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Do Latino Pickup Artists Exist in Latin America?

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As I wrote in previous articles....

I’ve gotten into the habit of exploring the topic of finding out if certain movements or ideas that exist in the US also exist in Latin America…

Such as if incels exist in Latin America as you can see here….

Or if social justice warriors exist as you can read here

But do they have Pick Up Artists in Latin America?

Well, though I don’t classify myself as a “pick up artist,” I do like to hookup a lot with various women down here.

But we already know that there are foreign men coming down here for that purpose!

As we can see in this article here about this foreign guy coming to Colombia to teach men in a bootcamp on how to fuck Colombian women.

But we get that already.

We know foreign men come here to sleep with the local chicks.

So much so that cities like Medellin even have local people who are sick of seeing that stuff!

And so there is this idea that only “foreign white guys” are doing this.

Which is weird to say because you do have plenty of non-white foreign guys coming by who are interested in fucking the local chicks.

So again!

Do local Latinos in Latin America ever engage in “pick up artist” techniques?

Let’s find out after enjoying this funny video on PUAs here below.

What is PUA?

Before we begin, let’s actually define very quickly what is a PUA for those who don’t know.

To keep in simple, I’ve always seen pick up artists as basically being men who strive to have better dating success with women for either the purpose of a relationship and/or hooking up more often.

Now, from what I have seen, most of the self-proclaimed pick up artists I have noticed also tend to be dating coaches that try to make money teaching men how to have better dating success also.

Usually in the form of bootcamps, affiliate marketing, Youtube ad revenue, selling books, personalized coaching and whatever else.

Personally, I have no bias against guys who call themselves “pick-up artists.”

I do think there are guys out there who are basically full of shit in terms of how much dating success they actually have and just want to make money from lonely guys.

Having said that, you do have some genuine guys putting out info that is solid about having more dating success.

And I don’t see anything wrong with guys who want to be more confident and better with women either.

If a guy wants to sleep with the whole village or learn how to better find a woman to settle down with…


Nothing wrong with that in my opinion.

Anyway, that’s how I’ve come to understand PUAs.

Here’s a more authoritative and academic source called Urban Dictionary that provides its own definitions outside of mine.

“2. One who can and does successfully meet women and collect phone numbers, go on dates, and eventually has intercourse with his desired females.

3. One who uses psychology and/or sociology in order to get what he wants from the opposite or same sex (depending on his or her sexual preference), and has a large success rate.

4. One who studies and practices the art of Pickup, which includes several different areas of study (including social dynamics, psychology, sociology, body language, etc).”

Anyway, let’s wrap up this section with a video I find funny regarding PUA bootcamps below just for some minor humor.

But now let’s get into finding any examples of Latino PUAs in Latin America and also my final thoughts on how common they are down here.

Seduction Experts in Latin America

OK, so we’re going to have to change our vocabulary.

We were calling these guys “PUAs.”

But it doesn’t seem like too many Latino PUAs call themselves PUAs down here from what I am picking up.

When looking up “PUAs in Latin America,” I couldn’t find anything.

However, when I changed PUAs to “experto en seducción,” I was able to find a lot of videos.

Perhaps not as many as what you would find in English since I believe the material in English is a lot more common than in Spanish.

But here is what I found.

First, we have this guy known as “Alvaro Reyes.”

I’m actually not going to cover him as much because he is from Spain and not technically Latin America.

I just wanted to throw him in at first because it seems like his videos are quite popular and he has done well for himself in getting an audience with over a million subscribers.

Here’s a video below to show you one of the videos he has made.

Second, we have the Youtube channel known as Levantarte.

One of the founders seems to be a guy named Martin Rieznik.

That last name doesn’t sound very Latino to me but he could just be a Latino with a very European sounding last name.

Sometimes those happens – especially in the Southern Cone.

Which, if I had to guess, seems to be where this guy might be from.

He has this video here on how to seduce women in Uruguay and is apparently holding seminars in Colombia, Mexico, Chile, Uruguay and Argentina.

With a website that you can find here outside of his Youtube channel.

If you check out his website, it seems that he also tries to appeal to an audience in Peru and Spain also.

He also has 61,000 subscribers on his Youtube channel. So he has an audience.

At any rate, his Youtube channel has plenty of other videos on seduction such as this one here.

Third, we have a guy named Matias Laca who seems to be from Uruguay as you can see here in this website.

Here’s a video of him giving a Ted Talk on seduction.

And here is his Youtube channel link.

He has 161,000 followers.

Fourth, here is a video of some Argentine guy giving a presentation on how to “get the bitches.”

Well, he might have put it more eloquently than I did but still…

Fifth, doesn’t it get boring that we are only talking about Spain and Southern Cone countries?

Well, here is an example of some dudes from Mexico giving advice on how to get laid apparently.

They also apparently have some website called “Escuelas de Seduccion” that you can find in the video description if you check it out on Youtube.

However, the website isn’t working for me.

Anyway, glad to know we got some Mexican PUAs also and not just in Argentina or Uruguay.

Sixth, we have a female PUA artist!

Gender equality for the win bitches!

However, she isn’t teaching women how to SUCK THIS DICK!

Actually, as you can see in this video below here, it seems she is teaching Mexican guys how to get laid.

If you go to the video description of that video above, this is how she advertises herself:

“En tan solo estos años he ayudado a miles de hombres a mejorar su vida sentimental con el Método Emocional Progresivo el seminario se ha impartido en 11 países y las principales ciudades de México. Y me encantaría que tu mejores. Si quieres tener una mujer hermosa y enamorarla estas en el lugar correcto.”

Seventh, here is a Youtube channel called Eva that has plenty of videos on teaching men how to get laid like in this video here below.

According to the About description of this channel, it is based in Colombia apparently but also has videos on how to have dating success in other countries like Mexico.

The channel is also quite popular with over 50,000 subscribers

Eighth, we have Daniel Saavedra. His Youtube About section says he is from Mexico and he has 3.75 million followers.

Here’s a video from him on how to get the girls.

Though, to be fair, it seems like he also has quite a few videos that have nothing to do with seduction so he doesn’t seem to be really mostly focused on seduction.

Ninth, we have ArteSocial, which is a Youtube channel that seems to be from Peru.

Which is a first!

Most of these seem to be from Mexico or the Southern Cone.

Well, here’s his video here.

It’s not as popular though with only 3,000 followers

But it’s an example I guess of a different country.

Tenth, we have another Peruvian channel here on how to get girls called S.P. Habilidades Sociales Peru.

In this case, they are analyzing “infield daygame” videos which is part of the whole PUA community.

Eleventh, here’s some guys doing seduction stuff in Ecuador.

Twelfth, here’s a video of some dudes doing PUA stuff in Bolivia who seem to have a very small channel called "Seduccion Bolivia."

And finally….

Thirteenth, here is a video of, how to seduce a married woman in Brazil.

Or that’s what I think the title says as my Portuguese is shit.

And here’s one more video on how to seduce Brazilian women.

Or I believe these are from Brazil anyway based on my brief research into their Youtube channels.

Anyway,that’s all I could find by typing in “seduccion en x Latin country” or “seduzir mulher brasil.”

Final Verdict

So do PUAs exist in Latin America?

First, it is quite clear to me that there is an abundant more of people trying to sell PUA stuff in the US, Canada and Europe than in Latin America.

In Latin America, I wasn’t able to find PUA folks in any of the following Latin territories: Dominican Republic, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Venezuela or Paraguay.

However, for the biggest countries in Latin America, it definitely seemed popular.

Similar to my article on MGTOW in Latin America....

There seems to be a correlation with how developed and populated a country is…

And the more people you can find who are into this type of stuff.

That’s what I noticed anyway.

So it definitely has a solid enough audience in various countries in Latin America!

Some more than others.

Anyway, that’s all I could find on the topic.

Got any relevant experiences, comments or questions?

Drop them below in the comment section.

And follow my Twitter here for cool pictures of Latin America that I post often.


Best regards,


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