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Do Latinos Hate White People?

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Years ago…

I was friends with this chick on Facebook.

She went to the same high school as me and was a nice person in high school.

She seemed ambitious, took care of herself and all around had a likeable personality.

Well, something changed in her literally the second high school was over.

I’m not sure what drugs she took…

But she married her high school boyfriend.

A nice, skinny guy who, to be honest, was not the one wearing the pants in the relationship.

She clearly was the one with the balls and authority.

Well, like I said, in high school, she seemed like a normal Midwestern chick who was likeable and everything.

After high school, they got married very quickly.

In a year or two if I remember right..

And she literally morphed into someone else overnight.

The transformation was just stunning in how quick she became nice to a real cunt from the looks of it.

Where various changes took place…

She was no longer ambitious – dropped out of college and basically works some minimum wage job last I checked.

To letting herself go and literally gaining becoming morbidly obese with white colored hair as short as what a dude would have.

But that’s not the worst of it or as important..

Not only did the outside of her become ugly…

The inside as well – where literally every day she would post stuff on Facebook like “all men are trash, all men are pigs, all men are shit”

To also racist stuff like “white people are terrible, I’m ashamed to be white, I can’t wait for white people to go extinct.”

Now I always found these self-hating white folks to be funny in a way.

I always wondered – when they look at themselves in the mirror, do they scream “WHY CAN’T I BE BLACK?!?” and start cutting their wrists?

Don’t get confused – I don’t hope for that. They need professional help or something.

Because, first, I can’t understand why someone would hate themselves for their skin color.

And I’m also just as confused as to why a man would marry a woman who always said everyday “all men are trash, pigs, terrible, shit, etc.”

That’d be like a woman married or dating a guy who says everyday “all women are sluts, whores, cum dumpsters, etc.”

Like does she (or he in the guy above) not have any self-respect? Why date someone who views you as terrible for your skin color and gender?

Who knows – maybe she hid this other side of her until the marriage was official and now he doesn’t want to get divorce raped.

Granted, they don’t have kids I don’t think so he wouldn’t lose as much.

But either way, I can’t help myself – I had to disagree with her on one of her posts and she ended up going “you nazi! Evil white man!” and unfriended me.

But here’s the thing – she’s not unusual.

Meaning there’s plenty of people like her in the US.

People who have such a strong hatred, bias or racism against white folks in general.

Funny enough, most of the folks I noticed who are like this tend to be white themselves.

There are black or brown folks who hate or are racist against white folks as well – but I’ve seen way more white folks with that attitude.

Plus, to be fair, there are obviously plenty of racists who hate anyone who isn’t white in the US.

Not trying to make it a pissing contest as to who has it worse – just going over my experiences as a white guy in the US.

From my perspective, which is that most people in the US don’t seem to treat you differently for being white..

But maybe 15% of people at most (more or less) have a strong hatred, bias or racist viewpoint towards white folks.

And they are always politically to the left and more commonly white themselves but not always.

Either way, all of this is a bit ironic to a degree.


Because before leaving for Latin America…

I remember friends telling me or hearing strangers comment…

“People outside of America hate Americans!”

I’ve heard that since at least George Bush.

Granted, I wouldn’t be surprised if people said the same under Clinton but I don’t remember.

Plus, outside of the fear of how Americans would be treated if they visited another country…

Is also the belief, among some, that being a white guy in Latin America would not be wise.

Because you would be such a target and people will instantly kill, rape, kidnap you or whatever!

Steal my organs maybe.

I remember years ago…

At a gas station in Iowa.

A guy was ordering some cigarettes and telling the worker that his daughter is going to Cancun for a nice trip.

And the worker looked at him with concern in his eyes and was legit saying “oh not Mexico! Anywhere in Mexico! They will be waiting for her white ass at the gates in the airport!”

Not even fucking joking – that supposedly for being a white American…

That “they” (narcos or whoever) will be getting into position outside the gate just waiting for her to come out!

“No, no, not that Asian guy! We’re here for the white girl! Yeah, we goin to rape her ass and kidnap her! High five!”

“Oh, there she is! Get her!”

How paranoid could you be.

Well, that’s not an unusual thought either – that, like I said, some folks in the US believe that white people would have a rough time in Latin America.

Is it true?

And how is race in Latin America versus the US?

Let’s go into that…

So Do Latinos Hate White People?

 Obviously no.

As well given the fact there are plenty of white Latinos also.

Latinos, as you should know, are not just a bunch of brown people who all look the same.

There’s plenty of brown, black, Asian, white latinos, etc.

Those with Arab heritage, some with more indigenous heritage, etc…

But what about how Latinos in Latin America treat white people when compared to folks in the US?

Well, to summarize again my experiences in the US..

I’d say most folks don’t have a chip on their shoulder in the US regarding white folks but about 15% of the country more or less does.

And also it tends to have a political orientation to it – where a certain amount of the grassroots far left tend to have a stronger bias against white folks.

With a mainstream media like CNN sometimes promoting stories to make white folks (and conservatives) look bad like the case of Nick Sandman.

Despite being the one having racist shit yelled at him as you can see here...

But that’s just my opinion.

Now in Latin America, it’s different.

I’d say the same that most Latinos do not treat white people differently – not worse or better.

Just depending on your character will dictate how you are treated.

As it should be.

But you got some folks who have issues with white folks down here for sure.

First, you got folks in rural areas who do.

And because you see a lot less white folks in most rural areas of Latin America, being white obviously makes you stand out.

So it’s not really so much of a bias or suspicion against white folks – just a bias against foreigners.

As you would see in most rural areas of the world in my opinion.

But because being white makes you an obvious foreigner in most of those parts, it can then encourage that suspicion, bias or xenophobia against you.

Second, you will notice a mixed bag of treatment in countries with a very high indigenous population like Bolivia or Guatemala.

Where, in Guatemala especially, I noticed plenty of folks who more suspicion or xenophobia against foreigners (white ones like myself and I’d bet it’d be similar to black or Asian ones as well).

Even in the cities.

But on the other hand, there are white foreigners who I have met who say they get better treatment in a country like Peru for being white so I will leave it as a mixed bag.

Third, you have countries like Argentina or Uruguay…

Or parts of Chile or maybe some parts of Colombia as well like Bogota…

Where there are just enough white folks that you don’t seem to get treated any differently.

Not for better or worse. Just as is.

Fourth, in a country like Mexico where I have been for 3 years now, I’d say it’s a mixed bag. There’s definitely more folks who treat you nicely for being white than folks who have a bias or xenophobia against you for it. But both exist. 

And actually it’s a bit funny when it comes to Mexico. I have noticed local Mexicans, just some of them, have a strong distaste for the whitexican. A Mexican who is white.

As well, I’ve heard some of these same whitexicans claim they were bullied growing up for being white and generally find some of the non-white locals being rude against them later in life.

Also, I met a white Mexican who had blonde hair and blue eyes even! Very white.

He told me he is never considered Mexican by strangers usually and is sometimes treated like a gringo (in terms of people trying to charge him more for goods and services than what they charge non-white Mexicans).

Anyway, I have no personal experience with any of that since I’m not Mexican.

But it does make me wonder if it’s more common for Mexicans to dislike white Mexicans than white foreigners. I have no idea.

You can read more about the whitexicans here. I don’t agree or disagree with the article, just throwing one out there for you all who read Spanish.

Well, I can simply say most folks treat me with no difference in regards to my race.

While you do have more folks who treat me better for my race than the few who dislike me for it.

Fifth, some say that cultural trends sometimes make their way to Latin America as they do in my opinion. Is the bias against white folks that you see in the US also making its way down here? I haven’t seen it.

Sixth, I obviously haven’t been to every Latin country and only have spent minimal time in some when compared to others. So keep that in mind. As indicated above, each country will be different.

And not only each country but also each region of each country.

Like I’m sure being a white guy is different in Mexico City (where it’s not unusual to find a white Mexican) versus a place like Chiapas which is much more rural and indigenous.

Or how in Bolivia – I encountered much more xenophobia in Potosi than Cochabamba.

Seventh, I’ve often found Latinos who have experience in the US and lean to the far left politically tend to be bad when it comes to having a bias against white folks.

Of course, many of those same Latinos tend to be from a comfortable background if they have lived in the US but not all of them. That would be truer for South Americans perhaps than Mexicans where a lot more normal folks have been to the US from what I have seen.

Either way, it’s another thing to mention as I have met a few like that who seem like carbon copies of the chick I knew from high school above.

Regardless, you can clearly see that treatment towards white folks (and people of any other race) is going to depend heavily on the individual you are dealing with and the specific part of Latin America you are in.

As, if you haven’t realized it yet, Latin America is a huge ass region with very distinct differences between each country and regions in each country as well.

Which, as a side point, is something often overlooked in discussions about Latin America for whatever reason.

But if I had to commit a sin and paint Latin America with one big broad brush…

I’d say that…

Most folks down here (over 50%) probably won’t treat you any differently for being white but….

Generally speaking, people will, on average, treat you nicer for being white than they will in the US and you will encounter a lot less people with a strong bias or racist mindset against white people.

Plus, you probably won’t see mainstream media outlets, activists and crazy politicians who have a boner against white people down here as often as you would see that in the US. 

Though, hang around Venezuela or Cuba, and you probably will encounter more anti-American propaganda.

But that’s different to a degree.

This is all just based on my experience anyway – yours might vary.

Either way….

There are some other differences in how race is treated in the US versus Latin America.

So let’s briefly cover those.

By first talking about non-white foreigners down here.

What About Non-White Folks?

As you can guess, most of this article is about the perspective of being white in the US versus Latin America.

But let me cover briefly first what I have heard what it’s like being non-white in Latin America.

If I was black, I’d write about that but I have no experiences with that outside of meeting the occasional black person down here and getting their perspective.

From the few I’ve talked to about this, treatment towards black folks seems to be a mixed bag.

In Argentina for example – a country that is very white – I’ve heard black folks say that Argentina is a very racist country.

Such as this Argentine women I met here who you could argue was.

To other black dudes saying that it was easy to get pussy because they were different to the women.

But other black dudes just as well saying it was not so easy.

As well, I’ve heard Peruvians can often be very racist apparently – refusing black dudes entrance into a nightclub for being black.

From what I’ve heard, Dominicans can also sometimes be a bit biased against Black people as you can read here.

To summarize, I’d say it’s more like the darker your skin color is, the more likely you will encounter racist people down here.

Similar to the US.

Even in countries with few white people, the local Latino whose skin is brown but not as dark as a Black American might be racist to said black American.

With Asians, treatment is similar. Same stereotypes that Asians have small dicks or are not very masculine, etc.

Those beliefs exist down here as well.

And then you have indigenous people – we will get to that as it is its own topic to discuss.

But that’s basically what I have heard about treatment of folks who are not white down here.

That you got much of the same racism you would see in the US but not everyone is racist either obviously.

And based on my travels, if I had to guess, I’d say maybe Argentina would be the worst for a non-white foreigner to visit just because I’ve heard more complaints about Argentina than anywhere else.

But if you are a non-white person who has traveled to Latin America, give me your insight below in the comment section. Your experiences are obviously welcome and more insightful since I’m obviously not a non-white foreigner in Latin America.

Either way, there are some other differences you will notice when it comes to race in both areas…

Race Obsession

As I briefly wrote about in this article, it is clear that Americans tend to be much more race focused than Latinos from what I have seen.

That isn’t to say Latinos don’t discuss race amongst each other or on social media.

They do and that’s cool!

But they don’t bring it up nearly as often as my experience with folks I know in the US.

Race just seems to be much more commonly on people’s mind in the US as a discussion topic.

Not only to discuss in person…

Where the amount of American women who bring up race on dates was way more common than chicks in Latin America…

But also on social media – most of my Latino friends on Facebook – almost all of them – never bring up politics.

The American ones who are also not Latino? – Almost always bringing up race or politics on social media every day.

And also such a topic can be used to weaponize and beat each other with when we disagree.

For example, the chick I went to high school with who disagreed with my controversial statement…

“Not all white people are trash.”

Was met with an attack that made it seem like I started World War 3!

Release the nukes!

“How dare he imply that not all white people are evil!!”

“How dare he imply that hoping white people go extinct could be somehow considered a racist comment!”

He is Hitler!!!!

Of course, you can see more of her tweets here -- who was a person that works or has worked for the NYT.

And apparently the NYT stood behind her.

Well, I wonder if she would have been fired had she wrote racist things against any other group of people...

But I digress...

Anyway, with with my last girlfriend for example (who was a brown Mexican)…

When I disagreed with her about topics concerning politics or race…

It didn’t dissolve into crazy heated arguments.

Same could be said anytime I ever disagreed with any local down here.

In fact, funny enough, the one time a disagreement down here led to a hostile scene…

Was when I met another American in Argentina who decided to fight me physically over our small disagreement regarding gun rights.

As you can read about here.

Which is not a racial topic but people who get angry over disagreements on race are the same who get angry over political disagreements.

They straight up would attack you if they felt they would not suffer any consequences.

And so the only time I ever had a heated argument about race or politics down here was with another American.

Never a local Latino.

And on that note, locals down here, like my last girlfriend, are even more open minded to disagreements and changing their opinion.

Sometimes I changed her mind on things, sometimes she changed my mind.

Same could be said regarding disagreements I’ve had with other locals I have met down here.

So that’s another difference when it comes to discussions on race in Latin America and the US.

In the US, people are simply much more obsessed with race, see it everywhere even when it’s not relevant and are more likely to get hostile verbally and physically over it.

It’s almost like a third of the country has been brainwashed by CNN into retarded zombies who limp around yelling “RACE!!! RACE!!! RACE!!!” instead of “BRAINS! BRAINS!! BRAINS!!”

“Did you see that white kid smile at a random dude beating a drum in his face?!?! EVIL!!!” 

And so they go on…

“RACE!!! RACE!!!! RACE!!!” as they continue to limp around looking in mass for a random white person to attack and vilify.

But enough of that, let’s finish this article up with one last difference I have noticed….

The Race Narrative

Some years ago, I had a friend who was from India living in Ohio where we met.

We got along very well – just agreed on so much and was cool to hang out with.

Well, one day we are sitting down having some pizza.

When somehow the topic of race comes up into our discussion.

He complains that, from his perspective of a brown guy from India, that the discussion regarding race in the US is too heavily focused on the differences between white and black folks.

You know, not enough discussion about folks from India…

And also, in his words, just not enough discussion about any of the other groups in the US – indigenous people, Asians, Latinos, etc..

Is he right?

Well, there is some discussion I think about Latinos in the US.

Particularly anytime immigration comes up.

Regarding Asians or indigenous people?

I’d say there is some discussion about both but it doesn’t come up nearly as often I don’t think.

But I feel that is a topic better worth discussed by people who are Asian, indigenous, Latino, etc…

Maybe the US could diversify so to speak the different types of race issues we, as Americans, talk about.

But I understood what he was saying and feel that is probably accurate given that much of the conversation is dominated by the focus on white and black folks for sure.

And how about when compared to Latin America?

Well, that depends.

In Mexico, from what I have seen, it feels like, as a foreigner here, much of the racial discussion revolves around differences between indigenous people and non-indigenous people.

Of course, there are other groups in Mexico – the whitexicans, black Mexicans, Asian Mexicans, etc.

However, I don’t feel those 3 groups, especially the black and Asian Mexicans, get anywhere near as much attention.

So in Mexico, it definitely feels, as an outsider, that much of the discussion is more heavily dominated by indigenous and non-indigenous differences instead of white and black.

But if you are Mexican, let me know if you agree or disagree in the comment section. I haven’t lived here my whole life – just 3 years so far.

And similarly, I haven’t been to every Latin American country and have spent more limited time in some of them.

Like Nicaragua – only had a limited time there and I have no idea what their discussions on race is like.

Is it also more of a indigenous versus non-indigenous focus?


Obviously, I think the answer is it depends on the racial groups that are more common in each country.

Like in Colombia and Brazil, I know they have more of a focus on inequalities that black folks experience in those countries.

In Brazil, the racial narrative also focuses on indigenous folks as well who have their land taken by those burning the Amazon down.

Where, in a country like the Dominican Republic, if I had to guess, I wouldn’t think they discuss issues that indigenous people have as much…

And probably more of a focus on black people, if I had to guess based on my limited understanding of demographics in the DR.

Got Any Comments Yourself?

Regardless, if you have experience in any Latin American country and want to give some of your own insight on this broad topic..

Such as how different groups of people (white, black, brown, Asian, etc) are treated in any particular Asian country…

Or what discussions on race are like in any of these countries…

Then drop them below in the comment section.

Would love to read it.

And follow my Twitter here.


Best regards,


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