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“Sáquenme de Latinoamérica”

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It was a sunny day in Mexico City.

I was walking down the sidewalk with two hot Latinas by my side who call my “papi” consistently.

A Nicaraguan with big tits and a Uruguayan with a big ass.

And we just finished eating at a restaurant where the bill was more than an entire month’s worth of the minimum wage in the country.

We were headed back to my luxury apartment actually in my gated community.

Along the walk back though, I noticed something peculiar.

There was a young woman screaming at two armed narco men who were taking her husband away inside their truck.

As they shoved him inside the truck, he yelled out “mi amor! Mi amor! Si no hablamos de nuevo, quiero que sepas que … que …. Que…. QUE TE AMOOOOOOO!!!”

Then, at that moment, he was taken away to a undisclosed location where said armed men would cut off his penis, make him eat it and then sell him to a world of sex trafficking where he’d have wealthy Arab men shit on his face in Dubai.

All the while the woman of his life began sobbing violently in the streets yelling “NO, VAN A MATAR A MI ESPOSO! NOOOO!”

And as she pounded the ground in despair, she yelled out words that I would never forget “SAQUENME DE LATINOAMERICA!!!11!!!1!11!!!!1!!”

For a brief moment, I almost shed a tear at such a horrible sight.

But then I remembered that my personal chef was waiting for me at my luxury apartment with the finest Italian pizza one could hope for.

And, for those who didn’t know, it was my birthday and I was anxious to have my “chicas” fuck me in an amazing threesome.

So we left the unfortunate gal behind to enjoy a good time elsewhere.

Though the words “sáquenme de Latinoamérica” forever were burned into my memory for reasons I have only now come to understand. 

What could these words mean in such an exotic language that I don’t quite comprehend?

Sáquenme de Latinoamérica”

In all seriousness, there’s a certain expression out there nowadays in Latin America that is often expressed by young folks down here.

It’s a bit of a meme actually.

That being the expression said several times now – “Sáquenme de Latinoamérica.”

In English, that means “take me out of Latin America.”

Here are some Youtube videos with the same expression in Spanish for those curious.

At any rate, what do Latinos mean when they say this?

And what are my thoughts on it?

My Interpretation of the Expression

Of course, the meaning of the expression likely has its own variances depending on the person saying it.

And, not being Latino myself, I can only guess the intention based on what I have seen on the internet.

In which, based on my perspective, I feel the expression itself is symbolic of a certain feeling of despair with the region at large.

Not so much that everyone who says it hates Latin America or that they think life here is absolute shit.

Though, to be fair, maybe some do think that.

But, at least from the material I have seen shared on Twitter occasionally where I have seen this meme appear, it seems to be more of a reflection of a disappointment in Latin America than anything else.

I think disappointment is more suiting than despair in some cases.

Though, in other cases, maybe despair is more appropriate depending on the person using this expression.

Still, at the very least, it’s an expression of disappointment in how Latin America, while not being the worst region of the world, certainly leaves much to be desired.

How there is so much potential for countries in this region to do so much better than they are now but yet are not progressing at the speed that young people desire.

And how some of those who use this expression, as you can guess, wish to live in a part of the world where opportunities are more plentiful.

Where it seems like a brighter future is possible than what they see back home.

In which there isn’t as much disappointment from the gap between the potential of the community and reality on the ground.

All of the above is how I have always come to understand the expression “Sáquenme de Latinoamérica.”

Of course, if you have your own interpretation of this expression and how it’s used, let me know in the comment section below.

Now, from a foreigner perspective, let’s get into my general thoughts that come to mind as I think about this expression in relation to my own gringo experience living in Latin America.

Doomer Youth Mentality?

As I said, I feel the typical person using this expression is usually a young person in Latin America.

Someone from the millennial or Gen Z generation.

And, similar to those generations in the US, there’s a certain “doomer” mentality among some of the young folks that I’ve noticed.

Every generation has its own characteristics and typical expressions, cultural behaviour, etc.

You see this for example in the “doomer” music playlists that you can find on Youtube which are more popular for younger folks (not boomers).

And they exist in Spanish also for various Latin countries.

My personal favorite is the “Chilean Doomer playlist” as you can see here.

Though, for obvious reasons, it never beats the Russian version because Russians are the ultimate doomers.

Still, I don’t have any vodka near me and this is about Latin America, damn it!

Russian doomer music is a topic for another day.

Here’s a Brazilian doomer playlist I like also.

It almost doesn’t even sound that depressing, does it?

Or maybe my soul is too tainted by the constant sound of doomer music.

Still, jokes aside, that sentence above is a bit representative of the “doomer mentality.”

At least from my perspective.

 A bit of self-deprecation, a focus on the negative or depressing and mixed with memes.

Among whatever else you want to throw into the pot.

So, above all else, I really do think there’s some relation between this expression and doomer mentality at large among some younger folks.

It’s what I’ve noticed but let me know what you think in the comments.

Though, outside of that influence for why this meme exists, I also think you can notice a larger trend and similarity between this popular meme among young Latinos in Latin America and young people in "the West."

“The West is Dead!”

Funny enough, not everyone agrees with Latinos that their region sucks MAJOR 4 INCH ARAB COCK in Dubai.

After all, you have plenty of gringos who show up to Latin America looking for a better life.

Gringos like myself!

And you know what?

Plenty of these gringos think their own homeland is dead!

Maybe they need their own expression…

Something like “Sáquenme de Gringolandia.”

Oh wait….

They do have an expression!

“The West is Dead.”

For example, there is an interesting and nice article on the topic of gringos “escaping the West” that you can see here on a website called My Latin Life.

And here’s a video on “escaping the west” that you can see here.

Of course, I could bring up a lot more material as there’s plenty of content online about “escaping the west.”

And what do these gringos want to escape?

Well, it does depend on the person……

But the general consensus, at least from what I’ve seen, seems to include some of the following:

  • Unfavorable financial & career prospects  
  • Unfavorable dating prospects
  • Unfavorable politics (especially in regards to feminism, trans folks, Democrats winning office in general, etc).

Of course, you have to wonder something…

What are these two groups not seeing eye to eye on?

The gringos who want to “escape the West” to Latin America and the Latinos who want to “escape Latin America” to the West.

Is there some major miscommunication?

Or a simple difference in reality for “typical people” of both groups?

Anyone Misled?

First, let’s consider the possibility of anyone being misled about the opportunities in the other region.

In my opinion, you do have some Latinos who are naïve about how much money they’ll make in the US or other countries of “the West."

You also have others who are naïve at the possibility of not being deported back for those few who entered illegally.

On the flip side, you have gringos who can be naïve also.

The gringo who has no experience living down here and doesn’t know the work he’ll have to put in to make a living when he’s effectively cut off from 95% of the job market in whatever Latin country.

Most likely having to be self-employed, teach English or whatever else.

It’s very doable to be financially secure down here but it’s not as easy as you think necessarily if you’ve never done it before.

Also, said gringo might be a little bit naïve about his dating success down here.

Now, in my opinion, most gringos will see a bump in their dating success down here compared to back home but it’s not going to be wicked crazy different necessarily.

You have those who do legit get really hot chicks consistently but many (though not all) are simply going for prostitutes.

Then you have others who claim to be doing well but are hitting chicks that are not really that hot.

Some who are butt fucking ugly!

“Brooo, I fucked an 8 today!”

And his 8 looks like a midget with down syndrome.

Still, maybe a midget with down syndrome is legit better than what he was getting back home.

At least she can cook a nice ass quesadilla and calls him “papi.”

Still, your typical gringo can and does experience financial and dating benefits down here but there are plenty who are naïve as to how strong those benefits will be.

In the same way that a Latino who wants to “leave Latin America” might be naïve in his own way.

Be it a misunderstanding from whatever a coyote said, whatever propaganda on the TV or internet shows or a underinformed belief that every gringo is SO much better off based on the tourists he sees in his town.

"So much better off" being much more than what is actually typical and true for the usual gringo back home.

Despite how plenty of folks back home don’t have enough money for a trip to his country anyhow and are not like those more comfortable tourists.

And the gringo might be misled or naïve to a degree from the online content he consumes telling him it’ll be so much better in Latin America sprinkled with its own affiliate links meant to sell him info or affiliate products.

Still, as I said, not every gringo or Latino is naïve and, for those with experience and/or critical thinking skills, they can understand the benefits of moving to each other’s respective regions and hopefully pull it off.

But let’s move onto other things that come to mind with that taken into consideration along this topic.

Are They Both Losers?

You hear this expression sometimes about both gringos and Latinos but phrased differently.

The gringo expats do sometimes get called “losers back home” by both their countrymen back home who are jealous of their life abroad and by wealthier locals who might look down on them.

The assumption that “they couldn’t quite make things work back home.”

For the Latinos who move to the US (especially if they are illegal), they don’t necessarily get called “losers” by folks in the US but you do have a negative perception of them by some folks up there.

Especially among more conservative crowds who say things like “we’ll be a third world country if we import third world people.”

So replace “loser” with “third world people.”

All around, both phrases are of less desirable people in the eyes of those who use those words to describe either crowd.

Are they losers?

Eh, some are if we’re being honest.

You do have that type of gringo who never makes more than 500 bucks a month down here, is fat, only pursues prostitutes and lacks any social skills while doing drugs all day.

And you do have that type of Latino who has 4 kids with 3 chicks that he can’t afford back home so he has to work some hard ass job in the US to throw some bucks their way because earning USD is always better than Guatemalan Quetzales.

Still, I’m not really one to judge.

Well, OK, that’s bullshit.

I judge a lot of people on my website.

But my glass house would be destroyed if I judged the Latino because, as I wrote here, the financial benefits of living in Latin America are a strong motivation to stay here due to its positive impact on my lifestyle and quality of life in general.

And, being honest, I don’t really give a fuck to call either group a “loser.”

I can give value judgements on if their respective quality of lives is desirable.

The answer to that would be no for each stereotypical case of the gringo and Latino.

But I don’t hold anything against either group because I truly don’t give a shit how people live their lives.

If you’re a drug addict, prostitute chasing gringo who has to panhandle on the streets of Santo Domingo or a bum Latino in San Francisco who fucks his cousin and listens to cumbia all night drunk every night before working for minimum wage next day…

Uh, I don’t give a fuck.

It doesn’t concern me.

Neither life is desirable though obviously.

And, as it should be said, most gringos and most Latinos are not living those stereotypes above.

Which is the bigger point – while there is smoke behind the fire for both stereotypes, most gringos and Latinos are not living up to them.

The Gap in Reality on the Ground

Next, let’s just quickly discuss the gap in reality on the ground for the gringo who lives down here and the Latino who aspires to escape the region that the gringo chose to relocate to.

The irony of it all really could be seen in the fictional and extreme example in the intro to this article way above.

But it represents a truth, doesn’t it?

Sure, you got some gringos who “go off the tourist trail.”

You got those like me who definitely have been off the tourist trail and even lived in more unfavorable conditions down here.

And, being honest, I do occasionally feel that I’m so far removed from how certain gringos live down here.

You got some who truly live in a bubble like shown in the intro of this article.

Luxury apartment, gated community, a personal chef and all that.

Once in a blue moon, I’m reminded that my reality down here is very far away by several hundred miles from the reality of that type of gringo in Latin America.

Still, you don’t have to be in a gated community to have a gap in reality from your typical Latino down here.

And that gap explains obviously the difference of opinion about this part of the world.

Where gringos, even not so successful ones, can more easily enjoy a life better with much less effort (if they know what they’re doing) than your typical Latino in Latin America.

That isn’t to say that there are no Latinos who do better than these gringos financially.

Many do!

Not every Latino is poor as fuck or middle class even.

Plenty of rich motherfuckers too!

But the relative ease at which a gringo can achieve a good life down here gives him a different reality than what a typical person is experiencing down here.

On top of that, you have other benefits that said gringo might benefit from like being able to give less fucks about local politics.

As we all know, politics can make someone want to leave their country like it might’ve to the gringo when whatever a politician back home approved a policy he didn’t agree with.

But said gringo is less likely to care about Latino politicians because, in his mind, it’s not his country.

And, for other reasons, you will have a gap in reality for both the gringo and Latino that make it where the gringo sees Latin America as an ideal place to live but the Latino wants to get the fuck out now.

One other possible explanation for the "gap" is the degree to which both parties are "more involved" in society.

Meaning how many aspects of society are they exposed to?

You have that type of gringo who literally never raises kids down here, doesn't have a business, doesn't work a local job, doesn't have experience in the local educational system and all else.

The local Latino obviously has experience in much of the above and plenty of long term gringos too.

That extra exposure to more "mature" aspects of life down here (raising kids, starting a business, etc) will close the gap more between yourself and the "typical" local Latino.

Therefore, you might understand a little bit better the meme of "take me away from Latin America."

Of course, there comes a point where even said gringo does not live in a bubble nor the honeymoon phase and might yell out in unison with the Latino “Sáquenme de Latinoamérica!”

“The Horror! The Horror!”

Screams the gringo!

He is done!

He is FUCKING done!

After reading one too many articles online about how “Latina women are better,” he chose the life, he did!

It’s his responsibility, god damn it!

Like this man here, he was curious that about a Colombian Web Cam girl.

She will be the one to fulfill his heart!

Bring LIFE to his soul!

With whom he shall have 20 Catholic children in a small Colombian town on the outskirts of Pasto.

And though he hasn't met her yet with seemingly no real plans to live in Latin America...

Other men like him have gone down that road!

Pursuing a temporary or permanent trip to Latin America because of the women.

For love or sex.

It's a dangerous one to my fellow Latin American Enthusiasts.

Where you find yourself on a consistent stream of unfortunate events...

Her drunk uncle took a “loan” from him one too many times.

She has needed THOUSANDS of dollars for “beauty salon” trips.

The police robbed him for the 10th time now!

Even took his bag of cocaine away the last time they caught him doing drugs!

And a homeless dude even stabbed him in the nuts, man!

Then in his darkest hours….

He returned home bleeding from the crotch only to find his wife GETTING GANGBANGED by a team of 5 PARAGUAYAN men!

What the fuck!

And so he screams out…

“The horror! THE HORROR!”

Now, in all seriousness, it happens.

Maybe not to that extreme…..

But the more superficial reasons for the prolonged stay in Latin America have been nice at first but don’t give the satisfaction in life anymore.

Not to the degree that it did before.

And the frustrations that come with life down here have hit repeatedly in the face.

Does he fall like Apollo Creed in Rocky 2?

Or withstand the fight like Rocky did in Rocky 6?

Maybe not victorious officially but victorious in spirit for going the distance?

That is the question!

And, to be more direct, many don’t go the distance.

After the “honeymoon phase” is over as I wrote about here, many gringos do go “back to the West” despite trying to escape it for the reasons above.

Honeymoon is over.

The initial reasons don’t keep them around anymore.

The frustrations build.

After a few years, they call it quits.

Do Latinos who equally wish to “escape Latin America” do the same?

I have no idea.

I know a few Latinos in the US who left Latin America and are still there.

But I don’t know many.

We do have large scale examples though like this article here explaining how, because of bad financial conditions from the 2008 Recession, you had more illegal immigrants leaving the US than entering it.

Therefore, their own bubble was "popped" and many concluded that life in "the West" isn't necessarily better.

At least not during that period!

Back to the gringos going back home though....

All I can say is that, despite the irony of many gringos equally wanting to escape the land that some Latinos wish to relocate to, many of the same gringos go back home eventually.

Which is fine.

Nothing wrong with going back.

But it is to clarify that, at least from the gringo side, the "escape" isn’t always permanent.

Though it is for some!

Still, above all else, the common theme here is obvious.

The Overarching Connection

Above all else, I always got a "Fight Club" vibe from either phrase.

Some disillusionment with aspects of life among the young generation of either "the West" or Latin America.

That disillusionment being, as I said, with career, dating or political aspects to life.

Though obviously not all of "the West" is the same nor is all of Latin America the same.

So there are likely variances in what causes the disillusionment in every country involved and on an individual level as well clearly.

Someone in Venezuela might be more disillusioned with certain aspects like hyperinflation.

Or a person disillusioned from the political situation of Nicaragua becoming more authoritarian.

The Australian disillusioned with the stricter Covid regulations.

The American disillusioned with the belief that his country is deteriorating into no longer being a superpower and the psychological effect of that.

And, above all of the country specific problems, you have the usual ones that cause disillusionment in most of the world from "the West" to Latin America.

That being a relative lack of good paying jobs, high cost of living, socioeconomic inequality, increased loneliness, unfavorable dating conditions and much more.

Much of the above being what folks complain about in either Latin America or "the West."

The life of a wagie.

Thus, solutions are sought.

As we have discussed, one is at least a contemplation of a better life somewhere else.

Be it relocating from Latin America to "the West."

Or relocating from "the West" to Latin America.

Though other solutions have been proposed too...

Blow it all up?

Still, whatever crazy solution you come up with from "escaping" your home country to starting Project Mayhem, at least you know you're not alone.

Above all, I don't think it's a bad idea for either the gringo to "escape the west" or the Latino to "escape Latin America."

It can definitely be a positive boost to their life.

I just caution for both parties to be realistic about how to achieve that to get the desired improvement in life.

And if you have any comments on the topic?

Drop them below in the comment section.

Follow my Twitter here.

And enjoy this relevant last minute song.

Thanks for reading!

Best regards,


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