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Do Colombian Women Prefer You Shave Your Body Hair?

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During a late night in a Colombian city called Barranquilla, I was on some popular street that has a lot of nightlife.

I don’t remember exactly where it was but I think the street was either Calle 84 or Carrera 84.

One of the two.

Anyway, I remember being at a bar with some Colombian chick (with Venezuelan roots also apparently) whose name was Hielen if I remember right.

Which isn’t too common of a Latina name.

From what I remember, her parents chose to give her a more foreign sounding name just because “it would sound nicer.”

Which, regardless of how uncommon the name might be in Colombia, is an example of how some Latin families will give their kids foreign sounding names because they think it’ll give them a leg up somehow in life.

In Mexico where I am right now as I write this, there’s no shortage of Karens and Bryans.

Anyway, I left the bar with Hielen one night in this area of Barranquilla and took her home with me.

Right as we were on my bed playing with her tits, she told me “wait, I have a boyfriend.”

And, to be honest, I kinda doubted that she did given she was on my bed with her tits out.

So I shrugged my shoulders and was like “OK?”

Very soon after, she was down to fuck and that was that.

To be fair, I was a little bit worried that night that a Colombian narco boyfriend would bust down my door and shoot me.

Still, we met up over the next month or two to hookup more every week but, during the times we knew each other, she would ask about something private.

“Why do you not shave down there?” she once when we met up again after that night.

And I don’t remember us having much of a discussion about my hair around my dick.

Didn’t really know what to think about in regards to her question because it seemed normal to me to not shave down there.

“Why not? I don’t know” I said.

And, though she did bring it up a few more times on later visits to my place, it was never a major issue between us.

She did prefer men who were shaved down there but had no problem hooking up more despite me not shaving.

And, as I reflect on my time in Colombia years ago, she wasn’t the only Colombian woman who insisted that I shave down there.

Soon after Hielen, I dated a Colombian chick named Marcela from the same area.

By the time I had gotten to know Marcela, I already heard this preference by other Colombian women but never gave it much attention because I wasn’t dating them.

Before I began dating Marcela, I pretended to not understand what she wanted me to do down there because we weren’t dating yet anyway and I had no intention on shaving.

After we began dating formally, I knew I couldn’t just pretend to not speak enough Spanish to understand her and addressed it.

While she was initially insistent on wanting me to shave, she eventually dropped the subject as I never did.

We moved beyond that.

And, keep in mind, all of the Colombian women mentioned so far (including a few others I knew), were from the Caribbean area of Colombia.

So, it’s a question – are all Colombian women like this?

Does it vary perhaps by what part of Colombia you are in?

Do chicks near Pasto or Cucuta not have as much of a preference for men to shave versus chicks around Barranquilla?

I have no idea.

But it is something you notice about Colombian women more broadly speaking.

Other foreigners have noticed this as well.

Do Colombian Women Prefer You to Shave Your Body Hair?

Little by little, I plan on providing a few more articles on dating in Latin America and some of the little nuances you’ll notice about life down here.

Colombia is one country I know a little bit better than others in Latin America as I have dated various chicks from down there.

Some observations about Colombian women are noticeable among various foreigners.

Like how, as I wrote here, plenty are very insistent on getting you to pay for a taxi ride.

Or, as I wrote here, how plenty of folks consider Colombian women to be relatively more unfaithful in relationships and easier to fuck.

How the food they cook is generally shit.

Or how they are known for being very hot compared to other Latinas.

So on and so on.

One other observation then, in case you haven’t noticed by now, is the insistency on getting you to shave your body hair.

Others foreigners have written on the subject like in this forum here.

Let’s provide a few interesting quotes from that source:

Person 1: “At the risk of suffering 'brow-beating' from my fellow gringos and risking the possibility that this discussion may well spiral down where it ultimately ends up in the Pit. But I have to ask this question: Do Colombian men shave their, (ahem) 'nether region'? The reason I ask this question is that I have been requested by 2 Colombian women, from completely different parts of the country, to completely eliminate the 'grass that grows below the belt line'. Now I know women will go 'au natural', some will have a 'landing strip' and others completely barren. But I have never in my life been asked to 'clean the playing field'. I know we have our resident Colombiana on here who I hope she may shed some light on this issue. I'm not sure if this will be a deal breaker or not but I'm not looking forward to doing it. I will throw myself upon the sword so that other may benefit from this question. And please, keep the chuckles to a minimum, (if you can! ;)”

Person 2: “Me either and my Colombiana esposa loves me being hairy.”

Person 3: “Stubby - I think it is pretty prevalent - maybe it varies by region - one of the weirdest things that happened to me on my first trip to Medellin about 10 years ago - was getting a massage - what I thought was a professional massage - had a towel around mid section - the massage was going fine - rolled over and woman pulls off towel and wips out a straight razor - which sent me into a terror - what the hell is that for I asked - she said she was going to give me a shave on the southern region - I said hell no - she became perplexed - she said all the Colombian men do it, I told her that might be the case but I am a gringo( and not in the porno business) so no thanks.”

Person 4: “It's not just about pubic hair. In my country, there are 90% chances that a man having a manicure is gay. But here in Colombia, it seems far more widespread to see straight males having their nails done. Same for haircuts. I am amazed how Colombian men keep their hair groomed. Well it also has to do with the cost of the service. In France I used to pay 30+ euros for a haircut, here I get it for 20mil pesos in a fancy shop. I also believe a lot of Colombian men have their chest hairs waxed. I have lived in a couple of hot and humid countries before and there I was keeping my armpits and pelvis area groomed. I can assure you it helps preventing bad body smells. Not so useful now in Bogotá so I left the habit.”

And there’s plenty of other material online that focuses on this very specific subject when it comes to dating in Colombia.

What are some of my final thoughts on this subject?

Final Thoughts

For one, as you can see in the quote by person 3 and person 4, this insistency just might vary in Colombia depending on where you are.

Colombia is a big country with various regions that have their own culture for example.

I can’t tell you how true that is but the insistency to shave might vary by region.

As shown in person 4’s quote, there might be more of a legit reason to shave in an area like Barranquilla that is located on the coast due to the heat and humidity.

Second, as shown in person 2’s quote, obviously not all Colombian women prefer a shaved man and many do like body hair. Your experience will vary by who you date.

Third, does the porn industry have any effect on this? Person 3 references it indirectly and someone else in the forum mentioned the possibility of porn being to blame for why it seems like more Colombian women prefer a shaved man.

Honestly, I could see it.

Granted, most people in every country watches porn. It’s not unique to Colombia.

On the flip side, some would argue that maybe Colombians are simply more sexual than other nationalities given the higher rates of infidelity and casual sex many witness in that country.

On top of that, as someone who makes money advertising cam model websites through affiliate links, I can tell you that “Colombian” is a niche that users of those sites look for.

For some reason beyond my understanding, the “Colombian” nationality is simply more sexualized on those websites as you have plenty of models who claim to be Colombian.

In fact, compared to any other Latin American nationality, Colombia by far dominates the representation of Latinas on those websites.

So maybe there’s a point to be made there regarding the effect of porn on people’s preferences.

I’m not saying that’s true but just throwing the idea out there as food for thought.

Fourth, what should you do if a Colombian chick demands that you shave your body hair?

Look, it’s your choice at the end of the day.

Some guys prefer to shave and others don’t.

Some women prefer to shave and others don’t.

It’s your body.

If you are not comfortable shaving, then don’t do it.

If she doesn’t like it unshaved and you truly don’t want to shave, then she can kick rocks.

Not really rocket science.

Fifth, I think it’s fair to put the spotlight on Colombian women specifically for this behavior because I have never noticed any other nationality of woman that brought the topic up.

No other woman from any other nationality has ever commented on my body hair.

For example, I’ve been in Mexico for almost 5 years now and have been with way more Mexican women than Colombian.

Not one Mexican chick has ever commented on it.

Neither has any chicks from the US, Bolivia, Argentina, Venezuela, etc.

So it is what it is.

At any rate, it’s a small topic to cover but something you might notice through your travels and dating life in some pockets of Latin America like Colombia.

If you have anything to say, drop a comment below in the comment section.

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Thanks for reading.

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