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The Undesirable Foreigners of Latin America

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There’s a certain irony that I’ve mentioned in my blog several times but would like to dedicate an article to separately.

It’s a certain irony that you notice in Latin America where many in the countries of the region wish for a certain type of foreigner to stop by but just can’t get as many of them as they wish.

This type of foreigner comes by because one of the following 3 reasons:

  • He’s looking for a cheaper cost of living.
  • He’s a sex tourist.
  • He’s looking to get fucked up on drugs.

It’s a simple irony to mention because many Latin countries don’t want the foreigners above to show up but they show up nonetheless!

Of course, sometimes those stereotypes are painted on all foreigners for the actions of those above and that can be annoying sometimes.

As I feel some of the locals are just xenophobic cunts who come up with whatever reason to hate us anyhow regardless of our behavior or motivations to be in the country.

I emphasize the word “some” though – most locals are chill.

At any rate, that’s the story.

Latin American countries getting a certain type of foreigner that is seen as undesirable down here.

And, to be fair, there is much more to Latin America than just sex, drugs and 200 dollar a month rentals.

For example, it’s REALLY COOL how you can participate in corruption and bribe cops with just 10 bucks.

It’s always SUPER RAD how easy is it to scam other foreigners by working in real estate or whatever the fuck else.

Plenty of gringos do that!

Plus, Latin America offers plenty of other cool experiences like favela tours in Rio where you can point at poor people and take pictures to show how “the Latin Americans” live to folks on Facebook.

Isn’t that SO cool?!?

Plenty of other things to like about Latin America outside of sex, drugs and cheap rentals!

In all seriousness, there’s obviously other cool things like the natural scenery, history, how friendly some of the locals can be, etc.

But let’s get to it anyway subject by subject regarding the 3 unfavorable reasons for why some foreigners choose to live in Latin America.

Cheap Cost of Living

I already covered this topic in this recent article here so I won’t go too much into it.

But let me summarize my main thoughts on this one.

Look, who gives a fuck if some foreigner is poor down here?

Assuming he isn’t using local welfare, isn’t homeless and isn’t stealing a local job, then why should we care?

He is literally not taking much of anything from society and is objectively giving more than what he takes when you calculate his low expenditure to live down here.

Low expenditure being whatever – maybe a 1,000 a month or some shit?

Or, in my case, as low as 500 bucks a month.

That’s what I spend.

I live a life that I’m happy with. I’ve never been the type to spend much money no matter where I live.

Who cares if I don’t spend more money?

Would it be nice if a place like Nicaragua attracted more millionaires to immigrate there?


But as Bad Santa says here….

“Wish in one hand and shit in the other and see which one fills up first.”

Something my dad said to me jokingly growing up every few years.

That isn’t to say that Latin America doesn’t get millionaires moving over every year…

But, as we can see here, the narrative is that Latin America is cheap to live in.

That’s a very large part of the appeal.

It’d literally be like if McDonalds started bitching about how everyone expects cheap burgers at their venues.

That’s literally what you offer!

It’d be equally retarded for someone to come to the US and start bitching about how everyone is so fat up there from the same unhealthy food.

What did you expect?!?!

It’s part of the package!

Come to America and you get to see the asscracks of numerous fat fucks in Walmart.

Come to Latin America and you can see the same thing but in a place where rent is a third of what you’d pay otherwise.

And you’re surprised you get so many people coming by who are relatively poor looking for cheap cost of living?

It’s even stupider for people in Latin America to complain about this because, while said Americans are poor in our eyes on their 1,250 social security payments per month, that same amount of money still allows a decent life in most of Latin America.

And most Latin Americans wouldn't find a monthly income of 1,250 USD to be terrible.

Not insanely rich obviously but not really poor either.

Perhaps that income would be less effective in Rio or Panama City but most of Latin America nonetheless.

At the end of the day, it’s just a stupid classist argument that “Latin America doesn’t need more poor people” even though, ironically speaking, their appeal from having a low cost of living attracts those same people.

I assure you your average millionaire, unless he has something attracting him to Latin America (which does happen), isn’t considering Latin America because of “low cost of living.”

If he’s got millions, he’s got options that include Paris and NYC also.

Or anywhere else in the world.

He might still choose a place like Costa Rica but the truth is that the low cost of living factor is more appealing to those without millions as you can imagine.

And, as I said, their lack of millions doesn’t mean that they can’t be contributing members to society as what is poor in the eyes of someone from the US is different than in the eyes of a Latin American in terms of monthly income.

To wrap this up, it should be said that not every Latin country is entirely unrealistic as to how much they expect from foreigners stopping by.

As you can imagine, countries with less popularity (though not necessarily a cost of living considerably lower) have less strict requirements like Nicaragua or Paraguay versus Mexico or Colombia.

The difference in cost of living isn’t THAT GREAT between those countries but yet the first two are more relaxed on financial requirements than the latter.

Of course, when you’re popular, it’s normal to see higher standards.

But why is Colombia popular again?


A man named Mark comes to Latin America for the first time.

Upon being divorced by his wife of 22 years after she discovered that he fucked her sister, he decides to relocate.

Well, relocate as well as he can, you know?

For she took half of everything.

Cums to Colombia.

In the back of a whore house where he can forget his former wife.

And furiously jerks off his 2.7 inch dick all over a Colombian prepago.

For some reason though, he JUST CAN’T FINISH!

He keeps jerking off as fast as possible!

His dick raw as fuck.

And the Colombian woman, a bit bored from the interaction, begins engaging in a way that she knows her client will react positively too.

She begins moaning out his favorite fetish

An effort well appreciated.

The cum oozes out of his cock.

Drop by drop.

All 5 small drops all over her ass on the north right side of her ass crack a little bit north of her butthole.

The fog clears from his head.

And he stares at the floor like the spirit of Satan has left his body.

Feeling a little bit lifeless and devoid of any soul.

Blinks a few dozen times.

“OK, great. Wonderful. This moment much appreciated. Here’s 10 bucks.”

Then he stumbles out of the whore house.

Is there a problem?

In my opinion?


Latin America attracts this type of gringo too – not necessarily with those specific details – because of a few reasons.

For one, it’s a common consensus that most guys will have better dating success down here with non whores.

As I wrote here, I sometimes think other foreigners exaggerate the extra success they claim with women down here for various reasons (like trying to sell affiliate programs) but that it is largely true.

In that article above, I cite some of the reasons I believe for why foreigners are more likely to have more success down here than up there.

And, assuming said foreigner isn’t dating normal women, he can get prostitutes easily.

They’re legal down here.

And plenty do offer their ass for as cheap as 10 bucks.

Some even offer some sexual services for as little as 5 bucks!

Others offer it for a higher price like 100 bucks.

All around though, for those gringos who wish to pay for it, it’s legal, readily available and relatively cheap compared to going to Las Vegas.

What do I think of either gringo?

Well, I don’t give a shit to be honest.

And I don’t think Latin America should judge these types either.

Look, you got plenty of your own locals who chase whores or hookup also from Tinder also.

Who gives a fuck?

The only time it matters is if said foreign (or local) dude is fucking prostitutes sold into sex trafficking and/or those who are underage like you can see in this video here.

Obviously, we all agree that’s fucked up and said gringos (and locals) who engage in that deserve to disappear.

But if you’re just a normal dude who fucks Tinder chicks or who pays chicks who consent to fucking for cash, then who cares?

Unless you’re coming from a religious perspective, I don’t get your rationale.

It’s really none of your business what two consenting adults do.

And, for the reasons above, it’s no surprise why Latin America attracts this type of gringo.

Let’s move on.


Can I judge?

Alcohol is a drug and I like my fair share bit of it.

Sure, alcohol is legal but it’s very deadly also.

Legal though.

Does that make me better than those who go for illegal drugs like cocaine?


So I can’t judge the gringo who does cocaine or whatever really.

And, similar to the sex tourist, I don’t give a fuck.

Of course, some gringos go over the top with their consumption and live a very degenerate life that involves pissing off the locals also like this Russian dude here.

If you can’t be functional with your vices, then I get why Latin America wouldn’t want you.

Still, plenty of gringos do act functional down here with them.

Not causing any problems.

So why be a bitch about it?

If said gringo (or local) isn’t causing problems and has a vice, then leave them be.

And for those who do cause problems like the Russian neo-Nazi of Mexico above, you do obviously have concern there.

Address it individually and move on.

It’s no surprise why some Latin countries have this reputation of being great for drugs though.

And, similar to the cheap cost of living, it’d be like if McDonalds bitched about people expecting hamburgers at their place.

Colombians are notorious for this.

Bitching about foreigners talking about Pablo Escobar or cocaine while their country continues to be a key player in producing cocaine as you can see here.

Did anyone hear about Home Depot bitching about people thinking they sell paint?

Final Thoughts

The only foreigners I can get why Latin America would bitch about are those few who end up homeless or those who become addicts that can’t be functional.

Everyone else?

You know, I can only say stop with your moral bullshit.

Especially as so many of your own people hookup, drink, do other drugs or spend 500 bucks a month living down here.

Sure, Latin America doesn’t need those folks but many of them don’t hurt society.

They just do their own thing – live modestly, behave functionally with whatever vice or engage in casual sex.

The vice thing (drugs) is a little more understandable though – many aren’t functional and some are.

Depends on the person.

But the dude spending a modest amount to live here or who likes casual sex?

What’s the issue?

You’re just being a judgemental classist prick at that point if you got an issue.

Anyway, that’s all I got to say.

Leave any comments below in the comment section.

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Thanks for reading.

Best regards,


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