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Following the World’s Largest Dinosaur Tracks in Sucre

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Back when I was living in Cochabamba, Bolivia….

As you can read here.

I often took trips around the country – usually on or around the weekends.

In Bolivia, to get anywhere from Cochabamba, it would usually be an overnight bus ride as my time was limited and a typical bus ride to anywhere interesting was about 8 hours more or less.

So to save on time, I would usually take overnight bus rides.

In those days – about 6 years ago more or less – it was easier to do overnight bus rides.

Because while I could never manage to sleep more than an hour on each bus ride…

I was young enough that I would always have the energy to move on throughout the day when I arrived to my destination.

Funny enough how 6 or so years makes such a difference….

There is no fucking way I could do that again – if I were to do such an all night bus trip….

I’d fucking die.

So perhaps I’m glad I took those trips back then versus now.

Granted, nowadays, I’d travel a little more comfortably and go for flights between cities if at all possible.

So I guess it works out – no money but plenty of energy.


A little more money but less energy.

Funny how that works….

Anyway, one of those trips was to a Bolivian city named Sucre.

While in Sucre, I saw various things like this student march below as you can see in these photos here.

To some photos of the city itself as you can see below here….

Anyway, this article is more though about a specific place I saw in Sucre, Bolivia while I was there…

Known as “Parque Cretácico.”

They actually have a website as you can see here.

Anyway, this park, from my memory, mostly consisted of some museum like objects and a bunch of dinosaur footprints.

Though I am not an expert on dinosaur footprints around Latin America…

This was definitely the most memorable area for such that I have seen or heard of anywhere in Latin America.

If you are looking for one of the best areas to see dinosaur footprints in Latin America, this place will not disappoint.

Supposedly, according to their website here, this is “the world’s largest site of dinosaur tracks.”

Arriving to Parque Cretácico

From what I remember, the park itself was situated on top of some hill or something.

There was a little bit of a walk uphill to get to it.

Anyway, I arrived to the building itself with some other folks who happened to come along for the tour with the same tourism agency.

Once we got to the top, the guide paid for our way in since it was part of what we paid to the agency itself.

I showed up anyway with two other folks from the same NGO that I was working for at the time in Cochabamba.

We all traveled together.

One guy named John…

Who was an American guy from Wisconsin that you can read about here or here.

And another guy named Ryan who had a mini leadership role in the NGO for the time we were there but he was a young guy like myself who had just graduated from college.

Anyway, there were some other folks in our group who happened to be there through the same tourism agency.

Once we walked up to the museum entrance, which you can see photos of some dinosaur statues outside here....

We got inside and saw a bunch of history and relevant presentations to the history of dinosaurs in Bolivia.

Below here I included some photos of what I saw that day in the museum itself.

Enjoy the photos.

Anyway, once we got passed the museum part of the building….

We walked outside through some side door and had to put on some helmet and all for the rest of the tour.

To which we walked down some slope into a part of the area where we could see in greater detail a lot of the dinosaur footprints.

From what I was told while there, this is supposedly the site of the largest known dinosaur footprints anywhere on Earth.

The tour itself from this point on was fairly simple – we simply were taken along and shown the different dinosaur tracks available.

The guide itself that was part of the museum didn’t have much to say except to show us where the different tracks are to keep an eye out for.

So, for those curious, here’s a bunch of photos below of all of the dinosaur tracks that we saw.

Hopefully you all enjoy them!

Once we finished this part of the tour, we got back up to where the museum was.

Where I took some photos of the city of Sucre itself as you can see here below.

Anyway, that was the experience overall.

Worth it?

Final Verdict – Worth it?

Was the trip worth it?

I don’t remember how much the overall cost was to visit this area but it wasn’t much.

If I had to guess, maybe 5 to 20 bucks more or less.

Given the fact that this is the largest site in the world for dinosaur footprints for tourists to see….

You really can’t ask for much if you are interested in this subject.

For someone like me who doesn’t have a natural interest in dinosaurs…

It was still a cool experience and worth it.

Out of all of the places I saw in Sucre, Bolivia, it was definitely the most memorable place that I visited.

Anyway, there isn’t much more to say here except this final photo here of Sucre for anyone to enjoy.

Also, for those curious, I did find a few interesting videos that look into this place for those interested that I provided below here.

Will perhaps give you more insight into this place in case you are thinking of visiting this park also.

Anyway, got any comments or questions?

Drop them below in the comment section below.

Anyway, here's an interesting video below of this place.

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