haven’t liked about the place is, at first, the landlord’s assistant seemed insistent on “practicing his English.”

More regular readers know I hate that.

But I didn’t say nothing about it nor ruin the vibe about it.

Anyway, aside from that, it’s been good here since last night.

Ever since my move from literally some of the southern most parts of Mexico City to some of the northern most parts.

Here’s a photo anyway of a more famous spot close to where I live.

And so my apartment search ends.

Hope you like it!

Leave any comments below in the comment section.

Follow my Twitter here.

And thanks for reading.

Best regards,


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