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The Happy Everlasting Degenerate Gringo Lifestyle in LATAM

Imagine a new life for you.

Yeah, you.

Who the fuck else am I talking to?

You bro.

Where you can live cheaply for 999 USD a month.

Or 11,998 USD in a year.

Nothing more.

Which is technically under the standard tax deduction for the IRS of 12,000 USD.

And you have your own little apartment studio somewhere in Mexico City or maybe Colombia or wherever.

Live a life of degeneracy.

Drink 4 bottles a week.

Maybe you’re into drugs?

Well, lucky for you boy, weed is now legal in Mexico according to this article here.

Not for me but maybe it’s your thing.

And you spend your first days of the month working hard to earn that 999 USD to break even.

Perhaps you get it done in a week.

Then you move onto chasing pussy the rest of the month.

A 3 week vacation every month for the rest of your life.

Sounds fucking rad.

And you spend those 3 weeks drinking, doing drugs and chasing pussy.

In a year, you’ve probably had sex with maybe 50 women or whatever.

Fuck, maybe 500.

You a slaya.

And that basically is your life until you kick the bucket.

You get a full 20 years before you develop cirrhosis and drop dead or some shit.

But it sounds like an awesome 20 years, right?

Something out of Bad Santa below here.

Fiction or Reality?

The truth is that this scenario actually isn’t too uncommon.

You do have foreigners living in Latin America that have a life that resembles the above.

Where basically they are alcoholics, drug addicts and/or sex addicts.

Maybe all 3 at once!

Being honest, I’ve had issues with alcohol in my own life down here.

Not drugs though like cocaine or anything.

But I do like my fair share of alcohol.

And sex.

But there is a question to be had.

Can a gringo truly have a “happy everlasting degenerate” lifestyle in Latin America.

Where they are both happy and everlasting with their degeneracy.

And actually keep on living down here forever and ever.

Or do they eventually just go back home?

There is an argument to be made by some that this lifestyle is not sustainable in the long run.

And eventually said gringo will eventually go back home broke and a loser with nothing to his name.

That could definitely happen.

But let’s break down all the thoughts I have on this.


So the first question is if this life is sustainable.

Well, we can argue sustainable from a financial and social-feelings sense.

Financially, having addictions can obviously fuck with your ability to support yourself.

But honestly, cost of living truly is so low here that said gringo can pull it off I think.

There’s this video here for example of some random homeless gringo begging for money.

He’s well known in Mexico City among foreigners.

Rumor is maybe he does drugs?

He always has the same excuse to everyone he asks money from – “got robbed, help please.”

I don’t know if he is happy.

But he’s been at this for some odd years now…

So I guess he’s been able to financially support himself doing this.

Even though it might involve living in the street?

But I guess technically he has pulled it off….

And maybe he has more self-control?

To earn enough to afford rent.

Rent down here can be as cheap as 100 bucks a month for a small ass room in a random neighbourhood that isn’t touristy.

So if he is asking for 20 bucks each person…

Seems like he could pull off the money maybe if he asked enough tourists.

Either way, I’m going to say the financial aspect could be fine.

You also have folks who are addicts that can keep themselves afloat financially anywhere in the world.

“Functional drug addicts?”

Anyway, it’s possible to be financially sustainable.

I know personally that I drink a lot and can pull it off fine work wise.

Then you have the emotional-feeling sense of sustainability.

Can someone live a life down here of only degenerency and want to keep living here without going back home?

Could the sex and the drugs or alcohol combo keep someone satisfied enough down here long term for decades?

Where they don’t have a personal interest in the country they are in…

Nothing about the culture.

Not many friends if anyone.

Just all about vices.

Could they be happy down here long term?

Well, you do probably have some folks where the sex and the vices are enough.

But I’d argue most folks are not happy with it really at their core.

Though when arguing sustainability…

Meaning could it last for a long time without them wanting to go back home…

I’d say it’s unlikely but it could happen that someone lives like that for a long time down here.

Though it also depends on age I think…

The Young Degenerate

Someone my age!

In their 20s and 30s.

For someone in this demographic, I’d say living this lifestyle in the long run is not as sustainable.

First, most people want to have kids and a family and it’s going to prove difficult to have that down here if you don’t have a handle on your lifestyle.

Second, you don’t have social security, which can help you get a retirement visa and have a more legal standing to live down here long term.

Third, you’re young as fuck.

You still got another 40 or 50 years of life left.

Or however long.

Someone living a very degenerate lifestyle this young and keeping at it is more likely to die early.

Granted, if you don’t care, well shit I guess.

But I see more of a loss if someone in their 20s or 30s can’t get their shit together while living down here.

And cool down their degeneracy to the degree needed.

But then you have another group…

The Old Degenerates

I’m skipping middle aged ones.

Because much of what I said for young ones could be said for them also.

They don’t got social security either for example.

Anyway, we got older degenerates.

Someone in their 70s who maybe recently got divorced and lost the house…

Already lived a full life.

Had a marriage with kids and a career…

The whole plate.

And given life expectancy for men is usually around late 70s anyway…

Honestly, I see less damage done for the old degenerates who want to live like this abroad in a foreign country.

They’re going to die anyway in like the next 10 to 20 years.

And they already lived a full life…

So who cares?

If they are happy living the degenerate life in their final days before they kick the bucket…

Fair enough.

Not endorsing it but I see less damage here for them.

And after having already lived a full life…

If this is all they want now in life…

To be chasing Venezuelan lady boys in Colombia while drinking a shit ton most days of the week…


So, in a way, I do think age has a play here when thinking about if an expat can live down here long term while doing this type of thing.

Final Verdict

Though I’m more understanding of the aging 70 year old who is about to kick the bucket anyway…

I’m less understanding of the young degenerate.

It makes sense perhaps if you want to live that life for a few years down here.

Especially if you are in your young 20s.

But it has other consequences as you are young and most likely don’t have a solid income.

And those consequences are ever more real when you have a full life ahead of you.

Like I said, I’ve dealt with lowering my alcohol consumption.

Recently, I stopped drinking for 30 days.

Not much of an achievement but I’m working on it.

After this article is published, I plan on giving up the drinks for as long as I can again.

So I’m not perfect either and I’m not trying to judge anywhere here if you happen to have a degenerate lifestyle.

Just questioning if said lifestyle can be sustainable in the long term down here.

I could see it working out but more for way older folks than anyone else.

Especially as such a lifestyle can be very superficial and shallow.

And not really leaving much happiness your way.

All the while it has real health consequences also obviously.

And, like I wrote in this article here, it can limit your income.

My income hovers above 2,000 USD a month but I’d like to increase that and reducing my drinking would probably help.

So sustainable?

Again, like I said, it could be.

But it’s not ideal obvious.

And that’s all I got to say on the matter.

Got any questions or comments yourself?

Drop them below in the comment section.

And follow my Twitter here.

Thanks for reading.

Best regards,


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