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The Relationship Between Manosphere & Country Development in Latin America

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Is there a relationship between the existence & strength of any Manosphere community and how developed a country is within the Americas?

Though I could discuss other areas of the world that are more developed like parts of Europe, Japan and whatever else, I'm going to stick mostly to the Americas because I'm truly not as familiar with these other areas.

I have been to Europe but I don't know Europe as well (though I have heard of Manosphere folks existing over there also).

Anyway, it's a topic that I have discussed informally with folks once in a blue moon and not very often whatsoever.

For example, well over a year ago, I remember a dude telling me that "incels" don't exist in Latin America because prostitution is legal down here.

As I wrote here, I didn't entirely agree with that but I think his point is worthy of mentioning and we will include it in this article.

Similarly, I remember discussing very briefly over half an hour with my sister last night regarding the rise of incels in the US and did casually mention how there is this certain relationship I've noticed between how developed a country is and the presence of certain communities -- not just incels -- but those within the "Manosphere."

In fact, I wrote an article looking at the presence of local PUA Latin Americans in Latin America here and another article here on the presence of any Latin American MGTOW content or community.

To summarize both articles above, I basically concluded that you do have those interested in things like MGTOW (and even more for those into PUA) down here but that developed Spanish-speaking countries like Spain, Argentina, Chile or Brazil (Portuguese speaking) are dominating the online content for PUA and MGTOW related stuff.

Oddly enough, not as much interest seemingly in poorer "Iberian" countries like Nicaragua, Paraguay, Bolivia, Venezuela, Guatemala, etc.

Anyway, when I begin discussing this topic in greater detail below, keep in mind that I'm lumping it all together under the idea of "Manosphere:" PUAs, MGTOW, incels, etc.

Though I'm not sure actually if "the incel community" is ever put in with Manosphere types, I'm doing it anyway because I feel some of the reasons for why you have MGTOW types for example in more developed countries are the same reasons why you have more incels also.

So let's get to it as to why I think there is a relationship between how developed a country is in the Americas and the strength of the presence of any of the communities above.

Why is it that a poorer country like Nicaragua might have less of the above than a country like Mexico?

Let's cover some of those theories now that I have.

Traditionally Married Earlier 

There's a certain belief I've heard by some that explain away why there are more incels and male virgins these days than before.

While there are likely many contributions to the problem, I think one of the bigger contributions has to do with the issues coming from men and women marrying at a later age (not that I think it is a bad thing but consequences of that will result in more incels, virgins, MGTOW types, PUAs, etc). 

Let's first look at the US as an example from how it has changed from the 1950s to today and any similarities we can find in that comparing to the US of today to Latin America of today.

For example, you have this idea that men and women married at earlier ages in the 1950s in the US as you can see here.

"In the 1950s, women married at age 20 and men at 23. The median age at first marriage has been rising rapidly ever since. We're now at an all-time high of 27.1 for women and 29.1 for men."

While I wasn't around in the 1950s, I could see issues that would come from a later average age of marriage than an earlier one. 

First, women getting married at an earlier age means they have less experience with men, are less mature in knowing what they want and have lower standards in regards to personality. 

With women now getting married at an older age with more understanding of what they want in a man beyond financial stability, that will increase the standards of what they expect out of a dude and some dudes aren't good at stepping up to that.

Second, you have the financial independence of women where women working means they bring their own income. 

Most women don't want a man who makes a lot less money than them. Some adjust to it, many don't want that. So women working will mean a lot more men won't be able to offer that higher income than what she makes.

Of course, you got chicks who make 30k and the husband makes 25k. I'm talking about examples where there would be a significant gap in income that most (but not all) women (and men too) would be uncomfortable with.

Third, delaying the age of marriage doesn't take away the fact that people still want to fuck and so more will likely fuck while single. 

However, given that most men throughout history were never PUA types to fuck a 100 women, the women they did fuck were often just that once in a blue moon hookup or a girlfriend/wife.

As you can see here, the average amount of women a typical man fucks is this below:

"How many sexual partners does the average adult have? The median heterosexual man or woman (age 18-60) reports somewhere between four and six opposite sex partners in their lifetime."

So obviously your average dude isn't destroying pussy casually. He will fuck the occasional woman here and there but most of his fucking comes from being in a relationship or a marriage.

With men and women getting married at later ages, this means you will have more of a hookup culture because people are still horny and want to fuck even if not in a relationship like I said before. 

That obviously will encourage, in of itself, a PUA culture among some men.

When it comes to MGTOWs and incels though, as shown just a second ago, we have already shown that most men don't put in the work or have what it takes to fuck lots of chicks and so will only fuck that occasional once in a blue moon chick or rely on that rare relationship to get pussy.

So you have an increase in PUAs, MGTOWs and incels.

Fourth, given jobs don't pay as much these days and most men have a much harder time supporting a family on just one income, that obviously is going to hurt some men who would have to rely on a relationship or marriage to fuck when they don't have a solid career with financial stability to offer but that would've been the only thing they could have offered in the 1950s (with no solid personality, "game" or whatever else).

Those same men perhaps are not as exciting to women either looking to hookup as hookup culture is stronger these days than in the 1950s as I said before. 

In contrast to Latin America, do we see anything similar or different when it comes to a relationship between average age of marriage and development? 

Is there any similarity to how the US was in the 1950s when not as economically developed to some parts of Latin America today?

Well, from what I've noticed, areas that are less urbanized and/or poorer tend to have more people marrying at younger ages.

Obviously, if you got more dudes marrying women at a younger age in Nicaragua for example, you are going to have less incels, MGTOW types and PUAs.

You can't really be a man "going your own way" if you are married.

Not much of an incel if you got a wife at home that you can fuck.

And probably said wife would notice you doing "PUA" stuff in the streets of Managua asking random women for their number with "Cold Approach."

Though, to be fair, that doesn't stop said men from going to a whore house behind her back.

Anyway, we have this Wikipedia article here on the average age that women get married in countries across the Americas.

For those in Latin America, what are the numbers?

  1. Nicaragua: 20.6
  2. Dominican Republic: 21
  3. Honduras: 21.2
  4. Cuba: 21.3
  5. Guatemala: 21.3
  6. Panama: 21.6
  7. Ecuador: 21.8
  8. El Salvador: 22.5
  9. Colombia: 22.7
  10. Paraguay: 22.7
  11. Venezuela: 22.7
  12. Peru: 23.5
  13. Uruguay: 24
  14. Bolivia: 24.1
  15. Costa Rica: 25.7
  16. Mexico: 26
  17. US: 28.6
  18. Canada: 29.6
  19. Brazil: 30
  20. Chile: 32.6
  21. Argentina: 33.2

Now, to be fair, I added the US and Canada in for comparison sake.

Obviously, the US and Canada have more wealth than any of these countries but has a lower marriage age than 3 of the richer ones.

Not to mention a country like Uruguay being much nicer to live in than Bolivia but also having a very slightly lower age for average marriage among women.

When it comes to average age of men by the way, the article generally showed the age to be higher of around 4 years more or less in most of the countries I casually looked at.

That was also similar to the US in the 1950s as we saw way before from another article cited.

At any rate, the correlation between how developed a country is and the age of marriage isn't always consistent like with the examples above.

However, I would argue there is some correlation that can be seen here as most of the countries with the lowest ages tend to be poorer and most of the wealthier ones tend to be richer.

When it comes to MGTOW communities anyway, it's no surprise that, as I wrote in this article here, you have more of a MGTOW community in places like Chile, Argentina and Brazil and those three countries are higher in the list (above the US even) in terms of average age for marriage.

Same thing could be said for PUA stuff as I wrote here.

You don't see as much of a PUA community in places like Nicaragua but do so in Latin American countries with higher age for marriage.

One thing to add here also is that, for some countries like Uruguay for example, perhaps it's a little more understandable why you wouldn't have as much of a community in said country given how small their population is versus a place like Argentina or Brazil.

Not saying said small population size would stop any MGTOW or PUA community from forming but it would decrease the amount of people who would be interested in making online content for that stuff there and the amount of people from said country interested in said online content.

Anyway, to put it all together, the correlation between age of marriage and development does seem to exist to some degree.

Places that are poorer or less urban can often be more religious and people marry younger so you have less men going MGTOW or being puas or incels just like how the US was also more religious and conservative going back decades. 

And more developed places anyway tend to have more women focused on career and education like discussed before and how that can raise their standards due to various factors (such as maturity, not being dependent on men and expecting more than just money to provide for her, less jobs pay well anyhow, etc).

Making it where a fraction of men who would've relied on a relationship for sex now aren't getting anything or find it hard to.

So I would argue then that this relationship isn't just something one can see in a country like the US over the course of 70 years but also between various countries in the Americas in the modern era.

And, going back to what I casually referenced a second ago, "online content demand" is another thing to bring up in my opinion.

Market Demand for Manosphere Content

As we know, Manosphere content creators are no strangers to trying to monetize their work online.

Be it the Roosh types who write books on how to fuck women or advertise links for affiliate income on dating blogs.

Manosphere dudes trying to earn the Youtube Super Chat money.

Maybe some guys -- such as this one here -- aiming to sell you soap or other random products because Youtube demonetized their videos.

Entrepreneurs in Cars video

Those who have their bootcamp courses also on how to fuck women.

Maybe even be like this guy here where you can take on the role of being a "internet replacement dad" for young men looking to have questions answered and get bitched at by a 50 year old dude for the price of 25 to 100 dollars.

Asshole Consulting Video

Whatever the strategy is to make that internet money!

The fact is though you obviously need a demand for this (dudes willing to spend the money) and men who have realized that they can monetize it and offer what the audience wants to consume.

Without either one of the above, any sense of a "Manosphere Community" in whatever Latin American country wouldn't exist.

So we have covered already one reason above for why there might not be as much demand for it in some countries (and we will cover other reasons) but I just wanted to point out this obvious detail regarding supply and demand.

In more developed countries, like you can see in this video here, you do have more of a demand for this content even in Latin America.

Latin American MGTOW video

Granted, the demand isn't anywhere high as what you have in the US.

One reason why I would argue that is because that, while you do have guys who sell PUA info online to a Spanish-speaking or Portuguese-speaking audience, it is to those more developed countries that have more people with more money.

The fact is that A LOT of the Manosphere content creators in the English-speaking world wouldn't be offering their content and spending hours doing so if it wasn't going to make them a single penny.

But their English-speaking audience tends to come from countries much wealthier (the US, UK, etc) that have more people who can afford to spend enough money to motivate some of these types to keep creating their content.

In contrast, you got issues in Latin America where said audience in most countries wouldn't be very ideal to appeal to.

It's similar to why so many Latin American cam models on websites like Chaturbate get most of their money from non-Latin Americans living in the US or "the first world."

Or why plenty of gringos in Latin America choose to make a business that caters more to folks back home (like shipping organic coffee from Mexico to the US) than to appeal to a Latin American audience.

Not saying you don't have those appealing to a Latin American audience but a lot of gringos just find a "first world" audience to be better customers to sell to due to money and how you have more people in the US with bank accounts and less hesitancy to do online shopping (which is finding its way to Latin America to be fair).

As you can see here, a vast majority of Latin Americans work informal jobs. 

"La tasa de empleo informal es mayor entre las mujeres (54,3%), en la población joven (62,4%) y entre la población mayor (78%), y se concentra mayormente en zonas rurales (68,5%) (OIT, 2018). El estudio de la informalidad en el ámbito subnacional es escaso e incipiente (Abramo, 2021)."

As you can see here, a lot of Latin Americans don't even have bank accounts.

"El 45.6 % de la población adulta de América Latina no está integrada al sistema financiero y 207 millones de personas no tienen acceso a una cuenta de ahorro."

As you can see here, online shopping isn't as strong in Latin America as it is in the US.

"Your biggest problem will be getting these people to whip out those cards and make a purchase on your website. Latin American countries have notoriously low-trust societies, and credit card fraud is a growing problem, Particularly In Mexico And Brazil. This means that, even if someone wants what you’re selling, they are much less likely to pull the trigger than a customer in the United States, Canada, Europe or Australia, where online shopping has become the norm."

Therefore, any "Manosphere" content creators in Latin America are going to have a rougher time making money from their own countrymen and they probably would have a rougher time appealing to people in the US given the greater odds that they will have imperfect English, an odd accent and speaking from a country (like Chile) that few "Red Pillers" back home give a fuck about.

Now, to be fair, you do have Latin Americans trying to appeal to that gringo audience.

As you can see here, you have "Coach Red Pill."

Note to self: if this video gets taken off Youtube, change the sentence a few sentences below about how "the video above" has Spanish subtitles unless there is another one similar.

For those who don't know, this dude is a Chilean that lives outside of Chile (seems to like living in Ukraine). 

Oddly enough though, he doesn't ever seem to make his content for Chileans even though, as we have covered, you do have some MGTOW community in Chile (very small though).

While he seems to speak English natively and that might influence why he chose a more gringo audience, I would reinforce the belief anyway that part of the appeal is still likely because you simply have more of a better-paying audience in "the first world" than you do in Latin America.

So less Spanish speaking content from him and more English speaking content.

However, in the video cited above, someone did take one of his videos and reupload it onto Youtube but with Spanish subtitles.

....So I guess some people in the Spanish-speaking world would love to hear his content.

Outside of him anyway, I don't know of many "Latin American Manosphere" types appealing to those in the "First World."

Like I said, you got some appealing now to those in Latin America but, as covered already, mostly to those in nicer countries of Latin America.

Again likely because you have more demand for it and also because you have more people who aren't hustling for 200 bucks a month at an informal job selling candy in the streets, who have bank accounts and who have greater trust in online spending.

Let's move on.


As you can see here, there is generally a correlation between the education levels of a society and how much people are fucking. 

"If you want a life full of sexual pleasures, don't go to graduate school. In fact, don't even graduate from college. A study to be published next month in American Demographics magazine shows that people with the most education have the least amount of sex."

In fact, it's one of the greatest ways you can reduce a country's population as you can see here: just educate their women!

"There is a strong link between increased levels of education for females and lower fertility rates. That is, the higher the level of a woman's educational attainment, the fewer number of children she is likely to bear, and this effect is shown in countries and cultures around the world."

There are various reasons for why this is the case in my opinion (though I'm no expert).

Reasons such as:

Women having more work opportunities and then having higher standards for who they marry and/or procreate with (as covered before).

Women having more financial independence and those who wouldn't normally care to have children can more easily decide to not have them without being forced into it at some young age like 15 or whatever. 

Women pursuing education and career will naturally delay marriage and having children until they feel financially ready to do so and those years getting their degrees and having a few years working means the difference between having your first kid at 18 (or even younger as it often the case in poor, developing areas) versus having your first kid at 27. 

Of course, men or women who are more educated can (and still do) still fuck obviously without procreating.

Down here in Latin America, there's no shortage of birth control options. I've had plenty of days buying "day after pills" over the counter and met plenty of women who already have things like IUDs.

Even for men, I can get TRT (testosterone) over the counter also and that can also reduce a man's potency while he is on it.

Anyway, I'm not an expert on every single reason for why "more education" tends to lead to less people fucking (and less people procreating even if they do fuck a lot) but I imagine one other reason for why the more educated seem to fuck less is likely a greater concern for STDs also.

Down here, I've noticed that women from poorer neighborhoods tend to give a lot less fucks about STDs than women from nicer (or even middle class) neighborhoods.

Among other reasons beyond my understanding regarding why "more education" means less people fucking.

Still, in a country that is more developed, you would typically expect better education among the local men and women.

While I'm not 100% confident behind this point, I think this would likely increase the amount of incels and MGTOWs if you just follow that train of logic.

More educated people, less people who fuck. Therefore, more dudes who find it increasingly difficult to fuck someone. Could become an incel. Perhaps he becomes jaded with women for not fucking him (not just because they are more educated to be fair and likely many other reasons) and he might say then that he is "going his own way." Now MGTOW.

Just a theory anyhow but I'll leave it at that.

Divorce & Separation 

As I wrote here, I discussed the divorce rates in Latin American countries briefly one time.

One thing that you notice about Latin America is that a lot of stuff that happens in the US does eventually make its way down here (though not everything).

As you can see here in this other article, divorce rates are increasing in Latin America.

"El aumento de los divorcios no es un tema aislado de Ecuador. Según las estadísticas que emiten las diferentes instituciones encargadas de hacer sondeos en los países de la región, es una opción que crece."

Going back decades ago in the US, you'd have less people who would divorce even though their marriage was complete shit.


Because, from what I understand, people were more conservative and it was more of a bad look and not as socially accepted.

Casino Movie: Ace Talks to Ginger over Dinner. "Just Divorce me and let me go."

Down here in Latin America, you see that play out in a lot of areas but times are changing as I said with divorce rates increasing.

Obviously, given how huge the region is, it depends GREATLY on what part of Latin America you are in.

It's not entirely uncommon for people to just separate instead of divorce for various reasons (perhaps for religious reasons, financial reasons, social reasons in a communtiy more conservative and whatever else). 

"Lo primero que hay que tener claro es que no es lo mismo separación que divorcio. En resumidas cuentas, puede decirse que la separación implica el cese efectivo de la convivencia de ambos cónyuges reconocida legalmente, mientras que el divorcio supone un paso más (y definitivo): la disolución del vínculo matrimonial."

Take Chile for example next.

Despite being more developed in Latin America, it was only a few decades ago where married couples could get divorced as you can see here.

More on that here"Divorce did not exist in Chile until 2004. Divorce is now regulated, despite the fact that the definition of the marriage contract contained in Article 102 of the Civil Code still refers to it as an "indissoluble contract". Divorce terminates the marriage but does not affect filiation."

For obvious reasons, that is likely one of the influences on Chile's lower divorce rates as of today if I had to guess and why you had a lot of people just separate and not legally divorce back then also. 

The trends that I notice are this anyhow:

For one, countries that are poorer or areas that are more rural tend to have more conservative views on marriage where less people will divorce even if their marriage is dog shit and would've divorced if they lived in a more urban, richer area with less socially conservative views on the topic of divorce among the local population (less judgement and weaker religious concerns).

To be fair, there might be other reasons for why a divorce doesn't happen as much in rural or poorer areas. Perhaps the woman doesn't work and is more dependent on the husband. Maybe there are certain social factors in richer areas that were not as present or strong in poorer areas (like more people you could cheat with and how it is easier to not get caught, etc).

On that last point, as we covered already, areas that are richer do have ironically more of a hookup culture (even if they have a more educated population that doesn't fuck as much on average).

Still, you have more people doing "the heavy lifting" on fucking lots of people from what I've noticed anyhow.

And, as you can see here, there is a correlation between how many sex partners you've had and how likely you are of getting divorced.

"Women with 10 or more partners were the most likely to divorce, but this only became true in recent years; Women with 3-9 partners were less likely to divorce than women with 2 partners; and, Women with 0-1 partners were the least likely to divorce."

Anyway, regardless of why the divorce is more likely to happen in developed areas versus developing, the trend is true that areas that become richer do have more divorces.

Therefore, when you have a country that gets richer and more divorces happen, you end up with more broken homes.

Daughters who grow up with daddy issues and sons who also didn't have a dad in the home.

Granted, I don't think areas that are less urban or poorer have perfect dads either.

Just speaking casually here but I think child abuse is more common in poorer families like you can see here in the US (I'd imagine it's similar in Latin America).

"The poorest children in the U.S. are most vulnerable to child abuse deaths. Experts say the stress that families living in poverty face is likely contributing to high rates of child abuse and neglect. About 15 million children in the United States–21% of all kids–live in impoverished families."

Not to forget either the "furniture dads" of the developing or developed world that work all the time but never spend time with their kids while they're growing up.

Still, while dads in the developing world are not always perfect role models either, the fact is that they do get divorced less for numerous reasons and so at least stay in the house and are not kicked out as often.

We all know for a fact that plenty of dudes in the Manosphere have issues from their parents divorcing.

Sometimes those issues even translate to hate against the mom for divorcing the dad as it is usually the mom who initiates divorce statistically speaking in the vast majority of cases.

Not saying your mom is wrong (maybe the dad was an asshole) but this type of situation will make a dude more likely to consume Manosphere content when he is young and dealing with the divorce in the years after it happened (especially if he holds things against the mom which might be justified or not as she might not be perfect either).

Another detail also is how the dads themselves who got divorce raped are also more likely to become MGTOW.

There's actually a decent video online that talks about that with a decent quote being something along the lines of "these men didn't go their own way, they were sent their own way. Their wish would be to be back with their wife."

You can see the video here.

Be Careful With Your Red Pills LFA

And I agree with that.

Some of the men from divorce that you listen to clearly sound bitter as fuck, give only their side of the story and clearly went MGTOW because of the divorce.

Therefore, given the fewer divorces that happen in Latin America compared to the US or Canada, you are going to have less men providing demand for Manosphere content online that could be monetized. 

Are Dictatorships Manosphere Friendly?

I have no idea how this influences the rise of Manosphere content or not but I want to bring it up.

So one thing that I just want to ask and it's not a theory of mine but simply a question is to what degree and in what way does the politics of a country influence the existence of a Manosphere within its borders.

There are obvious examples of how it does like regarding legislation on family court issues, alimony, etc.

But what about dictatorships? 

Given we are talking about Latin America though, obviously the political systems of the countries down here are not always the greatest.

Some of them are absolutely fucked like with dictatorships of Nicaragua, Cuba, Venezuela, etc.

Either way, what my thoughts are on all of this is the following:

First, if you are too scared to speak out publicly against your government,then what's the likelihood you are going to make a Youtube account showing your face to discuss Manosphere content? I have no idea. I can't imagine you'd be prosecuted for it but maybe it wouldn't be the best idea.

Second, in a country like Cuba where internet is dog shit from what I've been told, I guess that'd limit the ability of Manosphere content folks from creating content there.

Third, if the government is a corrupt dictatorship focused on enriching itself, I can't imagine it's doing a great job helping its economy grow and develop as a country. And, given how the US tends to sanction dictatorships in Latin America (especially those against it), then that would hurt their economy and growth.

Given we have already discussed some reasons why shit growth can make it less likely for any real Manosphere community to form, one other reason is because the political and economic issues gives you other shit to worry about in my opinion.

So, in a way, I can see how a country with a shit political system (more common in developing countries) can have less of a Manosphere community.

But let's cover that last point a little more below.

Too Much to Worry About

Regardless of if you live under a dictatorship or not, the fact is that Latin Americans generally have it harder than Americans, Canadians, British folks or whoever else of the "first world" back home.

They don't have as strong of a social safety net funded by government welfare in case they get lazy or down on their luck with need for help.

Folks in the US have easier access to credit and loans that can give them a better life back home than those born down here.

In some countries like Mexico, crime is much shittier depending on where you live.

As mentioned before, a majority of Mexicans work in the informal economy and many also work the same in other Latin American countries (though it varies).

Obviously, if you are hustling your ass off to make 200 to 300 bucks a month on a workweek of 60 hours with less of a welfare safety net to back you up and where you got robbed by a gunman on the combi to work this morning, you probably are less concerned about "the Manosphere."

You have other shit to worry about.

In contrast, I knew a Canadian dude from BC area named Eric who is a lazy ass motherfucker.

Haven't spoken to him in years so maybe he changed.

But his life consisted of working in a convenience store, collecting some type of welfare to cover the remaining expenses that his job doesn't pay to cover and spending the rest of his day (or night?) on the internet.

Going to websites like tinychat here to discuss Manosphere shit or watching Youtube videos.

When compared to Latin America, you DO have a shit ton more young men who can more easily find the time than young men in Latin America to consume content all day.

What's kinda funny is that these types, like Eric, just watch or read the same shit over and over again.

Getting onto their 57th video to describe to them "female hypergamy" and why women in "the West" are whores.

....Even though the previous 56th videos all covered the same topic in the exact same fucking way.

For these dudes, they don't have as much to worry about and Manosphere content is like reality TV for them.

It's what they enjoy to watch instead of Pawn Stars or whatever else.

They aren't even applying the information they take in to real life necessarily.

Just find it entertaining and some want to live in a echo chamber where the same packaged ideas are reiterated over and over again.

Truth be told, I think also this is one reason (among others) for why sometimes it can seem like men in "the West" can be more depressed than those elsewhere.

Which isn't to say that those in developing countries are never depressed as they are more likely to not talk about their depression or suicidal thoughts for various reasons that I covered here.

Just that there is some truth to the matter in my opinion that a guy with too much free time on his hands can more easily find himself being bored as fuck and spending too much time "thinking" instead of "acting."

Even if acting means working your ass off to hustle, at least you are distracted, are physically out there in the sun and aren't spending too much time coping about the past that makes you sad like how Eric, from what I knew, was always sad about his mom who died but still held something against her for the divorce he went through.

So, in the end, a country with more poor as fuck dudes in "the third world" without too much time to think about "the concepts of the Manosphere" and no solid welfare state will likely have less of a Manosphere community versus the country with dudes who can spend more time thinking about this shit.

Latin Americans Naturally More Red-Pilled?

Going back to the dad argument about how some might think that there are less dads in the home in the West than in Latin America due to higher divorce rates, one could wonder then if that means that Latin Americans are naturally "more red-pilled?"

The idea being that dads at the home can teach their sons things about "the Red Pill" as they aren't kicked out of the home as often like those in the West. 

Personally, I don't know if I entirely buy this argument but I see some flicker of truth to it.

For one, I don't really see most Latin Americans as being "more based" or "more red-pilled" but that depends on the background of the person in question.

A Latin American from a more urban city like Buenos Aires, Montevideo, Mexico City or wherever is less likely to be "based" or "not politically correct" in my opinion.

There is definitely a correlation between how developed an area is and how "based" or "not politically correct" the average person tends to be.

In the same way that you'll notice the exact same thing about folks from rural areas in the US versus more liberal, blue-voting cities like NYC, Portland or San Francisco.

The dude from "Wayland, Iowa" is probably less politically correct than the dude from Iowa City.

Similarly, the guy from bumfuck middle of nowhere Guatemala like....

*checks notes for random ass towns in Guatemala that nobody has heard of*

Jacaltenango, Guatemala! probably more "based" or "less politically correct" than someone in Guatemala City and especially compared to a place like Mexico City or Buenos Aires.

Side Point though: Politics in Latin America does work differently from the US in that rural and urban poor folks do hold left-leaning views on other matters that the same folks who are rural or urban poor in the US wouldn't typically but the nuance there is usually due to local context as to what matters to specific communities and the history behind them that forms varying opinions on other topics.

Anyway, I will agree that, in Latin America, you do tend to have more "based" or "not politically correct" people when they come from a less materially wealthy and urbanized background.

Just like in the US.

Where said individuals would perhaps be seen as "more red pilled" or "traditional" when it comes to gender norms and relations for example.

These folks -- especially in rural areas -- are obviously not going to be PUA types just like a dude in bumfuck, middle of nowhere Iowa isn't likely to either (regardless of the irony of me saying that given how much I like to fuck but I wouldn't call myself a "PUA" as that's kinda cringe).

Similar dudes are also not likely to go full MGTOW or identify as such anyway.

....Especially in rural parts of Latin America.

And, on the topic of being taught this stuff by their dad who didn't get divorce raped down here, I'd just tell any dude saying that to keep it real.

You don't know their dads or how they were raised.

A lot of dudes might theorize about life down here without ever stepping foot down here or meeting people down here.

The fact is that they probably were not taught "red-pilled" stuff by the dad or that, at the very least, it wasn't presented as "red-pilled" obviously.

Perhaps some views on gender norms and relations that are considered "red-pilled" would be presented through a religious community (like how women should marry early or stay home).

But a lot of dads down here -- just like elsewhere -- are too busy working their ass off to provide and don't always spend as much time with the kids teaching anything as you'd think.

It depends on the family though obviously!

Anyway, while I agree that Latin Americans in general (broadly speaking) can be "more red-pilled" or "based" or "not politically correct," I'd say it's more due to the environment they grew up in.

And, like I said, that environment can vary heavily just like it can in the US.

Simply growing up in a different environment and culture with more conservative (and sometimes religious) views anyhow.

Let's move on.

The Prostitute Factor

As we know, prostitutes are legal in Las Vegas from what I've heard and they definitely are legal in Latin America.

Because they are legal in many more places down here than just one city in the US and also because they are cheap as fuck (even to a local) where you could get some ass for as low as 5 to 10 bucks, you have some men argue that this should mean that there shouldn't any incels, MGTOW, PUA types and whatever else down here in Latin America.

After all, if pussy is so cheap and easy to get that way, you surely can't have incels because some assume that incels are "involuntary" celibate but how could you be if pussy only costs 5 to 10 bucks?

And, with pussy so cheap, surely there would be less men jaded with women for not fucking them when they could buy pussy easily?

And the PUAs?

Well, surely there is no need to be a PUA right when you can buy it for the same price of a sandwich with chips and a drink back home from the cheapest prostitutes available in some areas.

I get what dudes are saying when they say this but I disagree to some extent.

As we have already seen before, you DO have incels (as I wrote here), MGTOWs (as I wrote here) and PUAs (as I wrote here) that are from Latin America.

Even in those more developed Latin American countries like Brazil, Chile, Argentina or Mexico, you got cheap prostitutes but yet you also have MGTOWs, PUAs and incels too.

The prostitutes didn't keep those men from being that way in those countries either!

On top of that, there are other things to consider.

First, let's give a quick acknowledgement to the amount of men who legit have no cash and even a 10 dollar prostitute to take a motel (whatever the motel charges too) would be a considerable cost on their 200 dollar a month salary.

Second, not every dude wants to fuck prostitutes and so is still limited to the women that would naturally fuck him (and they might not).

It's ironic for any Manosphere type to say how prostitutes being down here should mean that incels don't exist when some of these same men insist that they never even buy a woman a meal before fucking or would never get a prostitute himself for various reasons (like how he might consider it as a bad look regarding his ability to get chicks to fuck him normally because of him and not money). 

While I agree with and get why dudes would prefer not to take a chick out for a meal, it just goes to show how so many men do have a natural tendency these days to not want to spend anything on a woman while trying to fuck her.

And that includes prostitutes too obviously.

Prostitutes are not an option for these types (or for some incels either).

Part of the reason also isn't just because of the money but also because the guy might be 1) worried about STDs or 2) want to fuck a chick that he feels is truly into him and wouldn't enjoy the sex as much otherwise. 

On top of that, I would say most dudes want something beyond sex.

Yes, sex is a crucial part of relationships and dating but more normal dudes DO want a girlfriend who loves them.

They want the love too and not just pussy.

So, regardless of why many men won't go for prostitutes (among other reasons out there I'm sure), these guys will have to go for normal chicks and the prostitutes don't matter.

And, if they don't get normal chicks to ever fuck them, they can go right back into being jaded and bitter with women.

Some of whom become MGTOWs or incels.

Others become so obsessed with normal pussy that they become PUAs.

So, while I get how prostitutes can help a man anyway fuck whenever he wants, I don't buy that the prostitutes of the third world will stop MGTOWs, PUAs and incels from becoming more common down here as Latin America develops and grows.

Lower T & Obesity

I'm going to give a completely "shot from the hip" opinion on this one.

I suspect countries that are more developed economically tend to have men with lower T.

As we know, your T levels as a man are influenced by many things: the quality and amount of sleep you get, the stress you have in life, if you smoke or drink a lot, your diet, how often you work out, how fat are you, etc.

Now, in both Latin America and the US, you got no shortage of people who work a lot, don't always get the most amount of sleep, have stress from low paying jobs and how to pay rent this month, etc.

In Latin America, you also got more people who smoke cigarettes than back home in my opinion (especially given how much cheaper it apparently is).

But you also have a lot less fat people in Latin America than versus the US.

It's my opinion that more developed countries (excluding certain ones in Asia like Japan or South Korea) tend to have fatter people over time.


I have no fucking idea.

They have worse diets perhaps?


Though I've seen no shortage of Latin Americans going to Burger King as I wrote about here.

More organic food?

I don't agree with that too much as I wrote about here but the food is less processed in general.

Regardless, if you are fat and have a worse diet, your T levels will be lower.

Out of curiosity, I looked up the fattest countries in the world that you can find here.

Below are the countries relevant from the Americas in terms of obesity rate from worst to best:

  1. US: 36.20%
  2. Canada: 29.40%
  3. Mexico: 28.90%
  4. Argentina: 28.30%
  5. Chile: 28%
  6. Uruguay: 27.90% (haha they're so gaaay. Ur-a-gaaay)
  7. Dominican Republic: 27.80%
  8. Costa Rica: 25.70%
  9. Cuba: 24.60%
  10. El Salvador: 24.60%
  11. Nicaragua: 23.70%
  12. Panama: 22.70%
  13. Colombia: 22.30%
  14. Brazil: 22.10%
  15. Guatemala: 21.20%
  16. Paraguay: 20.30%
  17. Bolivia: 20.20%
  18. Ecuador: 19.90%
  19. Peru: 19.70%

To be fair, the correlation we see here isn't perfect.

You got Brazil and Colombia which are not near the top of the list.

Also, other factors beyond development can impact obesity rates to be fair (like the amount of coca cola that gets sent to Mexico or maybe some factor is helping keep Peru quite low despite not being as poor as Cuba). 

Still, the countries near the top are most of the ones that are more developed.

Also, on the topic of obesity, I just want to add it's not just a dude thing but also a chick thing also.

Obviously, if you have fatter women, you'll have less women that your average dude wants to fuck.

While your average dude could work harder to fuck non-fat chicks, that involves hard work to not be a fat fuck himself (among other changes needed).

And neither men nor women like hard work.

So you end up with a lot of fat dudes without too many options beyond fat chicks or single mothers (assuming he has the money to support one) and so they end up sexless and only looking at Pornhub or Chaturbate.

Now, as I said, obesity is only one factor that influences T levels as we should go back to that.

Out of spirit to try to be nuanced about this though beyond things like obesity rates, I also tried to see if I could find studies showing average T levels by country.

I couldn't find any map or study comparing T levels across multiple countries in the Americas but I did find this interesting bit here:

"Average levels of testosterone can vary widely depending on where men live, according to Kesson Magid, PhD, a biological anthropologist at Durham University and lead author of the study, published this week in Nature Ecology and Evolution. “The typical pattern is higher testosterone in men in richer, post-industrialized countries of Europe or North America compared with men living in poorer parts of the world or places where most of the population faces higher rates of disease,” he says.  

According to Magid, the study was designed to compare highly contrasting environments to try to determine the origin of the hormone-level differences. Researchers assumed that there would be few environmental challenges for males in the United Kingdom compared with Bangladesh. “We didn’t know whether these differences were due to how men reacted to their immediate surroundings as adults, or whether these differences were set at an early age, prior to adulthood,” he says."

Though, despite food poisoning issues that seems to affect more gringos than Latin Americans and ignoring those living in really poor as fuck villages in the Amazon or rural Chiapas or something, I would doubt if most of Latin America has the stress of disease as severely as Bangladesh.

While I have never been to Bangladesh, I have always thought of it as being much poorer than your typical Latin American country.

So I'm not sure if the rich, industrialized north (like the US or Canada) is really that much better than your typical Latin American in regards to T levels (especially when you factor in obesity rates) but I am open to the idea. 

Couldn't find any other studies though on T levels in Latin America versus the US but, if you happen to find any, throw them my way and I'll include them here in this article.

Regardless, why I bring all of this up is because of the following suspicion (and it's only a theory of mine and I'm not saying it's necessarily true):

If your country has men with lower T levels, I'm going to assume that it's more likely to have incels, MGTOW types, etc.

Maybe not PUAs necessarily but I'm not opposed to that idea.

But men who are literal incels or those who are "going their own way" and have given up on women?

Not saying that MGTOW has the T levels of a woman but it wouldn't surprise me if MGTOWs had lower T levels on average than men who don't identify as such.

Definitely the incels anyway.

If women don't want to fuck you and you don't have the confidence and social skills to know how to get a woman, I'm doubting your T levels.

Anyway, that's all I got to say on that factor.

Money & Passport Strength

Another reason why more developed countries specifically have more PUA types is because a more developed country has at least 3 things: more locals who earn decent wages compared to the rest of the world, a stronger currency that they earn in and a stronger passport.

The 3 factors above lets citizens of more developed countries to easily play the role of the PUA that lives abroad to fuck women or maybe even find someone to marry and raise a family with in another country where said man would have more dating success in general. 

While plenty of PUAs do stick to their own country to date women, plenty do go abroad also and obviously those with the 3 benefits above will find it easier to do so.

For those interested by the way in the passport strength of various Latin American countries to get a sense of what I'm talking about, check out this interactive source here.


Final Verdict: What's the Relationship Between Manosphere & How Developed a Country is?

Putting it all together, I definitely see a relationship between how developed a country gets and how many men become MGTOW, PUA, incel, etc.

The biggest reason for it, in my opinion, is due to the factor concerning women going into the workforce and worsening job prospects that make it harder for men to support a family on one income.

But it's numerous factors that work together.

Let me summarize how I see it playing out:

A country that is more rural and less urbanized has more conservative and religious people who marry and/or procreate at a younger age (more often before they even turn 18).

Said country has men who are way too focused on other shit to be watching MGTOW Youtube videos, have less of a welfare society to support them if they fail and aren't jaded about not getting pussy because they married a woman at a very young age and already has a family to support with a wife who will fuck him from time to time.

Then the country becomes more developed.

You have the Bill Gates type fundraisers, feminist NGOs, US State Department funding and others who want to educate the women of your poor, third world country.

Those women become focused on being strong and independent. Educated. Have a career.

That alone will make it where they are less likely to marry and procreate until at least they turn 25 but maybe until they even hit 30.

Depends on how life plays out (maybe they meet a young man they love before they finish school, perhaps an "accident" happens with a hookup or boyfriend, etc). 

But, because they want to have a career, that will delay the time most women think about a family compared to before.

Those same women will have more freedom to choose who they marry than if they had their first kid at 15 or whatever. Will have their own money and women tend to be pickier when they are older (more mature) and because women tend to not like marrying dudes who make significantly less than them.

Not talking about a woman who makes 30k and husband who makes 28k.

More like she makes 80k and wouldn't like a man who makes 50k or 40k or or whatever significant amount less. The exact numbers don't matter too much and you get the idea.  

For example, back in the US, I knew a chick from college who used to spend time complaining on Facebook about how she is having difficulty finding a man in NYC because she became a law student. Her belief was men were turned off by her career and she also admitted to having to "lower" her standards in the same I am talking about here.

Also, most men throughout history have never been the type to "play the field" and have sex with some insane amount of women like 100 or whatever.

Even in this more developed society where hooking up is more socially accepted in urban areas and easier to do with Tinder, most guys aren't going to fuck more than 10 women before settling down and it really is a smaller fraction of men and women who do most of the fucking. 

Therefore, for most men, they are going to have lots of time not fucking at all in between that casual once in a blue moon hookup or relationship and really relationships are their way to fuck.  

And, despite the greater hookup culture, you do have more male virgins on average and more men and women who just fuck less as society becomes more educated too.

But, on the flip side, a few of those men will become so hyper-focused on getting pussy (in a society more socially accepting of hooking up) that they will turn it into a full time job being PUAs (especially when they are now not getting married at 18 or whatever).

But, like I said, that isn't most men. A vast majority of men are not like that.

Therefore, some men are just shit out of luck (particularly those who find it difficult to offer anything more but a career that might not even be that good).  

The truth is history has always had men in more traditional societies that were absolute shit dudes that had nothing to offer but financial stability.

The second you allow women to have more ability to choose who to marry and do so when more mature (knowing what they want from a man beyond a career) and with their own income so they aren't dependent is the second this fraction of men become incels (or some who become MGTOWs).

To be fair though, not every dude who finds it difficult to offer more than a career is a "shit dude." But they would've had a wife back when people got married at 18 or 19 and when better jobs were more available (with more financially dependent women).

Like I said, most men are not the type to hookup with a 100 chicks and do need a relationship to have sex frequently. Given the changes in society, these men will develop issues if they never learn how to do well with women socially (and the higher divorce rates, lack of dads and higher obesity rates among them and women will make this even harder). 

Those men who aren't getting pussy will be jaded as fuck and their jaded as fuck attitude naturally turns women off and that is kinda like a loop that feeds into itself (never got pussy, therefore hate women, the hate women attitude makes women like you even less).

But other people become jaded too!

I've known dudes who have hooked up a lot and even they get a bad taste in the mouth sometimes.

Usually, from what I have noticed, that bad taste comes from fucking a chick you realize has a boyfriend or husband and that experience making you realize how much infidelity is out there.

Among other issues that can make a man who hooks up a lot to be more jaded.

On top of that, some men do get married but then half get divorced and some of those in the 50% become MGTOWs after becoming jaded from being divorced. 

And, with women who either hookup a lot or maybe don't necessarily but spend more years being single, I think they get more jaded too for various reasons.

Perhaps she gets more jaded from a lower self-esteem that comes from being fucked by lots of random dudes and feeling bad about it, maybe she had her heart broken by an x amount of men, went out with too many strangers who were creepy as fuck from Tinder or whatever, gets older and doesn't like her dating options as an older woman (similar to older men also), etc.

And, with all the jadedness from both sexes, you have more people who either show their jaded colors during dates (which makes the other sex more jaded) or people watch the content of the other sex online and it makes them more jaded, extreme, radicalized, or whatever the fuck you want to call it.

Like dudes who see shit on "Feminist Dating Strategies" or cringe shit some woman did on Twitch, TikTok, etc.

Or a woman who sees the "red pill" stuff on the internet and it gives her a worse idea of men.

Ultimately, this shit just feeds back into itself in the more modern society.

Above all, that is the 500 word summary (or whatever it was) of why I think more developed places have more PUAs, incels, MGTOWs, etc.

Of course, there are likely other factors that I didn't mention here.

One could mention the impact of social media in society and how people relate to each other differently.

Dudes on the internet (including my sister also when I talked with her about it last night) agree that shit like Tinder, Instagram, Facebook or whatever else has worsened gender relations.

I didn't bring this up though because developing countries have Tinder, Facebook and Instagram also.

Though, based on my experience, I do find less "Instagram hoes" on Tinder looking for follows on Instagram from their matches in places that are lesser developed, less urban, poorer, etc.

I won't go into more detail than that though because there isn't anything else to say as it relates to social media and dating apps as they do exist down here also as I said.

What is the Final Message to leave though?

We covered a lot today but I want to leave you with some last minute lessons to learn from.

For one, as countries continue to develop, I'm going to take a wild guess here and say that you will have much of the above be more common in Latin America over the years in the future:

  1. MGTOWS, incels, PUA types, Manosphere content for Latin Americans, etc.
  2. Local Latin American women who have issues with men also and are also jaded as fuck.

You see it already.

Just live in a non-touristy and less developed city like Pachuca de Soto versus Mexico City.

Mexico City has more jaded women for example than Pachuca.

You would see the same thing comparing cities in the US to each other.

Des Moines versus Portland, Oregon perhaps?

Wouldn't surprise me.

But, more importantly, is to recognize opportunities for money.

Like I said before, Latin Americans tend to have less money on average versus Americans or Canadians.

Regardless, as society down here does develop economically, things do change.

As I wrote here and mentioned here, you do have now "Latin American digital nomads."

So while your typical Latin American might always have less money than your typical American or Canadian for the next decade or so, just recognize growing opportunities to make money when they pop up.

As countries down here develop more, I bet you will have even more Latin American MGTOWs, PUAs and whatever else as we already see more of them in more developed Latin American countries like Brazil or Argentina.

So, if you want to make some money, I don't know if it's the worst idea in the world to start a "PUA" blog or Youtube channel (Youtube would be better as most people don't read these days) that is for that Latin American audience in Spanish with affiliate links.

The only thing I'd say is you shouldn't let them know you are a foreigner.

Lie to them and make people think you are a Latin American if you can pull it off.

After all, Latin Americans (like anyone) could find it annoying at the sight of a "gringo PUA" who is "fucking their women."

Got to make yourself out to be a chubby 5'7 medium brown skin Mexican from Oaxaca who makes tacos de pastor on the street.

Anyway, that's the actionable advice for the day on this topic.

Hopefully you make enough money from your internet hustle to Latin Americans that will cover the costs of a said meal made by an actual Oaxacan getting your tacos de pastor ready.

And do you got anything to add regarding this topic?

Drop a comment below in the comment section.

And follow my Twitter here.

Thanks for reading.

Best regards,


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