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Gringos Looking for Love & Sex in Latin America

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It’s no secret that there’s plenty of men who like to travel to Latin America for the women.

Be it that they are looking for sex (through payment or not) or they are looking for a wife (through an agency or not).

But what are my thoughts on the men who are here for the women?

Well, it basically breaks down into 5 groups of men from what I have seen.

More or less.

If you have noticed anything different, let me know below in the comment section.

But below are the 5 groups of men who I have noticed who look for love or sex abroad…

And I should say women too since there are some who are like this as well.

But here are the 5 groups I have noticed anyway from my personal interactions meeting some of them over the years down here…

And what are my thoughts on how logical their path is…

 First Group: Mail Order Brides

First, you have the groups of men traveling to Latin America for a mail order bride.

Now, keep in mind that my experience with this group is much more limited than any of the other groups.

But from my understanding – they basically encounter some company online…

That has pictures of women that they can meet if they pay about 2,000 to 5,000 USD for a week tour of meeting different women.

Some of them call this a “romance tour.”

Sounds romantic.

Where they then buy a flight (separately from what they have paid so far) from what I have seen…

And then they travel to be introduced to different women..

Alongside other men who are interested in meeting a future wife also..

And assuming they find a chick they like and that she likes him enough…

Well, things can then proceed from there to maybe they marry one of them or not and bring them back to the US or whatever country he may come from.

Here’s two videos below that I really like that look into some of the men who do this.

Now what are my thoughts on this process?

Well, from what I have seen, it looks like a lot of the men (though not all) are basically looking for a hot piece of ass that can be their life partner.

Plenty of these men look a bit on the older side – 40, 50, 60 or whatever.

And the chicks they seem to be most interested in are about 10 to 30 years younger or maybe even more!

So let’s break a few things down on what I think about this specific group…

Need a Hot Piece of Ass?

Look, nothing wrong with being a man that wants a hot piece of ass to fuck.

That’s cool obviously.

But why the hell are you marrying it?

“Well, Matt, I want the hot piece of ass to be available anytime I’m horny in the US!”

Ok, but you are paying a shit ton for it, dude.

And while some of these guys won’t admit to that is what they are looking for..

Let’s be honest – if you are a 50 year old dude, you are not going to connect well with a 25 year old.

She is so far apart from you in life experience that you too won’t be able to connect well.

Cut the bullshit.

In a case like that, yes, you do just want a hot piece of ass to fuck.

Which, again, is cool.

But think about it…

You are not only spending the 2,000 to 5,000 (plus airfare separately).

But you also probably have to sponsor her to be in the US and that is going to cost a shit ton of money, I suspect.

And by bringing her into the US, she will have the legal right to divorce rape you as well if she wants and take all your shit.

Also, that doesn’t factor in the usual expenses you spend for having a wife – bringing her to dinner once in a while or whatever else.

All for a woman – who, if we are being honest – probably doesn’t love you.

Because if you are a 50 year old dude who is balding and a bit overweight…

She probably doesn’t find you that attractive physically.

And your personality and charisma (or lack of) and inability to connect with her on a personal level is going to make it harder for this to be build real chemistry.

So why is she with you?

Could be a green card, sure.

Or your money.

Either way, it’s the material things that she most likely wants.

And is that true love?

And is it true love on your part if you just want a hot piece of ass?

Again, you could pay for a “hot piece of ass” in other ways..

Be it a sugar daddy back home or joining the prostitute brigade as we will talk about below.

Not encouraging or promoting prostitution here but it does make more sense than mail order brides if all you want is sex -- in my opinion.

Because there is less legal and financial risk and probably less money spent…

All for a woman who probably doesn’t even love you and only wants your money.

And who probably is cheating on you on the side as your Viagra filled dick ain’t dicking her down the way she wants from a younger man near her own age.

So, again, why buy when you can rent when you ain’t even getting love anyway, motherfucker?

But then other issues here…

Assumptions About Women Abroad

Look, some desperate men in America assume that sometimes women abroad are oh so special. 

That they are traditional and haven’t fucked around too much in life.

Or that they won’t cheat.

Or whatever else.

Truth is, much of that is bullshit.

Women are not really that much different elsewhere.

Some cultural differences for sure but women anywhere in the world want the same things from men.

An exciting guy who can turn her on and fuck her well.

Or maybe a guy who can throw down more money, be stable and faithful and be a good husband.

And maybe a provider to her current kids or future ones…

Which, by the way, plenty of these mail order brides might very well have a kid of their own looking for a provider…

Just like chicks back home.

Ain’t that much different in what they are looking for.

So don’t be naïve.

Why Spend the Money?

As a lot of these 2,000 to 5,000 USD romance tours don’t even cover airfare…

And given you could live in some of these countries for 600 to 1,000 USD a month…

Why spend 2,000 to 5,000 for a week chance to meet your future wife?

When you could live down here for much longer than a week on that type of money?

Giving you more time to meet your future wife and have more time with different chicks to see who is best for you.

Of course, you’d have to meet them yourself without the help of an agency but that isn’t hard.

Trust me, I’ve been down here for 5 years now. Ain’t rocket science.

You don’t even necessarily need to learn a foreign language as so many chicks are learning English these days.

Though many don’t to be fair – it would help to learn some of her language at least.

But still…

The money spent here doesn’t make sense in my opinion for what you are getting.

A week or maybe two weeks at most....

Versus maybe 2 months to 8 months depending on how much money you are spending and where you are going.

Don't you think you would have a better shot at meeting more women down here and actually seeing if you two are compatible with all that extra time?

Want Kids?

So, again, let’s assume you are 40, 50 or 60 or older.

You might be younger than 30 doing this – but many I have noticed are not.

Either way, you are an older guy.

Do you really want to have kids with her at your age?

It’s cool if you do.

But I don’t get that.

Your kids, assuming you are 45, probably won’t be completely independent where they wouldn’t need any extra money until maybe you are 70.

You know, 23 years until after college is done..

And let’s add an extra year or two in there as they get on their feet.

Do you really want to be in that role where they still need your financial support just to cover living expenses until you are fucking 70?

God damn, what happened to preparing for retirement?

And what happens if you die beforehand?

Also, do you even have the energy for all of that until 70?

But, from what I suspect, most of these guys don’t want kids.

Which, if you don’t want kids, why marry her?

I get it – love and all.

But if she is 20 to 30 years younger, I don’t buy it.

Again, I smell the bullshit – you want a hot piece of ass but that’s not as professional to say.

But aside from that…

And this is, of course, only my opinion…

I don’t see any reason to marry someone and be legally and financially exposed to them if I ain’t bringing no kids into this world with them and starting a family.

Because you can get everything else or mostly everything else without the marriage.

Sex, time together, loving each other, whatever else…

With no marriage or government approved marriage needed.

So it doesn’t make sense to me if you don’t want to bring kids into this world with her.

But those are my thoughts anyway…

To summarize it all up..

If you just want a hot piece of ass, you can rent and not buy.

Or you can go be a “PUA slayer” and try to hookup with chicks from online or however you meet them.

Without all the legal and financial risk.

And I don’t see a reason to marry someone just for their ass with all the risk involved…

Especially if they only want to be with me for my money or some other material thing…

Because that’s not love – that’s just prostitution with extra steps and an agency involved.

And you could just as easily meet quality women down here without the agency and with more time down here for the money spent.

But let’s move on now…

Second Group: Finding Love Abroad With No Marriage Agency

I once got an email from a guy asking “how can I get a girl in Latin America in just one week.”

This was a long time ago…

Either way, I assumed he meant getting laid and not getting a wife…

Because you can get laid with a week down here but you will need to be on top of it to meet chicks.

But he followed up – no, no, a wife.

Now how is that going to fucking work?

Go to x Latin country for a week…

Let’s say Honduras or something…

And with no prior experience in Latin America and no Spanish…

As he later admitted…

I’m thinking “what the hell is he smoking?”

That’d be like if I went to China with no Mandarin and no experience there…

And a week later, “hey bros, I got me a wife.”

“what’s her name?” asks the parents and friends.

“shit if I know…”

Let alone a week isn’t going to give you any real idea if you two are compatible or not.

Again, the issue here with this group is that they assume women abroad are these magical traditional virgins and oh so different from the women back home.

When they aren’t.

Most women, regardless of location, want an exciting guy that they can have a good time with or maybe someone who is more stable for a relationship or marriage.

Ok, ok, not all women – don’t crucify me.

But that’s what I have noticed among the women I have dated – they have this idea of what they want depending on their life stage in the moment..

And that’s what they are interested in.

Nothing wrong with that.

But it again reinforces the idea that they are not that much different abroad.

Outside of maybe better personalities and a different culture that brings its own nuances into the relationship…

You still have to be the man she is wanting and what women want around the world isn't that much different from what I have seen.

No getting around it.

And still have something to offer – which a lot of guys don’t think through very well.

Not only that…

A lot of these guys don’t really have a solid game plan.

Like, ok…

You met this chick and want to wife her up.

Despite only knowing her for a month or something.

And how you don’t know if you two are really compatible…

But here’s some questions…

How are you going to support her and your kids while living in Latin America with some freelancing bullshit gig that makes less than 1,000 a month?

Do you even like living where she is? Or do you think it is a shithole that has nothing else about the place that you like?

Would it even be a good place to raise kids? Yeah, left wing politics might be annoying in the states but is it really worse than say some drug cartel showing up and ravaging the small town or city you live in?

Ready to be harassed for money by her drunk uncle or relatives who look at you like an ATM machine with a funny accent?

Are you sure she is as traditional as you think she is or was this a bullshit fantasy of yours?

Bring her back home? Be ready to sponsor her and all the money and legal risks that provides...

I thought women in America were all corrupted by feminism and shit (as some of these guys say)? So if you bring her back, does she become corrupted also over time?

Are you really sure she is the one given your limited time with her?

Are you sure you are not falling for the bullshit marketing tactics of online dating gurus selling you e-books, online courses and affiliate programs and products to make money from you?

You know, some questions…

And more I could ask..

Anyway, I don’t get the whole “moving abroad to find love” thing with an agency or without.

All sounds a bit stupid to me but that’ s just my opinion…

Third Group: Finding Love by Accident

I’ve met the occasional gringo down here…

Who went to some country like Bolivia looking to do some volunteer work or travel…

And in that time, met a nice chick he fell in love with…

Wasn’t necessarily looking for love or sex but just came across it by accident.

Nothing wrong with this group – if that’s how the cards played, then cool.

Just be smart about it.

Think about some of the questions asked above in the previous group and more…

In terms of your life plan and how realistically you are going to play this out with her.

And if it makes sense.

And don’t be naïve either.

Fourth Group: “I’m in Love with a Stripper.”

Alright, so let’s say you are a guy who is working a high stress job in the US making good money and working long hours…

So many hours that you don’t got time to fuck around with Tinder with chicks wasting your time or average to below average looking chicks down for a hookup.

And, instead, you would rather take a trip here and there to Latin America to fuck a prostitute.

Or probably multiple prostitutes. 

Or you are some dude who travels to Latin America and decides to live down here long enough mostly because of the prostitutes.

Well, from what I have heard, prostitutes can be had for 5 to 40 bucks down here more or less.

Maybe more but I guess it depends on the country probably. 

And, based on the photos some guys have shown me, they ain’t bad looking.

So, in a way, I get it.

At the very least there is no legal or financial risk here to you personally if you go down this route.

And the chicks you are getting are probably much hotter than whatever you are getting on Tinder.

It’s not my cup of tea personally – mostly because it takes out the thrill of fucking a normal chick that is like a high for me almost.

But it makes sense.

Work hard and when free to do so – get someone to come over for an hour of fun and back to work or whatever you want to do.

At least there is no legal or financial risk here.

The only issue really I see here is with the guys who live down here only because of the pussy and nothing else.

Because, from what I have seen, most of these dudes end up going back to the US after a while..

After so much pussy…

And nothing else tying you down here..

You end up tired from the life and you start to focus on more important things like making money or being closer to family or whatever else…

Maybe you get tired of the life down here with all the shittier aspects of living down here..

If you do go down this route, I just say to not forget your future.

Make your money on the side and don’t lose focus.

And ideally have other reasons to live down here.

Or else you will end up like Roosh with maybe not as much money to your name possibly and missing family members that died that you could have spent more time with…

Don’t lose focus on the bigger things in life.

If you have other reasons to be down here, then it makes sense as to how your life can play out down here long enough.

If not, unless you are some Doug Stanhope figure who just wants liquor, drugs and pussy….

And that’s the only thing you need in life…

Then, if I had to guess, you won’t be down here forever.

So, to me, if pussy is the only reason you are down here…

Then the first case scenario of occasional trips down here makes more sense in the long term for your future than actually living down here for years continually. 

But none of this sounds as dumb anyway as the “find a wife abroad” group.

Fifth Group: Hooking Up 

As the name suggests here, the men in this group are down here because they just want to hook up with all of the local chicks that they can.

Now, I ain’t no Catholic angel – I’ve hooked up plenty down here also.

And I know a few younger guys down here who have their fun as well.

Here’s the thing – the older you get, the less important hooking up becomes and the more important other things in life become.

Like making and saving money for example.

Or working on your purpose and monetizing it.

Spending time with family…

Enjoying hobbies.

Maybe getting into religion.

Or whatever else.

Now, similar to the guys who want prostitutes…

There is nothing wrong with seeking prostitutes or hooking up.

But just don’t lose focus on the bigger things in life.

Like the stuff mentioned above.,

One guy I know down here in Mexico City…

Whose name is Bryan.

He’s in his late 20s and has spent 3 years now in Mexico City.

In a few months from now, he will be leaving Latin America for good.


Because he only wanted to travel, learn Spanish and fuck a bunch of chicks.

He’s done all of that.

Mission accomplished, bros.

Now he wants to buy a house in the US from the money he saved up living down here and also get a more professional career.

Which is cool – he is moving on in life.

Not to say he won’t be fucking hoes north of the border – but it won’t be the only thing he cares about anymore.

So if you do decide to move down here for the pussy – prostitutes or normal chicks in this case.

If that is the only reason you are down here for…

Literally nothing else.

No friends down here.

Not trying to save money.

Not living in a low cost area where you can more easily monetize your purpose.

Not because of the culture.

Or anything down here that you actually like about living in this region.

Maybe the thrill of traveling or enjoying the beauty of the countryside.


Then move to Santo Domingo or some place in Colombia or Brazil…

Fuck as many hot women as possible in 3 years more or less…

Get it out of your system and get back on your focus.

To making and saving money…

To pursuing your purpose…

Spending time with family…

Or whatever else that makes you happy in life.

At least then you can have your fun and then get back to being serious in life.

And if there are other things that drive you to be down here…

Such as the things mentioned above…

Then cool.

Continue to enjoy your Latina pussy that comes by but again…

Don’t lose focus on the bigger things in life.

Don’t let pussy derail you from what is actually important towards your long term progress.

As you can read about here.

Either way, nothing wrong with this group.

Definitely smarter than the bride abroad group.

But some of the folks here can be a little bit misguided by the pussy and do lose focus..


So that does need to be said so you can enjoy the pussy while also enjoying and focusing on the more important things in life.

So that way you don’t end up moving back to the US broke as fuck with no money to your name in your late 30s to early 40s....

Which, to be honest, is kinda funny to think about because guys in that situation are basically enjoying a very early retirement now and sacrificing career development so much that they might never retire in the future if they don't find a way to make serious income when back home.

But it is what it is....

Final Verdict

At the end of the day, I get it.

Women abroad can be nicer and more sexually appealing to a lot of the men who come by.

Though, in my opinion, they are often exaggerated by men looking to make money from fools online by pitching their e-books, online courses or affiliate programs.

But no hate against those guys – got to make money somehow and there is a pot of gold there.

Either way, my final verdict here is that the bride abroad (through agency or not) guys are idiots.

At least from what I understand.

And everyone else?

Well, not really idiots but they can at times lose focus from what is important and that can be an issue.

But nobody is perfect.

I certainly haven’t been as I lost focus myself in my first year of Mexico City.

But I grew up from that and realized there are more important things in life.

Oddly enough, when the savings ran out.

And though I enjoy some pussy down here frequently enough…

I’ve learned quickly enough (as other guys I know as well) that the older you get, the more important other things in life become.

Like money, monetizing your passion, family, etc…

Either way, those are my thoughts.

Got any yourself?

Let me know in the comment section or reach out and follow my Twitter here.


Best regards,


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Kory Mway - October 1, 2020 Reply

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    Matt - October 1, 2020 Reply

    Thanks for the spam comment.

    Though not relevant to the topic of the article, I did find it nice since I am a big fan of tea — black tea though.

    Have a good day!

Mike Bower - May 11, 2021 Reply

Thanks for the insightful article. Let’s say, “hypothetically”, you’ve been living in Central A for over a decade, and your wife passed away recently. You’ve hired a maid from the local community for years, just a woman trying to put food on the table for her family. Let’s say, wanting the touch of a woman, you decide to expand your search for a maid, outside of the community, and find one that offers “benefits”. Got any opinions on that?

There are no laws against prostitution in this particular country, only against pimping.

    Matt - May 11, 2021 Reply

    I’d probably keep the initial maid if she is doing a good job. If you’ve kept her for years and she has been good at what she does, then why get rid of her? Plus, I’m not familiar with the laws regarding hiring a maid in any country, let alone the one you live in. If you’ve hired her for years, does she have any legal right to demand some form of compensation if you decide to fire her? I have no idea. But if she has been doing a good job all this time, I’d keep her.

    But you want though also someone who can fuck you basically who can also be a maid and is outside of the community?

    First, why outside the community? I imagine you must live in a less populated area where rumors spread maybe?

    Well, there’s a few things I think about that…

    First, I wouldn’t pursue hiring a maid who can also be a prostitute. Mostly because I wouldn’t want a prostitute to be spending too much time in my house. You do hear stories after all of sometimes the maid or the house cleaner stealing from you when you aren’t home. Supposedly, your current maid that you’ve had for years hasn’t been doing that. I imagine the Prostitute Maid would be more likely to steal from you. Or it’s more of a risk anyway.

    Plus, again, I wouldn’t feel comfortable having that type of a person running around my house in general or knowing where I live. How do you know she isn’t somehow connected to bad people? With you being one of the few gringos in town with money, you’re an easy target in the eyes of some. I prefer living under the radar and not having too many people know where I live. So on and so on….

    You can, whenever you have the need for it, always go to a bigger city nearby or some other community nearby and get your business done there. Or maybe do sugar daddy thing with a chick who happens to not live too far away?

    Or whatever really.

    To summarize, I’d keep the initial maid and pursue your fun on the side however you want. I wouldn’t want that type of woman running around my house though.

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