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The Country Code Test for Dating Latin American Women

Published October 1, 2022 in Dating Information - 0 Comments

When living here in Latin America, you notice no shortage of young gringos who like to fuck every gal they can get on Tinder.

Especially in popular cities like Mexico City, Medellin, etc.

However, for most gringos, there comes a point where the man gets old enough that he wants to start dating more seriously.

Find a nice gal to marry and have a family with.

Of course, said gringo doesn't want to date any of those "gringo hunter" gals.

Gringo hunters being these women who make themselves extremely easy to basically anybody with the last name "Henman" or "Campbell."

As I wrote here, these women almost exclusively date and/or fuck mostly gringo dudes.

And what guy wants to date any gal who has fucked countless dudes?

From his experience anyhow dating both women who are easier and those who are more serious, he notices one certain detail though.

That detail being "the country code test."

It's not really even much of a test actually.

Just a simple detail you will notice about women down here as you engage with new ones repeatedly and see a simple correlation between women who give you the country code of their phone number.

Why would this be cause for concern?

The Country Code Test for Dating Latin American Women

It's simple.

Most women wouldn't normally give you their country code when giving you their number.

In my experience exchanging numbers with normal folks down here who I didn't meet on Tinder -- any of them -- they almost never give you the country code with their number.

Perhaps sometimes they do.

Especially if they remember that they are giving their number to another foreigner.

But, while being part of numerous Facebook groups for different neighborhoods in Mexico City, I see quite often little posts locals publish advertising whatever service they are offering like you can see below.

Be it for food, laundry, moving services, etc.

And, in basically 99% of those posts, they don't include an country code for the number because they assume it'll be Mexicans reaching out to them.

Therefore, it's just not common for locals to include the country code most of the time.

Be it when they post their number online to other Mexicans or even to you as a foreigner when they know you are not from Mexico.

The only two times where I notice that the Mexican knows to include the country code is usually one of the following:

First, said Mexican has dealt with a lot of foreigners and given their number to a lot of foreigners down here.

Second, the Mexican has spent time living and/or traveling abroad and remembers the importance of country codes when giving or receiving a number with people of other countries.

As it relates to women then, it's the same thing from what I've noticed.

Those who give you the country code usually fall under one of the two groups above.

While I personally don't care as much if she has lived in another country, I know some men have a bias against that as I wrote about here.

When it comes to the first group though, it's definitely cause for concern.

Your average woman here doesn't really have anything that makes it where she is likely to be exchanging numbers with foreigners frequently.

Like how women in most countries around the world don't usually do that if they live in a community that doesn't have that many foreigners to begin with.

It's also why you'll notice more women giving the country code in cities with a ton of gringos.

Simply because you'll meet more women who have gone on more dates with gringos on average than women in areas with minimal to no gringos.

Above all, the correlation that I have noticed is that Latin American women who include the country code tend to have more experience dating gringos and, from what I have noticed, are more likely to be gringo hunters that just want the latest gringo cock.

Obviously, not all of them are like that.

But I'd agree it's definitely a red flag when I look through my Tinder and think of some of the women I have simply gone on dates with before.

And, when you consider the local woman who have been with a lot of gringos (or a lot of men in general), you generally notice that they tend to have worse attitudes.

In short, they tend to not make serious women for having a relationship with.

Though, on the flip side, if a woman gives me her number and it includes the country code, that's usually a positive sign that she might be easier to fuck than other women who don't give the country code.

So, depending on what you are looking for, perhaps it is a good thing or a bad thing.

Anything to Add?

To be fair, I don't always remember which women of the past gave me the country code or not.

Especially when I think about women in other Latin American countries.

Countries like Colombia, Bolivia, Argentina, Guatemala, etc.

So this article might be better titled "for dating Mexican women" as it's been years since I've lived in another country outside of Mexico.

However, I have gone through my Tinder just now to give this idea more thought.

Looking at the numbers given to me from some of the women I matched with and gone on dates with in Mexico City.

And yeah -- the correlation is definitely there.

From gals who were easier and gave the number with an country code.

To women who had sweeter personalities and didn't come across as much as too slutty who didn't give an country code.

There are two last points though:

First, I'm not sure if Tinder has an automated message you can send to people with your number included.

For example, some of the women sent me a message that reads "Phone: +#####."

Not sure if that is an automated message from Tinder because multiple women have sent something like that.

You'd think so since it starts with in English the word "phone" and multiple gals have sent it.

If automated, then I'd wonder if Tinder includes the country code itself.

If so, then I guess there's no mini red flag here for the women who send that specifically on Tinder.

Second, obviously this isn't a hard rule again for all women you meet up with (be in on Tinder, real life, etc).

Just because I've met plenty of women who didn't include the country code and were better for fucking than having a relationship with.

And I'm sure there are some gals who are good for a relationship that include an country code.

Like I said before, it's just a generalization about a trend that you might notice when dating foreign women in other countries.

But that's all I got to say for now.

It's not a very complicated topic.

Just a minor detail you might notice also over time when dating foreign women also.

If you got anything to add, drop a comment below.

And follow my Twitter here.

Thanks for reading.

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