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Development of a Young Expat in Latin America

Back when I was living in a Colombian city called Barranquilla, there was some dude part of this little group of Americans living in the city that I was part of also.

At any rate, we were set to hang out on a Friday night at some hotel room in a nearby city called Cartagena.

Ended up getting some pot and plenty of booze for the night.

As a side point, though I maybe smoke pot once every 3 years (i’m more of a drinker), I will say that pot in Colombia is by far the most potent shit I’ve ever tried.

When I first tried pot in freshman year of college in Ohio, I thought “is this it? I don’t get why people like pot.”

Well, suffice to say, it might’ve been some weak ass shit – Colombian pot is much stronger.

Anyway, we’re all set to meet up that night but some guy in the party couldn’t make it.

I forgot his name but he cancelled last minute as we were all standing by some historical gate area of the city.

And this guy, who was standing with us, ended up getting a text from some chick saying that she is down for a date.

So off he went!

Now, from what I remember, he was all about fucking.

Among our group, he never really made friends with anyone.

He wasn’t hostile or rude.

Just had seemingly no interest in making friends with anyone.

And it didn’t appear to me that he ever made any real friends in Barranquilla at all during his time there.

Basically, the only people he ever hung out with were literally just women from Tinder that he was trying to fuck.

And, to be honest, they weren’t all Shakiras.

Some cute looking gals that he posted on Facebook at times.

Others who were less than average at times from what I saw in person once in a blue moon.

But he wasn’t fucking super models.

And obviously no guarantee that he was fucking any of them anyhow but that was definitely the mission he was on.

The mission was?

To fuck as much ass as possible.

A search and destroy mission.

Leave no ass unconquered.

If it was someone’s grandma, he’d fuck her in private and tell people it was a hot 20 year old.

Count it was a W broooos.

A2M -- I Got Bitches

Still, he seemed like an alright guy.

Slightly anti-social and seemingly no interest in making any real friends.

Just there for the pussy it seemed and that was all his life was about.

Where is he today?

No clue.

We aren’t friends on Facebook anymore.

But I like to imagine that he’s developed a more nuance taste.

The longer you live in Latin America, the more you aspire to dig deeper below the surface.

Understand the region better on a deeper level.

Though, in his case, I imagine that deeper investment is ass focused only.

Instead of going for the cute gals in Cartagena…

Maybe he’s moved into deeper territory – the isolated indigenous villages of the Amazon located 200 miles from the Colombian town of Leticia?

Still, jokes aside, he’s not a rare case.

On a website called My Latin Life that you can check out here, there was an article published some odd months ago about this type of gringo.

Where basically this type is usually some young 20 something whose entire purpose in Latin America is to party and fuck as many women as possible.

Does not matter how old.

Will fuck even the ugly gals truth be told.

Is there a pussy awaiting me, you say?

Well, then I must go play.

Then off I go!

To conquer yet another hoe.

To use my freestyle above for any purpose, a 5 dollar payment minimum is required.

Anyway, in all seriousness, I remember that article in question bringing up a similar example of a young man that the author went out of his way to meet up with.

Where, during their encounter, the young guy chose to ditch the author mid-conversation because some random chick messaged him to meet up.

And the idea is the same – a young male gringo who doesn’t have any real friends, is seemingly a bit anti-social and whose entire life purpose is to live abroad having sex with any woman that has a pulse.

Someone who has absolutely no interest in anything else – seemingly no hobbies, no interest in Latin America, no cool stories, no real friends, etc.

Now, to be fair, that is a bit of an extreme.

In Latin America, you do have plenty of folks who like to party and fuck around down here.

Hell, I like to also!

And many of them, including myself, do have friends, hobbies and actual character development.

Being real people.

Of course, even for those who are real people and who have a life beyond fucking around…

There does come a point where, in my opinion, especially for the younger crowd, there comes a desire to achieve more in life.

Achieve what though?

Hamburgers & Beer in Cocha

Some months before I arrived to Barranquilla actually, I went out with a few guys to get some hamburgers and beer in a Bolivian city called Cochabamba.

While in Cocha, I went to this restaurant that this British guy named Alex loved a lot and this younger American guy whose name I can’t remember right now.

I think it was Ryan?

Anyway, you can read more about Alex here for example.

He was in Cocha because he believed in doing non-profit work basically and had a strong attachment to the country in various ways.

Ryan? He mostly just wanted to party and fuck lots of chicks.

Travel the world.

Have a good time.

Alex was probably at least 10 years older than both of us if not more.

And so we got talking anyway at this restaurant about life in Cocha and all.

The topic of chicks and partying and all came up.

And Alex liked to have his fun also from time to time.

However, while Ryan was talking about his future plans to visit places like the Colombian city of Cali to South Africa…

Travel more.

Party more.

All that.

Alex was talking of something different – maybe finding someone to settle down with?

Basically, he felt that he was getting a little bit on the older side (somewhere in his 30s if I remember right).

And, while fucking around is fun and all, he desired something more stable.

It wasn’t as much of a priority for him to fuck around as much these days because he had plenty of fun already supposedly and didn’t find it as interesting anymore.

Or unique?

It’s an experience he knew well time and time again.

And fucking around even more has become more like a routine – one chick to the next.

It becomes the same experience in a way.

Plus, in his words, he felt that continuing that lifestyle from his 20s would hinder, to a degree, his professional development with his career and all.

But, above all else, he just wanted someone he can wake up to.

Someone to love.

Maybe have children with in a little house somewhere in Cocha.

Or perhaps take them back to the UK if ever necessary.

At any rate, you could tell that Ryan and Alex were on different chapters.

And, to be fair, I was on a different chapter than Alex also.

This entire conversation happened maybe 6 or 7 years ago?

So, suffice to say, I didn’t appreciate as much this different desire.

Though it was interesting to hear the perspective of another foreigner living or traveling in Latin America.

But, in those days, I was more like Ryan in that I just wanted to travel around and have fun.

And, to be fair, I feel like I am a bit at a crossroads as I write this now.

Which Chapter Am I On?

It’s tough to say.

On one hand, the older I get, the more I value human connection.

I value more and more each year to have more stability and being comfortable.

Equally so, I value more having more money in my bank account and working on self-employment.

Having said that, I’m also only 26 years old as I write this.

I’m not old.

I have no children, no mortgage and no real responsibilities.

I know that, if I settle down, I obviously can’t say “oh, I’m going to leave behind my wife and kids and spend 6 months in Brazil to party it up.”

Yeah, that’s not happening.

The nightclub has closed so to speak.

In a way, there’s a part of me that wants to take advantage of that youth and lack of responsibilities.

As I wrote here, there’s a part of me that has been planning to leave Mexico sometime in the next year or two in order to travel around Latin America.

Set up shop in the DR, Colombia, Brazil and maybe Peru with side trips done based out of the large cities in those countries.

To double the partying and have twice as much fun.

All the while meeting new people and making more friends in other countries.

And, equally important, to appreciate how beautiful this region is and check off the remaining places I have on my bucket list to check out in Latin America.

On the other hand, there’s a part of me that doesn’t want to do that.

To stay comfortable in Mexico City where I already have connections and friends.

A city that I know very well already.

On top of that, there is a growing part of me that wants to be in love again.

Force M.D.'s -- Tender Love

To find someone special.

Because while the casual sex can be fucking fun like it was with this chick named Jovi that you can read about here recently…

It is true that, over enough chicks, you do ask yourself if “you really need to fuck x amount of more chicks?”

Would fucking another 100 women if you have already fucked a 100 really add anything new to your experience?

What have you already crossed off the bucket list of crazy shit to do in that first 100 women or whatever the number is?

You really need more fun?

Granted, if a guy doesn’t ever want to settle down and have kids, then I don’t necessarily see as much issue with continuing the fun.

Like Bill Maher here.

Just don’t forget your personal development anyway with career, making friends, experiences beyond sex, etc.

Raising a Family in Latin America?

And, being fair, I’ve had doubts myself as I wrote here when it comes to raising kids or getting married at all.

Especially in Latin America.

Truthfully, if I were to raise any, I’d have some serious reservations about doing so in Mexico.

Just the other day, I literally heard gun shots outside of my apartment building.

That doesn’t happen ever where I live – first time I’ve heard that in my 4 months of being in this specific apartment.

And then you have this incident in Mexico City here in which some cartel tried to kill the police chief of Mexico City.

Then you have all of these disappearances of people (some innocent and others not) in Mexico that happens all the time.

In fact, as you can read here, Mexico had one of its (if not the) bloodiest year on record in 2020.

But, truth be told, I do feel confident about my own safety in this country.

I can hold my own just fine.

In fact, Mexico City is one of my favorite places to be in Latin America and I would definitely live here long term if I stayed single or even married someone without raising kids.

However, having kids changes the equation.

I have more serious reservations about raising my own kids here because it’s different when you have to put those chips on the table.

My own life? No problem.

Future kids? I got doubts.

Still, I could raise them in Mexico but I’d be taking a shit ton precautions without question.

As I said before, if I ever decide to settle down, I’d much prefer a place like Chile.

To Travel or Not to Travel Then?

Still, that’s where I am.

At a crossroads.

A desire to keep on fucking around while I’m young at 26 with no responsibilities.

In contrast to, in a way, my value for being comfortable in Mexico City and also a stronger desire each year to find someone special in life.

Still, being 26, I know I don’t want to be married right now anyhow.

Not until I’m 30 being honest.

And the being comfortable thing in Mexico City?

Well, I can always come back to Mexico City in a few years when the traveling is done.

Personally, I think the part that desires being comfortable is like when I was in Nicaragua years ago where I got food poisoning.

It was in that moment in which I questioned myself if I really want to travel around South America for a long time right afterwards.

And, in hindsight, I’m glad I went through the traveling because it was an awesome fucking experience.

Because while there is that part of you that wants to be comfortable, I also feel that putting yourself out of your comfort zone can build you as a person.

Plus, I did have a lot of really fucking cool experiences during those days.

Still, that’s where I’m at with this.

In all likelihood, I probably will do the traveling experience for a few years until I hit 30, let’s say?

Somewhere around that age.

Then, afterwards, I’m definitely going to settle down somewhere.

Not necessarily get married but I do see some value in that.

But, at a minimum, get residency somewhere.

Get a guitar again like I used to have when I was living in Iowa a long ass time ago.

A truck so I can enjoy driving around again.

And some pets at least.

Anything more?

We’ll see if I find someone nice for something serious beyond the casual fun.

Still, that’s where I’m at in contrast to the guy in Colombia, the guy who met the author of My Latin Life, Ryan and Alex.

But what does this all truly represent on a deeper level?

The Development of a Young Expat in Latin America

All of this is, in my opinion, more relevant to the younger expat who is in his 20s or 30s down here.

Maybe less relevant for the average expat in his 50s or 60s?

Still, the idea is this.

There’s a part of your life – maybe a never ending one or a phase – that desires a lot of fun.

Do crazy shit.

Travel the world.

Fuck a 100 women and more literally.

Maybe snort cocaine off a hooker’s ass.

Become an alcoholic in “third world country” while doing crazy shit everyday drunk.

Whatever your heart desires!

But, like with most men, you begin to value something more.

Now, maybe you meet the right woman and it just happens.

Maybe you come back to her at a later point in life.

Or maybe you meet various nice women!

Hell, I like women!

There’s plenty of nice ones out there that I’ve met!

But maybe you don’t settle down with any of them.

Some of you might even regret not settling down with any particular one.

Still, there comes a point where simply, like most men, you value having a love in your life and a family to raise with that person.

All the while, financial security and growth seems cooler than shooting a load inside Chica #4,732.

Which is why, when I was younger traveling around, I found more interest in articles online about crazy sex or drug stories of gringos living in Latin America.

But while those articles can still be fun to read...

After all, who doesn’t like a crazy story of sex, drugs and rock n roll?

Still, I find plenty of enjoyment nowadays in reading articles on more serious topics about life in Latin America.

Topics focused on buying homes, fitting in the locals, raising children down here, etc.

Simply seems more interesting and thought provoking to me.

Maybe an article like this one here?

Or, being fair, this article here which inspired this article that you are reading now.

Titled “When Readers Attack! Roosh V Forum Does Repat Chronicles” by a website called Expat Chronicles.

To summarize the article (it’s quite long), it basically addresses the criticisms and rumors spread by members of a forum called Roosh V.

Which was a forum that used to talk about hooking up abroad and traveling and much more.

Nowadays, it’s a very religious forum supposedly.

The irony there, huh?

Fuck dozens of chicks and then become a hard Christian past the age of 35.

Anyway, the article itself addresses numerous topics like housing prices, the price of raising kids in Lima, how to raise them in Latin America vs the US, the economic development of Latin America and Peru, the purpose of living in Latin America and so on and so on…

Being honest, I’ve probably read the article maybe 5 times because it covers more serious topics that intrigue me from an older expat who is farther down the road than I am.

That road being having experience raising kids in Latin America (now the US) and the decision to raise them in the US or down here.

For me, it’s interesting to look down the road and see what older expats are experiencing.

Life changes and decisions that I might have to confront one day.

At any rate, the most relevant part of that article that inspired the words on paper here today is this bit here:

“The whole thing about traveling and promiscuity and finding yourself, it’s a phase, and an important one, but at some point most guys want to have a family and some stability. You start to realize how much you want regular contact with people who really know you as opposed to a steady stream of people you don’t know. Some men can keep up the manosphere rhythm for years, but I think it comes at a cost to their happiness and well-being. And most people will grow out of the toxic masculinity when they realize how many limits it puts on the long-term goals they start desiring.”

All around, I mostly agree with this paragraph.

As I said before, I think it's alright if a guy chooses to never marry and not have kids.

Or marriage without kids if he wants.

Though most guys do eventually settle down with a family and so that's why it's not uncommon to see men transition out of this "phase."

If they don't though, the message is the same: nothing wrong with having more fun then but learn to prioritize more important things in life (finances, social connections, hobbies, etc).

For me, as I said, I value more every year that nuance in life even though I'm very much on the fence still regarding if I want to pursue a family or not.

And so that’s all I got to say.

Enjoy this music video anyhow that I think has some relevance to the topic.

Cracker -- Eurotrash Girl

Well I've been up to Paris
And I've slept in a park
Went down to Barcelona
Someone broke in my car
And I'll search the world over
For my angel in black
Yeah I'll search the world over
For a Euro-trash girl
Took the train down to Athens
And I slept in a fountain
Some Swiss junkie in Turin
Ripped me off for my cash
Yeah I'll search the world over
For my angel in black
Yeah I'll search the world over
For a Euro-trash girl

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And thanks for reading.

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Dazza - July 9, 2021 Reply

Two things you need to do, save for retirement (but there is an age for that, which you’re nowhere near at yet…) which is what I am doing now and get permanent residence or citizenship in the country where you want to spend your final years – that’s it really! I am lucky to be a dual national and am able to add Spanish citizenship within two years of landing there. Lucky me! My retirement fund is going great guns – I am happy with how it is working out.

At 26, you still have a fair few years before you have to worry about that but that day will come and it will come a lot faster than you might imagine. For now, find the place where you want to be and what you want to do. If you want a wife and kids then go for it but not everyone wants a wife and kids and a lot of men aren’t really suited to a life of wife and kids. Choose wisely and choose carefully for they will put a big dent in your piggy bank if you fuck it up.

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