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The Perfect City of Latin America

Where do you want to live in Latin America?

A nice beach town that might have bad wifi, poorer infrastructure, hot as fuck but with hotter women and various beaches to enjoy?

Maybe some international city that is as comfortable as you could hope for with all the amenities but where there isn't as much of that "dangerous thrill" unless you live in sketchier areas, where the women are maybe less attractive than those in beach towns, where more locals are sick of foreigners like you due to how many exist in the area and which is more expensive?

How about some small and quiet city that few gringos hear of, has nicer and more humble people, very cheap cost of living and perhaps a good place to find a woman to marry but is boring as fuck with nothing to do?

Maybe some city like that though with plenty of outdoor activity nearby at the very least?

Or, if you are like me, perhaps your taste changes over time?

Well, to be fair, what man doesn't have changing tastes over the year as he gets older and desire something new?

When I began living in Latin America years ago, it was mostly to lesser developed cities for the most part that had more beaches and more of that thrill.

However, after enough time in that, I found myself in Mexico City soon after and fucking loved it.

Loved how comfortable the city was.

Still as cheap as you could hope for in Latin America but was much more comfortable. Less people trying to fuck me over.

Now, after about 5 years here, I still enjoy the city, have a greater appreciation of it than any other city I've been to and can even see myself living here forever.

But, at the same time, I now crave the opposite.

When I arrived here 5 years ago, I thought how "I could never leave this place" and was just down with how fucking comfortable this city was compared to life in other Latin American cities.

Looking down the street leading towards Metro Insurgentes in Roma Norte on my first year as I am headed to find some local gal to give me a blowjob in that exact moment of realization regarding how much I enjoyed the city.

But, to be fair, I've gotten tired of "how comfortable" it is.

When I was with my last girlfriend, she gained the idea that I prefer areas like Reforma Avenue, Condesa, Roma Norte, etc.

A place with more development and more comfortable.

She was right.

However, since then, I have started to again gain that exact opposite appreciation for something different.

In conversations with my sister, I think she has understood it (based on my words obviously) that, after enough time here, I crave to "dig deeper below the surface," have become so bored after having seen so much and now am willing to dig even deeper into "less than desirable areas."

That's part of it.

You spend enough time down here and, if you have a more adventerous energy to you to want to see new shit, you might find yourself going to "the barrio" of whatever Latin American city just to fuck around.

Why the fuck not?

Got nothing else to do.

Seen all the coolest shit elsewhere.

Let's "dig deeper below the surface" of what life is like over there.

But I'd also say that my constant moving around to random neighborhoods of lesser development is also because, to a degree, I kinda miss the "lesser development" of cities I started my time in Latin America with.

Those with a "rougher edge" to them.

And I miss the more frequent travel and hitting the road.

Now, due to various reasons, I don't find it suitable to travel Latin America again as of right now but I'm getting closer to that point where I'm ready to reengage the broader region again for that type of travel.

It's not happening tomorrow but we're getting there.

Of course, one could ask if I will always be like this?

Well, after I do another bit of traveling like that again, I'm sure I'll fall right back to wanting the opposite again: a place of comfort.

Some place like Mexico City or Buenos Aires.

That will be my "perfect city" again.

....But will it revert back after?

By then, I'll probably be closer to 40.

Will I want a more "chaotic" or "adventurous" style of travel as I approach mid age?

I can't say but I have my doubts based on how men older than me describe being older than someone in their 20s.

Still, as you can tell by now, the idea of "the perfect city" to relocate to is hard to put your mind around.

Your idea can change after a month or a year or 5 years.

It changes as we get older.

It changes with life experiences.

For example, if I was to have a family and a kid right now, I'd probably not prefer the "chaotic" or "adventurous" or "lesser developed" areas and prefer a city that is more normal, calm, quiet and suitable for a family.

Ideally one with plenty of nature to take the family hiking through and to appreciate the life outside of the urban jungle.

But, as of right now, I don't have that in my life and I'm still in my 20s.

I'm increasingly preferring that itch for the crazy shit.

While one could enjoy crazy shit in Mexico City, it's not the same as being a man traveling to lesser developed areas with more fun and not as comfortable.

More surprises.

A guy I got to know very briefly who emailed me from one of my other blogs wanted to meet me.

Arrived to Mexico City.

He liked it.

Had the same observations as me.

"How comfortable this city is" he described.

Could see himself enjoying life here.

But he craved the opposite as well and hit the road again after some odd months.

Enjoyed the comfortable like I have for 5 years.

But he felt the need to escape "the comfortable" sooner than 5 years and now can be found again in cities of Colombia that few gringos go to.

And, to be honest, I crave that a little bit.

But I also find -- especially with so much time in Mexico City -- difficult to leave Mexico City.

Once you live in a city for so long, it's hard to let it go.

Always coming up with new reasons for why you can't leave just yet.

But, above all, the reasons are mostly bullshit (I do have one legit reason though).

It's just hard to say goodbye -- even temporarily -- to a place you have called home for so long.

At half a decade standing, it's hard.

But, at the same time, I also know that Mexico City isn't the perfect city anymore for me.

It was when I arrived.

But I changed.

The city did not change in a way to make it no longer the perfect city.

I changed.

While Mexico City could likely be my perfect city again in a few years after being gone (especially when I begin craving a more comfortable city again), it isn't right now.

Right now?

To visit a Bolivian town on the edge of being away from civilization where the rain ruins the airport and you are only a step from the Amazon Rainforest where a hot indigenous gal is waiting for me to fuck her pussy while she has an orgasm every minute and screams like a retard in pleasure.

To climb again that mountain in the Andes with a guide who looks at me like he's seen a ghost when I tell him "Iowa" after he asks me "where you from?"

To be at a sketchy bar in middle of bumfuck nowhere Venezuela playing 80s rock music and catching eye contact with a woman whose eyes scream for the White Seed to breed her and who you take to a sketchy motel after to deliver the service her soul craves.

To travel to an obscure area where the aroma of Satan is in the air of a place where some group was genocides by the Spaniards and they created an altar to worship the spiritual world in the face of the destruction of their people (maybe in a cave or a jungle or some shit).

To experience then dance down the streets of some random Latin city where the locals are, in contrast, celebrating Jesus with some poorly produced music and the cheapest liquor in hand that makes the homeless go blind.

There is that part that increasingly craves -- with every single day -- a "rougher" part of Latin America with more chaos and adventure.

Like I said, I'm getting that vibe a little bit now with the neighborhoods I live in Mexico City but it's not enough.

As of for right now, it's no longer the perfect city for me.

It was but I have changed and it's not right now.

It might be again sometime in the future after 3 to 5 years of being away.

It very well might be.

Or perhaps, by then, I might crave a family life and the "perfect city" will be some quiet town of Patagonia of Chile.

Above all, it's the struggle of the expat who craves more and whose cravings change by the month or year and by what stage of life he is in.

His idea of "the perfect Latin American city" to always be changing.

Especially if he began traveling when young in his 20s.

Maybe all of this is less relatable to the retired expat in his 60s or 70s.

So, for whichever expat it might be, you just learn anyhow over time that "the perfect city" doesn't exist.

At least for now.

It might exist as a "ghost city."

Meaning it appears before you to enjoy in the moment but disappears in the blink of an eye.

What I can say is to enjoy it while you got it.

Do not travel to the next city when you found the perfect place for you right now.

For example, I already said that I have been moving around to "sketchier" neighborhoods of Mexico City to kinda get some semblance of the same vibe I crave.

But, over the last 5 months, I haven't moved actually.

I really enjoyed this very specific neighborhood I am in called Pedregal de Santo Domingo.

Recognized it as offering EXACTLY what I want and no need to travel again!

You might feel the need to travel again soon to "experience" something else but I really do recommend you stay put in the exact spot you found this "perfection" in.

Because it's hard to find and it won't last.

It no longer lasts now for me in Santo Domingo.

I have enjoyed this area but now have my eyes on some other spots and I know deep inside it's time again for me to change neighborhoods.

In the same way that I know that it will be time -- within a year or so -- for me to change cities when I have my ducks in order.

So, above all, there's two things to say here really for you to take home:

For one, your idea of the "perfect city" can change quite often when it comes to descending where to live in Latin America and some men need "a change of scenery" from time to time.

Second, when you have found perfection, appreciate it in the moment. It's like having a woman who is perfect for you sexually. She also might disappear some day but either the perfect city or the perfect slut (preferably as a petite brown slut with double D tits and in white or pink panties who will do WHATEVER you want her to do) are always those of which to appreciate in the moment to the best that you can. 

Anyway, that's all I got to say.

Got anything to add?

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Thanks for reading.

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