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Are Latina Women Who Travel Abroad Too “Westernized?”

Published May 1, 2022 in Dating Information - 0 Comments

"Are Latina women who travel abroad too westernized?"

To be honest, I think it's a dumb question by dudes who have nothing going on in their lives beyond focusing on dating and so some just make shit up.

But, as I feel like writing about dating abroad in this month of April, this topic does come to mind as I remember it being a belief held by some dudes who date abroad also.

While I'm not sure how many people believe it now, I did get a random dude emailing me about it recently and do remember it being more commonly believed a decade or so ago and so let's get into it.

There's a certain irony you notice in the man who has traveled a lot in his lifetime bitching about women who have done the same.

In which said man might've come to Latin America perhaps to find better dating success but dislikes the Latin American woman who has traveled to his part of the world ("the West").

Some Latina gal who has been to been to the US, Canada, Europe, Australia, etc.

Said man might even say now that she is "too westernized" to be worth dating.

Of course, nobody knows for sure if she was even considering him to begin with nor did he know the gal before she began traveling to know for sure if the traveling itself made her "too westernized."

This is the type of man to equally say that "the West is dead" and "all American women suck."

So on and so on.

Quite frankly, I also think this is the same type of man who bitches at the sight of foreign women in "his corner of Latin America" because they, by their simple presence, are a reminder of what he could not have back home.

Having said that, is there any truth to the idea that Latin American women who travel abroad are "too Westernized" and what does "too Westernized" even mean?

In practice, I personally think it translates to nothing more than "they are like the women back home who won't fuck me. These TOO WESTERNIZED women won't fuck me, damn it!"

Though, to be fair, maybe it runs deeper for some men.

For some, maybe there is some deeper philosophy about how these women choose career over family, don't want kids, have too many tattoos, have fucked too many men while traveling, focus too much on social media attention, perhaps have an OF, etc.

I hear you.

Either way, it's something that you hear every once in a blue moon if you ever get to talking with a man who is focused on dating abroad and the women are his only reason for being abroad in the first place.

Just the other day, I actually got an email from a random person I never heard from before regarding this very topic in which he claimed that women who travel abroad are "too westernized."

Quite often, the men who say such things tend to reiterate the talking points about tattoos, careerism, etc but, in my opinion, are really more concerned about the issue of them finding these gals not easy to fuck.

That's just my opinion anyhow.

Because, in real life, that's how it comes across.

A year ago when I lived in Roma Norte of Mexico City, there was a French guy that arrived to the building.

Young man looking to escape Covid restrictions back home primarily and also date some local Latina gals.

Over the very brief time that I got to know him, we sometimes talked briefly in the kitchen area whenever I was eating lunch and he was cooking something for himself.

One afternoon in particular, he was discussing gals he was matching with on Tinder.

And one in particular he didn't quite like because of "this and that and everything else."

Some laundry list he had about the gal he hadn't even met yet but was talking with on Telegram (I guess she didn't have Whatsapp?).

One of the issues being anyhow was in how "she has traveled a lot" and "seems to have an attitude."

Implying the two were connected somehow.

Anyway, I didn't press him on it.

I was just trying to finish my meal and move on with the day.

Still, let's actually focus now on wrapping this topic up with my thoughts on the matter.

Is it true that Latina gals who travel abroad are "too Westernized?"

Are Latina Women Who Travel Abroad Too Westernized?

Well, let me just give you bullet point answers based on what I've observed.

First, like I said before, I think some of the men who bitch about this don't give a fuck how "westernized" she is and just use the term "westernized" as code for "won't likely fuck me."

Second, how do you measure "westernized?"

I guess, in a way, she kinda is if I was to generalize.

After all, most Latin American women don't have the money nor proper visa access to travel abroad to "the West" or anywhere outside of Latin America.

Granted, I do think Mexican and Puerto Rican women are different for obvious reasons given the proximity to the US (and Puerto Ricans having a US Passport -- duh!).

It is a difference I have seen anyhow -- women outside of those areas like in South America (and perhaps Central America to some degree) value more those "shopping trips to Miami and Disney World" than the Mexicans and Puerto Ricans.

It's more of a status symbol because less of your people have made that trip.

So, if we were to keep generalizing here, I'd say that those who can afford such nice trips to the US or Europe tend to have more money to begin with.

They likely (though not always) tend to be whiter with more European heritage.

Perhaps speak English better.

But, at that point, it's like a "chicken or the egg" question.

Was she "westernized" before she made that trip to the US or westernized before due to her socioeconomic conditions that allowed travel to begin with?

Because, in my experience, I notice a lot of upper class Latin Americans tend to already be more in tune with the US.

More likely to speak English well, have more traveling experience, value having a more solid career, etc.

More likely to have family there also (again, minus the Mexicans, Puerto Ricans, Cubans, Dominicans even, etc).

I'm just not sure if the traveling itself was what made her more "westernized" versus being that way beforehand.

If we were to label "westernized" more in terms of having tattoos, done lots of casual sex, everything else I said before, etc.

Third, who gives a fuck if you are only looking for sex?

That's another irony of it all also.

Like the French guy I mentioned before.

As I wrote in another article, he wasn't a stranger to meeting random gals from Tinder. 

He clearly wasn't looking for a relationship.

So why give a fuck if she's "too westernized?"

If she looks good and is down to fuck, that's all that should matter if you don't want nothing more.

Which again just shows how some of the dudes who bitch about "too westernized" are really just salty that this specific type of chick won't fuck them.

Fourth, despite the odd vibes I get from dudes bitching about this, I do get it to some degree.

Let me explain.

For one, I think the term "westernized" is a bit weird but let's not get into a big debate about what a more proper term would be.

Having said that and putting aside deeper reasons for why some dudes might bitch about this, I'll summarize my next point in the following:

Women who come from more humble backgrounds tend to be nicer and more pleasant to be around. Less arrogant, less bitchy, more humble. Those who are more humble and perhaps from less "urban" backgrounds even from areas not as developed in the world tend to just have nicer personalities. It's not even about the sex but just they tend to be nicer. Women from more liberal, urban and more developed areas tend to have more money to travel (even if the travel itself doesn't matter too much). Can be perceived as "more westernized." Not sure if the traveling makes the difference though in personality.

And that's it really!

Granted, not all chicks from urban and developed areas have shit personalities.

A vast majority do not.

But, perhaps being from a small town myself, I do find gals from more humble backgrounds to just have better personalities and they also tend to not travel much (regardless of what part of the world you find them in).

Regardless, those who have traveled do tend to be smarter in IQ and more relatable as I have traveled a lot also.

On the flip side, those from more humble backgrounds do tend to be sweeter, less arrogant and all that if we were to generalize.

But, like I said, I don't think it's the traveling that made things worse.

Granted, some would disagree and here's one reason they give.

Fifth, some will say that the attention these gals get from abroad makes them more spoiled for choice and worse in personality.

The idea being that "the West" is better for women in terms of dating than outside of "the West."

I'd probably agree with that last sentence only because plenty of men report having better dating experiences abroad so I'll leave that last sentence alone.

Though I don't know if I'd say that means that women who can't afford to travel abroad are "lacking in choice."

Shit, even a gal I knew named Jovi months ago who lived in "the barrio" of Mexico City had like literally 4,000 men who gave her a like on Tinder when she showed me a year ago.

Not to mention the other Latina gals who can easily get attention online or in dating apps.

Latino men themselves are not above acting like retards for women.

So I'm not buying the whole "women down here lack good attention like they'd get abroad and that's why they get bitchier."

Sixth, if a gal is "too westernized" but she speaks English well enough due to better education when growing up, I don't see that as a bad thing.

While I've accepted that most likely whatever gal I marry someday might not speak English, I'd appreciate it if she did because it'd be easier to introduce her to my family!

And, like I said, I actually prefer a "more westernized" gal as we understand it here AS LONG as she isn't too arrogant, bitchy, etc.

With some of the benefits of being from a better background (like knowing English) but with the personality of a small town gal.

Seventh, what about careerist woman?

If we were to take the complaint of "too westernized" seriously, this is one point in favor of those who complain about it I guess.

I'd say that a chick who can afford to travel (ignoring differences by nationality) is likely someone who comes from an upper middle class or upper class background if we were to generalize.

Such a chick is more likely to pursue a solid career someday because that's how a lot are versus poorer gals.

If you want a gal is more accepting of being a stay at home mom, I guess you got a point here that those who travel are less likely to be accepting of such a role in life (more likely to be liberal, have more need to be strong and independent, etc).

However, on my end, I don't know if I give a shit about this or not.

On one hand, a gal with having her own shit together is cool but, on the flip side, I'd prefer a woman who doesn't prioritize career over family.

The only thing I'd not like is a gal who works so many hours that she isn't spending enough time with the kids. That'd rub me the wrong way (and it'd rub me the wrong way if I raised kids while working too much away from home also).

Eighth, I actually find "westernized" chicks to be easier to relate to in some regards and not in others like I said before.

For one, I don't find chicks who have come from a life too easy to be THAT relatable. 

Putting aside how they MIGHT be more classist, snobby or whatever, it really is just more relatable a gal who didn't have a silver spoon in her mouth her entire life. 

But, as I said, it's not the traveling itself that makes her that way nor do I give a fuck if she traveled or not.

On the other hand, they know the US better and can relate to more easily on that front.

Ninth, if a man is bitching about this where he actually won't date a gal because she traveled abroad, I'd also wonder the status of the women he is getting.

Just a question. I have no idea how true it is.

But, like I wrote here, Latin America has no shortage of dudes who go for the "low hanging fruit."

Be it ugly chicks, single moms, gals living in "the barrio" and so forth.

Shit, I'm not above it!

Some of these gals give up the pussy easy (especially those from shit areas).

If a gal was easier to give you pussy, you would take it too.

So I'm not judging that.

What I am saying though is that -- and it's just a theory -- some of these men are confusing one thing for another.

They might say that the gals are "too westernized" and that's why they are bad but really the only women they could get were those who would give a fuck about his status as a white gringo or someone perceived to have more money.

When dealing with a gal who wouldn't give a fuck about that (especially if she has family money to take those shopping trips to Miami), then that gal ain't going to fuck him unless he has something more to offer and is interesting in some other way.

The dude is confused.

He thinks it's because she is "too westernized" when it's really he didn't have shit to impress her the same way he could impress some barrio hoe with 2 kids.

Nothing wrong with fucking the barrio hoes!

But recognize that you got to up your game if you going to get those upper class white Latina gals who can afford nice trips to Miami with a nice Instagram account.

You can't just be a bum with nothing to excite her beyond what would get the interest of a single mother in the barrio. 

You really think that type of character is going to get those "too westernized" Latina gals who travel?

Get real.

Not saying you have to have lots of money (plenty of broke dudes get lots of good pussy) but a guy who would've been bitching about "women back home being too hard" is likely not one to appeal to the "too Westernized" Latinas for a reason.

Just recognize that it's not them being "too Westernized" necessarily but just that you didn't have anything they liked.

Nothing wrong with that.

You can either improve to get them or you can stick to the gals who do like to fuck you.

Or, though I don't encourage it, you can also just go for the gals who "accept payment" for sex too.

Truth be told, they're cheap and, if you don't mind paying, well it's not my business (and they will likely be hotter than what any normal dude gets usually).

Whatever works for you!

Anyway, that's all I got to say.

Are these gals too Westernized?

Like I said, I get how  -- especially for certain nationalities -- they would be seen as such but I don't think it's the traveling itself that made them that way and I also think it's dumb when dudes complain about that for various reasons.

I just don't see eye to eye with those complaining.

But, if you got anything to add, drop a comment below in the comment section.

And follow my Twitter here.

Best regards,


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