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“Los Mexicanos No Son Racistas, Son Clasistas”

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Some odd months ago, I posted something on my Whatsapp story for any of my friends to see.

Most of them I will post stuff on there to pull in attention from local chicks – photos of my family’s cats, funny memes in Spanish, food pics, etc.

It usually draws in maybe 5 or more different people each time sending me messages and it goes from there…

Useful tip if have lots of chicks in your phone and want to pull some attention from some to reinitiate a conversation by having them send the first message and then maybe offering to meet up with one of them later.

Anyway, I don’t always post pics like that.

Sometimes I post more serious stuff or memes in English that I find funny myself and just want to share with friends.

Well, as I said, I posted something recently a few months ago of some meme in Spanish that demonstrated racism in Mexico.

Just something about how much better “whitmexicans” or white Mexicans are treated.

I wasn’t fishing for attention from any chick – just sharing some thoughts.

Well, as perhaps as logic would point out, getting political is a good way to make pussy disappear.

As some random Mexican chick responded to the image saying something along the lines about how….

Well, as the title puts it….

“Los Mexicanos No Son Racistas, Son Clasistas”

For those who don’t speak Spanish, the sentence above says “Mexicans are not racist, they are classist.”

Now, to be fair, this isn’t just a Mexico issue.

You have folks in every country, such as my own, who want to argue that racism doesn’t exist in their respective country.

I mean, after all, who wants to admit to something negative about their country?

It’s uncomfortable for some.

For others, it promotes a knee jerk reaction that borders on foaming at the mouth and violently shaking in anger to the thought of something negative being said about your country.

Even worse if a foreigner like myself says it!


Negative comments are only reserved for the locals – go back home, gringo!

Of course, if said Mexican were to say something negative about the US and I were to reply with the same comment…

“That’s racist! You can’t tell me to go back home!”

OK, OK, you can trash talk the US but we can’t point out an unfortunate negative about your country.

Fair enough.

Though, to be fair, there is a time and place for everything as someone who constantly talks negatively at all moments of the day is different than just casually acknowledging something flawed in an appropriate time and context.

But that’s another topic for another day.

Anyway, I entertained the Mexican chick who wrote me on this topic by Whatsapp…

I didn’t care so much if I was going to lose any chance at fucking her since there’s always someone else I can call up.

So we get into it.

And it wasn’t a hard argument to have – my first trip to Mexico ever years ago showed clearly a lot of the racism that exists in Mexico.

As you can read here.

When it comes to the treatment and marginalization of indigenous communities in Mexico.

Though I would argue there is racism against every racial community in Mexico.

But let’s get to that.

Racism in Mexico

Let’s go through some examples….

When I was visiting a popular restaurant in Mexico City called Casa de Toño some time ago…

I was eating some flautas sitting down…

When I notice this Asian guy walks in the restaurant to sit down.

Once sitting down, he tries to communicate but he apparently doesn’t speak Spanish.

He had at least 4 or more waiters standing around the table trying to speak to him in different languages.

They tried English, Spanish and Portuguese.

Didn’t speak any of that.

Funny how none of them felt like pulling out a phone for Google Translate.

The restaurant at the time was not at all busy – I was one of the few sitting down so they could have put in the effort for the guy.

Perhaps run through different Asian languages and see which one is what he speaks.

Of course, that would be a bit of an effort but that’s not the point though of this story.

The guy anyway gets up to excuse himself from the restaurant as it is clear that he won’t be able to order what he wants or even know what they have to offer.

As he walks out, one of the waiters – some medium brown skin guy who is fairly skinny and on the taller side – yells at him “sushi?! Quieres sushi?!?” while stretching his eyes out to look Asian.


Well, darn it, must be that classism again!


Another example I can think of is in regards to black people.

Now, as you can see in this video below here, black Mexicans have their own experiences with racism down here.

As you can read in this article here, they are sometimes assumed to not even be Mexican because they are black and refused services from government employees.

Often because some Mexicans think that all Mexicans or most are “mestizo” or brown skin basically.

No Asian or black Mexicans allowed – though I think they are more tolerant of white Mexicans existing as long as said white Mexican doesn’t have blonde hair or blue eyes.

Something I wrote more about here.

Anyway, one day in particular I remember going to some house party in Pachuca, Mexico.

And there was this one Mexican dude I met whose name I forgot…

Was some taller dude with glasses who I very briefly talked with.

I honestly don’t remember how the fuck the conversation went into “Hitler Ville”…

But the dude casually mentioned how black people are “monos” or monkeys basically and some other random comment about black people.

I remember in that moment my mind snapped like “oh fuck, who is this dude again?”

Anyway, I didn’t say anything to be honest but I excused myself to pour myself another drink and then ended up talking with a less racist Mexican who looked very much like a gringo.

Some white Mexican with blonde hair and blue eyes!

Now, moving on from that…

When living in Mexico City, I’d say there is a lot of racism against indigenous folks and that I feel is where most of the racism is targeted in this country.

So we will get into more detail on that below in a separate section of this article.

But I can think of my times in Chiapas visiting indigenous communities part of a movement called the Zapatistas…

And learning about a lot of the racism – historical and contemporary – that their communities face.

To how indigenous folks have a rougher time in Mexico City from what I have seen also.

Here’s an interesting video on racism in Mexico in general.

At the same time, I remember reading an article some years ago in my first year in Mexico City…

Where some local newspaper published a story on an incident where some Mexican woman ran up to some random indigenous lady in Mexico City and yelled “indio! Indio!” and other racist shit at her.

Not to be confused with this Argentine lady who was racist in Mexico City recently enough as you can see below here.

It was someone different.

In my personal experience…

I can recall incidents where indigenous looking folks are flat out refused entrance and service at different establishments down here.

The main reason why they do that, from my understanding, is that they believe that said indigenous person is walking in the place to beg for money and not purchase anything.

Of course, some Mexicans will say that is classist and not racist…

But the lady herself very clearly presents herself as looking more indigenous by her clothing and there is a discrimination against her based on that.

Otherwise, how would they know to block her if she passed like any other Mexican not wearing clothing that you might associate with someone who is indigenous?

Again, to say it is not racist and only classist is bullshit to make you feel better about the racism in the country.

It’s both.

To also one time when I was in Subway in Mexico City…

I went there occasionally and even remember asking to use the bathroom before purchasing anything…

To then one incident where an indigenous lady walks into the building to ask to use the bathroom.

Her Spanish was perfectly fine and I understand her perfectly.

She spoke loud enough.

No confusion as to what she is asking.

But yet the lady behind the encounter pretended like she didn’t understand her Spanish and even mocked her (or so I think anyway) by asking “hablas español?”

Anyway, I cut in and told the lady behind the counter as to what the indigenous lady was asking.

She looked at my funny and then nodded to the indigenous lady saying something in Spanish like “oh yeah, we have a bathroom.”

So who knows – racist?

I’d say yes – the lady very clearly knew what the indigenous lady was saying but just wanted to pretend like she didn’t so the indigenous lady would piss off.

Even though she clearly spoke Spanish better than I did (given the lack of accent) and I didn’t have a problem getting the bathroom before purchasing anything one time before.

Anyway, moving on from that....

I’d also say there is racism against white folks as well.

As I wrote in this article here, you do have some Latinos who have a stick up their ass regarding white people.

And foreigners in general with xenophobia as well.

I already wrote at greater length on this topic in the articles cited above.

Simply put, by being white, you are more likely to be robbed, harassed for money, distrusted by some of the locals, extorted by the police and more.

As well you have some local men down here – just some – who have a strong hatred of seeing foreign white guys with the local women.

Out of jealously or whatever and the fact that they themselves are not getting any pussy….

So just retard incels basically who hate seeing white guys “steal their women.”

Not your women buddy if her pussy is getting stretched by other dudes.

Of course, some will argue that “reverse racism” doesn’t exist and all as they begin to talk about systematic racism.

Well, being a racial minority down here, I would say that happens also when the police target you for being white and you can’t do anything about it.

But I’m talking exclusively of individual racism – a person treating another person badly due to the color of their skin.

Happens all the time down here by some folks who have a strong hatred of anyone white.

You can call it bigotry or whatever but that’s like putting dressing on a turd.

By trying to change the definition of something to make yourself feel better or morally superior similar to when folks claim that “there isn’t racism in Mexico, only classism!”

Whatever makes you sleep at night.

Anyway, I could go all day about racism down here against any group.

Check out this article here or here or more thoughts on race and racism in Latin America more broadly.

But let’s get to an interesting point I want to bring up before wrapping this up.

The Irony of the Mexican Love for Indigenous People

There’s a bit of an irony in Mexico in my opinion…

When you have Mexicans who speak fondly of the indigenous history of their country.

You see that pride for example when you walk by some park and there’s some statue or something dedicated to indigenous people.

When I lived in Santo Domingo de Pedregal in CDMX, there was a park nearby that had such a statue.

I think it was called something like “Aztec Park” or something along those lines…

But it had a statue there at the very end of the narrow park dedicated to indigenous people of the past.

And it’s always of the past.

Not so much respect for modern indigenous people, eh?

Well, maybe…

AMLO is a great fucking example of this.

AMLO being the current Mexican president.

Who, as you can read here, demanded that the King of Spain apologize for the actions of Spanish people against indigenous people way back then.

Which is ironic for a few reasons…

First, as you can read here about how he has a bit of a Spanish heritage himself -- according to the great Academic Resource of Wikipedia.

"His maternal grandfather José Obrador Revuelta was a Cantabrian who arrived as an exile to Mexico from Ampuero, Spain, while his maternal grandmother Úrsula González was the daughter of Asturians. Through his paternal grandparents, Obrador is also of Native American and African descent."

So does he apologize to indigenous people for his ancestors?

How many more Spanish ancestors does he have and going how far back....

Anyway, maybe I could see that happening for sure but I haven’t heard of that.

But it goes beyond that…

So we want the King of Spain to apologize for previous bad actions?


First, we are going to promote infrastructure and tourism projects in Mexico that fuck over current indigenous people as you can read here or here.

Second, we are going to heavily militarize the areas where indigenous people live because a movement called the Zapatistas is fighting to improve the quality of their lives when the Mexican state has so heavily fucked over their communities and marginalized them for decades and more after colonialism ended as you can read here or here.

Third, when paramilitary groups and other bad actors want to displace thousands of indigenous people from their lands in Chiapas (or elsewhere in Mexico) as you can read here.

Or when indigenous leaders are assassinated for defending their people as you can read here or here

We, the Mexican government, are not going to give a rat’s ass about this and do nothing for them.

So you want to tell me that AMLO really gives a flying fuck about indigenous people when all of that has happened or encouraged under his watch?

A typical politician who does lip service to communities in order to win votes – pandering and all – but doesn’t do anything of substance to help them.

And, in the examples above, actually is fucking them over.

But it’s not just an AMLO issue.

I bring him up because he is the perfect representation of so many Mexicans.

And also so many Latinos in other Latin countries like Colombia, Brazil, etc.

Not all Mexicans or Latinos though!

Hear me out – there are lots of people who do give a fuck about indigenous people as of now and fight to improve their lives.

But, in my experience in Latin America…

Most people don’t give a flying fuck about them and there are many who are actually racist towards them and would wipe their rights with their asses.

Where you also have many who even wish their communities would disappear because they need to be “assimilated” or whatever else.

But why bring all of this up?

Because it’s a certain irony when talking about racism in Mexico or even really Latin America as a whole…

Because while you have people who speak fondly of indigenous people….

They only do so when talking about indigenous people of the past – the greater civilizations.

But seem to have a great disconnect between that admiration and also their indifference or hostility and racism towards current existing indigenous communities in their own countries.

So is there racism in Mexico?

Final Thoughts

I decided to write this article when I saw this video below here show up on my Facebook today.

It’s been a topic I felt like writing on for a while but never got around to it.

Anyway, I’d like to reiterate a previous point made in this article to wrap this up.

Which is that it isn’t so much just a Mexico issue…

There’s racism in every Latin American country and also every country in the world against every time of person you can think of.

Racism isn’t rare anywhere

You are always going to have racist dickheads.

The point of this article itself that there is racism in Mexico is honestly nor needed to be said in my opinion…

I mean, shouldn’t it be obvious?

The only reason to write this out is to address this phenomenon where Mexicans will insist that there is no racism in their country.

That you will find Mexicans and also people of any nationality – including the US – with such a knee jerk reaction to such a claim.

Mexico isn’t a bad country though because there is racism.

Neither is Peru, the US, Brazil, Argentina or wherever.

There are many great things about countries like Mexico.

But let’s not blow smoke up our asses and pretend that racism isn’t an issue.

Or else we will never have the appropriate dialogue and action needed to address it.

Sweeping the issue under the rug only means we continue to turn a blind eye to any of the daily racist actions that are committed against any racial or ethnic group – indigenous, Asian, black, white, etc.

But that’s an obvious point.

Either way, that’s all there is to say on this topic for now.

Let’s end this article with a possibly funny (or possibly offensive depending on your POV) video here below.

I wonder if such a video inspired anything like this below here…

Anyway, got any comments or questions yourself?

Drop them below in the comment section.

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