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A Change in Mindset in Lindavista Regarding Rent

Published October 15, 2021 in Mexico - 0 Comments

As I wrote here, I moved about a month ago from Metro CU to Lindavista area of Mexico City.

However, as I said in that article, I started to feel rushed in finding a place.

The place I picked started out well.

The landlord’s business partner made me a brandy drink upon arrival and I was even invited out to lunch by the landlord.

So they seem nice!

However, I’ve started to wonder if they did that to give me a warm welcome before realizing how crappy this place is.

It’s a lot crappier than I expected.

What are the main issues?

Well, let me list them.

  • The room is hot as FUCK. If you don’t have a fan on, you will be sweating your ass off even if you are doing nothing but just sitting down. Not moving but yet your hair will be drenched in sweat. Somehow I didn’t notice this when I checked the place out.
  • Everyday is a fucking battle with bugs. I did notice a few flies before moving here but didn’t expect to be killing a new bug every fucking day. It’s usually mosquitos, sometimes flies and there’s some big ass bug that looks like a cockroach but A LOT bigger than what cockroaches usually look like. Fortunately, the cockroaches are never in my room.
  • As I wrote here, the shower has weird issues. The water shuts off randomly in the whole house about 5 to 7 days out of the month so far from what I’ve noticed. Just completely no water.
  • The shower isn’t hot unless you tell the landlord. When you tell him, he does something to fix it but then it becomes so hot that you can never have normal temperature for a day. It’s so hot for that one day that taking a shower is unbearable. You can’t fucking do it. It literally hurts. Then after that one day? Back to cold.
  • The place has a cleaning lady that HAS to clean my room. As I wrote here, I fucking hate having a cleaning lady for various reasons. You can check that article as to why.
  • The landlord acts like a little bitch when you try to bring up issues respectfully. Just a casual mention of an issue and he stops responding to messages for a bit. You have to be aggressive with the motherfucker to get him to fix anything, and when he does, the solution isn’t always good like with the shower shit for example.
  • He never gave me a key to my door but a key to the larger apartment. He told me that “there isn’t a key to the door” but I found out that wasn’t true one afternoon when I was taking a nap and the cleaning lady tried forcing herself into my room with a key that worked. She wasn’t able to get in since I always barricade my door with shit no matter where I live. When I asked the landlord about this cool new key she has, he told me he’d get me a copy but never did.

Anything else? I’d have to think about it but those are the main issues really.

My fault really though for not investigating this place better before moving in.

The room temperature should’ve been obvious at least.

Though, in my defence, the room seems to oddly get noticeably hotter from around 10 PM to 2 AM before getting cooler later into the night.

Anyway, this place sucks dick.

I was hoping to stay here for at least 6 months but I find it fucking annoying to be here.

My plan is to just not pay rent and get my deposit back and ditch.

I only paid half of the deposit anyway so I’ll only need a few weeks anyway.

And I want to stay in Lindavista area anyhow so it shouldn’t be as difficult finding a place in the same area versus looking for a place from the opposite end of town.

You know what else?

I’ve honestly thought to myself that maybe I should just spend more money on rent instead of going for cheap ass places?

It reminds me of this article I wrote here where you have locals who say that the gringo complaints on life down here aren’t as valid if they don’t spend more money living down here.

For the most part, I feel that argument is a little bit stupid but it depends on the context.

But there is some validity to it.

And, as I get older and closer to my 30s, I do start to value maybe spending a little more on rent to have my own apartment without neighbors.

I used to have that in Pachuca.

For me, I always prefer spending as least as possible to save more money no matter the financial situation.

Just makes me feel safer financially.

But, over time as I get older, I’ve thought that maybe that is a little bit stupid?

It’s not entirely stupid – don’t go crazy with money for example.

Though, on the flip side, maybe it’s not so stupid to spend a little more.

I’ve been contemplating it a lot more in the last year to maybe force myself to be a little more comfortable spending a little more on rent.

I could but it’s mostly a psychological thing for me.

Why spend more if you don’t need to?

But time spent in places like where I’m at now, mixed with getting closer to my 30s, is giving me a change of mindset on the topic.

Of course, not every place higher in rent is necessarily better.

I’ve seen horror stories on Facebook with more expensive places.

Still, I think there’s some merit to the argument.

And, as I get older, I just think to myself “isn’t it silly to deal with this horseshit when I could spend a little more and not deal with rental places that scream THIRD WORLD?”

As I said, I have a higher tolerance for stupid shit in rentals but me getting older and more comfortable than how I was in the past has made me just think that maybe my fear of spending more is just retarded.

So going forward?

As I said, I plan on staying in Lindavista area for a few more months because I want to see more of the area.

At least until New Years.

But I’m strongly thinking of picking up a new place sometime between November 1st and November 15th.

If I had to guess, it’s an 80% chance I will.

OK, OK, I won’t lie to you…

More like 87%.

Why the extra 13% missing?

Well, as I wrote here, there’s a dog in the house that I’ve bonded with.

And, being honest with you, I can tolerate shittier living environments easier.

I’m used to it.

And I would have my heart broken if I left the dog FAO so soon.

He literally has no friends and he’s always outside my door.

Outside my door now!

But everything has to come to an end.

Anyway, I will definitely leave at least by December 1st at latest but probably sometime in November.

In which I can at least dedicate a little more time checking out the places I visit to make sure they aren’t as trash.

Anyway, that’s all I got to say for this little update of mine.

Thanks for reading.

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Best regards,


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