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Is There a Latino Audience to Date Gringos in the North?

Published June 9, 2021 in Dating Information - 2 Comments

Just the other day, I was writing some articles for this website…

And I was doing some research on lynchings that happen in Latin America.

Anyway, for whatever reason, I came across this article here titled “The Best Thing a Chilean Can Do is Leave Chile.”

Now, funny enough, the article is written in English.

If the author is wanting to spread his message to Chileans, why wouldn’t he write it in Spanish?

Don’t get butthurt upper class Chileans – I get some of you speak English. Don’t vomit in my comments about “wE sPeAk EnGliSh ToOoOoOoO”

Yes, yes – you all are very “eDuCaDoOoOoOo – not the point, your main language is Spanish.


As I found the article overall to be fairly good, I found an interesting paragraph in the article that got me thinking that you can see here:

“They find lots of people who actually prefer darker hair and features and find them more attractive than traditional northern European features. When I talk with non-elite Chilean friends who go abroad, they tell me that smart, educated, motivated non-elite Chileans find both their platonic and romantic prospects much improved and I would imagine self esteem has to go up.”

Which got me thinking….

“Are there Latinos born and raised in Latin America who move to other countries like the US that are largely motivated, among other reasons, by better dating prospects?”

My initial impression, as I write this right now, is no.

But I thought the same thing when I was writing this article here about if “Latino Pick up Artists exist in Latin America?”

Before I wrote it, I thought it’d be a waste of an article that wouldn’t find anything interesting.

How wrong I was!

Local PUAs exist also down here!

It’s interesting to think about nonetheless.

Especially as it is so much more thought about and discussed in reverse….

Meaning the topic of foreigners coming to Latin America as “sex tourists” or “pick up artists” or whatever title you want to give them that are down here largely motivated by easier access to pussy.

Does the reverse happen?

Well, it’s hard for me to say because I never met a single Latino in the US who was there mostly for the pussy.

Granted, as I implied before, said Latino doesn’t have to be up there just for the pussy…

In the same way that gringo PUAs, sex tourists and the like are also in Latin America long term for other benefits like lower cost of living.

In that sense, I could see some folks for sure motivated to move to the US from Latin America because of some fetish they have for American women and also for the better financial opportunities.

Similar to how the guy in the article above put it – better dating prospects and also better career opportunities.

So while not having met anybody from Latin America who is motivated by his dick to be in the US…

I’m going to do basic research now to see if there are any indications of people like this.

Let’s find out now!

“The Best Cities to Get Pussy Broooooos!”

The first thing to look up that comes to mind are articles!

This is what I am most familiar with.

Personally, I have a few websites that are like this myself – telling retards online to go to random cities in the world (in Asia, Africa, LATAM, etc) to get pussy.

Granted, those websites don’t make me very much money compared to other ones I have but I appreciate the absurd amount of black tea I can buy with the little bit of affiliate money they make.

Nonetheless, this is the first thing that comes to mind.

If there are articles online in Spanish telling men to go to “x cities in the US, Canada, Europe, etc,” then I imagine that their audience is, in large part, Latinos in Latin America.

Sure, a percentage of the audience will be Spaniards and Latinos born in those countries…

But a majority of all Spanish speakers in the world live in Latin America as you can obviously guess.

So here’s what I found.

First, here’s some screenshots of articles I found in Spanish.

The first one is a Mexican website.

The second one seems to be Cuban related if I had to guess.

And so which cities do they recommend?

It varies but it’s the obvious ones you’d expect: New York, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Orlando, Atlanta, etc.

Next, we have this screenshot I took here for the best cities to have sex in Europe.

Since I typed the results in Spanish, obviously it seems like cities in Spain like Barcelona or Ibiza are top choices.

Then other articles claim that the US and Germany are up there when it comes to easiness of casual sex.

And specific cities like London and Paris being top choices.

Now here’s another screenshot of the “best cities in the US for sex.”

Apparently there’s one place in the US where there’s 10 women for every man!

Sounds like the perfect place to get some pusssssy brooooos!!!

Anyway, what are my observations from these articles?

First, I didn’t see any affiliate links to make money.

Second, most of them seemed to be professional or news articles and not your run of the mill blogs.

Third, not anywhere near as many articles about this topic versus all the articles that are out there about getting chicks in Latin America.

But let’s carry it forward looking for other types of evidence.

Youtube Videos

Not everyone posts their conquests in blog articles!

Sometimes they prefer videos on Youtube to show how much of a CHAD they are.

So, as you can see here, there are some videos in Spanish about cities to have sex in.

Near the top of those videos, as you can see, there is an affiliate link for “bl.flirts.”

Though it doesn’t seem fit for Spanish speaking Latinos in Latin America because everything on the page was in English.

Either way, I started to ask myself if maybe there's content for Latinas interested in gringos instead of Latinos looking for gringas.

In beginning that search, I found this video I found here in Spanish titled “Sabes donde concocer a Los Gringos en Linea?” by “Profe Kyle.”

Reminds me of this article I wrote here where you have gringos monetizing videos saying nice things about Latin America to a Latino audience…

With some other videos like this below here talking about how to “seduce a gringo.”

That video of “how to seduce a gringo” has 102,000 views and 2,146 comments as of this writing.

So it does seem like there is a little mini audience of Latinas who want a gringo boyfriend since that Kyle video has 102,000 views with 801 comments.

And he seems to have other videos seemingly giving advice on dating foreign men as you can see in this screenshot here.

“Ven a visitarme …. Quiero bebes contigo.”

Though he also has other videos it seems that have nothing to do with dating.

Including a website that is all about learning English.

Which, as a side note, that seems like two pretty good topics to mix together when talking to a female Latina audience.

"How to get a gringo boyfriend" and "how to learn English."

Like two peas in a pod.

So this all got me thinking….

Maybe I’m looking at this wrong?

Initially, I was thinking that it was going to be horny Latino dudes looking this info up…


Based on this screenshot here…

Just type in “como conquistar a un gringo” or “seducir a un gringo” in Youtube.

Or “como tener un novio de EUA o novio gringo” in Youtube.

Here’s more screenshots of videos teaching Latinas how to get a gringo.

So, in a way, it definitely seems like a market is here but my impression so far really is that it’s a market teaching Latinas how to date a foreigner and not Latinos.

For the most part.

So let’s go back to the article searching with that in mind.

Chicas Looking for Gringo Love

So after typing in “como tener un novio gringo” into Google….

Here’s some screenshots of what I found.

And as you can see….

Less professional articles out there and more personal blogs and comments written by actual people for finding gringo love.

Though, in his article here, it is giving “8 reasons” to not mess around with gringos.

Bitch, shut the fuck up – Latinas love me so don’t ruin it.

Then you can check out this forum here where a bunch of Latinas talk about their experiences marrying an American guy “que sea lindo.”

Chica – siempre soy lindo. Me llaman Papi Lindo

Check out the comments in that forum though if you speak Spanish – interesting opinions there.

At any rate…

Are there any dating websites for finding gringos?

Like there are for gringos looking for Latinas – like Latin Cupid?

Yes there is!


From what I could find, there is this website here called “”

Where websites like Latin Cupid might have pictures of hot Latinas on there pages…

On their website, we can see pictures of “hombres americanos” for all you Latinas.

All lined up to maybe entice Latinas to sign up with their free profile to meet gringo men.

Including a book they have on their website for how to “conocer hombres americanos.”

Though, based on my brief research, I can’t find any links to any affiliate programs with this website.

When doing a Google research for possible articles with affiliate links titled something like “reseña de amigosgringos,” I couldn’t find anything.

So I assume they don’t have an affiliate program.

And they were the only dating site I saw for latinas looking for American men.

Granted, there’s possibly more but I didn’t see any.

I’d imagine anyhow that the rest or most of the rest are on sites like Latina Cupid or Mexican Cupid or Colombian Cupid and so on….

Any Forums?

On top of that, I couldn’t find any “dating forums” for Latinos or Latinas looking to date foreigners.

Something like you used to have with the Roosh Forum telling dudes how to get laid abroad.

Or the whole "Female Dating Strategy" stuff you got online.

Could such a forum exist?


Didn’t see it though.

So let’s wrap this up with my final thoughts.

Understanding the Latino Audience that Exists

So Latino men looking for foreign love or sex in the US, Europe or elsewhere?


But not really.

Obviously, if some random dude from Colombia goes to the US or wherever…

Unless he’s taken (and that doesn’t always stop people), then he’s probably going to be interested in fucking around obviously like most people.

When I was in college, there was some Costa Rican guy in my class who was spending 4 years in the states.

I’m sure he ran around Columbus, Ohio getting some tail from time to time.

But that’s not really the same obviously as these PUA or sex tourist types who run to Latin America for pussy down here.

Because, for some of them, it basically becomes their life mission to get as much ass as possible.

And so while the online evidence of Latino men doing this is lacking…

Including the lack of evidence of too many people trying to monetize lonely Latino men looking for sex abroad…

If I had to guess, I’d say there might be more evidence of it in the future.

As I wrote here, there are local Latino PUAs in Latin America.

Plus, as I wrote here, there are MGTOWs in Latin America with some countries like Argentina, Chile and a few others having more of that.

With incel men in Latin America as I wrote about here.

My opinion is that, as certain countries like Chile or Argentina get richer, maybe you get a tiny community of disenfranchised men from Latin America looking to take their PUA skills outside of Latin America.

Because for now, based on what I’ve seen, those types that do exist are sticking to Latin America.

And, relatively speaking to the gringo sex tourists, one of the larger reasons for that is likely the financial aspect to it all.

Gringo guys can make 500 to 1,000 bucks online and run around looking for sex and living an OK life down here (especially because of the exchange rate)...

But your average Latino dude in the US doesn't have that currency exchange advantage, would have a harder time getting approval to enter the US and stay long term on visa runs (not possible from what I know) and also you'd have to make a lot more than 500 to 1,000 bucks a month to live an "OK" life in the US.

So, in that sense, it's largely a one way street.


As we already saw, a vast majority of the online content and existing audience is centered around teaching Latinas from Latin America and elsewhere on how to get a gringo boyfriend.

And while they don’t seem to have affiliate links for that…

Outside of maybe Latin Cupid or something…

But still, as we all know, women are less likely to pay for that than men…

Meaning no money for you basically advertising it….

Which might then explain the relatively low amount of blog articles talking about this (though some exist)…

Thus, the vast majority of people seemingly monetizing this audience or at least taking in the attention are based on video content from websites like Youtube.

Which, though it's just an assumption, I suspect that it might be easier to somehow monetize an audience on Youtube then.

Granted, as a side note, it also seems that online dating content for gringo men has shifted to Youtube also since it seems that there's less people interested in reading a blog post than watching a video each day.

So let’s go back to that question!

“Is There a Latino Audience to Date Gringos in the North?”

For the most part, there only seems to be an audience (not necessarily a community) that is largely female and most of this is on video hosting websites.

Two Final Questions to Ask

Of course, we can ask….

“Why does this audience exist?”

“Why does it seem to be female mostly?”

Let’s wrap this article up by addressing those two questions with my own theories on the matter.

First, why does it exist?

In my experience living in Latin America over the years, I’d say most chicks are not necessarily preferring gringo men…

And perhaps just sometimes end up in a relationship with one because things worked out….

But some do prefer foreigners!

You have the infamous “gringo hunters.”

Chicks who basically only or mostly date gringo men.

They have their reasons.

First, from what I have seen, are single mothers who know that Richard of North Carolina makes more money than Barrio Jose selling chocolate on the chicken bus for 150 bucks a month.

As a result, she’s looking for a provider to take care of her mistakes!

Though local men with money do exist, she could perhaps exploit the fetishes that some gringo loser type who never got pussy back home.

Some guy who shows up for the first time down here in which his head explodes the first time a woman gives him a handjob.

“Finally, not my hand at work this time!”

Reminds me of this guy named John that I met in Bolivia years ago.

“Mom, Dad, I’m in LOVE!” was the phone call I heard only some odd days after he met some chick down there.

Read more of that story here.

Second, there is the argument that these chicks are looking for a green card or visa.

In large part, I kinda feel like this is bullshit.

In my experience, I can’t remember the last chick I met up with down here that wanted to live in the US.

And any chick I seriously dated down here beyond a hookup never wanted to go to the US.

To be honest, I think most people prefer living in their own countries.

Where they have their own family, culture, friends, where everyone speaks their language, etc.

It takes a real crazy person to want to live away from home.

Like me?

Granted, I’m sure some want the green card.

Maybe like Larissa from 90 Day Fiance here?

She says it herself!

There we go – an honest woman!

“Give me a green card and I’ll suck your dick NOW!”

Third, some chicks down here simply get burned by local men.

They get cheated on too many times by the local guys and believe the idea that “foreign men respect women more.”

You hear that sometimes.

Fourth, you sometimes see really ugly as fuck Latina chicks with good looking gringo dudes.

For some of them, I feel it’s a matter of the Latina chick simply trying to get a better looking man to commit to her than what she could get locally.

Where maybe most of the local men aren’t impressed by her given how ugly she is….

But she finds some gringo dude who is relatively better looking than what she could get otherwise…

Where most of her local options would be some “Eduardo Gordo” type with nerdy glasses and a 3 inch dick….

But then she finds some foreign guy who isn’t amazing looking necessarily but is much better than what she could get to settle down with her and be faithful realistically speaking.

Some foreign guy who isn’t used to women back home being so sweet to him.

So she can make it work better for her by going for that type of guy.

Fifth, some chicks down here simply have a foreign guy fetish!

Simple as that.

I met one chick, as you can read here, named Karla in Mexico some years ago.

The whole date she was telling me how “she likes Donald Trump” and was saying shit like “que tan guapo eres…tan blanco….tan guapoooooo.”


Then we have the second question now – “why does this audience seem to be mostly female?”

Honestly, I’m not sure.

First, if I had to guess, perhaps it’s because so many of the local men couldn’t get into the US anyhow and are obviously going to have less foreign women looking for them online.

Whereas these Latina chicks simply have more desperate men from the US and elsewhere giving them attention online on websites like Latin Cupid.

In short, the local Latina women have more supply of gringo men (raising interest in the possibility) while the local Latino men don’t have as many gringas to work with (so not as many even consider the possibility).

Second, a lot of the gringo PUA types (not all) just want pussy.

If you are a local Latino type who wants pussy, it’s easier to get in Latin America because prostitution is legal here while it’s not legal in most of the US.

So the thirst is maybe less extreme and you have less local men thinking they can get better abroad?

Whereas the Latina chicks might be interested in something other than sex and can see gringo men providing whatever that is better than most of the local men.

Things like fidelity, money, maybe a green card, white kids, etc.

A Side Hustle Opportunity?

Finally, my last thought on all of this….

If you want to monetize a Youtube channel…

Make some “passive income” on the side?

It might be a good idea to start a channel telling Latinas in Spanish (and maybe Portuguese) about how to get a gringo boyfriend?

Just a guess – sure seems to have popularity.

And who doesn’t like some side income?

I can see myself being quite successful at it….

Step 1: Turn camera on

Step 2: Burp loudly and fart like I shat my underwear or something

Step 3: Check up close to the camera to see if the herpes warts by the mouth are visible

Step 4: Yell at my mom to bring me the meat loaf like Chazz here does before I begin talking

Step 5: Start talking about how “our gringo dicks are 9 inches bigger than dicks in Latin America”

Step 6: Tell a story to Latinas about my previous marriage when I cheated on my wife with her sister

Step 7: Mention how much of a catch I am making 27,000 a year working at the local 7-11

Step 8: Keep talking about how we gringos are so much better and how to win us over.

Step 9: ????

Step 10: Profit

I can see that Youtube Ad Revenue now…

Either way, jokes aside, that’s all I got to say on the topic.

Was interesting to look into.

Got any comments yourself?

Drop them below.

And follow my Twitter here.

Thanks for reading.

Best regards,


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Dazza - June 10, 2021 Reply

The one place where Latinos (as in Latin Americans rather than Spaniards…) get loadsa love is Russia and the Ukraine, this is because of when the wall came down and during the years of Glasnost – Russian TV was full of telenovelas from Mexico, Venezuela, Colombia, Argentina etc and if you add their friends forever relationship with Cuba – then you have a complete love in with those cultures.

You can actually look this up but when the World Cup was in Russia in 2018, there were football fans from Mexico, Peru, Colombia etc who found love with local Russian women…

There was a story of a Mexican lawyer who brought back his Russian girlfriend to Mexico to get married… I can’t find it though but it is out there for sure because the story made the headlines at the time… found it!

And a famous Panamanian film about a Panamanian football fan who finds love in the World Cup in Russia

    Matt - June 11, 2021 Reply

    Thanks! I didn’t know about this fact. I wonder if there’s some online dating program for Russians and Latinos lol.

    Kinda reminds me anyway of the fact that you have Chinese men looking for love abroad and some of them seem to hit Ukraine/Russia like you can see here.

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