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Are Latinas as Sexy as Foreigners Imagine?

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Having grown up in the US….

Specifically, in a small town in Iowa…

I never had much care for Latinas in general.

Just because we never had too many Latinas relative to the rest of the country.

For sure – we had some!

In my high school class, if I had to count on top of my head….

Maybe we had….

Well, we had a chick named Christina who was a friend of mine – Mexican origin.

I remember we had a Brazilian exchange student but she never graduated with us – I think she moved before graduation.

There was some Puerto Rican chick who was also an exchange student who had a nasty attitude.

I can also remember a dude from Spain who was in my class for like a year – not Latino but Hispanic obviously.

There was some chick named Olivia or something that had a Latina sounding last name.

And that’s all I can remember.

Oh wait, there was some dude who was Latino, I think.

I can’t remember very well but I think he was – some skinny ass short dude in our class.

So maybe 4 Latinos in total and 1 Hispanic dude?

Half of that being Latinas.

Or something like that.

Let’s add another 3 Latinos to that just to be safe – maybe 7.

I honestly don’t remember very well but the exact number is irrelevant.

The idea is the same.

And so, to be honest, I never had much care for specifically Latina chicks growing up.

Nor much of an interest in Latin America – which is ironic given I live here now and have a website on this region.

Regardless, in the years after high school…

In college for example.

And also during the years that I started to travel around Latin America…

I came across more often this idea of what Latinas are supposed to be like…

These hot, exotic women who are these amazing sex machines just ready to make any dick cum INSTANTLY.


Is that true?

Are Latinas really as hot and “exotic” as folks in the US sometimes make them out to be?

Here I will lay out a bunch of my personal thoughts on the matter and try to mix them in with some relevant statistics and videos also.

So let’s begin.

Projected Fantasies

As you can read in this article I wrote here

You have folks who have, what I call, “projected fantasies” about Latin America.

Sometimes those fantasies revolve around this idea of “escaping the grind.”

Which is funny as shit as sometimes these same folks equate quitting the 9-5 for shitty ass freelance work that pays significantly under minimum wage – 12 hour work days in front of the laptop for 500 USD a month.

Living the dream, brother!

The same could be said about their “projected fantasies” about women and dating in Latin America.

Now, sometimes Latinos themselves are delusional about their own women – the occasional incel retard Latino who thinks that “our women aren’t like the hoes of the US! They are Catholic conservatives!”

Meanwhile his girl is probably cucking him with a foreign dude from Europe or some shit…

Hey, even Latinos have weird ideas!

And so do foreigners…

Who think that relocating or traveling to Latin America will resolve their dating issues.

Sometimes gringas also think this as you do encounter the occasional gringa with notions about Latinos.

Though it does seem to be mostly men….

Either way, you have folks who either…

One – have a fetish for Latinos or Latinas.

When speaking of the men, they tend to think of the Latina girls as “spicy” or “exotic.”

“Passionate” might be another word.

Two – you have men, who as I said before, have dating issues in the US.

So they are basically “escaping” the US in search of easier access (or what they perceive to be easier access) to pussy.

Through bride tours, prostitution or hooking up abroad.

Whatever really.

Now, do these men have better dating success abroad?

That’s another topic entirely.

If we are talking about the prostitution crowd – well, without doubt, they can get much hotter chicks down here than in the US for a shit ton cheaper.

The wife hunting crowd? I don’t get them to be honest. I think they’re retarded.

But then you have the dating/hooking up abroad crowd – and you can read my thoughts here on all of that but I do think they, generally speaking, have better luck down here than up there.

But let’s not be delusional – most of them will not be fucking super models unless they pay for it.

But read that article I cited here for more thoughts on that.

Regardless, that might have let on a hint as to my thoughts on the question in the title of this article…

“Are Latinas Sexy?”


It depends.

Obviously, there are sexy Latinas.

But this part of the article is to first shed light on a certain fact…

That some people simply have fantasies about Latinas that might not hold up to reality and only to their fetishes or fantasies for love abroad…

And those same fantasies might be influenced by content creators online looking to sell affiliate programs to dating programs or wife hunting programs online to desperate men.

But now having addressed briefly the bullshit behind the folks promoting this idea that “Latinas are the sexiest women ever….”

From those with fetishes based on ethnicity to those desperate and those selling illusions for money…

Let’s get to reality.

Location, Location, Location

This should be obvious for those who have read my content on this website…

But it sometimes irks me when people talk about Latin America as one collective region that is the same across the board.

Though, to be honest, I sometimes fall into that mistake also.

It simply irks me because there is so much variety in this region from country to country…

I don’t even get how Latinos do it – putting Argentina into the same box as Guatemala.

Cuba with Paraguay.

Bolivia with Honduras.

Mexico with Venezuela.

Bolivia with the Dominican Republic…

And so much more.

And when talking about “Latinas.”

It’s the same thing.

Not all Latinas are brown skinned mestizas.

You got black, white, Asian and brown Latinas…

And the demographics of each country are very different.

Plus just how people dress and maintain their looks as well.

Anyone who has been around Latin America knows this well enough that Latinas in some countries are considered uglier than Latinas in other countries.

I’m simply reporting here the “consensus” of what I have commonly noticed among folks who are into Latinas…

That some countries down here get more attention than others for the women those countries have.

For example, Bolivia basically gets nobody going there for dating/sex purposes.

Literally nobody.

And that’s mostly because most folks consider the women from Bolivia to be butt fucking ugly – even though there are good looking chicks from there…

I’m just telling you what the perception is.

Then you have some countries that are simply considered too dangerous or irrelevant for folks to visit – Honduras, El Salvador, Venezuela, Paraguay, Uruguay, etc…

Truthfully, there are certain countries that I would say are “A” rated among foreigners for having hot chicks.

The obvious countries for that are Brazil and Colombia.

I’d probably put Venezuela into that same category also if Venezuela wasn’t considered too unstable or dangerous for foreigners to visit.

Since it has relatively similar demographics to Colombia.

Then you have what I would call “B” rated countries.

These are countries that do get noticed to a degree.

From my perspective, they seem to be countries like Costa Rica, Argentina, the Dominican Republic, Mexico and maybe Cuba for the non-Americans out there.

The rest of Latin America?

You might have noticed that I only mentioned 8 countries.

When you have around 21 countries in Latin America.

You know – not too many folks going to Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, Bolivia, Ecuador or Uruguay for love and sex.

Oddly enough, huh?

 So when talking about if “Latinas are as sexy as foreigners imagine?”

Well, it’s going to vary quite a bit by the country that we are talking about.

Not only is some of the narrative on this topic being influenced by men who either have a fetish for Latinas, are desperate for foreign women out of some illusion or men selling such an illusion to the desperate men for a profit…

But also there is a lack of understanding among some that location matters and it’s not just “Latinas are sexier” but what part of Latin America are we talking about…

But before we get into my actual thoughts on the matter, let’s bring up some statistics.

Obesity in Latin America

When trying to address the question in the title of the article…

It’s hard to know how to objectively look at it.

I could bring up my own experiences!

And I do below.

But that would be like the occasional anon on the internet who brings up his experiences going to “x Latin city” to bang a bunch of chicks…

And those experiences quite likely are bullshit…

But said anon wrote that anyway because he either wants to convince other men on the internet that he is an alpha chad that fucks all the hoes or he is trying to sell ebooks or affiliate programs…

So when trying to think of what I could bring up outside of my own experiences that is relevant to this topic…

I figure obesity would be relevant?

After all, who wants to fuck fat chicks?

Though I am quite the expert at such a topic….

For example, if she is extremely fat….

You know – with 20 rolls of belly fat and the type of chick to yell OINK OINK every time you thrust inside her….

From my experience, you would be better off closing your eyes and telling yourself that you are fucking your favorite porn star….

Especially as getting a closer look at her pussy would reveal any of the warts she has…

And knowing that you are plunging inside a cesspool of STDS might kill the boner….

Well, I assume most men are not interested in such an experience…

So if we are talking about if “Latinas are as sexy as foreigners imagine…”

I guess this would be relevant.

So let’s look at any of the numbers I can find relevant to this topic.

In the US, 71.6% of the adult population is obese or overweight.

Now, for Latin America as a whole, this article here claims that 6 out of 10 adults in Latin America as obese.

Or 60% in total.

Now if we are looking at individual Latin countries…

Mexico: 45% of men are obese or overweight and 43% of women are obese or overweight.

Colombia: 20% of the population is obese and 56% of the population is overweight or obese.

Brazil: 19.8% of the population is obese.

Chile: 23.2% of the population is obese and 60% of the population is overweight or obese.

Peru: 53.8% of the population is either overweight or obese and 18.3% of the population is obese.

Dominican Republic: 64.6% of the population is either obese or overweight.

Panama: 46% of the adult population over 40 is either overweight or obese.

Uruguay: 65% of adults are either overweight or obese.

Paraguay: 57.6% of the population is overweight or obese.

Bolivia: 42.7% of the population is either overweight or obese.

Ecuador: 6 out of 10 adults suffer from obesity or being overweight.

Nicaragua: 6 out of 10 adults suffer from obesity or being overweight.

Honduras: 52% of adults are overweight and 20% are obese.

Guatemala: 33% of adults are obese and 38% are overweight.

Cuba: 7.95% of men are obese and 15.44% of women are obese while 29.7% of men are overweight and 31.5% of women are overweight.

El Salvador: 31.8% of adult women are obese while 19.2% of adult men are obese while 57.2% of adult women are obese.

Venezuela: 26.5% of adults are obese.

So, as you can see…

While obesity and overweight issues are worse in the US overall….

When compared to Latin America as a whole, we are roughly about 10 percentage points higher.

A difference but not a significant one.

Then when you compare that to individual Latin American countries…

Well, some countries definitely have less fat people – Venezuela, El Salvador, Cuba, Bolivia….

Though how many of you are really going to Venezuela or Bolivia for the pussy?

Be fuckin honest…..

Countries like Colombia or Brazil – though not as bad the US – also seem to have their fair share of ugly folks.

And, if I had to guess, that issue will increase in the years going forward in their countries if trends regarding obesity climbing continue around the world.

Anyway, those are the quick statistics I could find and I will leave you with them to ponder.

Here’s some videos below anyway of the streets of some of the major cities in Latin America that tend to get more foreigners looking for sex or love.

Because beyond the statistics are actual videos that show what the people look like in the street of different cities.

So that way you can make a better judgment as to if the chicks in the countries down here look better on average or not.

Of course, going about it this way isn't perfect either since I'm obviously not going to post a video of every single decent sized city in Latin America down below.

And also who knows -- maybe some might argue that the videos below neglect to show certain areas where you would find hotter chicks.

Either way, I feel this is a better approach anyway than the countless amounts of dudes online bullshitting others about "how hot the women are in x country and all the pussy they are getting bros!"

To which then they ask you to buy their affiliate program, dating course or whatever without even showing you proof that they are actually getting laid with hot chicks.

So, either way, I believe this at least gives you an actual idea of what chicks will look like on the streets down here.

Also, some videos of major cities in the US are posted below for comparison sakes.

Finally, for those who want to, you can also download Tinder and get Tinder Plus for a month. It's pretty cheap and lets you swipe in any part of the world.

That would also give you another rough idea of the quality of the chicks you can find in different parts of Latin America.

I would do that but I don't want to screenshot random people's faces on Tinder and post it on here due to privacy issues with that obviously.

Anyway, we will get to my own opinion and experiences on this topic after the videos posted below..

Videos of Different Major Latin American Cities

My Personal Experiences

So outside of the occasional smartass comment…

And the statistics and the videos that can help you give an idea as to what the chicks in different countries look like down here….

What are my personal thoughts as to how sexy are the chicks down here?

Well, my opinions are not really that controversial or different from the consensus, I think anyway.

First off – in most Latin countries from Nicaragua to Costa Rica to Uruguay and Paraguay – the women are not really better looking overall.

Honestly, the US, in my personal experience, isn’t a terrible country for the single man looking for sex.

And this is coming from someone who has spent most of his time in the Midwest – not NYC.

Now, if I was still living n small town Iowa, then any major city in Latin America would be better obviously.

Just because of the extra amount of women that I would have available in my area.

However, having spent significant time near Columbus, Ohio area also – I’d prefer Columbus, Ohio area over most of Latin America to be honest.

In terms of countries.

Columbus over Nicaragua or Paraguay for example.

Because not only do I have more options in terms of what chicks I can fuck – more black chicks, more white chicks, more Asian chicks, etc.

So more diversity for me.

And also every chick would speak my native language….

But also, in my experience, it can possibly be easier to find more chicks who are just down to fuck in Columbus area than say Nicaragua or Paraguay for example.

As those last two countries do tend to be a little more conservative overall from what I heard.

Though that also again exposes the difficulty of talking about all Latinas versus my time in the US.

If we were to compare Columbus, Ohio to Mexico City on the other hand and not Managua….

Well, without any question, Mexico City is better.

A shit ton more women available (of many more nationalities also) and more sexually liberal.

So, again, this all exposes the difficulty of comparing such a big country like the US to such a big ass region like LATAM.

Being from the Midwest – this is all I know.

Someone who is born and raised in NYC might have a different opinion!

Or Houston, Texas…

Etc, etc…

But disregarding those areas of Latin America that most folks don’t care about when it comes to women…

Nicaragua, Paraguay, Uruguay, El Salvador, etc…

And disregarding areas that tend to be considered too dangerous to visit for most folks like Venezuela, El Salvador, Honduras, etc…

And disregarding areas that tend to have women that more foreigners consider to be too butt fucking ugly (despite the occasional gem they have!) like Bolivia, Guatemala, Ecuador, etc…

Focusing then on the main countries of interest….

  • Brazil
  • Colombia
  • Cuba
  • Venezuela (I’ll add it since it has somewhat similar demographics to Colombia)
  • Argentina
  • The DR
  • Mexico

What are my opinions comparing chicks in the US to these countries?

Well, let’s break it down.

First, Argentina – I never found the women here to be anywhere near as attractive as men say. The only dudes I have ever met who hype up Argentina are basically brown dudes who have a white girl fetish.

Or dudes who just reiterate shit they hear elsewhere but never been to Argentina. There are hot chicks in Argentina for sure but it’s not my preference and I was never impressed honestly. They are OK but not as great as some dudes describe in my opinion.

I prefer more diversity in the women of the country I am in and Argentina doesn’t do it for me. And even among the white chicks you see there, they are OK looking with some hot ones. But I’d honestly just stick to Iowa or Ohio to be honest. I wouldn’t travel to Argentina for the pussy. It’s pointless.

Second, Venezuela – Well, I have been to Venezuela briefly as I wrote about elsewhere like here.

But I wouldn’t go there for dating purposes obviously.

Though most Venezuelan chicks I have met were quite attractive looking overall to some being average looking. They are not all hot but Venezuelan chicks are more attractive on average.

Third, Brazil – Honestly, Brazil, despite my very limited time there, impressed me a lot by the quality of the chicks there.

I guess you can say – where there is smoke, there is fire.

It’s true in my experience.

Brazil was the only country I have been to in LATAM or anywhere in the world where I literally had my head spinning all over the place by the amount of attractive women all over the place.

It was impressive. I’m not the type to bullshit you here. I don’t have any affiliate programs I am trying to sell. I am being honest – Brazil was impressive overall.

Fourth, Mexico – I honestly think any guy who prefers Mexican women just prefers them because he has a fetish for Latinas and Mexico is close by.

There are hot Mexican chicks without question…

And, as I wrote here, a foreigner can have better dating success in Latin America (including Mexico) than the US.

However, as the stats above show and also by my own personal experience…

There’s a ton of obesity in Mexico and the chicks down here are not the best looking in Latin America.

Honestly, if you were to take Mexico and make it a country that didn’t border the US…

Swap it with Chile in terms of location…

Probably almost nobody would care about Mexican chicks.

The main advantage they bring to the table is that, for foreigners who have a Latina fetish, they happen to be a decent prospect given that Mexico is in North America.

Outside of that…

If you were to put Mexico in the deep end of South America…

Nobody would care about Mexican chicks.

Again – plenty of cute chicks down here but it’s not worth traveling to another country for in my opinion.

Fifth, The DR

Funny enough, I might be a lone solider for the DR.

I’ve met more and more foreigners who disregard the DR as having ugly chicks.

So take this with a grain of salt perhaps – maybe I’m the only one who likes them.

Though you will find more scam artists in the DR without question…

Among the chicks as well…

In my experience, being honest, I found the DR to be a place where the women are extremely easy and the chicks were not bad looking overall.

So, honestly, it was fine.

Granted, if you don’t like black chicks, maybe the DR isn’t for you.

Though there are Latinas there who are white, non-black, etc…

But, yeah, I get it – there are more black chicks there than in other countries and so some foreigners maybe don’t prefer blacker looking chicks.

For me, it’s cool but this goes down to preference really.

I found the DR to be satisfying when I went there – as you can read here.

But everyone has a different experience.

Sixth, Cuba – I have never been to Cuba as of this writing…

So I can’t speak on it.

I can only say that, from what I have heard, the chicks in Cuba are pretty attractive.

Though, on the other hand, I have heard that trying to date chicks there is logistically difficult for reasons.

But I will leave it at that – I am simply throwing in here what I have heard but can’t confirm this one unfortunately.

Seventh, Colombia – I’d say Colombian women are better looking than what you get in the US overall.

Just my experience – the truth is there.

As a single man from the US – you will have more fun in Colombia than the US.

The chicks are better looking overall and you will get more attention as I wrote about here.

Anyway, I’ll leave it at that.

The Final Verdict

So having said all of that…

What is the final verdict?

“Are Latinas as Sexy as Foreigners Imagine?”

Well, if we were talking about a majority of Latinas…

Are 51% of Latinas as sexy as foreigners imagine?

The answer is obviously no – simply based on the amount of women who are too fat in all of the countries down here…

Plus factoring in all of the women who are simply not attractive physically despite the fat issue…

But are they more attractive than chicks in the US on average?

Well, by statistics as shown before, technically the obesity and overweight stat is about 10% less….

Though, as I said before, it depends on the country…

As most of you all are not going to visit most countries down here (or even a fifth of them)…

And it depends on the city.

Taking Mexico for example…

Mexico City would be your best bet for fun…

Better than Chiapas perhaps….

Colombia? Well, Medellin is quite well talked about but I liked Barranquilla and Pereira more.

Better than Leticia perhaps…

So, you get the point – it will depend on the city also.

Though, as to summarize…

Most Latinas are not amazing hot as so many foreigners imagine…

Obesity is a big problem here also….

Most Latin countries don’t have much to offer when it comes to the looks of their women relatively speaking…

But some cities (like Mexico City, Rio or Medellin) in specific countries (like Mexico, Brazil or Colombia) do have more to offer than what you would get in the US…

Especially when you factor in these things I mentioned in this article here that benefit your dating life in Latin America…

So, I hope that answers the question.

Though if you have any doubts, ask away or comment your own experiences below in the comment section.

And follow my Twitter here.


Best regards,


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