All you need to know about Iberian America

Summer Reflection in Latin America

As I’m typing this, I’m sitting on my little balcony in Mexico City by Copilco area.

I feel pretty good.

For now.

There’s a relief that washes over me.

In part because, as you might’ve noticed, I just finished the last batch of articles that have been published today.

But, more importantly, life just feels good.

I feel optimistic about the future.

My income has gone up a little bit more in the last month than before.

As I said, my financial situation really has improved a lot in the last 2 years.

In the first 2 years of living in Mexico, it was on a shakier ground.

So there’s something to that.

Something to not having financial stress.

And with better income comes better opportunities.

Life After Mexico

In the long run, it’s all going to help me leave Mexico soon enough in the future.

Once the Covid Restrictions are less severe and the world seems more stable, I plan on leaving Mexico.

I’ve enjoyed this country a lot.

But there’s a part of me that is ready to see the world some more.

And with better income comes a better ability to enjoy the rest of Latin America.

A bit like a repeat of my first two years traveling around Latin America.

I can feel it.

A day to be sitting on top of Roraima in Venezuela with a hot Cuban gal sitting beside me playing this song below here on a CD player for us to enjoy.

To sitting on a balcony in Santiago with a hot Colombian gal sitting next to me as we sip fine wine and discuss the meaning of War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy.

“You know, Liz, I believe that book had a spiritual dimension to it. It speaks of the human experience but in a multi-dimensional way. Como ves?”

“Si papi.” She responds.

Or maybe a return to the Amazon Rainforest afterwards.

A trip that involves me high on ayahuasca running around naked trying to catch a jaguar so I have enough food to eat for dinner later.

All the while having just returned from going to the most isolated town in Cuba where no foreigner has set foot…

To learn the ways of the people and exchange thoughts on topics like animism and other philosophical schools of thought.

All the while learning how to make a proper Cuban cigar.

And maybe even befriend an Wallstreet VP and invite him to my apartment in Bogota to discuss Huey Lewis & the News like here.

In which then I escape and maybe start a life in the highest mountains of Bolivia.

In some little village somewhere like this place here.

Starting a new life in anonymity with a local wife and 10 children that we’ll have and raise together.

All around, there’s a strange feeling of optimism I have about life right now and the future.

Final Thoughts

This article didn’t have much of a purpose.

Other then to just give a small update on my life and how I’m feeling right now.

Overall, pretty optimistic.

Listening to music like this here helps also.

With the fresh air of the balcony.

Birds chirping a bit.

Some random chicks on Tinder messaging me.

And, at the very least, not feeling an bit of financial stress.

And looking forward to experiences I have in plan for the future.

With the idea to spend more significant time in the following countries: The Dominican Republic, Colombia, Venezuela, Peru, Argentina, Bolivia and Brazil.

OK, that sounds like everywhere, doesn’t it?

But it’ll happen one day once I get back to moving around again!

And beyond traveling….

As well as bigger goals to move onto.

With this website having covered already most of what I wanted to cover about my life down here in Latin America…

I feel it’s time to move on from publishing a ton of articles at once.

And focus finally on the book I plan on writing about Mexico City with maybe about 10 to 20 blog posts a month for this website going forward.

With some minor side work needed to polish up the articles I already have written for grammatical mistakes or whatever.

And other ideas also.

I’d like to, at some point, consider the possibility of expanding my involvement with cam model and porn websites.

Perhaps creating an adult website to host porn on to make more money.

Though that’s a little bit expensive so it’s not something I’ll jump my feet into just yet until I have a better understanding of how to do it properly.

Plus, I need to, at some point, get better at SEO and stuff like that.

And, as a side idea, maybe get better on my Portuguese for the day that I decide to travel to Brazil in the slightly distant future.

At any rate, those are just some of the bigger projects I have in mind going forward.

And nothing left to say.

But I want you to say something.

Question for Readers

At this point, I feel like I have covered a ton of topics about Latin America.

Just covered UFOs even.

But I know myself -- sometimes I get into a mental tangent to myself thinking about something about life down here...

And then I think "that'd be a great idea for a topic!"

Once or twice so far, I then realize before writing that I basically already covered the topic.

And, obviously, I throw down some old stories that I might've already mentioned if they are relevant to the topic of the article.

I don't feel too bad about that though if they bring home a point.

Still, it's a question -- any specific topics that I have already beat to death? Don't need any more explanation?

Any topic that, when you see me write about it again, you think "oh for fuck sakes, Matt shut the fuck up already about this? We GET IT -- dogecoin is the best investment to live in Latin America. STOP."

And, if you happen to have some new topic ideas you want me to cover, throw them me anyway here or by email anytime whenever.

Though I'm going to begin taking more seriously my book idea starting today. I already bought the cheap phone I'm going to use that I feel comfortable enough taking with me around Mexico City.

Anyway, that's the question -- any topics already beat to death? And which ones seem interesting to you as of now that you'd like covered?

Thanks for reading.

Enjoy this music for last minute good vibes.

And follow my Twitter here.

Best regards,


PS: One last question -- how would you improve this blog? Anything that I could do better to improve it? When it comes to writing, topics to be covered, the format on the homepage, etc. Thanks.


Dazza - June 10, 2021 Reply

Glad to hear you’re in a good place at the moment and long may it continue!

Robert - June 10, 2021 Reply

you should write more about women and getting laid. nobody give a fuck about anything else. latin america is only for porking sluts nothing else. its a shithole otherwise. not being rude bro but im just saying. we want pussy and we want it now. talk about sluts. fucking sluts. and more about sluts. if no info on sluts im outta here. sorry bro but just spitting facts. latin america has nothing else going for it. we want latina sluts. that it.

    Dazza - June 10, 2021 Reply

    Jesus, when did they allow day release from the zoo?

      Robert - June 10, 2021 Reply

      lets be reali had hopes we’d have a goiod site here on iberiasnamerica but the author matt talks of shit nobody cares about. like purpose, ufos, going native, etc. honestly is this making him money? fuck it, im trying to help. give advice on what makes views. views is from pussy. im being honest. latin america is not good for anything but pussy. dont be angry. im alpha. you not. i get pussy.

      Editor’s Note: Comment was funny to laugh at before I went to bed. Edited now due to low IQ and to cut down on repetitive comments. Thanks!

        Patrick - June 11, 2021 Reply

        i disagree. what is refreshing about this blog is that it covers topics outside of dating and sex. those topics have their place but it’s embarrassing to see someone not able to talk about anything else except sex. and some of us are into other aspects of life down here.

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