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The Oddity of Latin American Girls Coming Back from the Grave

Published May 1, 2022 in Bolivia , Dating Information - 0 Comments

There's a certain oddity (not in a bad or good way) with dating various women from numerous countries around the world.

Obviously, that is an issue that any man (or woman) could notice after time in any part of the world and not just Latin America. 

Past boyfriends or past girlfriends reaching out to you just because.

In my experience here in Latin America, it's more common for these gals to not even be chicks that I have met in real life or fucked.

Largely because you will end up giving your number to lots of women from Tinder when you play the field.

Once in a blue moon, some of those come back to you.

They message you.

If you are currently in a relationship, it could pose a minor problem if your girl sees the message and wonders who the chick is.

In my experience, it's usually about 6 months later after you gave her your number but it even was as late as 2 years later one time.

Most of the time, they are just looking for attention and could get pissed if you genuinely do not remember who they are.

In other cases, they are just bored clearing out the numbers from their phone, notice your odd number but don't remember you either and will ask "who are you?"

In a rare few cases, maybe you meet up and fuck.

But there's a certain oddity that goes beyond all of that also.

Where the chick messaging you was one that you have greater memories of.

And who, after enough years, is a different person from how you remember her.

Perhaps she has kids for example.

Looks a tiny bit different (for better or worse but usually worse as age does us all in eventually).

Of course, like I said, this is not unusual for the expat living abroad in Latin America.

What makes it weirder though, in my experience anyway, is not just the amount of chicks that might message you back but also the diversity of nationality.

A chick messaging you who you was with when in Colombia.

Another one who messages you when you were in Bolivia.

In the long run, I ask myself: "will I continue to get messages from chicks all over the Americas in the years to come?"

I don't know.

Nor do I mind it nowadays because I'm single and it's not like I have any jealous Latina girlfriend that would hate it with chicks "coming back from the grave."

Though, on the flip side, it's not like I can take advantage of any of it anyhow.

I'm definitely not traveling hundreds of miles away to Bolivia, Colombia, Sinaloa of Mexico or anywhere else to meet up with old gals of the past that message me for another opportunity to fuck them again.

And, to be fair, it's not necessarily the case that they are looking to fuck again (though messaging me out of the blue years later is a little bit weird).

Still, in contrast to the man who has never left his home like those in small town US where I'm from, I suppose the weird thing here really is the diversity in nationality.

If I had stayed in small town Iowa or Ohio, I'd guess most of them would be small town gals from the US also.

But, as you travel a lot, it's not just the diversity of the chicks but also the memories that are much more diversified that come with those women.

If you stick to a life in small town Iowa and never leave, perhaps it's less weird if your memories of all of the "chicks from the grave" are of places in the same town or even the same state (or even the same country?).

Whereas, in contrast, I almost feel like there is a certain oddity (not in a bad way necessarily) with having memories of all of them from completely different countries over the years.

And, on top of that, you again have the detail that WOULD be prevalent in the man (or woman) that never left home: getting an update on their lives where said people messaging you now have kids, are married, etc.

That is weird to a degree in that, especially if you haven't seen them in years, your memory of the person is very different than how they are now.

But, like I said, I think that's not as much of a difference between the man who has lived abroad and the one who hasn't: we all have that.

In the same way you might also reach out to folks from the past (old friends and such) and find out their lives are different.

Be it the guy you knew from high school who died in a bathrub (odd as fuck when I realized that happened to someone I knew).

To the guy who was an pot-smoking atheist that now is "full Jesus" and very conservative.

So on and so on.

Regardless though, when it comes to women you meet AROUND THE WORLD,the oddity comes up again with its own flavor. 

Daft Punk -- Around the World

The Return of Mariana

This is what prompted me to write this article today.

Last night, I got a message from a chick named Mariana that I met 7 years ago in Bolivia.

We used to hook up a lot.

But, beyond sex, we genuinely enjoyed each other's company even though we never settled on a formal relationship given I wouldn't have been in her country very long.

More about her in this article here.

Anyway, out of the blue, she messaged me.

Perhaps due to the fact that I have been posting a lot of Mexican food pics on Facebook lately and she told me that the food looks quite delicious.

We continued the conversation from there.

Doing the usual ol' "how you been?" and "what have you been up to over the years?"

Basic catch up between us to learn more about how each other has changed over the 7 years since we last saw each other.

On her end, she had a kid recently with what I think was another white foreigner.

When I knew her, it came across to me that she had a preference for white foreign men.

To some degree, you could have called her a "gringo hunter" as I wrote about them here.

Most of her men that she had dated or hooked up with were foreign white dudes.

And she just gave birth not too long ago and now is turning a chapter of her life into having a family.

She obviously knew that I am still in Latin America but with more of a "Mexico" focus than a "Bolivia" one.

Aligned with the observations made from family and friends back home, she too remarked how "the food looks quite tasty. Would love to try it."

Can't blame her, can I? Of course Mexican food is the best in the WORLD.

And our discussion between us was pretty ordinary from there.

Normal catch up and all.

Questions asked regarding how life in Cochabamba has changed since I was there and what life in Mexico City is like.

Though Cochabamba is a city in of itself, she remarked how "crazy big Mexico City sounds."

For those who don't know, Mexico City has like 20 million and Cochabamba has like a million.

A little bit of a difference.

Either way, that was that.

She had to go to bed anyhow to wake up for work in the morning (works at some office, better than her employment situation of the past).

And that was that.

Other Serious Girls of the Past

Once every so often, another more "serious" girl of the past who wasn't just a one time hookup gal will come back every so often.

For example, a Colombian ex named Marcela has never been too shy in sending me messages.

Though, to be honest, she hasn't been too keen on reaching out to me since I last made a joke that pissed her off that involved a stereotype about "Colombia & cocaine."

For those who don't know, Colombians are VERY sensitive to you mentioning cocaine of their country (even though their country is a top producer of it).

So, whenever her period over cocaine is over, she might send another message. Or not. But she has updated me on her life before that anyhow.

Lives in Sinaloa of Mexico. Has a husband who doesn't want her working as I wrote here. Her sister added me on Facebook many months ago (or however long it was). So on and so on.

Similarly, other gals come to the attention but it is 99% of them random Tinder chicks looking for attention or clearing out their phone.

Over the years, I have had random other moments of chicks messaging me.

For example, as I wrote here, I got into contact with an old chick I fucked from Bolivia many years ago.

She ended up marrying a richer dude who took her around the world and she now lives in Mexico City oddly enough with kids.

Another gal I had been with named Tami messaged me a long time ago (well over a year or almost two years perhaps) that you can read from here.

From Argentina herself.

Now lives in New Jersey. 

Funny enough, she remarked to me one time at a Indian restaurant in Buenos Aires about how "Asian men have small dicks" but was seemingly married to one last I checked when she messaged me.

In all of the cases though (minus Marcela), there was never any flirting involved.

Nothing beyond a formal "hi. How are you?" and basic catch up.

When flirting is involved (like Marcela), there is a certain guilt that comes with it.

Still, with the other chicks like Mariana, there was never any hint of flirting or sexual tension in the basic "catch up convo."

Wrapping it Up

Like I said, I don't think what I'm saying here is very unique or different to those living a life back home in the US or anywhere else in the world.

We all have chicks (or dudes if you are a woman) who might "come back from the grave."

Old boyfriends or husbands who message you.

Like I said, sometimes I wonder how much of what I say would be things I would observe if I was living my 20s back home in the US.

That doesn't mean that they aren't worth commenting on if they happen down here.

And, in the case of this topic, I do think that there are some details that aren't as relatable to the man who stays in small town Iowa and more relatable for the man who has traveled a lot (or the woman too to be fair).

That being the oddity in two things already said:

For one, having a fair amount of random Tinder people message you months or even years later when you never even met them in real life and don't even remember them.

Second, having a wide variety of women (or men if you are a chick) in your past that you had sex or a formal relationship with that "come back from the grave" but they all come from different nationalities.

The fact that they all come from around the Western Hemisphere (I would say around the world but that would be misleading) does make it slightly odd or worth commenting on in my opinion.

Not odd in a bad way but just "different" so to speak.

"Different" in however you wish to interpret that word in the context of what has been said.

I don't see it as a bad thing but odd anyhow to have that experience as it isn't typical and there is something "different" or "odd" in having chicks from numerous countries (and not just one like the US) all being part of your past and even sometimes reaching out to you (and having changed along the way quite noticeably with their own kids now or whatever else).

Anyway, that's all I got to say.

Drop any comments below in the comment section.

And follow my Twitter here.

Thanks for reading.

Best regards,


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