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The Gringo Delivery Service to Friends in Latin America

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When I was spending time in Buenos Aires, Argentina, there was a chick named Tami from the city that I spent some time with.

While I was there, I remember Tami asking me when I would be returning back to the US and then coming back to Argentina afterwards.

Well, unfortunately for her, I don’t remember returning to Buenos Aires specifically after leaving.

I did check out Patagonia in Argentina though some months afterwards.

But I don’t remember really getting to know Buenos Aires again after my first some odd months living there.

Anyway, Tami wanted me to do her a favor.

In which I’d bring back some brand of peanut butter in the US to Argentina that she missed.

Where she spent some time living in the US (either Kanas or Kentucky but I forgot) and she really missed some specific brand of peanut butter.

Well, I never did return to Buenos Aires and she never did get her peanut butter from me.

Though, last I checked, she married some Asian dude and lives in New York or New Jersey now.

One of the two.

But Tami’s request anyway wasn’t unusual.

In Latin America, you do get the once in a blue moon Latino asking you to bring something back to Latin America for them.

Something that either they have difficulty finding in their respective community or something that would not be as expensive to purchase if I brought it over internationally.

That something usually be some type of technology.

Let’s get to some other examples to demonstrate what I mean.

Sandra Wants an iPhone

In my first year living in Mexico City, there was a Mexican chick named Sandra who lived in Puebla.

However, despite living in another city some few hours away, she seemingly never had much of an issue visiting me to have fun.

I forgot how many times we saw each other but it was maybe half a dozen at most?

The last time I saw her, from what I remember, was when we were sitting at some bench near UNAM area of Mexico City and I remember getting some notification about some fellowship I applied for.

Despite us having seen each other half a dozen times or so, we never had anything formal though.

It was just sex and hanging out between us.

And we liked hanging out with each other beyond just sex.

She was a pretty calm chick that was comfortable with silence.

Which I like when it comes to women to hang out with.

Someone who doesn’t talk forever and ever.

Who can enjoy sitting on a park bench just chilling without saying a word as we look at the sky or some shit.

And I remember hanging out with her at a park in Roma Norte near the first apartment I ever lived in at Mexico City.

In which she brought up a type of request I never heard before.

Similar to what Tami asked but a little bit different.

In which, while they do have iPhones in Mexico, she wanted to give me money to bring her one from the US as she knew I’d be doing visiting family soon around Thanksgiving time.

And she explained how, according to her, iPhones are more expensive in Mexico than the US.

Therefore, she’d be saving some money by giving me some cash to buy her a phone up there and bringing it back for her to have down here.

For some reason, we never went through it though.

I don’t remember rejecting her request.

I just remember that we never got around to doing that and we simply lost contact with each other we time carried on and we forgot about each other.

But her request is actually, at least from my perspective, the most typical whenever a Latino asks you to bring something back.

Because it is true that, generally speaking, technological goods are cheaper in the US than back home.

For example, I remember looking at laptop prices over 6 months ago because my last laptop died.

To keep it short, laptop prices seemed noticeably cheaper back in the US than what I was seeing on the Mexican version of Amazon down here.

But it’s not necessarily just technology that a Latino might ask you to bring back.

Debi Wants Dollars

Next, there was an Argentine chick named Debi that I met at least once while living in Buenos Aires.

We never actually hooked up as I only had one date with her and never pushed things very far on the limited time we had.

However, after leaving Argentina, we kept in touch and actually our relationship grew some degree online while I was then living in Colombia.

Before getting into a relationship with a Colombian girlfriend named Marcela, I remember being in consistent contact with Debi.

She was cute as hell.

And we became more intimate with each other sharing nudes and all.

In hindsight, I guess I should’ve pushed things faster with her on the first date or maybe make more time for her while I was living in Argentina.

But, while I was in Colombia, I did consider plans to visit Argentina again.

Ultimately, as I said, I did visit Patagonia soon after but wasn’t sure if I’d be able to squeeze Buenos Aires into my plans.

And Debi knew I was making plans to go back to Argentina for a brief period.

While we were talking about that, she asked me a favor.

“Could you bring some USD back with you?”

Now, having been to Buenos Aires before, I knew the special circumstances Argentina was in where you had basically two exchange rates.

Both the government rate and the “blue dollar” rate.

Where you could walk onto a street in Buenos Aires called Florida Street and see easily a dozen or two individuals yelling out “CAMBIO CAMBIO!”


Offering to anyone within earshot an opportunity to either buy or sell USD on the “blue dollar” rate.

The blue dollar being a bit better than the official government rate you’d get pulling money from ATMs.

Back then, I remember the government rate being about 9 Argentine pesos per USD while the “blue dollar” rate was about 15 Argentine pesos per USD.

It’s all around a topic I wrote more about here.

So, because of Argentina’s economic problems and policies, the double exchange rate was more noticeable there than in most Latin countries I’ve been to.

All around creating a demand among the locals to get their hands on USD however they can.

For the gringo like myself, it’s a good deal also as you can get a better deal than whatever the banks offer you.

Making your trip to Argentina cheaper.

Unfortunately, I never made it to Buenos Aires specifically.

Despite the tremendous offer on the table – a better exchange rate for my USD and to have a chance to fuck Debi’s white ass instead of just getting nude pics from her.

Why didn’t I ever return?

I actually don’t remember why.

If I had to guess, I simply didn’t feel like spending the extra money to have an extra stop in Buenos Aires for a day or two.

I do remember my time being limited with only about 2 weeks on the table to truly enjoy Patagonia so I do remember wanting to give as much time to that than a quick trip to Buenos Aires again.

That was probably the reason but I don’t remember perfectly as to why I didn’t go back.

And that was it.

Final Thoughts

In this article, we discussed three different things that a Latino in Latin America might ask you to bring back to their respective country:

  • Some particular brand of item that they believe is impossible or very difficult at least to find at home.
  • Something technological like a nice phone, laptop or whatever else in which it’d be cheaper to have someone you trust to bring it back from the US.
  • US Dollars.

Of course, there might be other things that Latinos in Latin America want you to bring back to them from the US.

However, I’m not sure what they could be at the moment because the items above are what have come to mind.

If you have anything to add, leave a comment below in the comment section.

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And thanks for reading.

Best regards,


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