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Is Plastic Surgery Common Among Latina Women in Colombia?

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Over the years of dating in Latin America, you hear various stereotypes out there.

And sometimes they contradict each other!

Some being how traditional or faithful Latina women are.

To how they are actually easy & erotic whores just CRAVING for the gringo dick.

Outside of their easiness though, you also get ideas thrown around regarding specific nationalities.

Some say Argentine women are noticeably difficult.

Others say that Bolivian or Guatemalan women are ugly as shit (not true! -- a solid 4.5% are BEAUTIFUL!).

And, for Colombians, you got ideas like they all prefer you to shave your body hair as I wrote here.

To, as we'll discuss today, the idea that all Colombian women have plastic surgery.

.....Is that true?

My Very First Experience With Fake Tits

As of my memory right now, I think the very first time I ever experienced fake tits was with a Colombian-Venezuelan gal named Hielen.

She had double nationality and I don't remember how that played out.

Was she born in Venezuela or not?

Anyway, in Barranquilla area, I remember it not being too unusual to find someone of double nationality between Colombian and Venezuelan.

Especially if they had ties to the Venezuelan city of Maracaibo which I wrote about on a visit here.

Regardless, this was a chick who, long story short, we went to a club on a popular street numbered 84 in Barranquilla.

All the streets in Quilla are numbered and not named after historic figures or anything.

After the club, I suggested we go to my place and she agreed.

Arriving by taxi, we get in my room and begin making out.

With her on my bed with her tits out, she tells me quickly that "I have a boyfriend."

For a second, I paused.

But, in the moment, I didn't really give a shit if she had one or not.

As you can read here, I found out afterwards that she wasn't lying but nothing happened from me fucking her.

Anyway, she went to the bathroom for a second and came out ready to fuck.

And that was it.

In the moment afterwards anyway, we were on my bed and she actually did show that she had a boyfriend.

Meanwhile, I'm playing with her tits.

Just moving them around.

Sometimes I like to pretend I'm Rocky and "light punch" them.

Not in a way that'll hurt but just because it's fun to see them move around and HUGE tits make great for practicing my boxing skills.

Quite often Latinas with big tits (those with small ones are free of such suffering) will tell me "why are you boxing my tits? AY PAPI!!!"

They never complain too much and are just curious as to why I'm treating their tits as if they were Apollo Creed's face.

Anyway, her tits were particularly big and caught my attention.

Worthy of EXTRA attention in the boxing ring!


Anyway, however it came out, she mentioned to me in the moment that she had fake tits.

Basically just asked me if "I like them" and then told me that they actually are not real.

In the moment, I was surprised because I don't think I had ever seen fake tits before or knew that they were fake beforehand.

But here I am with all its glory: fake tits!

Time to box the living shit out of these little fuckers.

And, quite personally, I didn't care if they were fake or not.

They didn't make me like them less.

In fact, I was intrigued.

Never seen fake tits before!

And, given their huge size, I really enjoyed playing with them.

Reminded me of another Colombian gal I met not too long after her.

The Fake Tits of the Colombian Girlfriend

Not too long after, I began dating a Colombian gal named Marcela.

We went on three dates before fucking.

On the afternoon that she was in my bedroom, she began sucking my dick.

Soon after, we laid in bed after I finished and began playing with her tits.

We didn't actually fuck that day because she was "on her period" but the pussy could wait!

After all, I had these HUGE tits to play with first!

And Marcela actually did have HUGE tits.

With Marcela anyway, she was actually A LOT more insecure about her tits than Hielen.

Hielen asked me if I liked them but Marcela never knew to drop the topic.

Throughout our relationship, she would occasionally seem preoccupied that her tits were not good enough.

And they had also a noticeable scar underneath one of them where I guess is where they did the operation.

That specifically was one thing she was very insecure about and often asked me if "her tits looked good despite of that."

Which, to be honest, was never an issue for me.

It was hidden away underneath one of her tits and you wouldn't see the scar normally unless you held her tit up and looked underneath.

So I didn't give a shit.

At any rate, I got to be honest with you: I don't remember ever seeing fake tits again since my days in Colombia.

Though, to be fair, maybe some of the chicks I've hooked up with since had fake tits and I somehow didn't notice.

Being honest, I actually am not sure how to tell the difference between real and fake tits unless I was to see a scar or something.

I'm sure there are ways to tell but I genuinely don't give a shit and couldn't tell despite all the tits I have seen in my life.

I just don't give a shit if they are fake or not nor have I ever paid much attention to that detail.

So, while I could be wrong, I DON'T think that I've seen fake tits since Colombia as far as my memory serves me writing this right now in 2022 but I could always eat my own words if proven wrong somehow.

But it all comes back to the topic: do all Colombian women have fake tits?

Do All Colombian Women Have Fake Tits?

Look, obviously not ALL Colombian women have fake tits.

And, quite honestly, I'd be willing to bet that women of certain parts of Colombia have more of them than others.

For example, I'd be willing to bet (and it's only a guess) that women from Medellin have fake tits more often than women of other Colombian cities.

Just because you have so much of a reputation for how hot the women are there and they seem to take that reputation more seriously than chicks in Pasto or some other random city nobody gives a fuck about.

Even in a place like Bogota, I'm sure plenty have fake tits but, just in my brief experience alone (only 7 months in Colombia as of 2022), I generally found gals from Bogota to be "less sexual" so to speak than gals from cities like Quilla, Medellin, etc.

Even though I've never been to Medellin to be fair as of 2022, I have met some from that city and that is the vibe I've gotten from them versus gals from Bogota or elsewhere.

It might be something to that part of Colombia even if you have plenty of plastic surgery elsewhere obviously.

And, like I said, it's not me giving HARD facts here.

Maybe you do got more gals doing plastic surgery in Bogota!

After all, it is the capital and, on a total numbers basis, you might have more given Bogota is bigger than Medellin in total population count.

Only that gals from any place that isn't Medellin seemed different somehow in my experience.

Having said that, this is nothing more than just impressions of one guy on the internet and nothing concrete.

I would also say that, based on my experience, Colombian women in general seem more down for plastic surgery than most other Latin American nationalities.

But that is again just my IMPRESSION and nothing more.

I'm obviously not a journalist diving deep into the plastic surgery industry of Colombia.

So, if I was to make my answer based on just my impression, I'd say that Colombian women do generally get more plastic surgery done on average when compared to other Latin American nationalities.

But is there anything more concrete to end this point on?

Well, I found this source here and here with more concrete numbers to leave you with and I'll end it at that.

"A study at one clinic in Cartagena, Colombia, found that 90% of their patients were from the U.S. and Canada. The same study also found that young to middle-aged women travel more for cosmetic surgery."

" Colombian culture has a deeply rooted history in plastic surgery due to its emphasis on physical beauty. Women especially feel a lot of pressure to be beautiful from a very early age. Cosmetic surgery is hardly a taboo topic, even among teenage girls. Colombia is no stranger to plastic surgery. They had more than 300,000 cosmetic operations in 2016 alone. Most of them done on native Colombians. Five out of every 1000 Colombians have undergone some kind of cosmetic procedure.

This is a relatively recent phenomenon, but numbers are climbing fast. They saw a 36% increase in the 2010s. While Colombians make up a large part of these numbers, medical tourists play their part. More than 75,500 foreigners received treatments in Colombia’s most famous cities Bogotá, Cali, and Medellín."


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