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Issues Relating With Other Gringo Expats

Published April 1, 2021 in Personal Stories & Opinions - 0 Comments

Sometimes it has been assumed that I only hang out with other gringo expats down here while I live in Latin America…

Truth is, I rarely ever say hi to another gringo.

Some odd months ago, we had some American guy named Alex move into my apartment building and he seems cool.

We talk sometimes.

Outside of him, I can’t remember off the top of my head the last time I said hi to a foreigner but I’m also drunk when writing this…

So give me a day or two and I might come up with another incident that happened like a year or two ago or some shit…

But either way, it doesn’t happen ever.

Not necessarily because I try to avoid other gringos…

But because half of my time and more in Mexico has been living in non-touristy areas.

So simply put – you simply don’t see too many gringos ever.

Moving back to a touristy area recently (of which I’m about to move out of soon)…

I’ve seen plenty of gringos here!

Much more than I have in the last 2 years or so all together.

And just recently I have joined some “Expats in Mexico City” group because I have thought of maybe acting reaching out to other foreigners…

Just to make friends with other people like me who aren’t locals.

I haven’t made the time to do that though as I’ve been busy…

But someday I will!

Either way, there are some issues with the “gringo expat” crowd that I have noticed.

Some minor things that annoy me about some of them.

So let’s cover that.

Fake Ass Crowd

I’m part of some Telegram chat for foreigners living in Latin America.

Anyway, back some months ago, we had this random dude in the chat who would talk endless shit about being successful or whatever.

But he would always talk in a weird ass way that was fake as fuck.

Like nobody in real life talked like him.

Where he would put out sentences that were vague as fuck in response to others that never made any sense.

Sentences that always had an air of superiority to them like “ok little one let me teach you my ways.”

Something like if someone said they are going to get a meal at Wendys…

He’d probably say some fag shit like ….

“Fast Food is a sad….

Organic Food is rad.

Join my email list or I’ll be mad.”

Or some fag ass like shit like that.

Like the fuck is he trying to say?

Who speaks like that?

Anyway, he’s not alone.

Though I’ve never met a gringo like this in person…

They are all over the fucking place on Twitter.

I didn’t know this until I signed up for Twitter for the first time ever almost a year ago for this website!

Which, by the way, if you want to be “rad” and not “sad” and not make me “mad….”

Then follow my Twitter here.

Anyway, it seems like you have lots of these fags!

Who talk all day about how amazing life is abroad usually in weird exaggerations and in sentences like above.

They never speak like real people.

Always like they are trying to sell you something…

Buy my gumroad course here!

Or whatever…

Anyway, they’re kinda annoying because they come across like socially retarded car salesmen while never getting an accurate description of life down here.

The Hate America Crowd

Next, you have the crowd that hates America!

They come in two forms.

First, you have the typical far leftist crowd who piss all over their home country…

America being this case…

But it doesn’t have to be America.

The America part doesn’t matter.

It could be the UK, Germany, France, Spain, Japan, etc.

This could be titled the “Hate My Home Country Crowd!”

But I’m from America so there we go.

Anyway, the first part of this crowd is the far leftist folks who just hate their country because of some guilt they hold over bad shit the US or whatever country did in the past.

Second, you have another sub group of people in this group who hate America or whatever country because….

Women back home wouldn’t fuck them.

That’s the honest god damn truth.

They usually hide the reasons for why they hate America for reasons like “the food is so organic down here!” or whatever reason they pull out of their ass…

But if you get reading their tweets or listen to them talk…

Yeah, there is a bit of jadendess with how life treated them back home and so basically they hate America or whatever country because they were a nobody back home with shit to their name.

It’s a bit of stereotype saying this because not every expat is like that…

In fact, most aren’t I would say!

But yeah…

You do have some like that.

Political Autists

I decided to make a separate point for this group…

But they are the same as the far leftists abroad.

Though I made this a separate group because it’s not just far leftists who are political autists down here…

As I wrote here and here, you do have political autists on the right also.

On both the far left and far right who move down here!

Now what are political autists?

They are people who won’t shut the fuck up about politics.

Who move abroad because “Joe Biden” or “Donald Trump” is going to ruin their life!

They’re usually retarded with the social skills of a road killed animal.

And impossible to have a real conversation with.

My only advice is to avoid conversations with them.

But if you have to have one….

Just know which political aisle they come from so you can avoid triggering them into autism filled foaming-at-the-mouth seizures. 

Sketchy Folks

Next, we have the sketchy folks.

As I wrote here, you have plenty of drug addicts, alcoholics and sex addicts down here.

Hey, I like my own amount of liquor and sex also!

But you have folks worse than that who are out to scam people and whatever.

Just sketchy folks in general.

This might be one example of such in this website about an expat here.

Not sure if the website is true but it’s one example of someone accusing an example down here of being shady.

Anyway, obviously don’t hang with shady people.

The Wannabe Latino Crowd

We also have some gringos who are insecure about their lack of gringohood.

Where basically they put in their best effort to come across and act like one of the locals.

Some call it “going full Latino.”

Like this article here.

Though, if we are being specific, I guess it would be…

“Going full Mexican.”

“Going full Brazilian.”

“Going full Argentine.”

“Going full Dominican.”

“Going full Colombian.”

“Going full Peruvian.”

What the fuck would that last one look like?

Anyway, they can be a bit annoying also and come across as insecure about where they came from and in regards to fitting in with the locals.

Moves A Lot

Finally, we have expats who we actually like….

But they move….


Just when you found someone cool that you can hang with…

They have ot move back home!

A friend of mine named Blayde was telling me about a friend of his from Australia who made the move back home.

And won’t be coming back to Mexico City.

It happens.

Most people don’t live down here forever.

So either you move around a lot or the friends move away…

It’s not as common for other expats you like to stick around in your life forever.

Some might if you are lucky and have been here long enough.

Many won’t.

It’s part of life.

Any Others?

Those were all of the groups I could think of on top of my head.

If you have any others who are annoying, let me know below.

I might include it in this article.

And would be nice to hear the opinions and experiences of others.

Anyway, follow my Twitter here.

Thanks for reading.

Best regards,


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