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“Save Your Own Country Instead of Leaving Bro”

Published January 2, 2023 in Personal Stories & Opinions - 0 Comments

There's a certain response that people who leave their own countries to live elsewhere might likely encounter at least one point in their life.

Though I hesitate to say "encounter" because it implies that it'll happen in real life and not on the internet.

In my own experience, I have literally never encountered anyone saying what I'm about to explain to my face but only seen some variation of it posted online.

The response being something along the lines of "don't leave, fix your own country instead bro."

Or, if the response isn't politically motivated in anyway, then they might instead say "don't leave, hustle harder in your own country bro."

Which is just another variation that is less politically charged of the first statement.

And, with either statement, there is usually the idea behind it that those who did leave are just losers who couldn't fix things in their home land and moving away is what losers would do.

What is funny though is that the first statement about "fixing" your own country is also one that is given to poorer immigrants coming from "third world" countries moving to places like the US.

As odd as it sounds, those of us leaving countries like the US to "third world" countries also get the same shit thrown at us.

Though obviously the real world circumstances surrounding both groups of people are very different.

When we get the statement thrown at us online, we can usually just ignore it, laugh at it and go about our day continuing to live in the countries we moved to.

For those escaping places like Guatemala or Cuba to the US, they might be able to make it across the border illegally and try their luck at not getting deported but obviously all of that is a less comfortable experience than the experience we gringos have in their countries while encountering the same statement.

Another thing is that the statement thrown at Guatemalans living in the US is usually charged with xenophobia.

When thrown at gringos, it's not USUALLY spiced with xenophobia and instead just a statement made by people back home that want to feel better than us for hustling harder in the US instead of moving abroad.

Finally, one could imagine that it is a relatively more difficult task for any one individual to "change" or "fix" a place like Guatemala than the US for various reasons.

Such as our political system being relatively better for individuals to rise up and change (though it's far from perfect) to less risk of being killed for inspiring societal change to also living in a country that is materially wealthier and all the ways that could make it easier to influence change.

Among other differences likely.

Having said that, there's some other thoughts that come to mind when it comes to all of this.

So let's get to them by breaking down both statements that we gringos get and putting aside the context that people from Guatemala or other countries live in when faced with such statements as I am not Guatemalan and can't relate as well to their situation when facing this type of statement.

"Fix Your Own Country Bro"

While I don't have a screenshot right now of what this looks like when thrown at us gringos, I did find one thrown at "third worlders" as you can see here.

The statement thrown at us gringos is literally the same in wording.

"Fix your own country."

It should be understood anyhow for us gringos that some of us did leave, at least in part, due to political differences with the current government back home.

As I wrote here, you got people who say that they will leave the US whenever a Democrat or Republican wins office.

Be it Democrats who said they'd leave if Bush or Trump won and Republicans who said they'd leave if Obama or Biden won.

What is also funny is that sometimes these people even call themselves "political refugees" when the other political party wins office.

Every Cuban who has left his country is dying inside.

All of a sudden these people imagine themselves to be Tony Montana.

"Hey, I'm no Onlyfans girl, man. I'm no puta or Antifa member. I'm Sarah from Portland, a political prisoner from Trump's America and I want my fuckin' human rights NOW. Just like the President AMLO says"

On top of that, as I wrote here, you have those who say shit like "the west is dead" while living abroad in countries like Mexico or Colombia.

These types often lean to the right politically and see anyone to the left of Rush Limbaugh as being a literal socialist.

But I really don't think that the vast majority of these people actually left because of political issues.

The people I see who say shit like "the west is dead" while living abroad come across like they came here because 1) it's easier to get women to suck your dick, 2) it's cheaper and 3) they are young men in their 20s who want excitement, travel and adventure.

They're just disillusioned with the fact that America doesn't offer as much excitement because they'd be a gas station attendant in rural Idaho if they were still back up there.

And their disillusionment with their life back home contributes to their feelings of "the west is dead" because, in their old life back home, their life did feel dead.

So I think it's a bit retarded to tell them to "fix their own country" as if there were political things that could be fixed that'd bring them back.

Even if Trump was declared Emperor and all the liberals were sent to concentration camps in Alaska, they wouldn't go back.

Because they still get more blowjobs from women down here than back home and still want adventure with a cost of living that doesn't exceed an IRS standard tax deduction.

Now, having said that, I did say before that some people abroad REALLY don't like the politics back home and maybe that really is the reason for why they are here.

I'm sure they exist too. I've seen it.

With those types, I think it's equally stupid to tell them to go back home to fix things or change the politics because it's not likely for them to do so.

I just don't see your average 47 year old dude with an alcohol problem going back to his home state of Indiana to "own the libs" and get Trump back in office.

He could do all that he can but it probably won't change anything.

In fact, now that I think about it, he might actually be able to change things easier down here than up there.

Mostly because he COULD keep his cost of living at 500 to 1,000 bucks a month and, in theory, that'd mean he wouldn't have to work as hard paying rent and could dedicate to conservative activism online.

Maybe start a Youtube persona to change the hearts of minds of people watching to vote red.

Or whatever really that could be done online to support conservative causes.

Unless he plans on being a politician back home, surely this would be more effective than knocking on doors in Indiana (a red state) to tell more people to vote red in a state that was already going to give its electoral points to the Republican candidate.

And, by the way, I'm not trying to pick on Republicans here.

My focus though on the Republican side of things is because I've never heard a left leaning gringo tell a gringo expat living down here to "go back home and fix things."

It's never happened.

I've only seen conservative leaning people say this to other gringo expats down here that happen to be conservative leaning.

If I had to guess why, it's probably because conservatives are just more naturally inclined to say "go home to fix your country."

Above all though, I also think it's a bit retarded to tell said conservative (or liberal) gringo expat to "just go home to fix things" because sitting on a beach in Mexico getting blowjobs from Latinas sounds nicer than getting into the mud of politics back home.

Let's be real -- with those two choices stacked up against each other -- even some of the hardest conservative or liberal expats would keep their political beliefs to Facebook instead of trying to implement them in the real world because Alejandra and Karla giving a blowjob sounds more interesting any day of the week.

Let's get to the next statement now.

"Hustle Harder Bro"

I can at least respect the last statement because it kinda sounds honorable (though maybe a bit optimistic) on the surface.

To go back home and make America great again!

Sounds cool as fuck.

And, if you did single handily make America great again, I'm sure you would have no shortage of American women offering to suck your cock for doing such a great service to your country.

Literally just post on Twitter "yo yo yo, it's yo boy it's yo boy who MADE AMERICA GREAT now who going to make my cum great again?!?"

If you really did make America great again, every cow girl from Texas to North Dakota will be lining up to suck and fuck that cock.

You won't even remember what Latinas look like.

But then we have this non-political variation of that statement about how you should "go home and hustle harder."

Here's an example I found on Twitter recently.

Now, to be fair, I also kinda sympathize a little bit with this one but not entirely.

First, the statement screams of insecure Latino mad that gringos can come to his country and have an easier life than him.

Second, it's definitely true that you have gringos who come to Latin America that are poor as fuck and they NEVER learn how to make a dollar beyond the absolute minimum for paying their living expenses that are a grand total of just 500 bucks a month.

Or whatever the exact amount is.

If you are 25 and like that, I get it. I can't judge. I also live frugally by the way and am young myself so I get it.

But you're 50 and doing that? Then you look like this alcoholic German dude I met once in CDMX who begged me to help him find his "Costa Rican wife" as I wrote here.

So, if you use the low cost of living as an excuse to never make any money and constantly just living like that until you're 50, I'd agree that you probably should reevaluate your priorities.

Though I don't think that means you have to go back home. You could just learn to make more money down here and keep the low cost of living so you finally have some savings.

But, when we consider then the gringo who does have his shit together but still doesn't have to work too hard while living down here, then I'd ask the obvious question: "why?"

Why go back and hustle harder?

Unless you plan on having 20 kids with your future Trad Catholic Latina wife, you don't NEED a shit ton of money as a man in life unless there is something else you want.

Perhaps nice cars? Perhaps make even MORE money to leave behind your kids someday? All sounds good.

But you could save more with the low cost of living and if you had a stable and decent income while down here.

On top of that, let's say we did find a man who is comfortable just chilling down here, doesn't want to hustle hard but has a decent enough income.

OK cool, right?

Why does he need to hustle harder?

If he has everything that he wants in life and isn't a charity case with no savings by 50, then what's the problem?

He is responsible in life but would rather spend his extra free time getting blowjobs on the beach by hot Colombian women than hustle harder at a desk job in Gary, Indiana.

Leave the man alone! He's happy!

Makes no sense to send him out to hustle harder at corporate America under those circumstances.

And, to be honest, I also feel the same way even about the gringo man who is irresponsible down here by never earning more than 1,000 bucks a month.

If he can make it work and isn't on welfare, then let him enjoy his hot Colombian women too!

Hot Colombian women for everybody!

Anything to Add?

Anyway, that's all I got to say.

I just remember today seeing that first tweet about how people should go back home to fix their country and remembered that is something they tell us gringos online too.

But, like I said, it's always online.

Never once in my life has anyone told me either of the above to my face nor have I seen any other gringo been told either of those statements to his face.

Doesn't happen.

Just one of those internet things.

An internet thing that is largely kinda stupid but, at least with the second statement, I can understand where they are coming from if we are talking about the gringo who is 50 and broke as fuck down here because he'd rather have a cheap life than learn to hustle enough to not always be carrying -0.12 in the bank account back home.

If you got anything to add anyhow, drop a comment below.

And follow my Twitter here.

Thanks for reading.

Best regards,


Future Note to myself when I edit this later: If you ever find an example of the first statement again, screenshot it and post it here.

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